1 + 1 Equals 3, or Does It? Ch. 10

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the tenth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last five years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


Chapter 10

“Daddy, Ashton has a poopy diaper.” Violet was giggling as she ran in the room.

I looked at the TV trying not to laugh, and then back to my four year old daughter. Poop was new to her vocabulary, and she tried to use it every chance she got. I myself thought it was hilarious, others in the house however disagreed. I soon learned why.

“Where is the little rug rat?” I asked dislodging myself from the couch.

“He’s in the play room with Emmie.”

Violet took my hand and led me just outside the room that was once a place of reflection and solitude, my den. Now it looks and smells like a day care center. I couldn’t be happier.

“I came to volunteer for poopy duty.” I said to Lilly who was rocking on the sun porch.

“Mommy! Daddy said poopy!” Violet squealed.

“Yes he did.” Lilly glared at me smiling. “He’s being a bad boy too.”

“Tattle tale.” I scooped up Violet and started tickling her in my arms.

“Emmie, help me!” Violet squealed even louder.

“Emmie’s busy changing Ashton’s poopy diaper.” Lilly said trying not to laugh.

“MOMMY!” Violet shrieked. “Daddy, mommy said poopy.”

“How about you take Daisy outside, I’ll bring Ashton out in a minute to play.” I kissed my daughter then set her down.

“Can I water the flowers?” Violet asked.

“Yes, but not until Emmie comes out.” Lilly said.

“Ok.” Violet replied happily. “Daisy!” Our daughter called out.

The dog came running into the room where Violet greeted her. Together they walked to the back door like best friends. Lilly and I watched Violet head out the door then run to get the watering can.

I think my sister was offended at first when Violet picked the name. Now she sees it as an honor. The dog is just a mutt from a shelter, but she is extremely protective of both kids. Daisy followed Violet outside, but then went to a spot where she would stand guard over the entire back yard.

I looked at my wife and her growing belly. Lilly looked up at me tired but happy.

“You look beautiful.” I said honestly.

“So that is your plan. To keep me bare foot and pregnant?” Lilly pushed herself up from the rocking chair.

“I told you we could stop at any time.” I moved to Lilly and embraced her.

“Ha! If I stopped having babies you would starve to death.” Lilly teased me.

“Very funny.” I blushed. “I can’t help it if I’m a tit man.”

“I can vouch for that.” Emily said holding Ashton’s hand as he walked unsteadily. “Although to be fair, you might call him and ass man too.”

“Well I’m glad you two enjoy it. I’ll pass, these hemorrhoids are enough of a pain in the ass.” Lilly chuckled. “You two go outside with the kids. I’ll wait for Rose to get here before I start supper.”

Emily led Aston out the back door and joined Violet. Violet was filling the watering can with the hose, only now it was overflowing. Lilly pressed against me stretching up for a kiss. I held her in my arms and savored her lips as if it was our first time.

“I could help.” I offered.

“You have my love.” Lilly whispered. “Now you go out and play in the garden with the kids. All three of them.”

I turned and looked out the window with my arm around my wife. Emily was laughing as Violet was splashing in the water puddles she made. Ashton was trying to walk, but in the grass he kept falling. Daisy moved to within feet of Aston and again stood guard.

“She looks younger every day.” Lilly said of her mother.

“Kids will do that for you.” I teased.

“Having a man that loves you will do that for you Parker.” Lilly whispered. “Now go play.”

“So will I see you tonight?” I looked down at Lilly.

“You never know?” Lilly laughed. “Have you been a good boy?”

Lilly was right, rarely do I know. Each night when I go to sleep a woman lies beside me. Mostly Emily, often Lilly. Only on rare occasions does Rose spend the night, and then, only to sleep.

“I’ve tried to be.” I boasted. “What do you think?”

“Oh Parker, you are such a good man, you have made all of my dreams come true.” Lilly hugged me. “Now go play while I take a nap. I want to be awake when you ravage me tonight.”

I led Lilly to the couch I recently occupied and kissed her before she closed her eyes. Walking back to the sun porch I looked out at the back yard and Emily’s garden. She and Violet were now watering plants one by one.

I could see Emily teaching Violet istanbul escort the secrets to her success. Ashton had crawled over to Daisy, our dog, and grabbed another handful of fur. The dog must have been tormented for some time as she stood up, move several feet away and plopped down to watch my son again. Ashton then grabbed a handful of grass and tried to eat it.

