A Cold Day’s Night

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A Cold Day’s NightA Cold Days Night ;)As I have moved through my life, like most of us, I had many events shape my life. Some were good, some were bad and whether these events actually taught me something or not, or whether they were just entertaining is irrelevant. They happened and are forever a part of the man I am today and the man I may become. What I am about to share is one such story. It took place when I was but 18 years of age and had a very bright future ahead of me. This story had its ups, its downs, and has forever remained etched upon my memory since that night, thanks to the actions of two women. It was a rather hectic time in my life and I had been staying with my sister-in-law. She lived close to my high school and the group home my girlfriend, Ginger lived in. That fateful evening found me sitting around bored out of my mind for want of something, anything to do. It was already after midnight, when I probably should have been in bed, but like most young men that age, my mind was much more into having fun than getting a proper sleep at night. Suddenly, like a lightning bolt, it came to me that my girlfriend was only 6 short blocks away up the street. That decided it for me, and I put on my coat, boots, and headed out the door.I left that night with it being a crisp, cold late fall evening, as my steps carried me farther away from my sister-in-law’s house. My walk was brisk, with my breath floating away on cloudy vapors as I reached the corner and made my way toward Ginger’s. It was that time of year, before the snow blankets everything, yet trees had shed their leaves, and all signs of summer life had also gone. The street lights and stars burned bright as I made my way closer to my girlfriend and whatever fun I could stir up. Finally, I crossed 42nd street at the corner of University, with Ginger’s place a little over a block further and my imagination already starting to stir.After reaching the group home, I had to somehow make sure to only wake Ginger and not the rest of the sleeping girls. She did not share a room like most of the other girls, thankfully, so my risk was not that great. I found her window and looked around me and found some of those small landscaping pebbles. I started to toss the pebbles at her window, one by one, over and over. She must have been a deep sleeper since I went through two hands full of pebbles before I saw her head appear in the window.Ginger slid her window open and poked her head out into the crisp night air. We had started to chat quietly. She was amazed to see me and asked me if I knew what time it was. Glancing at my watch, I responded that it was close to 1 a.m. with a sly smile on my face. Ginger smiled back at me, blew me a kiss, and told me I was crazy at the same time. As most young couples do, we professed our feelings for each other. We spoke a little while longer about what we had done that day in school. Soon, she signaled for me to wait a moment, ducked her head back in the window and shut it. I waited patiently, the cold just barely started to get to me with a cold nose and fingers. Within moments she had come downstairs and outside with me, wearing tight little sweatpants and a sweatshirt.Ginger came right up to me on the front porch of the group home and we put our arms around each other and kissed, long and slow. Her face was warm, and the sleep was still in her eyes as we made our way to the bench seat at the end of the porch. I sat and she sat on top, while straddling me as we continued our chat. We looked deeply into each others eyes and said all the wonderful things we felt for each other. We only stopped to kiss once in a while, otherwise you would never have thought a young couple could have felt more than we did for each other.It was not long before our romantic talk, nor the kisses, could keep the chill from Ginger. Instantly, I removed my coat and d****d it around canlı bahis her. She smiled again with her eyes somewhat moist from the chill and the gesture. She embraced me, and told me how sweet it was for me to give her my coat. I just responded to her that I was warm enough for the both of us. We spoke of things we would love to do with each other in the future. We wanted to do them all tomorrow even though neither of us would end up dealing with such things for years to come.Our kissing started to interrupt our talking more and more. Longer kisses, where we were no longer even speaking. Arms around each other, we started to warm each other through passion. Our tongues gently touching as I felt Ginger’s hands on the back of my neck, the touch of her fingers giving me a little thrill as she pulled me closer to her. We paused now and then, not to speak, but to gaze deeply at each other. She drew me to her yet again. Her open and inviting lips, warm and eager tongue, met mine for us to kiss again and again.We tried to pause, to calm down, and to catch our breath. All to no avail. We enjoyed each other too much as we failed to start up conversation after conversation. Our minds were both firmly on one thing at that point. No matter how hard we tried, every touch, every look, and every smile led us back to our