246 the eyes have it [6]

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246 the eyes have it [6]426 the eyes have it 6The course wobbled on, days here days there, local studies and hands on training, the pressure getting harder each and every day. Naturally their sex lives tapered off a bit, though it still had its moments. Then came test week, Maj had tentatively booked Mel and Juan into a small hotel, though she knew it would be a case of “only if the lad past.”Finally test week over they awaited the results, a good pass would give him choice of asylums though it`s all pc stuff nowadays and they are called just hospitals.Each day before going to the local hospital, (covering late shift as a junior while he eagerly awaited the mail,) with a clatter the letters would hit the mat mid-morning, he was on edge that whole week., he was off on Saturday and it was 11 am when the fatal letter arrived. Eager fingers tore at the envelope. Eager eyes scanned the headed note paper and with a whoop he called Maj and almost shouted as he told her he had passed and passed well.The afternoon became a mix of congratulations, kisses, sex with Maj and writing applications for posts at hospitals high and low and more sex with Maj They rang Mel, and Juan, you could hear the joy in all their voices. The passing off awards where, he said in two weeks and he was sad they wouldn’t be there. They said nothing about visiting. Until then, he worked at the hospital always on late`s and always as ward junior. Letters arrived either offering him places or refusing, the offers pile, slowly stacking up, he having decided to wait till he had had time to think and to receive all the paperwork. The ceremony was set for the afternoon of the following Saturday, his parents unbeknown to him arrived on Friday, and as you could expect it was a great surprise when they were at the ceremony, and it was a day to remember.They all went out for the evening together, the two sisters looking like identical peas in a pod, though Mel had a fab tan! It was a great evening dropping off his parents on the way home, they were to stay for a few days with Maj beginning tomorrow, sleeping in what till then had been regarded as ‘Mikes’ room.On arrival home he sensed at last that something was troubling Maj, and the dam finally broke.“Well, the course is over, soon you will be off, and I will see you only occasionally if at all so in one sense I am glad …for you, and in another I am sad for me.” he swept her into his arms, then those eyes engaged hers, and he said, “and why is it do you think I have not jumped at the jobs on offer?” she shook her head, “well I will tell you soon but first, you can make your mind up when you have seen the options!”, he took her by the hand, led her to the kitchen and spread the options he had received before her. Read those locations, the job is the same at each so there`s no advantages there, and the pays about the same at any of them, but I don’t know this country as you do, so you pick…” he made coffee, she checked out the several locations, one in Surry, that was fairly assessable, one between Liverpool and Manchester which she dismissed immediately as she did the one in the north east, one in London that and the one in Sussex, again had possibilities another was in Devon, to which she said, “she had always wanted to live there” and the final one in Suffolk again that got to the short list.He turned her to face him, took her hands and said, “There`s a job in a place you say you always wanted, to live, why don’t you retire, sell up and together we can buy a little place in reach of my new job and we shall live together as man and wife? Your everything I ever wanted in life, and you can`t live here for ever…come on what do you say…”She took his hands and tears fell as she said yes, it was beyond her wildest dreams, then she said, “what about when you find a girlfriend or I get too old, or your mum and dad…wont they mind?” he grinned, then said, “since you told me she would have slept with me, and dad wouldn’t have minded, I rang her and we had a long and frank chat, I told her we were an item” Maj blinked, “I didn’t tell you as I wanted to be sure, in my own mind about things, and istanbul escort yes,” he paused took a deep breath then said, “you knew I wanted to have mum anyway so Tomorrow, or at least this week I am going to attempt to screw my own mother, you know it I know it, and I hope she and Juan have realised it, after that I shall have achieved all I ever wanted and from then it will be you forever Maj, a clean slate, with just you… and me and I hope we can start my proper working life… together… as a real couple” It was a speech that took away her breath. They were soon in bed and sealing their bonds with a hearty screwing.Mel and Juan arrived next day, and over coffee after being shown their room, was enlightened as to the long-term plan, Juan said that, “he had thought, ever since his son was over here that Maj was getting more than rent!” they laughed, and he went on, that “he had thought at one time he would have to explain the birds and bees to his son because he took no interest in the girls at his school, but I realised he had become obsessed with his mother, and as I knew my wife, well, I left it to her, however…”Mel chipped in to mikes embarrassment, “ I wanted him to make the first move, and when he finally did get up the balls to flash those big blue eyes at me, well… dopey here came home early, and spoilt it…!” They all grinned at Juan who`s blushes and discomfort were obvious. Mike