3 ‘Sex Students’ @ Mormon Monastry Video

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3 ‘Sex Students’ @ Mormon Monastry VideoAT OUR ‘EXPERIMENTAL EROTICS INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE’ WE TRAIN TASTY TEENS INTOSEXUAL SUBMISSION in order to SERVE Monastry Minister Professor Peter FOR SATISFACTIONWe proudly present and intimately introduce three tight tasty teens among our ‘Sex Sudents’:PETRA PRINCESS (18), STELLA MARIS CLAESSENS & SASKIA VEN (BOTH 19)Petra’s prime plus is her EROTIC EDUCATION at the Mormon Monastry by her father Prof Peter.Petra Princess’ application as ‘Sex Student’ is examined by experienced Stella Maris & Saskia.Petra is born in Amsterdam 21-9-1958. She enters as ‘SEX SLAVE’ s!ster on her 18th birthday.In our first video Petra Princess, a red-hot real redhead with BB-breasts & boyish bums, is seduced into submission to lesbian love, love lips licking & fanny fingering anadolu yakası escort into an awesome orgasm by beautiful blonde baby second years’ ‘Sex Student’ Stella Maris at ‘Experimental Erotics Internatinal Institute’ in its Mormon Mission in Amsterdam.One of her prime precious bodily beauties are her thick tight tasty teen lovely love lips.The video was recorded 21 September 1976 at our Monastry on Tasmanstraat 43-HA.Stella Maris Claessens from Flushing (21-12-1957) is 19 years and nine months young at the time.She shows best teen talents into ‘Sexual Submission’. She studies Pedagogy & Social Psychology.Stella Maris’ main ambition is to become ‘primus inter paris’ of her year as ‘SEX SLAVE’ to Peter. Stella Maris is a fervent spankee, which is pendik escort why she tests with Saskia Petra on her talents for this.Saskia Ven of Overveen 21-6-1958 is just 19 1/4. She studies French Love, Literature & Language.Best at blow-jobs offered to Monastry Ministers Peter & Pete, the elder of these twins in charge.Her hot hobby is horse-riding — best bare-back & fully nude — for frequent orgasms in riding highin the dunes between her parental house at Julianastraat 17 in Overveen and the North See beach. Her hot hope is that one day Professor Peter will join her on horseback to sit behind her & have her.———————————————————————————————————————————————COPYRIGHT PROF. PETER tuzla escort POET A’dam @ ‘EXPERIMENTAL EROTICS INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE’Please Dear Readers Vote ‘Hard-on Thumb’ & Comment. Read them from below. I will write first 6 to 7.For Female Teens ‘EROTIC EDUCATION’ ‘SEXUAL SCIENCE’ & ‘INTIMATE INSPECTION & INTERVIEWS’Only After Application by Telephone to the two ‘EEII’s lines — ++31 206 848 256 & ++316 516 037 973!At our SCHOOL @ TASMANSTRAAT 43-HA — We have 2 Livings — 4 Bedrooms — A Great Green GardenWith Weed & Fruits — Strawberries Great Gr4pes & Flowers: Little Lilac Lily & White Pink & Red RosesOne Master Bedroom for Each Teacher – Elder Twin lives upstairs @ 43-1A — Students in two big beds’Sex Students’ live aat ‘EEII’. Our Sex School’s very practical: Lessons in Life Love & all Afrodisiacs!DEAR READER PLEASE VOTE ERECT ‘CLIT’ & ‘PRICK’ UPRIGHT BY CLICKING @ ‘LIKE’ & COMMENTI WILL WRITE 1ST FEW COMMENTS MYSELF PLEASE READ THEM AS WELL IN ORDER: BELOW > UPExpect next few from PETE Eldest twin Present here exactly 10 yeears today who can be INDISCRETE!