A Day in the Life

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At precisely 6 AM my eyes snapped open, fueled by my inner psychic alarm clock to wake at the time that I had been instructed. After blinking rapidly several times to drive away any last vestiges of sleep I quickly rolled off the thin mattress on the floor of the small bare bones room in which I slept and stood up before that first minute had passed. It would not do to disobey, even in such a small unobserved way, at the very beginning of my day.

It was still dark in the room at that hour and I groped to find and turn on the light switch on the wall. The ceiling bulb above flared to life throwing off a harsh sudden glare. I made my way out and down the hall to the downstairs bathroom. After taking care of my morning necessities I got into the shower where I quickly washed and thoroughly scrubbed and was out after just a few minutes. Rapidly drying off I then took care of my shaving and teeth needs, and I was soon ready for my early morning duties.

Except for the device which encased my privates I was naked, and would remain so most of the time. For my first order of business however I went to the hallway closet where I was allowed to put on an old tattered robe and some worn slippers, and proceeded down the long quarter mile tree lined driveway to its end, to retrieve and bring back the delivered morning paper. Once back up and inside I shed the robe and slippers and scurried down to the kitchen to begin preparations for my Owner’s breakfast.

It being a Saturday, my Wife liked to sleep in a bit later than usual so I was able to take my time to carefully get things ready. I set the table for her, plate, coffee mug, napkin and silverware, and placed the unopened newspaper down next to it all. I freshly ground the beans for the several cups of coffee she likes to drink in the morning and got it ready to brew in the coffee maker. Going to the refrigerator I took out and sliced some fresh strawberries and mixed them in with some blueberries and raspberries and some melon and pineapple which I also freshly cut up, to make a fruit cocktail for her. I took out and broke open two eggs and whisked them in with some milk and cinnamon, then slicing two thick slabs of cholla bread to soak in it for her favorite french toast. Finally I placed four pieces of bacon between paper towels and put them in the microwave to be ready to cook just before she came down. As I was finishing this it was fast approaching 8 o’clock, the time I had been instructed to wake her.

After one final glance around to assure myself that everything was in place to be quickly ready for her when she arrived, I hurried up the stairs to her closed bedroom door, getting there just before the directed time. I took a deep breath to calm myself and then quietly opened the door and entered. There was enough light now coming through her curtained windows to see, and I knew not to turn on any lights until she was fully awake. I softly approached her bedside, and as the digital clock on her side table flashed 8:00 I gently placed my hand on her shoulder.

“It’s 8 o’clock Ma’am.”

She barely stirred.

After a moment I applied slightly more pressure. “Ma’am, it’s 8 o’clock.” I repeated. “When you wanted me to wake you.”

A bit more movement, but without opening her eyes she answered. “Fifteen more minutes.”

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied.

I removed my hand and backed away into the corner so I wouldn’t be hovering over her. I stood there silently and still, watching the clock intently although I couldn’t help casting occasional long, longing looks at her lovely form lying on her side under the covers. When the clock finally registered 8:15 I returned and put my hand once again on her shoulder.

“Eight fifteen, Ma’am.”

This time she blinked her eyes open sleepily and shifted onto her back as I took off my hand. After another minute she pushed her covers off, raised her arms above her head and stretched languidly, and my heart thumped and I felt an encumbered stirring in my groin as I drank in with my eyes the heavenly sight before me.

Yawning contentedly she sat up on the side of the bed without any acknowledgment. I went down to my knees before her and took her bedside slippers and carefully placed them on her feet. She stood and I helped her into her white satin morning robe. She then began walking toward her bedroom en-suite.

“I’ll bathe later after I work out.” she said over her shoulder as she went. “I’ll be down in ten minutes.” she concluded as she closed the en-suite door behind her.

Given that time frame I hustled down the stairs and back into the kitchen. I could only pray that I would indeed have the full ten minutes to get everything ready. I started by turning on the coffee to brew. From the refrigerator I filled her bowl with the fresh fruit salad and took out two oranges to squeeze for a glass of fresh orange juice, then placing them at her setting at the table. Finally I brought the soaked bread to the skillet to begin to cook her french toast, and turned on the microwave to sizzle her bacon.

Twenty minutes later she came down the stairs and glided into the room like the royalty bahis siteleri that she is. As she approached the dining table I hurried over to pull out her chair. After she sat I picked up the pot and poured her first cup of coffee, adding the precise amount of cream that I knew she liked. When she had finished with her fruit I brought over to her the two pieces of french toast with a carafe of her favorite maple syrup, and the newly cooked bacon on the side. I then retreated to the background to watch intently for any of her further needs.

She leisurely alternated fork fulls of her french toast, bites of her bacon and sips of her coffee, scanning the newspaper as she did so. About fifteen minutes into her meal, without looking back she held out her mug and I rushed forth to refill it with her second cup of coffee, topping it off once again with the right amount of cream. She continued to slowly dine and read the paper, occasionally chuckling and once even offering an outright laugh as she did so. After forty five minutes and finishing the third cup of coffee I had poured for her, she stood up.

