A Daughter’s Discovery Ch. 02

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I wake to the sensation of soft fingers caressing my inner thigh and let out a soft sigh from the wonderful sensation I’m feeling. My green eyes open and mom’s face is smiling down at me, which causes my own lips to respond in kind. There’s a part of me that wants to scream out for her to get away from me, but there’s a greater force at work and I let out another soft sigh as I lick my lips.

Her voice is soft and seductive as she says, “I know you were in my bedroom, Lisa.”

I get a little defensive as I say, “Mom, I …”

She looks into my eyes as her words cut me off. “It’s OK, Lisa. We’ll talk later. Does this feel good?”

I let out a sigh as I say, “Yes, mom.”

Her fingers brush my pussy as her hands caress my trimmed bush. My body is feeling a pleasure I greatly enjoy and know she has experience with this. Mom’s touch is too perfect for their to be any other explanation. A part of me wonders how she got so good, but another part just wants the pleasure to continue.

Her voice sounds so loving as she says, “I’m glad my daughter’s enjoying this.”

I feel her soft fingers pull away as I realize she has a black robe covering everything. Mom’s body pulls back in a seductive manner and she slowly lowers her head between my legs. Her red hair and green eyes look perfectly in place. There’s no stopping the soft moan as her breath reaches my hard clit.

My hands reach down to caress her red hair as my legs spread wider for her. The sensation of her tongue as it reaches my lips is something I have never felt before. A few strands of gray come into view and it adds to the perfection of this moment.

I moan out softly as her tongue tenderly explores my lips and she is so much better than any guy I’ve had go down on me. Mom’s breath can be felt caressing everything exposed to her as she slowly works her tongue towards my aching clit. There is a hunger in her eyes and I wonder if she can see the same in mine.

Mom’s tongue reaches my hard clit and my body is filled with a tingling sensation I’ve never known before. The tenderness is quite new, since guys tend to be much rougher when they reach that spot. That’s if they can find it at all and I can say I love my mom in a whole new way.

The tingling is growing as she continues to use her tongue in such a wonderful way. My moans are increasing as I start to softly call out for her to continue. Mom doesn’t rush the way a guy would and everything within my body starts to fill with a pleasure that is beyond words.

My fingers tighten as I struggle to keep my eyes open, but it’s hopeless and they close against my will. I feel myself explode across her chin as I start to buck and moan out her name several times. Time has frozen as the explosions continue to fill my body and I’m taken to heights I ‘ve never dreamed possible.

I can feel myself recovering from the incredible orgasm that she gave me and open my eyes to see her still between my legs. Her tongue is still working tenderly through the aftermath and my fingers loosen their grip. There are no words to be found to show just how grateful I truly am for this moment.

She pulls herself back and I can see the slickness on her pale flesh. Mom is moving towards my face as her fingers caress my flesh along the way. Her lips are within inches of mine and I know I’m about to taste pussy for the first time. There’s a part of me that wishes it were mom’s that I was smelling right now, but I know that will come in time.

My mouth parts as I close my eyes and feel the softness istanbul escort of her lips press against mine. It’s strangely exhilarating as my hands reach over her robes and pull her towards my body. This is very different from kissing a guy and it’s not just due to my mom being at the other end. This has everything to do with a softness that no guy possesses.

I can taste a sweetness on her tongue as I allow it to enter my mouth without challenge. Some of my release can be felt on my face and my hands move to her covered ass. Why couldn’t she have taken off the damned robe? That would be so much better than to get a glimpse of what she feels like.

My body is lost to the passion of the kiss I’m sharing with mom. New tingling caresses my body and this is not from the aftermath of my powerful orgasm. I press my fingers down hard and squeeze her round cheeks as we both give off muffled sighs.

Mom pulls away long before I want to part and can taste the sweetness she left behind. My fingers are still gripping her cheeks, but the robe makes it impossible to keep her with me. I open my eyes and her hunger is still there.

Her lips part as she smiles and her voice sounds seductive. “Let’s go to my bedroom so we can talk, Lisa.”

