20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 06

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The day after my encounter with Denise’s friend Jenna was spent taking in the sights of Vegas in separate groups. Unfortunately, I was not in the group with Denise and Jenna most of the day. Finally, in the late afternoon, exhausted from too much walking and the endless parade of people, I stumbled back to the room and found the two girls just getting back from a shopping marathon.

Both girls were wearing the spoils of the hunt, and both had purchased similar outfits: tight-hugging jean skirts and button-up blouses. Denise’s was white and looked silky, while Jenna had on a green top that matched her eye color. On her feet, my cousin wore black flip flops, and Denise some thin white sneakers and white ankle socks.

They wanted to ditch the rest of the crew and have dinner at the Hard Rock Hotel, and asked if I wanted to join them. Of course I jumped at the chance. Jenna was still fairly flirtatious with me, which led me to believe that last night’s oral encounter would not be a one-time only connection. Before dinner, however, there was primping and showering to be done, and Denise wanted a nap. First she disappeared into their bathroom, so Jenna asked if she might take a shower in mine. Quite an opportunity there, and I offered it up directly.

I was sitting on the bed reading a magazine a few minutes later when she strolled through my room, towel and shampoo in hand. Just before she rounded the corner into the bathroom, she shot me a seductive smile that was a little hard to read; an invitation, or just a tease? My self-doubt caused me to hesitate for a bit.

I also realized I had left my cell phone in the girls’ room, so I popped my head through the adjoining door and saw something that made me draw my breath in quickly: my cousin was lying on her side on the bed, facing away from me, barefoot but still wearing the jean skirt, her long dark hair splayed out on the white pillow. She hadn’t heard me, so I decided to let her sleep. I tiptoed over to the dresser and grabbed my phone, and was turning to leave when I realized that from that vantage point, if I kneeled down, I would be looking straight up her skirt.

Hoping that she was indeed fully asleep, I knelt down on the carpet and my gaze followed her silky legs up to wear they disappeared under the denim skirt. From there it was too dark to see anything, until, as if on cue, she shifted and separated her legs until she was lying on her stomach. Her thighs were now open about 4 or 5 inches, and the skirt had ridden up slightly, giving me a perfect view of a pink silk panty mound. What I wouldn’t have given to crawl up on the bed between those thighs, slide the skirt up the rest of the way and…

Yeah, can’t be thinking like that when I’m only a few feet away. My cock had fully announced itself in my pants, and all it would take would be for her to wake up and see her cousin standing there with a huge boner; hard to get a clean getaway from that one. I took a last longing look and slipped back into my own room.

Doubts be damned. I was horny enough then not to care about what that look from Jenna had meant. I heard the shower running, so I boldly pushed open the bathroom door. I managed to surprise both Jenna and myself, as the shower was indeed running, but she wasn’t in it. There she sat on the toilet, jean skirt pulled up and panties around her knees. We both let out a yelp and I immediately backed up and out the door, closing it almost all the way and apologizing profusely.

“Sorry, sorry!” I said, gritting my teeth. “I thought you’d be…you know…”

At least Jenna was giggling now. “You thought, huh? Well, you thought right, but, ah…just a little bit early, I guess.”

“Yeah, kadıköy escort I heard the water and stuff, so…”

“It’s okay. Don’t sweat it. Just give me a second.”

I couldn’t get the image of her sitting on the toilet out of my head. Maybe I was just super juiced from watching my cousin, but she looked good like that, her knees together, feet slightly splayed, those silky white panties bunched below her knees. And she was peeing. My god, it was actually a turn-on to me. I was learning all sorts of things about my twisted mind these days. I had never considered a toilet as an object of sexual interest, so this arousal was new to me.

“Uh, Jenna?” I said sheepishly.

“Yes?” She knew I was up to something.

“Suppose I was…to come back in, and you would, ya know, stay…where you are.”


“I mean, you look really good — sitting there.”

A pause.

“Why Thom — are you saying you want to watch me pee?”

I hesitated, but only for a second. “Yes,” I whispered, out of breath.

“You dirty, dirty boy.”

Another pause.

“Come on in.”

I pushed the door open, stepped in and leaned back against the sink. She was blushing a bit, and her hands moved down between her legs in a show of bashful protection.

