168 Autumn island pt 2

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168 Autumn island pt 2Autumn island pt 2Well, if you’ve read part 1, (https://xhamster.com/stories/163-autumn-island-641141) you will know that I`ve bought an island, I`m no millionaire, perhaps fairly well-heeled, but I do love an amount of solitude… I Have a partner visiting at the time that I am writing, a lady that I dearly wanted as a life partner or even wife. Sadly, she, Autumn, although lovely has a mental problem in that she feels at times that she needs to atone for sins, real or imagined, from her past…and she does it by needing pain administered to her willing body, until now, she having paid a traveling pain giver, a sadist (who it must be said was a master of his craft) for the privilege.Fortunately, I have a sadistic streak and that we hope will work out well, though at the end of pt 1 while sat in the only cottage on our lonely island we had only just discovered the needs and that I had let her go years before to avoid using her sadistically, not realising that was what she wanted most in the world!So, we must take up the story after a night of gentle lovemaking. The day sparkled, it was sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and while waiting the big old kettle to boil I Opened the top of the stable type door to my kitchen, small waves bobbed my opened deck boat ‘Jenny’ at its mooring, red reflection on the sparkling water, gulls wheeling about, crying their greeting to the day, ever watch-fully hoping for food, god in his heaven all quiet and right with the world. My woman, partner, girlfriend, companion, call her what you will, has said that at those times she needs to feel pain I can indulge myself in my sadistic pleasures, but it must be when and only when; she asks me to be hard on her. The remaing time I must confine myself to vanilla sex with perhaps just a little spanking or bondage to keep her in line, which suited my aspirations well!The kettle began to sing and I made the tea, and was just about to deliver it to my bed-mate when she appeared in pyjamas, hair tousled, wide sleepy smile and yawning. She asked the time looked out at the world and said “let`s sit out and have our drink” a notion I was happy to fall in with, “saying you go I will put on some PJ`s!” she smiled a wicked smile and said “who`s going to see you then?”Laughing I reminded her she had dressed, and in reply she said that “she had only put the PJ`s on for me to enjoy taking them off for her!”We staggered outside to the recently acquired big and heavy glass topped table and the cast iron chairs, where we sat, me naked, her laughing and remarking that “the chair pattern would be imprinted on my bum… “We sipped tea, me marvelling at the loveliness of my companion, taking in the fantastic day and the remoteness of our situation, and thanking god for my luck, when she said quite suddenly and to my surprise that “we ought to have some sort of sign!” which threw me for a moment…“Sign? What sort of sign?” I asked.“Well last night we decided that you wanted to fulfil my wishes for pain and atonement whenever I needed it, I hardly want to say to you I am in dire need of hard pain, a beating, or being needled in the corner shop or the pub or wherever, do I!” she went canlı bahis on that it, the desire, the wish for atonement, could come on her anywhere or at any-time, though that was unusual and she usually had a few days warning, she said that having no one who could quickly allay her craving as she had here, sometimes it would be weeks before her man could get to her and that had been “less than satisfactory as she craved pain and quickly when the need arose!”We came to the arrangement at her suggestion; that she would take the ring I had given her all those years ago, and place it on the little finger, of her left hand, if she was direly in need of hard pain, and on her right if she just wanted a little and that as soon as I saw it I would as soon as was appropriate give her what she required if only in a mild form until I could without interruption give her the pain she, (and if the truth was known I too,) needed. She asked me if I had read the story about her and her needs, saying it was “on Alibodge Eddy`s site, (https://xhamster.com/stories/162-first-atonement-632495) and was called Atonement, then she went on that she thought I would need some training and some kit to use on her as her master had and that she would suggest that after breakfast she should go for a walk, alone, while I read the piece and did some thinking, then we could talk again and decide on a stragedy for the future.” Then off she hopped to make breakfast while I sat contemplating her words, and enjoying the morning air. Master of my island I was, but master of this minx, I knew I was, but only in name, as she could manipulate me into doing her will just by her smile, and I knew now that she and I would be here on this island as a couple for as long as we possibly could be… After a fine if quiet breakfast, she stood and said that “she was going for a walk to see if she could get near billy,” the island goat. I said “she would have to watch the randy old goat didn’t get on top of her” and she laughed that lovely silvery laugh of hersBefore she could set off I made her remove her PJ top, saying that “I would have sent her naked except for the nettles and thorns”. Her answer was “Perhaps the nettles one day when she was in the mood” and then gave me the top with a kiss and one of her smiles. Naked now from the waist up she gave me a shake of those delightful tits, then set off up Parkie`s steps her lovely breast jiggling as she went I watched her till she was out of sight then did as bid, opening my pc and finding the lucky man`s profile on hamster. The piece was a cold-blooded account of her sending for a paid ‘master’ and being mastered and used for the first time. The ‘master’ had used needles, amongst other things, to achieve his aims and though that seemed straight forward enough it was an area that I had not explored before and beyond my expertise, and I knew I now wanted to learn and oh so quickly how to dominate but not damage permanently my lover.I looked out and up the hill, still no sign of my beloved Autumn, so I took a few lengths of soft cord rope, and a beer out to the heavy glass topped table and sat in the sun to await her return. An hour passed as I bahis siteleri sat with the