440 after Monty`s cherry.4

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440 after Monty`s cherry.4440 [Cc52] after Monty`s cherry.4The story continues see 437,438, 439.After the cook had returned to her kitchen and they were alone again, Muriel commented that, “Betty is in a good mood today I wonder why!” she eyed the lad with a beady eye, and a broad grin. He smiled, then said, “yes I think she feels wanted again, I hope it lasts, she`s so different from you mother, thanks for pointing it out!” mother grinning broadly said, “it wasn’t just for her benefit, though if she has her self-esteem back, she might get together with Hodges, who needs a woman and then we won`t have staff problems for years to come!” she coughed then added, “oh and if its broadened your horizons it’s a bonus, though I`m not keen to share you, now you`re getting better at it, but we all have to make sacrifices occasionally don’t we!”He smiled, promised her he was not likely to become Betty`s long term lover and excused himself saying he needed to go, as he was “to start helping ‘old Maycroft’ with the preparations for the village bazaar this morning.” As he went away Muriel muttered under her breath, “as I said we all have to make sacrifices… I wanted you in my bed this morning!” then she rang for the Butler, and on his arrival said, “Hodges, I need your services up my room, now if you please, I`ve a bazaar to open this afternoon and with that she swept out trailed by a bemused but smiling butler.It was late afternoon when Monty returned, Mary and the cook were in the kitchen, taking tea with the elderly part-time gardener from the village, an empty trug on the drainer. He happily accepted a cup as it had been a short but tiring day working with the estate manager for the first time. they chatted amiably, then Betty asked for a cabbage, and some other veg and if there was any dahlias available as the mistress wanted some for the hall and drawing room. The elderly gardener thanked her for the tea and with Mary in tow went off to cut some blooms and a cabbage. Together, alone at last since the ‘date,’ Betty the more perhaps mature and bold, said, “I suppose now the moment has past you don’t want to know old fat Betty, do you?” His reply had her smiling broadly, as he said “Betty you couldn’t be further from the truth, since we parted, I`ve thought of nothing but having you again and of playing the games you told me about, I can`t wait to enjoy you again, that’s if you want me as much as I want you!” it was sincere and from the heart and she was touched. Her one-word answer was just, “When?” he smiled and suggested, “perhaps tonight if you have a mind, you know what you want and what to wear and bring, and I will wait your arrival with baited-breath!” then to her surprise he kissed on her cheek, before going off to take a bath.After her duties where over Betty took herself up to her room bathed and dried, she sought out the underclothes from the box in her wardrobe, the box she had saved though till now she had no idea why, probably just as pendik escort a reminder of their games, the things that Joe would have expected her to wear for punishment, always on the night before his casting off with the tide. It had been their ritual towards the end, his boat going out for a week at a time then home for a couple of days then away on the tide once more… she smiled to herself, at the memory, the stinging welts he would leave on her backside, and the other marks even through her foundation basque, both round her trunk and her big old breasts. Joe had been most insistent that only her backside would be bare and marked, saying he loved strapping her, but he didn’t wish to tear her body-skin as he knew he would if he hit her just as he so wanted too. Thus, they had come to this compromise, and he had made up a couple of leather wrist cuffs with which she would happily be secured to a beam in the bedroom to allow Joe his fun. Every time it was the same, she would ask for a number of hard lashes, it was like a d**g she knew the pain to come would be savage, but she was incapable of saying no! She would always cry and dance each time from the pain, he loved that, but…to her amazement, she had always had the finest climaxes she had ever enjoyed. She dressed without knickers, in the staunch underclothing, then dug in the box finding the leather cuffs, fingering them and remembering Joe as she did, then finding the belt, his belt, taken from his body before they buried him, his body having been washed ashore a full week after he had drowned. A tear formed and she quietly said to the box, “I hope you`re watching Joe, I`ve found someone to continue our games for you…”She slipped herself into her raincoat, rolled up the belt and then put it in the pocket along with the cuffs, if she met Mary or Hodge`s she would say she was going for a walk, a bit of fresh air…She slipped from her room and along the corridor feeling sensuous and wicked as the air cooled her naked sex. Then down the back stairs one level. No-one being about she slipped from the stairs, along the lower corridor till she came to Monty`s room. Outside his door she paused, shook her head at the thought of giving herself to the administrations of this slip of a lad, then as if making up her mind she knocked.He opened the door for her, kissed her welcome, then closed and locked the door once more. From her pocket she took her toys putting them on the side table, then she hung the raincoat behind his door. He poured her a large sherry, which she sipped as she sat on the window seat once more. He said, “he loved the get up,” then asked her to explain exactly what her Joe would have done and what she wished him to do to her today. She went through it stage by stage, he listening to her explanation without comment till she had finished. He asked if, “she screamed loudly as he didn’t wish the other staff coming to her aid!” So she suggested he gag her, kağıthane escort Joe had never needed too, but, they lived away from