A Betrayal Of Trust

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“He’s wired up, Tony!”

“Fuck, Mike. Do you mean what I think you mean? This is a friend we’re talking about here, you better be real sure!”

Tony looked at the other man, an expression of disgust on his face. He disliked cops on general principal and a crooked cop was even worse, but detective Mike Green was useful. He had a habit. He gambled on anything: the track, cards, ball games; anything where money changed hands. He was currently into Tony for three grand. Not a huge sum of cash from Tony’s point of view, but on Mike’s salary it was tough to pay it off and Tony was quite happy to offset the cop’s debts against information the he could supply. This information, though, had shocked Tony to the core.

It was true that the police department were always trying to find something they could get Tony’s crew for and this would not be the first time that one of his men had turned against him and worn a wire – but they were talking about Christopher. The same Christopher that Tony had groomed to one day take over his own position in their crew. He had personally taught him all about the business; how best to collect payments and kick-backs and how to infiltrate and manipulate the unions. He had shown him how to carry a gun so that it was completely concealed and he had shown him how to use it. Mostly, he had shown him how to command respect from the rest of the crew, the other wise-guys. Could Christopher really have turned against him? Could he have turned rat?

Tony thought long and hard before he spoke again. He looked around him. This patch of waste ground was the usual meeting place for him and detective Green. They wouldn’t be seen or overheard here.

“I need proof before I act on this,” he almost shouted at Green. “There’s no way I’m going to do a fucking thing without proof!”

“Go see him now then, Tony. Ask him outright. Trust me, you know I wouldn’t bullshit you on something like this!”

Tony nodded silently. His mind was full of thoughts and not pleasant ones. As he slowly walked back to his car he kept thinking of Christopher. Something had to be done. If this information were true, then something definitely had to be done.

“What’s up boss?” asked the driver of the car as Tony slipped into the passenger seat.

“I fucking hate cops!”

“We all hate cops, Tony. But y’know, Green’s been useful to us over the years. Without his information from the police department we -“

“He said that Christopher’s a rat, Ray!” Tony interrupted. Ray looked over at his boss, the same unbelieving expression on his face. “You’re shitting me!”

Tony lifted his eyes and looked directly back at his driver. Ray had been a loyal crew member for over ten years and knew Christopher just as well as Tony did. Ray saw his boss’s expression and took a deep breath to steady himself.

“Jeez, you’re not shitting me, are you? What are we going to do boss?”

“I need to think,” said Tony, “I just need a few minutes to think. Take me to Christopher’s house.”

The drive across town was a quiet one. Ray knew that his boss was trying to rationalize the situation and was not about to break the man’s concentration with idle chatter. He knew his boss to be a hard, but fair man and he was glad that it was Tony’s decision to make and not his.

“Pull up here.” Instructed Tony as they neared their destination. Ray tooled the big car into a parking bay and switched off the engine. He guessed that his boss had a plan.

“Come with me, Ray, we’re going to sort this out once and for all!”

The two men exited the car and walked towards the front door of Christopher’s house. Tony knocked loudly and waited. He could hear the voices of his one time friend and Christopher’s wife, Celia from behind the door.

“Oh, hi Tony. I wasn’t expecting you.” Said Christopher as he opened the door.

“You going to invite me in?” said tony, smiling broadly, “or we gonna canlı bahis spend all day out here?”

“Shit! Sorry boss, come on in. You want something to drink?” Tony shook his head. As he entered he saw Celia busy in the kitchen. Christopher’s wife was considerably younger than he, and a very good looking woman. Before they were married she had quite a reputation with the men. Chris thought that all that had stopped once she had settled down with him, but most of the other guys knew that she had strayed several times and Tony had had occasion to speak to her about her actions in the past. Tony nodded to her as he caught her eye then turned back to Christopher..

“You don’t mind if Ray joins us do you?” said Tony, not waiting for an answer before continuing. “We just want to have a chat with you.”

“Sure.” said Christopher, “lets go into the den.”

Christopher was nervous. He had every right to be. There was something in Tony’s eyes that worried him. Frightened him. The secret microphone that the police department had provided him with was still taped to his chest under his shirt. He turned as he heard Ray close the door behind him. He suddenly felt very alone.

“You got anything you want to tell me?” said Tony. Christopher looked at the ground silently. It was obvious his boss knew something.

“Open your shirt” demanded Tony. He was almost certain now, but he still wanted proof.