I take a deep breath as I say, “Alright, mom. Lead the way.”

She smiles seductively as she moves her green eyes down my body and settles on my trimmed bush for just a moment. Mom turns and my eyes fall to her ass that is far too well hidden for my liking. I force myself out of bed and can feel the cold release that has been left behind.

I follow her as she slowly makes her way to her bedroom and her cheeks bounce wonderfully beneath the black robe. Only a foot beneath reveals her pale flesh and I love the way it looks next to the black. Every step is agony and I have no idea what she’s up to. There’s every reason in the world to expect her to be angry about the invasion of her privacy, but so far hasn’t shown a hint of anything other than love.

Mom’s pale arms move as her hands do something that I cannot see. The ties to her black robe drop and I can no longer see her ass pressing against the fabric. Why can’t she just take it off already? She’s not and I must follow her and hear what she has to say.

She reaches the bed and sits on the edge with something hidden in her face. I can see the result of her work on her face still and love the way it shines in the light. Mom’s red hair is flowing freely and she’s never been one to hide the few gray strands that stand out so perfectly on her head.

My green eyes move down her body to her nipples poking out from the black. Her tits are every bit as large as mine and I smile at the way the hard nipples stand out against her pale flesh, which is also so much like my own nipples. Mom’s tits are mostly covered, but I can see some of the signs of aging that I won’t have to worry about for quite some time. My eyes move down to see a little fat on he stomach, but considering that mom’s fifty years old, it looks good on her.

My green eyes move further down her body and there’s no pubic hair to be found. I get a glimpse of pink pressing through her slightly spread legs and have to remind myself to breath. Despite the damned robe, she look more stunning than I ever thought possible.

Mom’s soft voice calls out, “Eyes up here, Lisa.”

Her legs close and I pull my eyes back up her body. They linger on her hard nipples and I want to know what avcılar escort they feel like in my hand. I want to know how they would feel pressed against my tongue. Despite my desire to keep my eyes right where they are, I bring them up to her face that has a slight smile. I never realized it before, but I smile the exact same way and have those exact same lips.

I watch as a little of my remnant parts with her lips and splashes back to join the rest and her voice sounds every bit as loving as before. “I’m glad you came in here, Lisa.”

I can’t deny it and have to know how she found out. “How did you know, mom?”

She smiles as she says, “You left the door to my bedroom open and left the video up to show right where you left. I’m glad you did it.”

There’s nothing except for love in our shared green eyes as I say, “I though you’d be angry.”

She smile a little wider as she says, “It’s a relief, Lisa, it really is. Ever since you turned eighteen I’ve been trying to find some way to tell you.”

My smile matches her own as I say, “I wish I would have heard it from you.”

She shakes her head a little as her voice sounds tender. “How could I ever tell you I want to be intimate with you? I’ve never discussed incest with you, because I never wanted to see you look at me with anything other than love. I’m your mother and I’m not supposed to have feelings like this for my daughter. Maybe, if you were a lesbian, it would have been possible. I know your not.”

My mouth drops a little, since it’s not something we’ve ever discussed. “How could you possibly know that, mom?”

She looks me right in my eyes and says, “Why do you think Jenna was so insistent?”

It’s a little shocking to know mom has anything to do with that. “You had her do that?”

She grimaces as she says, “Yes, Lisa, I did. Please forgive me. I had to know and couldn’t bring myself to ask directly. Jenna was more than happy to do it. If you were, she was supposed to gage your willingness to be with me.”

I smile and say, “You have nothing to forgive. You were in an impossible situation. You know, mom, I have thought about being with a woman on occasion.”

Her green eyes light up a little as her voice holds a little hope. “Really? Have you ever?”

She can’t quite finish what she’s saying, so I ask to confirm my thoughts, “Been with a woman?” She nods her head as I continue, “Only with you and I’ve never felt anything like it. You were amazing, mom.”

Her face glows a little as she says, “I’m glad I’m the only one. I’m also glad you enjoyed me going down on you.”