now turned to Juan, and said, Maj taught me to be a man and I thank her for it, but with your permission and I hope Maj`s, I`m going to take her sister to my bed tonight or perhaps sooner, and prove to her at least that I`ve got the balls as she put it, whether she wants it or not, I have waited long enough, oh and I do think perhaps Maj may need some company too dad as we only have two bedrooms.” With that he rose took his bemused mothers hand and swept her out to the back bedroom leaving a father with his jaw slack and a delighted Maj grinning.The door closed behind them, and he hauled his mother to him with a deep and loving kiss. All resistance having crumbled with his bold statement, she was like putty in his manly hands.The outer clothes began to fall, almost reverently his warm hands, taking time, to unveil the prize he had so long coveted, noting the slightly more bronzed skin than her sister, the bigger teats, teats that had been used by her c***d.Maj (he now thought of her as his Maj) now, Maj of course never having had c***dren. He knelt at her feet, slid his hands round her and slid down the skirt knickers and tights in one swift and smooth move, her hands now holding his head, in a loving caress her face a look of bemused lust.Standing once more he rapidly shucked his clothes from his body, his erection springing forth in a demonstration of his eagerness, he gripped her shoulders and pushed her down onto the low divan bed, within seconds he was on her, his prick desperately stabbing at her finding her wet sex and entering her in a slick and well-rehearsed with her sister way.He began his dance, his hips near a blur as she received her sons demonstration of his prowess, it was a hard hammering, like her sister before her the climax was an amazing, eye rolling climax that said perfection! They lay temporarily sated. When they had swept out so promptly, Maj and Juan stood a little nonplussed, then Juan turned to Maj, and shrugged held out his hand and together they excepted the inevitable and moved to her bedroom.One at either side of her bed they stripped, way back when Paul was alive they had slept together once before, in a swap situation, so by unspoken mutual consent, they were both feeling too experienced to be wasting time stripping slowly, they came together on the bed, arms and lips entwined, the Spaniard, eager to sample his sister in law, was soon in the saddle, her body familiar in a lot of ways under his hands, the similarities with his wife easy to see.It was vanilla, it was arousing but it was more than a little exciting. Both participant finding the sounds of Maj`s young trainee, and his, son pleasuring her sister avcılar escort and knowing it was his wife…both stimulating and erotic, the sounds of the climax from the other bedroom triggering their own massive climax, synchronised to perfection. They too lay sated.Within a few moments the boy with the energy and recovery of youth was back at his mother once more, her cry`s as each piston like stroke rammed home music in his father`s ears.So much so that his own errection became stiff once more something that he though he had begun to grow out of. This time Maj threw her leg over him and took charge, easing his regulation 6inches swiftly into her used and lubricated channel while kissing him deeply. The sounds of four copulating folk echoed round the flat, oohs and ahs of enjoyment, gasps groans that by mid-afternoon had dribbled away till, gentle snore of dozing and satisfied folk were all that could be heard.The young-mans energy had him awakening his mother gently with fingers that visited the place of his birth and playing her body like a highly tuned musical instrument. Finally she awoke fully and the sound of them once more enjoying the sex that followed awoke the others who perhaps a little older and wiser rose and donned dressing gowns and then began to see to a meal one climax later mother and son reappeared, not a words were said about such an extra ordinary afternoon, all four dressed in dressing gowns, the two men not in their own gowns at , sat around the table eating and drinking the prepared food as if nothing had happened!It was all too much and the sisters caught one another`s eyes and unable to stop themselves burst into spontaneous laughter, it was infectious, each of them knowing any charade was over.Maj asking if she “had trained the lad well?” And her sister saying in return, he`s not bad and what he lacks in skill he covers with enthusiasm,” and added “was his dad ok for you?” then the two women fell about laughing.Not to be outdone, Mike flicked the gnome then muttered “oh is that right, well the last time you were on this table you didn’t complain…have you told your sister about strait jacket Saturday…” blushing like a tomato Maj rose and began clearing the table, trying to cover her looks of shame as she turned away. Mel asked for details just as he knew she would, but he suggested she asked Maj, who now stood at the sink knowing it was inevitable and without turning to face them, quietly told of the jacket and the day and night she had endured in the restrictive garment. Juan sensing her acute embarrassment said that “he would have paid a lot to have watched that,” and that “was it her thing to enjoy being tied?”She smiled, then said, “had he not tried it then, in all that time together?” his answer was that it had never occurred to him, “in Spain women didn’t need securing to get them to bed…!” Laughing she turned and explained, “that it was not to force any woman into sex… not in the