434 after the passing 5

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434 after the passing 5434 after the passing 5A day or two passed, the lad having sex alternately with his mother and her sister and it was taking its toll, Maud though, had on his suggestion, fetched home some samples from her work, nothing special, just a couple of vibrators, some wrist cuffs and a video or two that included a lot of bondage, the videos had been shared with Beryl. Though it had been all vanilla sex, so far it had eased to; after the initial session each evening, it had been a case of sleep broken only by the odd cuddle or perhaps game if either of the combatants, were awake for any reason. Sadly, the exhaustion was beginning to tell, and on the following Thursday he had had to sleep in his own bed alone, as he had dozed off twice during lessons!That evening the two women talked as he snored… it was a chat over a bottle of wine, long and in depth that really lifted the covers about each sisters sexual lives so far, from their distant first fumbles at school, to marriage and as the wine took hold and the inhibitions fell away, their fantasies ambitions and future plans. They knew that things could not go on this way, for one thing the lad was falling behind at school, and better an intense weekend than a ‘weekday sense of duty halkalı escort fuck’, as Maud would have it. His mother adding that the lad had, “got quite accomplished at vanilla sex now!” her sister saying, “yes, he`s mastered that bit…and he is getting other ideas I think, so perhaps we should branch out a bit!” she stood kissed her sister goodnight, perhaps more sensuously than usual and saying she needed to work next day, went a tad unsteadily off to her bed. It was after tea the next evening that they all three sat with coffee still at the kitchen table and had a frank discussion. It was the first time they really had had a proper discussion of their situation, no holds barred and with no embarrassment. It was Beryl who explained that “though they enjoyed vanilla sex, and he had got good at it, they felt he needed more sleep, and his schoolwork they felt was suffering!” he looked shocked would this be the end of the road? Maud now added to his relief, “oh don’t get us wrong we want you and that todger of yours still but we don’t want you as your mum says falling behind…and of course if we ‘bang on‘ at this rate you will die of exhaustion!” she laughed that silvery laugh of hers, then went on, “No, what we are şişli escort proposing is that we restrict sex with you to weekends, and perhaps early evening just once a mid-week evening, but as a compensation on some Saturdays after we have done the chores, we will both be yours, to do as you will with, how does that sound?” his eager nod as he said, said, “that sounds like a plan, though I do need my sleep, your just too good for me, and I didn’t want to admit it” and he laughed “but Saturdays what if I get carried away?” Maud and Beryl exchanged glances, then Maud said in a rather measured tone, look I had the afternoon off today, and we have spent all afternoon discussing this sex thing. Your dad was an out and out sadist, so there`s little your mum or I with Jake have not endured at some time in our married lives…” she paused, We, your mum and I. are giving you our bodies on trust and with the condition you keep yourself in check and cause us no permanent marks or damage, if you overstep that it stops that day and you`ll get no more from either of us, agreed?” his open jaw and nod said it all, and they all smiled when he asked “This Saturday?…please…” nods and grins said yes…Beryl sarıyer escort then said, ”Look son, were going to miss you in the week, truth to tell we`ve got used to your bouncing about on us on alternative days and erm…well…” she tailed off unable to continue, her face red and her sister, a little more brash and bull at a gate jumped in and explained, “What your mums trying in her embarrassed way to say is that when we were girls, we shared a bed, and some nights we are going to do that again, understand…girl on girl!” the genie was out of the bottle, and his grin said it all, but when he said, “brill, can I watch sometimes?” The moment was perfect.His mother sitting next to him, kissed him and his aunt held his hand across the table. Then he looked at his ladies with a serious look and said, “if we are going to play at weekends, how will we know what sort of play we all want? Now that was a good question, and Maud answered it by suggesting, “we shall decide together on Friday after tea, the style, that will give us…or at least you mostly, a chance to dream up a fantasy overnight! Oh, and don’t go thinking you will be in charge every time my lad, your mum and I will take a turn now and then too!” grins all round said that was very acceptable.And there for the moment I shall leave our little family, three lonely folk, each with a sexual outlook that suits them for the moment, each satisfied, and looking forward to fun and frolics. I do know more, and perhaps soon I shall share it with you, but that will depend on your comments and attitudes…