“I’m going into the den to go through my emails.” she announced as she turned to go. “After you clean up in here you can go to start your other chores.”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you Ma’am.” I responded.

After her departure I went to the table, refolded the paper and cleared the setting. There was about a third of a piece of french toast, a few chunks of fruit, and a half a cup of coffee left which I was allowed to consume for my breakfast. Finishing those quickly I then washed the dishes, pans, silverware and glasses, dried them and put them all away. After wiping down the table, counter tops and stove and cleaning the coffee maker, I went back upstairs to make the bed and lay out the shorts, sports bra, tank top, socks and running shoes she would change into to exercise. That accomplished, I ventured into the en-suite to clean and polish everything within before proceeding on to my next order of business in the corner… the hamper full of laundry.

Lifting out the full bag I carried it down to the laundry room in the basement. There I separated the whites from the colors from the delicate intimates, the latter of which I hand washed while the other two loads were machine washing and drying. Just as I was finishing the ironing and folding of the last article of cleaned clothing I felt a jolt around my testicles.

My chastity cage is equipped with a remote controlled electronic stimulator with a range that covers the entirety of the house and most of the property. It has three levels, the first which I had just felt is a mild buzz that signals an immediate summons. The second level, much more uncomfortable, indicates annoyance and a need for greater urgency. The third, which mercifully I’ve experienced only once, is more prolonged and most unpleasant, having buckled my knees and doubled me over that one time. It is meant to express extreme displeasure and serve as a first step corrective and ever available prod one to dance to the proper tune. I can readily attest to its effectiveness in this regard.

Having received this initial electronic call I rushed up and out of the basement into the first floor den. She was not there. Maybe she was upstairs dressing, I reasoned, and needed me to get something for her. I bounded up the stairs to the second floor and entered the bedroom. It too was empty. I was beginning to panic.

I then was treated to a second, far more stinging bolt to my bound balls. I cast my eyes around the room wildly before finally noting that the clothes I had laid out for her on the bed were gone. Hoping that this was the clue I so desperately needed I burst down the ball to the exercise room and thankfully found her there standing at the edge of the treadmill, the remote poised in her hand.

“It’s about time you got here.” she said. “What took you so long?”

“I’m so sorry Ma’am.” I panted, eying the remote nervously. “I didn’t know where you were.”

“I told you that I was going to work out.” she snapped. “You’re going to have to learn to get your act together.”

“Yes Ma’am. Please forgive me Ma’am.” I practically whimpered.

She sighed in exasperation, and then to my everlasting gratitude she put down the remote and stepped onto the treadmill.

“I’m going to run for fifty minutes.” she declared. “When there’s ten minutes left, go and start filling my bath.”

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied as she set the treadmill controls for time and speed and put her earphones in from her iPod to listen to her music. She then stepped on the rolling track to begin her run. I retreated into a back corner to silently watch and wait.

I stood there transfixed as I gazed at her lithe form flow so effortlessly upon the machine. She has always been very athletic and fit, and works diligently to remain so. Her long dark gorgeous auburn hair was pulled back by a band into a ponytail that bobbed up and down delightfully with each of her strides. But I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander down her back, past her pumping arms, down to her perfectly proportioned derriere as canlı bahis siteleri each cheek alternated so seductively to and fro. I fantasized having my face buried between them, as she sometimes allows me for her pleasure. Once again though such thoughts only served to produce for me a very irritating tightening within my cage, and I strove to pull my gaze away from her and fix it upon the digital timer that would eventually mark for me the moment of my charge. This proved very difficult to maintain however, given the enchanting visual temptation that was ever within my view and the duration of time that I still had to endure. Finally though, the timer wound down to 10:00, releasing me from my throes as I staggered out of the room to attend to her ordered bath.

Entering the bedroom en-suite I began to draw her bath in the large whirlpool tub. I turned on hot water only, praying that by the time she arrived and submerged herself within it would have cooled enough to the temperature she required. I added in a liberal amount of her favorite scented bath oil, and when the water was several inches from the rim I shut it off and turned on the jets to be ready for her.

As I returned to the bedroom she was already there, sitting on the edge of the bed, having finished her run. She lifted one of her legs straight out and I fell to my knees before her and quickly untied and removed her running shoe and the sock beneath. She put that foot down and raised her other and I took that shoe and sock off as well. She kept that foot up.

“Rub” she commanded succinctly.

Her always soft foot was moist and warm from her recent exertions as I took it into my hands. With my thumbs I began to slowly and deeply knead, first her toes, then her sole and arch, before massaging around her heel and finally up her calf. Once she was satisfied she put that leg down and offered up her other for the same service. After more than a few minutes of this she abruptly pulled her foot away, stood up and walked into the en-suite as I dutifully followed behind.