“I was sort of done, actually…but…”

This must have been new for her, as well. She looked so cute, her curly black hair pinned up, the green blouse open at the neck… It was those panties that captivated me, however. Simple white silk, rumpled and certainly sweaty from a full day of walking in the sweltering Vegas summertime.

“That’s okay,” I answered. “I can wait.”

She smiled, and her gaze fell on the bulge in my jeans.

“Can you?” she said coyly.

“Actually I have an idea that might pass the time.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

With that I stepped over to her and kneeled down on the floor as if in supplication to a Goddess. Using only my lips, my hands behind my back, I began kissing at her ankles above the short white socks she still wore. Exploring every inch of her smooth skin, I moved up her calves until I could smell those panties getting closer and closer. In my mind I was doing this to my cousin lying on her bed, and it was her pungent crotch I was kissing my way toward.

Jenna didn’t quite know what to make of this yet, but her breathing was becoming quite audible now.

At last my tongue reached the edge of the silk panties, and I worked my way inward to the crotch. The aroma of moist, sweaty pussy was overpowering here, and I gently lapped at the spot, tasting a days worth of secretions.

A slightly surprised gasp escaped Jenna’s lips. I had sniffed my share of panties up until now, but this was the first time they’d been attached to an actual girl. The realization that her bare pussy was mere inches away from my face suddenly sent a wave of excitement rolling through me.

“Mmmm…well I guess we know Thom likes panties,” she purred.

I just moaned. She took her right hand out of her crotch and ran it through my hair. “Me, too.”

I didn’t give too much thought to what that might mean. Instead I reached out a hand and cupped the crotch of her panties, taking one long, slow lick of the slick surface as I looked up and into her sparkling green eyes. Her tongue had involuntarily slipped out, and she licked the corner of her lips, as if tasting her cunt right along with me.

What followed seemed inevitable. I had never tasted pussy before, but my desire to get my mouth on Jenna’s slit was irresistible. I pecked at the inside of her knees and her inner thighs üsküdar escort on the way up, but I was in a rush to get to where those thighs met, and where one of her hands still blocked the way.

I was now over the open toilet bowl, and could smell the pee she had recently unleashed. She hesitated in moving her hand away, and just before I went to move it myself, she whispered, “Wait…there’s more.”

As she raised her fingers a few inches, revealing a beautiful mound of short black hairs protecting a glistening pink labia, I saw a thin stream of whitish-yellow piss squirt out. Every instinct told me that this was not supposed to be an arousing experience, but it was an unbelievable rush.

Jenna was moaning softly, as though this were sexually pleasurable for her as well, and I found it unexpectedly so for me. Just as the small stream was ending and the last drops were ejected, I shocked myself by diving into her wet cunt with my tongue and slurping those droplets up, at the same time making my first contact with the soft folds of a girl’s pussy and tasting the salty juices waiting there.

Jenna shifted slightly forward on the seat and leaned back. Her wet slit was now offered up to me in its full glory. Both of her hands were now threading through the hair on the back of my head as I slid my tongue further from her clit (or what I at least assumed was her clit) down to what seemed like the edge of a deep reservoir. I had found the sopping opening of her pussy, and as her hands guided me, the tip of my tongue wiggled up inside her, and I was rewarded with more sweet nectar than I could have imagined.

Her panties were preventing her from spreading her legs, so I lowered them over one stocking-ed foot and the flower of her sex opened even further. By now her thighs were trembling and was whispering, “Oh, Thom…Oh, yes” over and over.

My cock was absolutely stymied in my jeans, and it was getting uncomfortable, so as I licked her, I undid the top button, then the zipper, enough so that I could get a hand down my pants and pull my pole out of my underwear.

The way she was moving told me Jenna might be getting close, and I stroked myself as she writhed under my tongue. She came in three or four sharp jerks, my mouth still suctioned to her cunt and feeling every one, as she emptied her womb onto my tongue. She had one knuckle in her teeth to stifle the cries she desperately wanted to make.

I continued to lap at her swollen lips until she noticed my rapidly stroking hand.

“Oh, lord, that was good. Are you gonna come now, baby?”

I moaned in response and she pulled me up to a standing position.

