A black neighbor in the window

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A black neighbor in the windowWhen living in Savannah, my loving husband used to travel around for business; sometimes leaving me alone at home for several days.Next to us lived a tall older black man, still a handsome guy, well built. It was a surprise he did not have a girl every night, Asian, black or white… One night I was putting on a pair of panties and I had left my curtains open. Then I caught a glimpse of my black neighbor looking at me. I dropped down and closed the curtains; but he had seen far enough…Next afternoon I was coming back home from gym, when I saw the black old man sitting outside his house at the veranda. He stared at me and he called me waving a can of beer.I was a little curious about that man; then I approached him.He invited me inside, telling me he had something to give me as a gift.I did not know why I did it, but I followed him inside his house.He led me to his bedroom and opened a wardrobe. Then he picked up a nice soft of black silk panties and he gave it to me. I saw lust in his eyes…“Just wear this and come back tomorrow night over here, bitch…” He said.Suddenly his rude hand went to my crotch and he could feel my wetness through my yoga pants fabric. He smiled and then I run outside with fear, but I brought the black panties with me.I locked my door behind and looked at that soft piece of cloth in my hands.That black bastard had aroused me too much. I could feel my pussy lips starting to get wet again as I looked at these silky panties. I started to fantasize with his huge black cock between my spread thighs, playing with my wet and horny cunt.I sat on my bed and took off my soaked yoga pants. Then I closed my eyes and started to rub my pussy. Just few minutes later, I came aloud in an intense orgasm and when I opened my eyes, I found my neighbor smiling at his window. He had watched all the show…Then I felt embarrassed and closed the curtains. I got a warm bath in the tub and started to take care of myself again; until I reached another intense orgasm. My loving Victor would be away for another couple days yet and I was feeling really very horny…Later I laid yalova escort back in my bed thinking about my neighbor’s black hands all over my body. It made me feel hornier than ever…The next day I spent the time at my office, thinking about my black neighbor and what he could give me if I would dare to knock at his door.When I got home, I called Victor and told him I would be staying at a girlfriend house for the night. After dinner I dressed like a horny street hooker including the black panties and then walked over to his back door. I knocked and waited, feeling a little cold in my slutty outfit…The door opened and there was my huge black neighbor. He smiled saying:“I knew you would come to me, little white married slut…”He made me come in and whistled as he stared at my short red dress and my high stiletto heels. He touched my buttocks through my dress…As I walked in he handed me a bag filled with clothes. He ordered me to go to the bathroom and change my short dress.I took my slutty outfit off and found a nice pair of black leggings in the bag. A black t-shirt well-adjusted to my body completed my new outfit.I put on those clothes and walked out into the living room. I felt his stare and it felt like he was undressing me with his eyes. I walked over slowly to him and as I got closer he reached out and wrapped his hands around my waist. He turned me around and sat me down on his lap. He whispered in my ear:”Just relax, little slut; we are going to watch a movie” He turned the TV on. I felt the shape of his soft cock pressing against my leggings covered butt. He put on some interracial porn. The movie started with a blonde girl wearing black leggings and a black t-shirt. She was on her knees, sucking a huge black dick. As we continued watching the action, I felt my neighbor’s cock getting hard and press into my buttocks. He whispered again in my ear “Do you want to try what she is doing…?.” I nodded a soft yes and I felt his hands around my hips pushing me up. Then I turned around and kneeled down in front of him. I looked up at him into his eyes full of lust and yozgat escort unzipped his pants. He pushed his pants down and I saw the shape of his cock through his underwear. He was really huge…I grabbed his boxers and pulled them down revealing his hard black cock. It felt heavy in my hand and felt soft and even it smelled nice. Then I did what the girl in the porno did and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. My tongue touched the tip of his magnificent cock and then I felt my cunt starting to get wet in my black leggings…I felt his hand touch the top of my head and slowly push me down on his rock hard dick. I looked down to see that huge shaft slowly enter my mouth.His cock was too big to fit in my mouth, but he still kept pushing down until I could not breathe anymore. I felt his dick go even deeper. He looked down at me gagging on his tasteful cock and asked: “Do you like my black cock?” I could not answer, but I looked up and with his cock in my mouth I nodded. He smiled and pushed me down all the way. Then he let go of me and I quickly came up to breathe. He grabbed my head and pushed me back down and this time his cock quickly entered my throat. Once he had his cock balls deep in my mouth I couldn’t breathe again. He held me down this time as I gagged on his dick. He pulled me back up and pushed me down again allowing me to get a quick breathe. He repeatedly kept doing it until I heard him saying: “I’m cumming…” Then he withdrew his black dick almost out leaving just the tip in my mouth. He said very softly. “Be a good slut and swallow your Master’s seed…”Suddenly I felt him squirting in my mouth. It had a salty and musky tasty, it was very thick and he leaned my head back shooting more into my mouth. I felt my mouth filling up and some of it was spilled over down my chin. After the last shot he wiped his cum on my black t-shirt. Then I felt a little bit fuzzy and I came in my leggings, having and intense but silent orgasm… The black man did not notice it…He turned the TV off and ordered me to wait for him in the bedroom.My neighbor shortly came in after escort bayan me and made me lay down on my side. Then I felt him getting the bed behind me and his warm body was on my back. I could feel his soft cock pressed against my buttocks as he whispered in my ear:“I will fuck you like you never have been fucked before, little bitch…”He rubbed his black cock against my buttocks, getting it hard as a rock. The he pulled down my leggings. He pushed my panties aside and I felt something rock hard, warm, and wet pressing against my butthole. I got scared, thinking his thick penis would hurt me so much and then I tried to resist that anal invasion. But he held me in position and told me to relax.Then I felt his cock penetrating my tight asshole as he pushed the tip in. It stretched my butt open and hurt. I though he was going to split me in two.He pushed more and more very slowly. I could feel his breathe in my neck as he invaded my anus. Now he was really hurting me; he was very thick…I had to bite my lips to keep quiet. Some tears run down my cheeks.But he continued splitting my anus with his huge black dick. He whispered: “I got half way in… get ready for more, bitch”. I nodded with discomfort and then he pushed in more of his cock.He moved in closer to me and whispered: “Get ready for the real fun”. Then he slowly pulled his cock out a little and I felt a rush of pleasure through my body. My slit got again wet in my panties.He thrust his cock back in and I felt another shock of pleasure go through my body. He pulled again out, then thrust it back in. I loved having his cock leave and enter my butt, he started to get rougher and I loved it…The black man picked my butt up and got behind me. Then I was on all fours with my ass in the air and his cock entering me in a wild way.He shouted me asking if I loved to be fucked like a real bitch and I nodded yes. Then he started to sodomize me even harder.All of a sudden he stopped and I felt his cock pulsing in my butt. He smiled and then he came deep inside my stretched anus. Then he pulled out his cock and he covered my butt with the black leggings.I spent the night with him. Before the sun would come up, my black neighbor fucked me twice. He used my cunt; my ass was very sore.I left his house about in the morning, after promising him that next time Victor would fuck me, I would let my curtains full open for him…