stiffee of the week, cogitating what I would do to the woman on her return, imagining that pair of well-rounded breasts jiggling along as she walked, or the master slowly pushing the needles into her nipples as he had in the story that she had sent to her friend Alibodge eddy (a chap she persuaded me d to entrust these stories too at a later date)! I had promised not to go further than a little bondage or a spanking and I wouldn’t break that promise, but I knew if that ring was moved, I would be making her scream time and again before the day was over, the question being would I be able to stop myself.She appeared over the hill brow, slowly descending the steps, every move swinging those awesome tits, as she approached I realised she had a Cheshire cat style grin as she saw that I was looking for the ring but her fingers, she squeezed them tight shut not letting me see as she passed saying she needed the toilet and nipped inside as fast as she could. I waited for a while then she appeared naked at the door again, her fingers gripping the lower half-door, a tiny glitter giving away the position of that all-important ring… it was on her small finger on her right hand. She explained that she knew I would have read the bit about needles, and though she trusted me she wanted the master to show me his technique, so I did her no permanent damage. Fair enough I thought then asked; “were we going to get her master here or would we go to him?” she replied that she would rather we kept this to ourselves and our select friends, but had we made up our minds to being here together permanently? I answered emphatically that I wanted that and she agreed that she too was happy if I was…she then said; “ok then I must go and close and put up for sale my place, and we could have a last day or two there together and have the master visit, before together we return here, how`s that for an idea?” to which my reply was that “that was a great idea and for her to make the arrangements. I would just fall in with her plan.”Thus, it was, that we locked up and travelled south by train just a few weeks later. However, now I lay her on her front on the big solid 8 seat table and she gave me her wrists and ankles to tie out in the most generous fashion as if she was more than happy to be sacrificed, saying “good and tight please I may move about otherwise` She lay out in the sun, gulls wheeled and cried above and I kissed her tenderly. Her tongue was in my mouth instantly, reassuringly and eagerly. Then she whispered;” use me please, and hard I trust you to not do me permanent harm but I want pain, and lots of it but only from now from you, make me scream no one will hear bar you and our goat. I deserve it for the years we have been apart, due to my not reading your needs as well as I should have. This will be our wedding contract, if that’s what you want, I have cut and left some willow canes at the top of those steps, please beat me with those till the blood runs and even if I can`t walk for a while after your happy. it will be my contract with you that other than the master teaching bahis şirketleri you to pain me in his proper way, I will never allow any other man or woman to give me pain again, only you my lover.We will arrange to fetch my stuff and till then we will just be a vanilla pair till my master will use me in pain for the last time. Then when we are back here, although I will happily sleep with any man or woman that you approve of for me I will be yours and yours only forever!” I stood looking at her pretty face, realising that for us this was our wedding, our jumping over the broom, our contracting, she was begging me to cane her till she bled, and with the willows she had so carefully collected on her walk, just for this purpose, it was awesome.I left her tied and awaiting, wandered back to the steps and found a bundle of perhaps three dozen willow wands, some peeled others in the natural state, they were tied with a short red ribbon and there was a note, it read; with these wand`s I thee wed. it was signed; Autumn xxxx The minx had planned this all, knowing full well I would not refuse. I ran back to the table tears in my eyes, wands clutched in my hands, at her side once more I stupidly asked if she was sure, she nodded and said she “was never surer of anything in her life, now please…just do it if I wanted her as a wife”That first blow hit her leg-tops, a vivid red line appeared she groaned, and as each successive blow fell her arse reddened and glowed, and she began to sob, I recited; with these wands I whack, take whack, thee, wallop, as my thwack, lawful whack, wedded whack, wife, you will bleed for me and only me, whack, now and whenever you so wish, wallop, from this day forward!By now her arse was beginning to bleed, she said loudly and between screams “I DO, oh god yes, yes, I do!” then added “please harder and more, oh yess more, more, more!” I obliged, the willows lasting just a few cuts each before disintegrating, rivulets ran red and slippery onto the glass table-top, her screams reverberating from the rocky outcrop, gulls in alarm rising and crying, perhaps in reply, her lower back and the soft white rumps a maze of pink, red and purple lines now some open and bleeding, some just raised marks, tears running from her eyes, her face red and her mouth open in one long and agonising scream.I used up the last willow and went to undo her bonds, but she shook her head, her voice just a whisper, she said “salt water and then fuck my arse here on our marriage altar.” I dipped the bucket on a rope we kept for washing down the paintwork and the like and threw sea water over her red-raw back, then I jumped up on her body to slip myself into her and ride her just as she requested. Her screams doubled though whether from the salt or my assault on her anal cavity, I know not, but I was soon filling her bowel, it not being her favourite place, a place I had seldom been.After the ball was over, she allowed me to release her and carry her to our bed, even here she had pre-thought her wounds and had a plastic sheet laid out to save marking the bedding. It took three long days nursing, to have her walking again and another ten to have lost most of the bruising. During which time, she called and arranged her master, arranged our travel, put her place on the market and made a list of things she wanted to change or have here on the island. She is phenomenal and she`s mine!