“Thom,” she said, looking up at me with those piercing green eyes,” I want you to come all over my panties.”

That was certainly enough to finish me. She quickly untangled the silky pair from her ankle and held them in her lap, the stained crotch open skyward as a landing strip for my spunk.

I lowered my boxer briefs and bent my shaking knees before coating the silk with several jets of jism, some hitting her flushed pussy and a few drops falling into the toilet bowl and mixing with her yellow pee. I closed my eyes and saw, vividly, my cousin’s bare ass, her pink panties pulled aside, my cum trickling down onto her peach fuzz-covered pussy.

“Oh, my god….yessss,” Jenna hissed. “That’s a good boy. Soak those panties!”

When I had shot the last of my load, my knees finally gave way and I involuntarily sat down on the floor with my back against the wall. Jenna was biting her lower lip and seemed just as interested in her panties as I was. As I watched, completely out of breath, tuzla escort she raised the messy fabric to her lips and licked some of my cum from the sweaty crotch area, her eyes meeting mine and then rolling upward in ecstasy.

Wow, I thought. This must be what my friends meant when they described a girl as a “freak”. The idea that a girl could enjoy sex as much as a guy was a foreign concept to me. We were constantly told that we wanted it more, thought about it more, and that the girls sort of tolerated us. I was extremely grateful that I had stumbled upon someone who was big a horn dog as me.

Jenna took a few more little licks at her panties and then carefully set them on the counter. “I’m gonna save some of that for when I put those back on.”

I just stared in wonder at the absolutely perverted nature of this girl. As she stood up from the toilet and lowered her skirt down over her hips, she peered curiously down at me.

“So, Thom, since you clearly have an appreciation of panties, can I ask you something?”

“Shoot,” I answered.

“Have you ever gotten your hands on your cousin’s panties?”

I hesitated for a second. I certainly didn’t want the truth about this to get back to Denise, and this was her best friend. Jenna noticed the wheels turning.

“Aha! You have! I had a feeling…”

“You absolutely cannot tell her anything,” I said.

She leaned against the counter, idly fingering her own soiled underwear.

“I won’t,” she said thoughtfully. “Though who knows, she might not mind.”

“Oh, I think she would definitely mind. I mean, all I did was look at them, but still.”

“I’m sure it was very innocent, Thom,” she smirked. “I’ve been debating whether to tell you this or not, but I think I will… Last night after I left your room I got in bed. Denise was already asleep, or so I thought. After about 10 minutes, she must’ve thought I was asleep, because she started going at herself like a banshee.”

“You’re kidding,” I said, incredulously.

“I think she heard us in here and it turned her on. To be honest, when she finally got off, I had to take care of myself. It was so hot, hearing her squirm around over there, trying to be quiet…mmmm mmmm.”

“I would’ve done that for you,” I pointed out. “But you took off.”

She smiled. “Gotta save something for later, don’t we?”


“Later. I’ve got a plan. Let’s go have dinner, and when we get back, I’ve got a little something to wear that I think you might like. And this time, we won’t close the adjoining door all the way.”

I was dumbstruck. That was indeed a fantastic idea.

“What do you think she would do?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but…well, you know her new boyfriend?”

“I haven’t met him yet,” I said.

“He’s kind of a tool. I used to think he was cute, but his personality is enough to kill the buzz, big time. She’s still into him, for whatever reason. So, she’s been asking me about blow jobs a lot lately.”

“You mean how to give one?”

“Can you believe she’s never sucked a guy off?” Jenna said, laughing. “She really is a good little girl. Anyway, I think her curiosity will get the best of her. Plus, I may drop a hint or two tonight that she could get a visual demonstration.”

My pulse was racing and I think I a bead of sweat broke out on my forehead. It had nothing to do with the steam in that bathroom, either. I felt like I was being carried along on a wild sexual roller coaster, and I didn’t mind one bit.

“That sounds good to me,” was all I could utter.

Jenna grinned. “Poor Thom, I hope when you get everything want, you know what to do with it,” she purred.

I blushed beet red.

“Don’t worry, though. If you don’t, I’ll teach you. Now get out of here and let me take a shower, would ya?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said dutifully, pulling up my pants and taking my renewed erection out the door and into my room.

To Be Continued…