424 the eyes have it [4]

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424 the eyes have it [4]424 the eyes have it [4]It was a long week, each night they had vanilla sex, or just made love before sleeping but the subject of bondage or any other more interesting disciplines, was avoided, however she knew he had fetched home certain items in a holdall probably from his course, and dumped it in his room. Work for her seemed to last forever, whenever she sat for a free moment or on the tube, going or coming home her mind roamed free over the open tundra of her mind, could he control himself, if she was tied, what would he do, where would this path lead…Mike though had shown no sign of being troubled or of his eager anticipation of the coming weekends games. It became routine and had since that first week each morning he kissed her as she set off for the city centre, diligently attending his class, finishing mid-afternoon, arriving home to spend precious hours doing home course work in what had been his room. Having a simple snack meals ready for when she returned each evening tired and exhausted, acts like some old married couple. He was not much of a cook, but luckily each having a main meal at their respective canteens he coped. It was more of a Gesture of his caring than from necessity, but she appreciated it more than he knew.After the light meal, showering and laying out things for the next day, they would watch perhaps a few programs and the news, before wandering off to bed. perhaps to make love or just some nights to hold one another. Sleeping nowadays naked and entwined. In her heart she knew it could never last, six months Mell had said and the second of those six had already passed, where would life take them from here she mused, then her emotions would kick in and a little voice in her head would say “live today and cross the bridge when you come to it” and she would kiss him once more and they would doze off.They both were ticking off the day`s till Friday, playday.It was after work on the way home just as she left the tube station, when her mobile rang, it was Mel, asking how things were going and asking if her and Juan could come and stay for a few days to attend the end of course presentation. Maj suggested that they stay at a hotel till the day so they could really surprise the lad, even offering to pay! This was arranged and after the usual chit chat, as the bus drew up, they rang off. Ten minutes in traffic and at the stop by the chippy she hopped off, at one time, before mike she would have got chips, but grinning she passed by, her feet simply skipped along past the row of shops, keys out she eagerly opened the door, coat on the hook and away up to the flat, where he stood grinning, a hot drink awaiting, and having heard the street door clatter, toast under the grill and an egg spitting in the pan. To her this was Shangri-La, a warm welcoming flat and a meal she didn’t need to cook.It was soon served, she told him “his mum had been on,” but not why, saying kadıköy escort “at home, they were all Ok and they would catch up on Monday!” they ate, then over coffee and donuts they sat together letting the meal digest. After a while and watching the weather, which was not impressive, he said he had a surprise for her , a new all in one jacket, said she could try it on as it was to be a proper surprise, and to take off her top clothes he would blindfold her. Excited she soon had off jacket blouse and at his insistence her bra.He covered her eyes with a pillowcase, and he stood behind her, seated as she was on a dining chair. She felt him slip her arms into a heavy rough jacket of some kind, down over her body it went, then taking each wrist the arms were crossed over at the front and the covered mittens pulled to her sides, at her waist, a quickly fumbled knot and the blindfold was whipped away. Blinking she saw in her living room mirror an image of herself but to her amazement she was in a straight jacket, one he had borrowed from the course, and one that had ‘Kennington authority for mental health’ emblazoned across the left breast in two inch height red lettering! He laughed, she stood, tried to get free, but the design to secure strong deranged men, the canvas stronger than she and she quickly realised it was hopeless. He pressed home his advantage, sliding off the skirt and slip in an authoritive way, she tried to make removal of her stockings and suspender belt hard, but he took it as a challenge, she was soon barelegged.She now stood dressed in a roll on, and this bizarre jacket, when from his pocket he produced a vibrating egg, he had obviously visited a sex shop in his dinner hour, nimbly he caught her as she tried to avoid his grasp and gripping her under his arm and moving the roll-on crutch, he slipped the egg into place. The roll now on prevented the egg falling away, and it lay snug to her clitorise cool, inert and hard. He released her from his grasp, and said, “Now for this whole weekend you will be armless, or harmless,” he laughed, then added, you are now mine and you will not be released except for the toilet, I will feed you, screw you and I shall vibrate you at will, no matter how much you beg.” She looked incredulous at him barely realising what he had said. “Oh, and before I finish with you, I shall try anal at least once more so think on missy, you have the run of the flat, enjoy.” He turned over the Tv to another channel, gave her a burst of vibro egg, then switching it off sat to watch a program on the Galapagos islands as if having restricted her movements like this was perfectly normal!She said “he was inhuman, said he was born out of wedlock, was vicious and a bully,” then called him everything but darling…he in turn warned her that he “was watching a program and not to interrupt” she told him what he could do, and from his pocket üsküdar escort he fetched a gag. This he dangled in front of her then pinching