context we use it, no… it is to enhance it, to gain and allow control, to ensure the subject understood his or her place in life!”Her sister moved to stand beside her, saying, “I thought it wasn’t your thing Juan, you are a cuckold, you have been all our married lives, I have slept for you with all and sundry, and I would have simply tied you up if I had thought it would have turned you on!” they both removed their gowns and smiled. The two-sister stood next to one another, identical in height, within a pound or two in weight, both with neat pubic hair, blond muffs, blond hair both straight and shoulder length, nice tits, even the sex lips hung more or less to the same level, but sexually though open minded, they were oh so different.Perhaps it should be our turn Maj said, whispered in Mike`s ear and he scuttled away, returning with his bag. The four moved to the living room, the men losing the gowns too, Mike found the jacket from the bag, and demonstrated its use on Juan quickly slipping it over his head, securing the arms and slipping in the ball gag, he was then sat in an armchair and told by the girls, “he could watch but not touch,” which seemed şirinevler escort to suit him well. The girls then turned on the very expectant Mike, and by sheer weight of bodies they soon had his hands bound behind him with one of his own ropes, he too was given another armchair to sit and watch from, a final rope round the chair back and his chest ensuring he was not going to miss much! The sisters kissed, and it was anything but a sisterly kiss, then Maj said, “we shared everything as k**s, including a bed, our bodies and now our husband, sons and partners, so for a start we shall share our bodies, then perhaps if you two are lucky we may condescend to let you have us…or perhaps not…it will depend how well you beg…Wide grins from the ladies accompanied that bit, neither man looking quite as happy as them for some reason, both having stiff erections. The two women smiled, welded their lips together before their hands began slithering over each other`s breasts. The men could see that neither was k**ding about having made love before, the hands knew where to touch, the women were immediately in another world, back in their parent`s home, back in another age. Kisses changed to caresses, caresses changed to a 69, the world, and the onlookers to them vanishing into oblivion, it was well over thirty long minutes before, having climaxed heavily a number of times, they broke for air, laughing then, they lay head to toe alongside one another in front of the coal effect fire. Damp faces shining in the firelight, satisfaction written broad on either face, eyes shining.Juan had cum on the sofa, and his sons balls were aching from the erotic tension, and he began to beg one or both women to use him and soon. Maj said that, “he only had himself to blame for both the day in the jacket she had endured and for telling his parents so freely.” And that, “he could wait a while, till they had dealt with his father!” they lifted Juan removed his gag and made him kneel facing the marked sofa, then made him clean up with the only working part available…his tongue. A task he took to eagerly, especially as his wife had his balls in her hand, squeezing him occasionally to “encourage him!” The task over they now used the same method to have him clean the lady in question ready for his own son to use her, Maj doing the honours with his balls, which she referred to as “taking the controls” that task now complete, Mel looked deep into her husband`s face and said, “do you want me to be had by your son then my little cuck?” he nodded, she said “tell me properly or I shall not let my sister have you tonight…now… do you want to watch your own son use his mother on this carpet…?” “Oh, please Mel, Please, let him have you and anally too, I want to watch him fuck you just as you’ve always wanted…and I want you to be used hard.” The invite was just too much, mike was swiftly untied from the chair, in rathe a ritualistic fashion by Maj, who hauled him to his feet and said, “now my lad you are going to use my sister, your mothers arse, and other than my own body, from this day forward you will never use any other woman in this world, are we agreed?”“Yes Maj, that’s my promise my mistress, you and my mother only…for ever.” He kissed her, his hands still tied she helped him clumsily to his knees and her sister knelt before him on all fours facing her husband, then she shuffled backwards till the tip of his rampant tool was just touching her backside. There was a pause and then Maj offered her sister some lube but Mel dismissed the idea of it, saying, that she wanted to “feel the pain partly to heighten the effect for Juan, and partly as she felt this was like a marriage ceremony and needed to be remembered!” Maj took a firm hold of his tool and aimed the helmet into the lads own mothers arse. he pressed his tool home, and his mother screamed as the thing filled her . Maj had by now taken Mikes head in her hands and was kissing her intended hard, and Juan once again made a mess on the leather sofa. The ride was short and sweet, the younger man filling his mother unable to hold back any longer.He withdrew and the three collapsed to the carpet, to lay sated for quite a while, before releasing Juan, in separate pairs they gently made gentle love, swapping about as and when they felt the urge. It was late when they all drifted off to their beds, exhaustion overtaking them. Strangely they were in the pairing that from now would be thee life`s partners.