Our lives are changing again, not only personally, but professionally as well.

On the personal front, as noted, Lilly and I are expecting our third child soon. Lilly says this one is also a girl. Rose suggested we call her Viola, also a flower. Now married, Lucas and my sister Daisy, have a little boy, and too are trying for more.

Professionally there is even more activity. Tori, Emily’s sister has accepted another promotion with her company. She will be moving back to California and can return the house she was renting out.

Rose’s career continues to advance. We just learned she and Lilly will be returning to Indianapolis to again host her own show. Although the money isn’t significantly better, the market size is greater, and therefore garners more prestige.

Lilly announced that when Viola is born she will no longer be working 4 days a week. The plan for now is Lilly will work just 2 days until the kids are in school. Emily has written another book that has done quite well. The subject is gardening in the Midwest. Emily also included a couple of chapters about other successful florists.

Myself? I am now working with an architect, not as employment, but to design an addition to accommodate a growing family and Rose. Fortunately we found and expert in vintage house construction.

Emily and I are heading up to my parent’s house in the morning so my Grandmother can sign off on the plans. Considering it was her house for almost fifty years it was the least I could do. While we’re there Emily will be going over her financial portfolio with my father, who handles a portion of her estate.

The moment I walked out Daisy gave out a soft bark. Ashton looked over and saw me. Pushing himself up, he stood smiling and wobbling. “Dada.”

I made my way over and took his hand. Ashton pointed to Violet. “Vot.”

Emily looked up from under her hat at the two of us. I looked past her face and found the object of my desires dangling just inside the opening. With the kids around it doesn’t happen as often these days, but Emily still likes to tease me with her tits.

“Violet, Ashton is calling for you.” Emily pointed to us.

“Ok.” Violet handed Emily the watering can and headed our way.

Joining us I led Ashton to the swing set and started to push them both. Violet was on the swing with the wide strap, Ashton locked in protective chair. Daisy made her way over to Emily and sat beside her as she watched.

“Rose!” Violet jumped from the swing squealing.

“Violet!” Rose happily called out before picking her up and swinging her around.

“Come swing with me.” Violet tugged on her aunt.

Rose greeted both Emily and I with a kiss before greeting her nephew with one on his cheek.

“Lilly?” Rose asked as Violet pushed her in the swing.

“Napping.” I explained. “Said she will start dinner when you get here.”

“When she wakes up you can tell her I was running late.” Rose winked at me.

Actually it was Ashton who determined the schedule. Latched onto his mother’s milk filled breast, Lilly sat and directed Emily and Rose in the kitchen.


“We could just sleep.” I offered.

Lilly opened her eyes and looked at me standing beside the bed.

“Is that what you want?” Lilly asked me suggestively.

“If you’re tired.” I replied.

“What if I’m horny too?” Lilly giggled.

“Are you?” I laughed.

“Well, I am pregnant.” Lilly pulled off the covers exposing her naked body. “Isn’t that the way you like it?”

“I don’t remember ever saying that.” I slipped in beside her naked.

“Maybe you haven’t, but this big guy sure seems to enjoy it just the same.” Lilly stroked my cock.

“Does that mean you’ll be on top?” I leered at her milk swollen tits.

“Will you ravage me after I cum?” Lilly asked for a commitment.

“I can be talked into that.” I teased.

“Oh Parker I do love you.” Lilly moaned as she mounted my erect cock.

It is hard to explain Lilly and sex. Although she enjoys intercourse, her libido is actually quite low normally. Even Rose admits that Lilly rarely initiates their lovemaking. However, like with me, Lilly would never refuse Rose’s advances.

Strange as it might seem, when Lilly is pregnant, it’s like her hormones go into overdrive. Lilly not only asks to make love but seems to crave it at times. When she mentioned she was tired but also horny I’ve learned Lilly actually means it.

Other than enjoying me suckling the milk from her tits, there is nothing wild or kinky going on. Lilly will ride me to a very satisfying orgasm and then roll avcılar escort on her back and begs me to pound her ‘pregnant pussy’ as she calls it.

The next night Lilly will all but attack Rose the same way.

Then, as if the switch was turned off, between pregnancies’ it’s back to once a week sex if that.

“Fuck that pregnant pussy!” Lilly squeals digging her finger nails into my ass cheeks.

