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3 WAY WITH MISTARIDGES pt1Mista ridges here again with a story I remembered today..I had a neighbor that lived across the street named zuzu she was a slender cape verdian her man @the time was always havin the cops at their house so one time he got locked up and did a bid..well one day I see zuzu an asked her if she smoked trees(cronic maryjane marajuana) for my non ebonic people:)..and she said yes. An invited me up to smoke later that night ….so I went across the street an went upstairs to her spot and I have 2 dutchies and a bottle of henny. We made small chat lit the blunt up and sipped the spirits…. I looked at her she looked at me and we went into her room got undressed and I began to lick her pussy…fron there we went into a 69 and she started suckin my dick …when she felt my ridges against her tongue she didn’t bad an eye she took the tip of her tongue and flicked my ridges real nice…I got up sat her up an pulled my cock head to the right and told her to suck my ridges and she did and every time she stroked or tongued my ridges my cock jumped an swelled …she was adiosbet yeni giriş using her mouth and hand at the same time going up and down my dick poppin my ridges on every up/down stroke..but I remembered that while I was eating her pussy it was swelling up and her g spot was exposed so I went back down on her an repeated the touches that got her pussy to swell … I began to finger her spongey spot. As I had her clit trapped gently in my teeth..the the hood of her clit pulled gently down with the gap between my teeth to expose her entire clit ..as. her pussy pulseated I stopped my finger in the middle of her g spot began to press in a slow rythm and tongued sher clit like crazy…her clit was engorged …then BLAM!!!!!she squirted soooooo hard my chin took the brunt of her intial squirt:) I could hear it come out and hit my beard the pressure an volume was amazing…but no rest for the wicked I went right back at it again repeated my touches in a different sequence …results were as such zu zu squirted so hard it lasted about ten twelve seconds..I put adiosbet giriş my face in her squirt…no geyser..like man tryin to cool off with a fountain on a hot day!!!!!I took the next half an hour to make zu squirt again an again till I completly drained her well!!!:)then i slowly nibbled my way up to her face via inner thighs hips… Pubic bone…her belly..her ribs both sides to the bottom of her titties. To the outside of her dark chocolate nipples contrasted with mocca latte extra cream skin tone then I finnally kissed her long and deep face glistining with her juices..she sucked the juice out of my beard..I nibbled her jaw line the out side of her ears while I was doing all that..I was rubbing my dick head against her pussy as you can imagine her pussy lips were dark against the rest of her skin tone:)an had labia that looked like a cobra with the hood spread ..I was rubbing her and she began to swell again and I put my dick inside her .and had her kegel muscles snapping over my ridges I asked zu if she felt them she said yes!!!!!I asked her if she s ever been adiosbet güvenilirmi with a man that had ridges like mine she said no but she told me she liked how they felt againt her tounge and the way I reacted to it…the whole time I was strokin her slowly but deep my dick he’d found her cervix and I pushed on it. With deep short strokes ..with me filling up her pussy depth and width there was some of the dick that couldn’t get in:) ..I had some liquor dick going on so I pounded it out like NEIGHBORS KNOW MY NAME. Top side flip side back side back side laying on the side with out taking my self out me an zu zu went through a few rounds of the karma sutra…finally it was time for me to cum I pulled out and nutted all over her face like picasso..I had one hand on the base on my dick pulling the skin down and the other squeezing and strokin my ridges relaesing cum on every pulse I put my dick in her mouth and began rotating my dick from side to side as I was still cumming. I scooped the cum off her face and feed it her she had no problem with that. We talked for a min as we rested then she told me she wanted to have me with her girl giz..I was down for that….!!!!!I washed my balls. Smoked some more trees with her then bounced out I was there for like 4 hrs. Had work in the am ….ima bess you with pt2 soon…hope you liked my experience