My voice is trembling a little as I ask, “How did you?”

I can’t seem to find the words, but mom can. “Get so good?” I nod in eager anticipation as she continues, “Years of practice with Gretta. I’ve always known I’ve been bi and Gretta has been more than accommodating. She’s been one hell of a teacher.”

I don’t know if I want to hear the answer, but I can’t stop myself from asking, “Have you ever been with Jenna?”

She shakes her head and relief fills my body as she says, “The only woman I’ve ever been with is Gretta. I like to watch them and love to record what they do. I never thought I’d enjoy seeing Gretta with anyone else, but I was very wrong. Hell, I didn’t even know those two were doing anything until last year, but I’m glad I know now. Seeing those two together is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

I smile in our shared excitement as I say, “It is, mom. It definitely is. Why şirinevler escort don’t you take off your robe for me?”

She smiles seductively as she says, “I guess it’s only fair. I know this is all new to you, Lisa. What do you want me to do after I disrobe for you?”

My breath is a little ragged and there is no denying what I want. “You’re ass, mom. I’m dying to see your ass.”

Mom smiles with all the love that she has for me as she says, “I thought so, Lisa. That’s what I’d want to see if I were you. You are definitely my daughter. Take a couple of steps back for me.”

I step back as she stands and my eyes move down the black of her rob to where her cheeks are hidden from my view. The robe slowly drops as the black reveals the white flesh beneath and she slows just before her cheeks come into view. Mom can be so damned frustrating. Just drop it already!

It continues to lower slowly down and I can see the top of her cheeks. Mom’s crack is just barely visible. The black lowers a little more and I grin at the sight before me. She drops the robe the rest of the way and it falls to the floor. There’s nothing to cover her body at all and I like it this way.

Mom’s cheeks are rounder than mine and I can see the same lines that adorned what was visible of her tits, but I like the way they look. Her crack is hiding so many wonders and I hope she bends over for me to reveal the flesh beneath. I can’t believe I’m actually looking at mom’s ass right now. How the hell did this happen? Of course I don’t need to answer that, since I know I brought it on myself and I’m happy that I did.

Mom is crawling seductively into bed and her cheeks part just a little. Had I not just had the greatest orgasm of my life, my fingers would be moving to my clit right now. Her movement is perfectly seductive as he cheeks bounce a little with the movement of her body.

She has almost reached the other side of her bed and her legs spread to give me a wonderful view of pink. Her pussy is peaking through just a little and it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m glad her ass isn’t exactly like mine, since there should be some differences between us.

I’m drooling a little as she lowers her tits down and two holes become visible to me. I never thought I’d enjoy the look of an asshole, but I can’t deny my eyes are drawn to the darkness of her ridges. Mom’s hole looks wonderfully tight as it hovers against the pink hole that’s dripping just a little.

Mom lets out a soft laugh as she says, “Don’t be shy, Lisa.”

My breaths are heavy as I get onto the bed behind her. I wish I could see her face right now, but this view is far too good to have her move. Mom’s feet are between knees and I can smell so many wonderful things coming from her. I’m not familiar enough with her scents to know the source of everything, but that’s just a matter of time.

My narrow fingers are trembling as I reach out for mom’s cheeks. There’s a tingle going through me as I make contact with her flesh and smile as she let’s out a soft sigh. Mom’s ass feels amazing and I slowly caress the roundness less than a foot from my face.

Mom let’s out another soft sigh as my hands press down and start to explore the wonder before me. I can feel every stretch mark tease my fingers as I slowly work my way across the entirety of her cheeks before me. I’ve yet to feel the crack of her ass, since I want to take my time.

There’s a certain scent that’s getting a little stronger and she has pulled away from me. Her asshole is being lost to my view and she’s turning over onto her back. Mom’s legs spread before me and I’m staring at her pink hole and love the way it’s slowly dripping out.

Her voice calls my eyes up and I can see her loving face. “There’s plenty of time for exploring my ass. Right now, I want my daughter to eat my pussy. Your mom wants you to eat her out right now.”