1970’s Toilet Experience – Part 4

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1970’s Toilet Experience – Part 4There I was in the office at the newsagents shop watching a 8 mm cine film of me being used by two older leather masters and it seemed to really get Mr Parker my employer very excited. He had his cock out and was wanking away while I just watched. “God so fucking hot, so fucking hot!” he was grunting. “Alan, get on your knees and suck me.” I assumed my usual position on my knees in front of him and swallowed his cock down my throat licking his hairy ball sack. He exploded into my mouth and I could hardly swallow fast enough even with all the practice I was getting!”You are one hot little fucker Alan, and you look even better in leather than you do in your gorgeous shirt and trousers.””Thank you, Mr Parker, actually I really like the feel of wearing the leather gear.” “Really Alan, does it make your cock hard and your bum itch ?” ” Actually, yes it does Mr Parker, but I could never afford any of it” “Oh I don’t know Alan, you are becoming quite a little porn star among my select group of customers. I am sure we could sort something out.””Let’s see I could arrange for more film sessions with Phil and his friends, which could pay a little better depending on how far you are prepared to go, or I could simply let you keep some of the leather clothing instead?” “Well, I don’t know, my mum would want to know where I got it and how I could afford to buy it.” “Yes, very true and your a little too young to be a biker!” “Tell you what, I will lend you some gear that you can wear here at the shop during “special” work hours.””Tell your mum that you have been offered some extra hours on a Friday evening. That way it won’t affect your school.””You will report to my shop at 6 pm and work until 11 pm. At the end of the shift Janice or I will run you home so your mum won’t be worried.” “What will my duties be Mr Parker?” I asked. “Well Alan it will be both interesting and fun.” Interesting usually meant pretty damn kinky when Mr Parker said it!So I returned home after my Saturday shift still pretty turned on by watching a porn movie which had me in it. Added to that I had only been fucked once by Mr Parker and only given him a single blow job which was well below the usual count for a Saturday morning. “Mum, would it be okay to do some extra hours on a Friday for Mr Parker?” “Well, so long as it doesn’t affect your school work, what time would you be back?” “Around 11:15 pm” I replied “Oh that’s too late, I don’t want you out at that time, and anyway what newsagents stays open that late?” “Oh, mum…. It’s open for people to buy cigarettes and chocolate as well as papers……I am doing so well there and I don’t want to turn down more money and let Mr Parker down and anyway he says he will give me a lift home afterwards……please?” “Well, very well but lets see how this goes alright?” “Thanks mum, your the best”.Once again my Friday at school seemed to last for ever. Eventually it ended and I got home to find a note from mum to say she was out shopping, my tea was in the kitchen and that bahis siteleri she had laid out some clothes for me on my bed. I quickly ate my tea and had a quick shower before changing. Mum had put out my black flares and my black Fred Perry polo shirt all freshly ironed. As it was raining I put on my brown trench coat over the top and left for Parker’s the Newsagents, full of anticipation. When I arrived the shop looked closed so I rang the bell and was greeted by Janice who ushered me inside. “Don’t tell me he has you hooked too?” she asked. “Special duties I suppose, you do know what that means?” “Well I can guess.” “Oh Alan your too nice for this.” I then realised that Janice was dressed differently. She was wearing a black leather waistcoat, no bra, a black leather mini skirt and a pair of the tallest boots I had ever seen. “Wow!” was all I could get out and my erection was trying to burst out of my trousers. Just then Mr Parker came through from the back, “Alan, good to see you made it. Like the outfit, that tight polo really shows off your nipples.” “Janice, are we all set? Tonight promises to be quite busy, is the back room set up?” “Yes Sir.” Janice said. “Good, good. Now Alan, go into the office and change into the clothes on the chair if you please.” I went into Mr Parker’s office to find a black leather waistcoat, black leather chaps, a chest harness, peaked cap and cowboy boots.”Quickly Alan please we don’t want to make paying customers wait.” Mr Parker helped me into the harness and fastened it up then placed the cap on my head.” “VERY NICE, VERY NICE INDEED” “But Mr Parker, I can’t serve in the shop in this…….can I?” I muttered. “Alan my dear boy you will be SERVING in the back room most of this evening. I have several bookings for you.” “Now out front with Janice and she will explain what happens.”Out to the front of the shop I went. My cock simply wouldn’t stop sticking out. I was as hard and as turned on as ever I had been. The leather gear certainly had the desired effect! Janice’s outfit wasn’t helping matters either! Janice explained the procedure, with a certain knock on the door, 3 then 1 then 3, one of us was to open it and quickly let the customer into the front shop. We were then to ask who they had booked. If it was “the bitch” then Janice would take them through to the back room and do whatever they asked. If it was “the boy” then it was me who would do the honours. Janice explained that it was normal for 30 minutes with each customer and that Mr Parker would collect the money in his office before giving each one of us the key to the back room. She also explained that the customers were told to arrive at 30 minute intervals so there was no overlap. We waited in the front shop with the blinds down and a closed sign on the door. In a moment of panic I exclaimed “What if my mum finds out the shop is closed?” “Just tell her Friday is stocktaking and we are closed from 6 pm silly.””Honestly Alan with what you are about to do is that all you are worried about!” There was a knock on canlı bahis siteleri the door at 6 pm