passion for each other. Slowly we touched each other again, our breath came out faster and it was not long before I was drawn into kissing Ginger yet again. That time, neither of us stopped, nor did we want to.Ginger and I continued on, teasing and kissing each other. Every kiss, touch, and caress just setting us ablaze. It was not long before I could feel the heat from Ginger’s young and oh so intoxicating slice of womanhood pressed against my long, thick and pulsing cock as she straddled me. We kissed deeply, tongues entwined as she started to move her hips back and forth upon my lap, further agitating my already engorged shaft. We lost ourselves in heat and passion as waves of sexuality washed over us both. She pulled her head back, moaning in pleasure, still grinding her hips, and told me she was going to sneak me into her room. Without the slightest hesitation on my part, I agreed and stood up, holding her straddling me, and carried her towards the door. I removed my boots and set them by the door. I figured removing my boots would make it that much easier to sneak around inside to her room, to the pleasure I know that awaited us both.After Ginger closed the door behind us, we made our way quietly towards the staircase. Slowly up the steps, praying to avoid the squeaks that usually accompany wooden steps in older homes. We made it inside her room, she closed the door, both of us smiled, our faces still flushed with passion and the erotic thoughts that had not left either of our imaginations. Instantly she removed my clothes and pushed me onto the bed on my back. My cock still rock hard, standing straight up, hot, I could feel my heart beating in it. Ginger took a second to gaze upon it, the slowly her eyes came up my naked body to meet mine and she just smiled. Clutching my symbol of passion for this nubile girl in her hand, she kneeled forward, and I could feel her soft mouth take the swollen tip in, down the veiny shaft , I desperately tried not to let out the loud moans of utter pleasure that were begging for escape. I grabbed her pillow and held it over my face. It allowed me to breathe, hard and fast indeed, with muffled moans mixed in at the wonderful things her mouth and tongue were doing. The waves of pleasure washed over me in gigantic crashes with her every stroke that took me back into her mouth and every swirl of her tongue around the tip. I knew not how much time had passed when Ginger started too slowly, planting kisses all the way, back up my body.Eventually, Ginger’s mouth had once again locked with mine in a passionate bahis siteleri kiss. She had removed her sweatpants and panties while she had been pleasuring me. I felt then, as we had kissed, the flaming heat and wetness of her flower as it pressed against my stiffened and aching rod, the firmness of those perfect breasts pressed against my chest. As we kissed again, my hands found, grasped her firm breasts with nipples so perfect and erect. She again started to slide her hips back and forth while our tongues danced in a passionate kiss, exciting each other more and more. Her firm breasts were in my hands as I took my fingers and gently pinched her nipples. Our ever building passion started to run away with us.Like a ravenous a****l I could take no more. I flipped Ginger over on her back and told her it was now her turn. I moved my mouth down to her neck, kissed, nibbled it, and let my hot breath play off her neck as I did, the pleasurable shudders that went through her told me they did their work upon this gorgeous creature. Lower and lower I traveled down her ravishing body, reaching her firm breasts. Nipples already erect, I took one into my mouth, hands still massaging both, and let my teeth gently nibble it as my tongue rolled over it. Her breath came quicker now, subtle little moans escaping her lips. I move to the other nipple, and worshiped it in the same fashion. Moving ever lower I kept nibbling and kissing as I went, that young abdomen reacting to my mouth as I kissed and nibbled, a deep inhale of breath she takes. Lower and lower I crept, worshiping every inch of her soft skin, slowly, I could feel the heat from her womanhood as I came ever closer. I had reached the apex of that glorious journey down Ginger’s goddess like curves. I took a second to drink it in with my eyes, my mouth watering, my tongue, eager as I gazed upon this young girls symbol of both her place as a young woman, and the passion we had wrought in one another. I peeked up, and saw she was taking shy glances down upon me, and as my head started to descend for my tongue to worship her, she gave a slow whimper of the pleasure that was about to overtake her. Slowly, I parted the petals of her flower with my tongue. Her reaction was instant with an arched back, hips thrust slightly up, and she grabbed the pillow tightly over her mouth to now stifle her moans of ecstasy. Working her like an artist with a paintbrush, going from inside her, back out, just to run over and make little circles on that sweet pink nub of her clit, swollen, wanting. Her enjoyment evident with each flick, each penetration of my tongue. Her young taste was of the heavens themselves, never to be forgotten as even now as I write this it comes