1st time with her

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1st time with heri had been divorced for about a year, met a (divorced) woman in a chat room on the net. we got to be pretty good friends,talked about her k**s, jobs ect. her bday was coming up, i asked her what she wanted. her answer was for me to take her out to dinner, well thats gonna be difficult, we’re 1400 miles apart. the more i thought about it, i said wtf, why not? i told her i’d be there sometime on friday, when i got close i’d call. she figured i’d never show, or come up with some lameassed excuse.thursday after work i fueled up my truck and hit the road, i called her the next afternoon, told her i’d be there in about an hour, she sounded surprised, and a bit apprehensive.i knocked on her door, the door opened, and there she was, long blonde hair, nice firm tits, artemisbet yeni giriş wearing a lowcut, short sundress, and heels. she invited me in, i gave her a kiss, and we sat down on the couch to relax. within 20 minutes, her tits were out, i was sucking on her nipples, her dress was up, panties aside, i was rubbing her clit,and fingerfucking her.i pushed her back on the couch, and starting at her heels, i kissed and licked my way up her legs, and stopped to tease her clit with my tongue. she came 3 times having her pussy licked. she returned the favor by slowly unzipping my jeans, and pulling out my hard cock, sucking and licking me until i unloaded in her mouth.i grabbed her off the couch, we nearly made it to the bedroom before i had her artemisbet giriş bent over, licking her pussy, and rimming her ass. she pulled away and nearly ran to the bedroom, and started to pull off her sundress and heels.i pushed her back onto the bed, put her legs on my shoulders, placed the head of my cock against her pussy lips, she was squirming around, trying to get my cock into her, i stuck it into her balls deep on the 1st stroke. she screamed, her pussy squirted, and pounded her pussy as hard as i could or as long as i could until i blasted her pussy full of cum.i pulled out, still hard, she was gasping for air, noticed my cock was still hard, she knelt down, took it into her mouth again, sucked up the last of my cum and her pussy juices.i artemisbet güvenilirmi pulled off her panties, helped her get redressed and suggested we go to dinner!while we were out, she mentioned she was still wet,and could feel cum running down her inner thighs and wished she had her panties. lolafter dinner , i helped her up into my truck, lifted her sundress and ate her pussy from behind again until she came.we eventually made it back to her place, it was late, the last thing i remember was sitting on the couch, her blonde head bobbing up and down on my cock.the remainder of the next 3 days we spent in pretty much the same way, sucking, fucking, and fingering, her wearing one short sundress or another, and no panties.1 month later, we had another 4 day weekend together….1 month after that, we spent the holidays together, by the 2nd day, her pussy was too sore and tender to fuck, i was the 1st cock in her tight ass, she took 4 loads that day.2 months later she moed in with me, it’s been 12 years now,she still wears that sundress once in a while….