Lilly’s cunt is red and swollen from riding me earlier. Enjoying a massive orgasm her pussy is frothing with spent excitement. Cutting me off much too soon, beads of milk still cling to her nipples assuring Ashton will not go hungry.

“Deeper Parker. ” Lilly moans. “I want to feel your love when you cum.”

I move my cock at an angle and drag it over her clit. Lilly grabs her stomach and pushes down as her hips roll up.

“Oh god do that again.” Lilly growled.

I shifted again and drug my cock back over her clit. Lilly now grabbed both tits and squeezed them firmly. Milk sprayed over my chest and dripped back over hers. With a grunt I plunged my cock hard into Lilly.

“Feel that Viola?” Lilly hissed. “Daddy loves mommy’s milk.”

Lilly squeezed her tits again and again I slammed deep in her cunt.

“Cum daddy, feed mommy your milk.”

Then and there I lost it. Lilly had never said or done that before. I spewed every ounce of cum my balls possessed deep in my wife. Lilly held me tight and rode out another orgasm herself.

After cleaning up we laid together on the edge of sleep.

“Parker.” Lilly stroked my cock softly.

“Yeah.” I nuzzled up tightly.

“Are you sure you should spend the night?” Lilly whispered.

“It’s been five years Lil. I think she’s earned the right to know.” I replied.

My wife rolled over and looked at me. Her eyes were scanning mine to see if I was up to this. Her concerns did little to curtail mine. Lilly’s hand came up and caressed my cheek.

“I think you have earned the right to know.” Lilly said. “I don’t want to see you lose your family over this.”

“If I lose them over this…., we’re not much of a family.” I explained. “Don’t worry, she’ll call.” I smiled.

“Tomorrow night when Emily calls I want to see.” Lilly giggled.

“You mean watch us?” I sat up in bed. “Tomorrow? Tomorrow night at my parents?”

“Emily will love it.” Lilly teased. “That’s what I want to see. A live movie.” Lilly chuckled.

“But how?” I asked in astonishment. “

“You have a phone, figure it out.” Lilly pulled my arm around to her belly then closed her eyes. “According to Daisy, you’ve done things like this before.” Lilly snuggled against me. “Mom will…” Lilly squeezed my cock. “…let’s just say you may get more brownie points than you may ever be able to spend.”


It was a beautiful morning as Emily and I headed out. We each kissed Rose and Lilly goodbye as well as the kids. It wasn’t ten minutes after we pulled out of the drive when Emily’s bra was placed in the glovebox.

“Comfy now?” I looked over.

“You just keep your eyes on the road and I will be.” Emily chuckled as she pushed the material of her blouse against her chest.

From under the brim of her hat I looked in her eyes. Emily no longer blushes at the games we play. I know she gets just as much enjoyment flashing me as I do being flashed.

“You’re as beautiful as the first day we met.” I smiled.

“Ha, you’re just saying that to get in my pants.” Emily accused me.

“Will it work?” I teased.

“Probably.” Emily chuckled.

“Then you really are as beautiful as the first day we met.” I looked deep in her eyes.

Emily pulled her top down exposing a tit. Quickly covering it up, she pointed out the windshield.

“Eyes on the road.”

We are on the way to visit my parents, just the two of us. Emily has been there before, but always with Lilly and the kids as well. Except for my grandmother, neither my mom nor dad has acknowledged Emily as something other than Rose and Lilly’s mother. Somehow I hope to change that.

Emily made an appointment with my father for the next day. He has been helping Emily with some of her investments for the last couple of years. As we drove, I told her the story my dad told me about the guy who wanted the motorcycle insurance.

When my mother told me dad had won an award at work I suggested we celebrate by going out to dinner. They have a favorite spot, which has a small ensemble on weekends, where they can also dance. I happily agreed.

Emily put the bra back on just blocks from my parents’ home.

My father, Payton, was in the garage with my brother Darren. I walked around and opened Emily’s door as they approached.

“How was the drive” Dad asked looking at the old sedan.

“Happily uneventful.” I smiled.

“When are you going to get rid of the old girl? Can’t you afford a new car?” Darren asked kicking the tire.

I quickly glanced at Emily and then back at Darren and my dad.

“Not şirinevler escort going to happen, she’s part of the family.” I replied.

“Damn right she’s not going anywhere.” Emily muttered under her breath.

Darren and dad looked at me to see if I understood what she said.

“Is mom around?” I changed the subject.

“They’re in the back yard.” My father pointed out.