to memory sending a wave of heat through me making my cheeks flush slightly. Her thighs began to shake and tremble as I continued to pray at her alter. I looked up, and smiled slightly at Ginger’s use of the pillow. Her hand made its way to the back of my head as she gently rubbed it and guided it around, moving my tongue just where she wanted it, where she needed it.Finally Ginger grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back up toward hers, quickly, forcefully. We kissed again, and I could see she had just now for the first time, tasted herself, it drove her further into passion as she arched her hips. This brought her quivering flower up to meet my swollen manhood. I started to work it in, slowly, inch by inch, and made little circles as I went. We pressed our mouths together and kissed, with the hope that this would also help us swallow our moans of passion. I started to work it in and out, filling her with each stroke, her sweet pink passion eagerly swallowing every bit I fed it, like a thousand pieces of velvet massaging my cock from all sides. Over and over, I thrusted ever deeper inside her. Again the waves of pleasure had bathed me with each bahis şirketleri penetration. I felt her legs wrapped around me, our tongues locked in a dance, as I started to build up a rhythm. Faster and faster I went and let the pleasure build inside me. Her legs still firmly wrapped around me and pulling me deeper inside with each stroke. The volcano inside us both built up until we could take no more. I erupted with my explosion, hot, pulsing, like a cannon, no, a volcano that had no end to passionate magma to shoot forth and Ginger let out a loud moan of feminine pleasure. I rolled off her and laid beside her, totally spent, and locked eyes with Ginger and smiled. Our rejoicing in our shared orgasmic, sexual pleasure was not to last long as with a loud “BANG!!” and violent burst, her bedroom door was instantly thrown open and streams of light from the hallway flooded into the room. I only got a brief glimpse as Ginger had quickly thrown the covers completely over my naked body. The group home administrator walked in. She asked Ginger what the noise was. Ginger, bless her heart, tried as best she could. Ginger tried hard to act like she had just woken up, but with the passion we had just shared, was more than likely an impossible feet. Apparently it was not a task Ginger was able to pull off as the group home administrator then told her to get out of bed. I stayed as still as I could and did not dare breathe. Time literally seemed to stand still as I watched the administrator’s flashlight’s beam glowing through the blanket slowly make its way up my body towards my face. Suddenly, off went the covers with the administrator shining the flashlight now on my naked body, looking down upon me. She stood there for what seemed like an eternity, taking in my still sweaty chest, my manhood still rather swollen from the recent work out. It seemed she was devouring my entire naked body with those eyes, she then smiled slightly giving me a wink as she gently bit her lower lip. I was still frozen, so, she helped, and very loudly, ordered me to get dressed and get out of the group home, before she changed her mind and phoned the police. Instantly, I jumped up, forgetting the open door and brightly lit hallway, and dozen or so other girls that Ginger and I both went to school with and knew quite well, who were now wide awake standing out there, staring at me naked, with my clothes under one arm. As quick as I could I put on my boxers as I moved down the stairs, raced out the front door, and just then, remembered to take a breath.Starting down the steps of the front porch, I heard the administrator ask Ginger, “What’s wrong Ginger? Did you need a teddy bear to keep you warm tonight?” I heard the other girls giggle at this as I moved and kept getting dressed as best as I could. I had finished dressing on the front porch with the front door still open and was about to leave when the administrator caught up to me. She stopped me, that same smile upon her face as she had upstairs reappeared, and she proceeded to enlighten me as to how we got caught. Apparently, the administrator had only heard Ginger’s last big moan. She did not hear anything else coming from the room, and had decided to take a quick look downstairs. She had looked around, then checked out the front door, and saw my boots sitting there. It was pretty obvious to her at that point what the noise was that came from Ginger’s room and what it was caused by. She smiled, yet again, and told me I should have counted myself lucky as she could have easily called the police. I could barely stammer out a very grateful “Thank You”. The administrator went on to say that next time, I should just take my boots in with me. I heard the door close behind me and I glanced at my watch. It read 4:43 a.m. still enough time for me to get home and grab a couple hours of sleep before school.Is there a moral to this story? I have never found one, maybe you can, I also never bothered though, I was a k**, so was she, we had a major amount of fun, and I left it at that.                         brought to you by a humble servant and eager slave….