489 sex for the family good

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489 sex for the family good489 sex for the family goodPart3It was on the following Friday when she made, shall we say an advance. We were in bed it had been a long week and I needed to relax, I led her hand to my poor old dick tiredly laying on his sandbags, in dire need of a boost. and she did something that since we married, she had never before done. She put her mouth to it and started to suck me stiff. The result was instant rejuvenation! Once the thing had stiffened, she threw her nighty away and her leg across mine carefully placing the head of my stiff dick into her channel, then she closed her eyes and slowly lowered herself down onto my shaft.Can you imagine my amazement, since I had known her, she had NEVER-ONCE allowed me into her body! And here I was balls deep in her, she slumped forward and lay on me her tears wetting my face as she kissed me. What had caused this change in her, why had she overcome whatever phobia she had had, I had a good idea, it was something last Saturday, something in that lesson between her and our son, that had changed things… entirely!Our boy, the lad who had benefited, it was he who had been so much brighter and more cheerful when I got home each day…even slow old me, knew there must be a connection but my brain said, shut bursa escort the cakehole, keep it shut and things can only get better!I began to hump my hips up at her pelvis but she shook her head, saying, “No Sam, please, let me, I am not used to your full grown size yet, and I need take my time if you don’t mind“Mind! Bloody hell if you had laid with a woman each night for the years as I had, and she had suddenly decided to take you, properly, like this, would you have insisted on dominating her….risk her regressing… NO and neither was I, I wasn’t going to risk her getting frightened again either!” Instead I lay inert just loving the feeling of her warm body surrounding the nerve centre I call a dick! It was embedded in a warm wet and loving body and I wasn’t going to risk anything, We kissed, and slowly, oh so slowly she began to move on my shaft, easing herself up and then slumping back, perhaps just an inch, at first, then slowly increasing till she had all my stiffness thrusting into her a good six inches and the look on her face had gone from worry, through to joy. She had realised she could do this thing, without pain, the pain she associated all this time for whatever reason, with sex! Her breathing now was hard, her eyes glassy and laughing as she let herself bursa escort bayan go and enjoyed the sensation`s she had denied herself for years.Suddenly, I could hold myself back no longer, my old dick despite my best attempt to hold back, to elongate the effect for her, was bouncing and spewing my seed into her in one joyous thrust after another. Oh, that feeling, not since that lad of mine was born had I enjoyed such a cumming, a coming together of minds and of bodies. She felt my contribution, and in only two or three more humps, she had a shuddering climax of her own. It was epic. We lay together still joined, though the connection rapidly shrinking it must be said! We kissed once more but instinctively knew not to speak, she slipping to lay in my arms beside me and like that we slept the whole night. We had stepped over a milestone.The clatter and whine of electric milk floats leaving the dairy 3 doors away woke us as usual, it happened 6 days in every week and it was always the same time each day. We hugged and kissed, before she leapt out of bed, snatched up her night dress and slid it on before rushing off to our toilet. I lay bemused, relaxed, and amazed, hoping against hope this would not be a one off. That would be too cruel.I heard the toilet flush escort bursa and her clattering the kettle onto the stove, time to get started. I called the lad and after all the usual morning duties, we breakfasted well , Kate in her dressing-gown, with a broad smile, filling my flask, putting up my sandwiches while we, the lad and I loaded the little car with gardening tools as usual. She and I kissed, but this time it was not just a ‘I am off, see you later peck,’ it was more a sort of, ‘I know what you are up to and I am happy to let you as long as it doesn’t upset things’ …sort of a kiss. I went off then, happy as a lark, knowing not to return till four that afternoon, I had beans to pick and weeds to hoe!It was that day she later confided in the dairy that he had had her over the table in the kitchen… before taking her to bed and having her again… twice. The randy little sod!By the time I got home at four, she was looking a little tired, though freshly washed, and eager, and he was looking just as bright eyed and bushy tailed as a squirrel in the park! Both signs I ignored, knowing to ask would cause embarrassment, and jeopardise the fragile balance we had created.We unloaded the car and stowed away the weeks fresh vegetables, and as usual the home-grown bunch of flowers for Kate was much appreciated… her kiss said she was game to have me again that night. Smiling I washed up, and we had the meal cooked as usual to perfection. God was in his heaven and all was right in our world.