As there was still no movement from Chris, Tony motioned towards Ray. Ray moved towards the figure in the centre of the room and, holding his arms tightly, ripped his shirt down the front. All three men stood in silence as they looked at the obscene shape of the microphone.

“S..s..sorry Tony,” stuttered Christopher, a pleading look on his face. “I had no choice. The were going to arrest Celia for drunk driving. I was just going to give them a few names. That’s all! Please don’t kill me!”

“Get her in here.” Tony shouted. Ray immediately disappeared, returning a few moments later with Christopher’s young wife.

“Don’t worry, Christopher,” he continued, “I’m not going to harm you. We’ve known each other too long for that. But you have to take the responsibility for your actions. I know you’re a proud man and I’m going to humiliate the shit out of you! You’re gonna sit down and not fucking move. You’re going to have to watch while Ray and I take turns with Celia!”

Christopher sat as instructed, holding his head in his hands. This form of retribution was not uncommon amongst Tony’s crew, and Christopher himself had been involved on one other such occasion where he was able to sample the delights of their one-time accountant’s young trophy wife. Although he felt sick to the stomach, he knew that he was lucky. It could have been much worse. His attention was brought back sharply as he heard Tony’s commanding voice address his wife.

“Get your clothes off, Celia. Do it Now!”

Christopher watched as his twenty six year old wife obeyed without hesitation. Her pale blue blouse was first, and as she let it drop to the floor, Christopher saw the other two men leer at her small breasts encased in the half cup lacy bra. He looked up at Celia. There was something about her eyes – a twinkle there – that told him that she was consenting to this, maybe a little to easily. Her short skirt followed quickly, joining the blouse in a crumpled heap on the floor. As she reached behind her to unclasp the bra, Christopher could see that the twinkle in her eyes had turned to a look of lust – shit! She was actually enjoying this. The pink panties were the last item to go and finally Christopher saw his wife, completely naked, standing before what used to be two of his best friends. He felt his emotions rising; anger and humiliation competing surprisingly with feelings of lust and desire.

Tony pulled Celia towards him, kissing her fiercely. Chris could see his tongue snaking into his wife’s mouth, bahis siteleri probing and searching. He looked at her face again and was in no doubt now. Celia was returning the kiss; her own tongue dancing with Tony’s. She moaned as his hands sought out the small globes of her upturned breasts and gasped as his fingers found her hard nipples. Ray was also moving towards her now, and her gasps turned to sighs of contentment as he parted her legs and eased two fingers between her moist labia. Christopher could feel a pressure building in his loins and realised that he was developing an erection as he continued to watch the two men caress his wife. He could also see large bulges in their pants as well and knew that he was not the only one who was being turned on by this.

Breaking the kiss, Tony pushed Celia away for a brief moment and, pressing on her shoulders, urged her to her knees in front of him. Chris could see that his wife was in no doubt as to what to do, and as his boss released a large, fully erect cock from his fly, she took the whole length into her hot mouth without the slightest hesitation.

Celia closed her eyes as she began to fellate the large weapon in her mouth. Her hands went to his hanging balls and her lips began to contract around the solid shaft, building up a suction. Christopher could hear Tony’s voice as he instructed her to swallow his tool and play with his balls. Ray was now standing back slightly. Having released his own penis, he was slowly stroking the length and watching.

Chris watched intently as Tony began to fuck Celia’s mouth. His hands were behind her head as he leaned back on the edge of a table to steady himself. He curled his fingers into her long, strawberry blonde hair and began to pull her head back and forth on his tool. His eyes were tight shut, and as he began gasping and groaning, Chris knew that he was about to flood Celia’s mouth with his cum. With a final lunge forward, Tony’s fingers trembled in her hair and held her firmly in place as he began to cum. Chris could see the shape of his cock as it bulged and spasmed in her mouth and then saw the thick, white emission as it oozed from the side of her lips and trickled down her chin.

As soon as Tony had finished wiping his still hard cock on Celia’s face, he offered his position to his associate. Ray immediately took the position that his boss had vacated and, without ceremony, plunged his erect penis between Celia’s cum stained lips. Christopher could see that, due to the earlier stroking that Ray had indulged in, his cock was already throbbing and twitching wildly. He knew that the other man’s cum would soon be joining his boss’ on Celia’s face. Ray thrust wildly into her mouth, grunting his satisfaction with each stroke. Celia was obviously having trouble catching her breath, and Chris thought that it was fortunate for her, when twenty seconds later, Ray pulled out and ejaculated thickly onto her up turned face.