the crowds back then and then she added, “she wanted no quarter, real strokes, laid on hard and they could be anywhere between her neck and knee, but if her backside bled, that was just too bad, at least a quarter of the strokes must hit her bare flesh, please!” then she looked around the big room, quite a low room with wooden beams, as if searching for a securing point. Monty pointed out the old oil-lamp hook, it was perfect. She finished the sherry then took the cuffs and slipping them over her wrists before he added a short cord from his dressing gown She stepped up to the beam luckily only a tiny stretch on tiptoe, he tied it over the hook so that he could easily release her afterwards or if necessary. Once secured she faced him and said, “please master Monty, this time just ten, but really hard strokes of my husbands, old belt, but gag me first I beg you, if the others were alerted, I should die of shame. A little non-plussed, never before having been asked to lash someone, he stood and said, “are you certain Betty… you`re really sure?” She nodded, then carefully said, “after, you have beaten me, and as soon you can, get me down from here, and tonight, you must have me, still bound, here on this hard floor, just as soon and as hard as ever you possibly can, I am yours tonight, and I want you to use me, but you must not undress me further this time, I don’t wish you to see my marks or my flab, you have till just midnight to do with me whatever you wish, OK?” he nodded unable to belive his wonderful luck. “Whatever shall I use as a gag?” he asked, she said for him to, “fill her mouth with something soft” he fetched clean handkerchiefs, from the drawer and she opened her mouth compliantly, the last being used to tie them in, knotted behind her head. He fetched the belt, noting its subtle, well-oiled feel, she had obviously kept it well.her eyes never left him as he approached her again winding the buckle round his hand as he walked. He stopped in front of her, showed her the belt and then at her nod of readiness he raised his arm for the first stroke. His aim was for her belly encased as it was, thinking to get the feel of the wide leather. The long belt wrapped itself round her with a report like a gun. She groaned, the tears began, the second struck across her bust. She jerked as if kicked, tears ran freely now dripping from her cheeks, her eyes wild and fearful… Crack the third hit across the bare rump and to his amazement a hard, red-line arose across both bare cheeks. Even with the gag she made a fair noise, her head shaking from side to side with the pain, her breathing hard through her nose, eyes fixed on him her mind desperately trying to prophesy the location of the next strike.She swung on the suspending cuffs, facing away from maltepe escort him and deliberately offering her ample rump as his next target. But Thwack…the leather wrapped itself around her waist once more, he had hit at her belly again, ignoring her offered backside. Her body twitched like an electric shock had hit. Again, he drew back as the tearful body turned once more… Thwack, the leather struck across the soft and hidden breast, the body twitched hard jerking and swinging like a puppet on elastic. It was the half way point, they both knew that! He swung again, the target her rump, the first cut had left a purple welt, the second struck parallel, with a slap that marked the soft and overweight bum with a second stinging red line. He saw her head swinging about as if to clear her head, he could see she was climaxing, her eyes rolling, her nipples pushing the bra outwards in two tiny mounds, a perfect target.Again, his arm swang, the leather aimed at those nipples, teasing him behind the white cloth, the leather striking as he had hoped, hitting first the nearest and then the second nipple with a loud smack, she slumped, held up by her wrists, the leather in fear of tearing into her wrists as her overweight body hung from her cuffs, he struck once more while she was out of it, struck her backside again, another purple line joining the two already there in a diagonal. The stroke fetched her back, he grunted two more, her imploring eyes said she wanted them and soon, knowing full-well, that he would give her the full measure. He struck again round her belly, she jerked and shrieked, then spun around her legs kicking high in pain as the last stroke landed across the other three welts, blood ran in a tiny trickle and again she climaxed and drifted into semi u*********sness. He tried to support her and release her rope, but her bulk proved too much for him and as the rope released her weight, it took them both to the floor in a crumpled heap.He rolled her great bulk on to her back, pushed her legs wide apart and without ado mounted and began to ride her like the bag of lard she was. The bulky belly rippling like a balloon of water under him as he trust each time. He became aware of her piercing eyes, open now, urging him on, her still bound arms opening, surrounding and pulling his head towards her no doubt marked, but ample breasts, one handidly, he undid her gag as they rocked together, pulling the sodden kerchiefs from her open mouth, she kissed him, her cuffs behind his ears the soft leather rubbing on his hair, but his mind was focussed on his prick and its piston liker journey, stabbing as hard as he could make it move and easing away rhythmically. With a groan his seed spewed forth deep into her body, whether she climaxed with him or not, he knew not, his own massive eruption taking him into another realm…if this was the ultimate excitement then it was for him, it was awesome.She could barely walk when she tottered back to her room an hour after, her bum throbbed, her breasts ached, her legs were wet and cum ran from her to her shoes, but a massive feeling of satisfaction ran through her veins that said she was not past it, and would ride again, though she knew from experience that her seat would remind her of him and the ghostly Joe for days to come.