her nose, so she opened her mouth he fitted the red ball gag neatly and jaw achingly between her teeth. If her position was bad before, now it was 100% worse! He continued to watch his program as if nothing had occurred. Maj frustrated, silenced, and unbalanced sat fuming, this was not the style of bondage she had expected, looked forward to, imagined all week! A commercial break in the program, and on went the egg, full bore, like an electric shock the vibrations shot her to another world, now this wasn’t so bad, whow, part 2, off the vibe went… her semi-built climax fell away, she glowered at him. He ignored her! five-ten-then eleven minutes… another break, the vibes were back, oooh sublimeHe fast forwards the film, a recording part 3, off goes the egg, she should have known, she grunts, tumbles to her knees from the sofa, stands and sets off to her bed hopefully out of egg controller range, she throws herself on the bed, the effort too much breathing as she is through her nose, she lays exhausted the young monster now sat alone watching a rerun of Miss Marple… the egg starts its vibrating once more, she curses, time and again the egg starts, she begins to excite herself then nothing, edging, they call it, she cursed, grunted spluttered, dribbled, and cursed again she began to doze, bang the vibe was on again, the cycle repeats, rises walks back to the sofa, sits, if you cant beat them join them he grinned, she scowled, on went the vibe once more… this time he watches her carefully, nearer, nearer her climax building he can see how near she is, her eyes wide as he holds the vibe control up for her to see.He smiles she shakes her head wildly trying to influence his fingers, no you bastard let me cum, her brain scream`s silently her eyes pleading, he nods, grins, puts the control on the small table and goes back to the film. The climax is awesome, her breath in rushes through her nose, eyes rolling, a tsunami of a magic sexual overload… he`s ignoring her, turn it off, please turn it off, he ignores her, the vibe rumbles on, and on, oh god no, please…please, another climax hits, the vibe rumbles on, with the third climax, she comes near to losing consciousness, suddenly it stops, she lays back, he`s grinning the bastards grinning, WoW that was something. He`s watching the box again, she lays washed up. A while passes, two minutes, five, thirty, she had no idea… the vibrator starts again … no, no he can`t…but he can and he does, on then off, and again, her mind in turmoil, the clock reads ten, three hours have past, mentally she calculates how long till Sunday dinnertime… how many climaxes… fear grips her, her roll on wet now with her own spend, he`s loving it, her pain, her frustration, her eyes close, he watches another film, tuzla escort then switches out the light and helps her to her bed, carefully tucking her into the soft bed, a short burst of the vibe to prove who is in charge. Then he gets in himself and is soon asleep. She`s next conscious at 2 am her bladder bursting, she nudges him he snores, drool has wet the pillow, again she nudges him, then in desperation she kicks him, he releases her gag.She explains she needs the loo stretching her jaw and easing the stiffness of her cramped mouth. He gets her up leads her to the toilet, rolls down her roll on and stands holding the egg, watching her. Desperately, though unable to avoid his gaze she relieves herself glad to be rid of that awful vibe. The job over he refitted the vibe and rerolled the foundation garment into place. Back to bed. He sleeping quickly his conscience clear perhaps, she having a few problems though eventually dropping off to sleep only to be waken before dawn by that bloody egg.Only a short session this time, just enough to tell her who was in charge. Again, he slept, but for her, aroused now the early morning sounds of the city outside the window meant she couldn’t get back to sleep easily only managing a doze.The smell of bacon cooking returned her to reality, her arms still secure ached, and she knew she needed tpo pee again, but standing and shedding the bedding was difficult and took some time, she went unsteadily to the kitchen, without the gag she at least could communicate.Mike was cooking breakfast, she explained the urgency of her bladder, he laughed pulled the crutch of the roll on to one side and slipped out the egg, then washing his hands said “OK off you go then” astounded she made her way to the bathroom, luckily the door was open, it was still open as she sat still clothed to pee. Humiliation was the name of his game today then. The feelings of the hot pee and still wearing clothing with the door open to his gaze from the kitchen had her face red as she sat relieving herself. strangely he was smiling, as he flipped eggs and buttered bread while watching her whenever he could.She sat undecided as to what to do, he roll on very wet, and smelly now, unable to dry herself or change, or even flush the loo, so she just sat allowing the wet to drain. He though laid plastic bags over her usual chair seat and said “come breakfast is ready, you will need your strength today” in a voice that implied this was normal behaviour, resignedly she stood, wobbled to the kitchen and sat, feeling damp and humiliated as well as hungry.Like a good nurse he fed her forkfuls of beans, cut up mouthfuls of the bacon and an egg and holding slices of bread for her to bite, while eating for himself between bites. She felt like a small c***d, as he outlined her morning, he said, “he had thought of taking her shopping but had thought more of it,” she thanked god for that… “today instead she would be secured and like it or not allowing him privileges he had wanted… well imagined… for his own mother, but had decided to try them on her instead,” their eyes met his twinkling and searching deep into her very brain, she could not resist him. And heard her voice say “yes master, whatever you wish…”