Christopher began to relax slightly as the two men stood back, but his wife had other ideas.

“I hope you two don’t think you’re finished!” she cried, almost pleading, “My pussy is so hot! I need to get fucked good!”

Tony laughed. “It seems your wife is a bit of a slut, Christopher.” he said, “but I’m sure that Ray and I could go another round!”

Chris saw Ray smile his eager agreement at his boss. He could see that Ray’s and Tony’s cocks were still hard and he watched as the driver swept Celia up in his arms and placed her on her back on the table.

Tony moved towards the prone woman and grabbed an ankle in each hand, spreading her legs wide. From his still sitting position, Chris could clearly see the moisture that had formed around Celia’s pussy. She was as hot as she’d ever been – there was no doubt about that! Ray joined Chris on the comfortable sofa and watched their boss as he prepared to enter the eager woman. Nobody seemed interested in formalities – bahis şirketleri least of all Celia – and with a deep thrust, Tony buried his whole shaft into her wet pussy. His hands were still gripping her ankles as she gasped out loud, and he swung her legs easily up onto his shoulders so as to get a better angle of penetration. Christopher watched with fascination as Tony fucked his wife with reckless abandon. He could still hardly believe that she was enjoying it so much, but, even if he still had doubts, they were instantly dispelled as he saw his young wife throw her head back and shriek in orgasm as a powerful climax crashed through her naked body. Tony had to grip her buttocks firmly to keep himself in position as she writhed and twisted under him.

Just as Celia’s orgasm seemed to abate, Tony groaned deeply and pulled out of her soaked snatch. His semen shot from the end of his throbbing dick and spewed thickly onto Celia’s mound. Chris was torn between watching his boss shoot his seed and seeing his wife’s pussy open and dilated as the large tool was so suddenly removed.

As before, as soon as he was done, Ray quickly replaced Tony and pushed his hard cock into Celia’s slick vagina. He fucked her with long, practised strokes, twisting his body this was and that, until with a squeal, Celia shook into her second orgasm. Her movement wasn’t so strong this time and Ray had no problem increasing the speed of his strokes as he pounded his was towards his climax.

“Fuck me..fuck me hard…come on Ray..please..shove that big dick up me as hard as you can…fuck me like Christopher can’t anymore!”

Christopher’s stomach turned over as he heard his wife belittle him in front of his colleagues, but he didn’t really care. All he wanted was to see his wife get what she needed. What she deserved, and Ray was providing just that. His cock was flying in and out of Celia’s drenched pussy at an incredible speed now as he reached the point of no return.

“Ahhhhhh….yes….I’m cumming…..take it all you little bitch!” he cried as his balls emptied themselves into her snatch, “I’m gonna drown your pussy in my cum!”

“And now, for the final humiliation,” said Tony as Ray disengaged himself from Celia’s pussy. “Get down on the floor, Christopher, You’re gonna clean your wife’s pussy with your tongue!”

Christopher found himself too excited to even think about arguing with his boss and immediately crawled over to the table. Celia was still lying on her back, completely exhausted, her small breasts rising and falling with each breath. Chris looked up between her legs and saw the mess that the two men had left her pussy in. The hole was open and red from the use that they had given it, the male cum mixed with her own orgasmic fluid. Chris knew that he should have been disgusted, but as he began to lap the warm liquid from Celia’s pussy, he knew that he was addicted. He didn’t know what the future held for him now, but what he did know was that this could never be the last time that he did this. His cock ached silently in his underwear as the juices slid easily down his throat. He could see his wife’s throbbing clit and swept his cum stained tongue over it, smiling as he saw her shudder with the force of yet another orgasm. Within five minutes, he had completed his task and his wife’s snatch was clean.

He looked up from his submissive position towards the other men. Both Tony and Ray were already dressed again.

“I’ve taken the tapes and the wire, Christopher.” Said Tony with sad eyes as he looked down at the pathetic figure in front of him. “Leave town tonight. Both of you. If I ever lay eyes on either of you again, you know what will have to happen.”

Christopher suddenly realised how lucky he had been. Not only was his body still intact, but he had experienced a new sexual pleasure that would stay with him for the rest of his life – which now looked like it would be longer than he had expected. As he watched his ex-colleagues leave the house, he unzipped his pants and pulled his aching dick out.

Just enough time to show his slut wife that he could still fuck her, he thought!

– The End –