Since the day of my wedding, my grandmother, Caroline, knew Emily and I were lovers. She has always greeted Emily enthusiastically. Many think it is because they both have a passion for gardening. I think it’s because they both have an appreciation for passion.

My mother, Joyce, on the other hand has been wary of Emily since the beginning. Because of the distance we live apart visits are mostly only for holidays and special occasions. Lilly and I have brought the grandkids up a many times, but only occasionally with Emily. Since this is the first time Emily and I have come alone, I walked Emily over and stayed a few minutes while they all got reacquainted.

Mom hopped up to greet us both. If mom was unhappy Emily was with me, she didn’t let it be known at this time. My grandmother, waited for us to approach her. Darren’s wife Pam was present and waited to greet us after Caroline.

I went back and joined Darren and my dad. We all sat outside to enjoy lunch before Darren and Pam left.

“Our dinner reservations are at 7.” My mother explained to Emily and me.

“Nothing too formal, I hope.” Emily looked at me. “I only brought the one dress.”

“Nothing formal.” Mom replied. “If you’re going to wear a dress, than so will we.” Mom nodded to my grandmother.

It was a beautiful day to relax, and that we did. Sitting in the shade I opened up the plans for the new addition on the house. My dad and grandmother looked them over while Emily updated my mom on the grandchildren.

My grandmother gushed over the expansion especially when I explained the addition would look just like her old house inside and out. My dad was only concerned about how much it would cost.

I went out to the car and brought in our luggage. Emily was still outside with my dad and grandmother. I carried the luggage in the house, I started to pass by my mother as she stood in the kitchen. Joyce, my mother, looked at both suitcases and the hanging bag holding my shirt, slacks, and Emily’s dress.

The way my mother looked at me let me know she was concerned. As I stated, up until now Lilly has always been present when we visit. My mother knows Emily lives with us, she also knows Lilly is away for days at a time. Etiquette suggests asking questions surrounding the living arrangements are not asked. Until now.

“Where are you taking them?” Mom asked.

“To the spare room.” I replied unwavering.

Mom looked at the back yard for several moments. She’s no idiot, for that matter neither is my father. The difference is mom notices things, my dad on the other hand does not.

“Is that wise?” My mother asked me still looking outside.

“Probably not.” I answered.

“Parker, she is your mother-in-law.” My mom said as the back door opened.

I looked to see who it was. My grandmother looked at us both, then sat down.

“You could sleep on the couch.” Mom replied.

“We could get a hotel room.” I suggested.

“You will do no such thing.” My grandmother, Caroline, protested.

“But Payton…” My mother started to argue.

“Is clueless.” Caroline cut her off. “We both knew this day would come. Well now it has.”

It’s not like I had a specific plan, if I did, it wouldn’t have looked like this. My mother focused on her mother none too happy. Caroline stood her ground and nodded back at me. Mom took a deep breath then slowly exhaled.

“So it’s true then?” My mother looked directly at me.

“Yes.” I answered truthfully.

“And Lilly?” Mom asked with a tear in her eye.

“Encourages it. So does Rose.” I explained. “Do you want to know why?”

Mom again hesitated.

“Yes.” My mother whispered.

“Because of you.” I admitted.

“Me?” Mom replied taken aback.

“And dad, and grandma, and especially Daisy.” I offered.

“What are you saying?” Mom asked exasperated.

“Rose is a celebrity, not a national celebrity, but a celebrity just the same.” I started. “I don’t know all the details, but somewhere along the way Daisy met Rose, maybe for a college class?”

“Daisy?” Mom asked astonished.

“I’m pretty sure. Anyways, in public Rose would pose as her twin sister.”

“To avoid unwanted attention?” My grandmother cut in. “To keep her personal life private?”

“Probably. Not all the time mind you, she’s still on TV. But enough to cast doubt.” I added. “Through Daisy, Rose met me. I figured out their game and met Lilly.”

“And you seduced Lilly?” Mom asked piecing it together.

“Well…” I looked at my grandmother who just smiled. “Not until Rose seduced me first.”

“What?” My mother stammered. “Why in the world would she do that?” Mom looked at both of us. I nodded to my grandmother.

“Darling, Rose did it….. because Rose and Lilly are lovers.” Caroline announced. “I thought you knew?”

From her reaction it was clear my mom didn’t know how truly close Rose and Lilly are. I took her hand and led her to a seat beside her mother.