sharp. Janice opened the door and ushered in a fat balding man aged about 60. “Bitch or boy?” she asked. “Bitch” came the reply. With that she took him through to pay and I heard the door of the back room open and close. I was so turned on I and I tried to concentrate on the gay magazine in front of me. I wanted to have a wank over the picture of the large black cock being pushed down a white guys mouth. Just then Mr Parker came through. “Everything all right Alan? Nervous are we? Don’t worry your turn soon.” 15 minutes later Janice appeared with her customer. She looked dishevelled and had red marks on her face and boobs. “Same time next week then” the man said and Janice wrote it down in what Mr Parker called “the guest book”. With that Janice let him out and closed the door. “Bastard! she yelled that little fucker likes to slap me on my face while I blow him.” “Now now Janice, he pays well” said Mr Parker as he disappeared back into the office. Just then there was another knock and this time I opened the door. A man this time in his thirties and quite slim entered “Excuse me sir, bitch or boy?” “Sir is it? Well I booked the bitch but maybe I should book you next time?” he said and gave my super hard cock a squeeze. Once again Janice took him through and disappeared for another half hour. Mr Parker called me into the office and said as there was plenty of time I could suck him off while I waited for the next customer. He laid back on the desk and I took him in my mouth. Mr Parker was just filling my mouth with his cum when Janice and her second customer emerged from the back room. This time Janice was better composed but had cum dribbling down her chin and all over her ample tits. Mr Parker threw her a towel and she wiped herself then threw it to me to do the same. “So John, was she worth the money?” “Oh yes Dave, she’s a proper little slut. But maybe next time I’ll try the boy. Called me Sir an’ all.” Another knock came at 7 pm Janice opened the door and an older bearded guy entered “Bitch or boy?” she asked him. “Boy” he grunted. Wow my turn at last. I took him by the arm and lead him into the office. Mr Parker smiled “evening Roger” you won’t be disappointed.” Roger handed him what looked like five ten pound notes and he gave me the key. “This way sir.” I said and I unlocked door.I was taken a back when I entered. Gone was the usual old table and boxes of magazines and in there place a low bench, a stool and a suspension harness. The room was also lit with a red bulb that made it feel very strange.Roger took off his coat and was wearing leather chaps similar to mine but plain not laced up the side like mine were.He also wore gauntlets covered in studs. I actually thought he looked rather hot. Out of his coat pocket he took a collar and lead and proceeded to buckle it on me. “Right bitch boy, assume the proper position and worship your masters cock.” His cock was pretty big both long and thick and canlı bahis my jaws ached opening enough to take in the head. I sucked and sucked and he held onto the lead forcing me to keep him in my mouth for longer. By the time he pulled out my mouth was dry and sore. “Drink this bitch boy” and he poured a bottle of beer over my face. He then pulled me over to the low bench and told me to kneel on all fours and stick my ass in the air. He pulled down my leather trousers and I expected him to fuck me, but he proceeded to whip my arse with the leather lead. “Lets tenderise those lovely arse cheeks shall we.” I lost count of the times he whipped me. “Sniff on this fuck boy” and he held a bottle of ,what I later learnt was poppers, under my nose. “Please sir , I don’t do d**gs” I cried ” “You fucking do what ever I tell you fuck boy” and he held my hands behind my back with one hand while pushing the bottle under my nose “SNIFF you little fucker!” I inhaled and the substance seemed to burn my nose. Then I felt a high slowly overtake me and I felt incredibly turn on. “Now your right for fucking, take this and grease your fuck hole.” I was given a tin of lubricant and I readily took two fingers and pushed it into my hole.”OK bitch here it comes!” and with that he pushed his cock into my hole. His cock felt huge but I was high on poppers and just wanted him to fuck me so I didn’t care. He fucked me fast and furious all the time pulling on the lead and calling me a cock sucking fuck toy. Eventually he came and his cum flooded into me, filled me and ran out and down my legs. With that it was over and he just said “That was good” and put on his coat and removed the collar from my neck. I was still a little dizzy when I showed him out. Janice noticed the cum on my trouser legs.”You let him bare back you?” “I guess so, he gave me something and I just went dizzy” “He would had have to, that’s Roger the Toger, he has a 10 inch cock and thick too. Not many can take all that, your going to be sore tonight Alan.” It was now 7:30 pm and right on cue another knock. I opened the door and this time a young guy entered maybe 25. He looked at me “Nice outfit for a queer” he said “Don’t be nasty to him” Janice said “shut it bitch” he snarled “I’m going to be up your ass hole and down your throat in a minute or two” With that Janice took him through and I heard Mr Parker tell him to be less insulting. “Once I pay you Parker, the merchandise is mine to do as I please with”. I was worried for Janice and the muffled screams coming from behind the door didn’t help. Mr Parker opened the door and dragged him out semi naked. “Get out and don’t come back” he shouted “Fuck you Parker I have powerful friends” “And I have even more powerful friends so watch your back!” Mr Parker said. He said it with a certain menace that made my blood run cold.Janice was shaking “that prick tried to suffocate me” she cried. “he had a plastic bag over my head”. “Never mind Janice he has gone for good” Mr Parker said. With that my earlier erection had gone limp and I was no longer aroused.Mr Parker took us both into the office and gave us each a glass of Brandy to calm us down. We had about 10 minutes to compose ourselves before the next customer arrived at 8:00 pm. More later in part 5.