Inside she casually unbanded her hair and took off her top, bra, shorts and panties, carelessly tossing them to me to deposit in the now empty hamper. After testing the water with her hand she stepped into the tub and settled in. By her contented breath I could tell that the temperature was to her satisfaction and I silently breathed my own sigh of relief. I retreated into the background, unobtrusive and unregarded, as with her eyes closed she leaned her head back and let the surging water cascade around her, soothing away her aches and cares.

After an extended and uncounted time relaxing as such she suddenly slipped her head below the water, holding it there for a number of long seconds before resurfacing. Water streaming down from her hair she casually raised one of her legs 45 degrees upward out of the bath, and without looking in my direction simply said “Bathe me.”

I quickly collected her loofa and body wash and knelt at the side of the tub. Pouring a generous amount of the latter on the former I gently began to scrub, starting at the bottom of her foot, up and around the top and her ankle, continuing with her calf and shin, back and front of her knee and around her entire thigh, going into the water with my arm to finish there. She let that leg down, and after I applied more body wash she lifted her other leg for me to repeat the process. Reaching the top of that thigh I pushed the loofa between her legs and softly rubbed, and was rewarded with a sigh and a smile and a quick tightening of her legs together before I moved up over her pubis and began to buff her belly.

When finished there I added yet more wash and slowly wound my way around her breasts before traversing under her arms as she lifted first one and then the other. Leaning forward she then allowed me to scrub her neck and back, and as I completed that task she offered forth her next ‘request’.

“Hair” she intoned softly.

I vigorously massaged in first her conditioner, and after rinsing that out thoroughly I proceeded to richly lather in her shampoo. Once that was fully rinsed out as well she shook her head to shake off excess water, spraying much of her immediate surroundings, including me. She then rose up and I quickly sponged off any remaining soap or suds, and as she stepped out of the tub I helped her into her terrycloth robe and handed her a towel which she wrapped around her wet hair, and with another towel, once again dropping to my knees, I patted dry her lower legs and feet. After I placed on her bathroom slippers she strode out into the bedroom as I scrambled up and behind.

Without a word she sat down in front of her mirrored vanity table. She unwrapped the towel from her head and let her wet tresses flow down over her shoulders. As I stood behind her she handed me back the portable hair dryer and a wide toothed comb. I began to blow dry her hair, carefully combing out any snarls as I did so. When that was fully done I was given a soft brush to further enhance the sheen of her luxurious hair.

After a considerable number of long slow strokes I risked a glance into canlı bahis the mirror where I saw her looking back up at me, a hint of a satisfied smile gracing her lips. I quickly averted my gaze back to my task at hand. It was not my place to look even into her reflected eyes. Several more minutes later she finally spoke.

“I think I’d like to sun bathe in the back yard a bit now. Go down and get everything ready for me.”

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied and rapidly made my way down and out to the yard.

The house is situated within a heavily wooded and secluded four acres. The spacious back yard is surrounded by head high hedges with a canopy of large trees beyond them. In the interior there are a number of small, eccentrically placed, carefully tended flower gardens all surrounded by a well manicured lawn which extends out from a huge flagstone patio. When outside there I am allowed to don some old sneakers, but nothing else. The chances of being observed by unwanted eyes is negligible, but naturally I’m always in fear of the possibility. My only recourse for this of course is nervous obedience. To begin the ordered preparations I moved one of the cushioned chaise lounges from the patio out onto the lawn where it would currently be in the sun, but only I judged for another 30 to 40 minutes or so, before the shade crept over it. I knew that she wouldn’t want, and it wouldn’t be healthy for her to be exposed to the bright rays any longer than that.

Some minutes later she emerged through the back French doors wearing a wide brimmed sun hat, sleek sunglasses, and a jaw dropping, shimmering black swimsuit. Walking on her three inch heeled open toed pumps she strolled over to the chaise, and placed an oversized embroidered bag she was carrying on the small table I had set next to the lounger. She reached inside, took out and handed me a bottle of sun screen, then sat down on the side of the chaise, slipped off her pumps and raised her legs up. Filling my hands with a generous amount of lotion I started applying it to one foot and worked my way up her entire leg before doing the same for the other. Finishing there I proceeded to her upper chest, shoulders, neck and back. Once done I capped the bottle and handed it back to her. She put it back, placed the bag on the ground and then lay back on the chaise.

“It appears that the hedges need some trimming” she observed. “Make yourself useful while I relax and soak up some sun.”

“Yes Ma’am.” I answered once again and retreated over to the shed at the far end of the yard where I took out the manual hedge clippers and set about my latest directed chore. Fortunately the hedges were tended regularly and there were only a few errant branches and uneven areas as I made my way around. Within thirty minutes I had completed the entire circuit and just as I was finishing I once more felt the summoning tingle around my testicles. Putting the shears down immediately I rushed over to the chaise, which except for the lower part of her legs was now covered by the leafy shade.

“Ma’am?” I inquired as I arrived

“I would like a glass of wine and my book” she informed me.

“Right away Ma’am.” I responded.

Inside almost instantly I went first to the den. It is important that I am always aware of what book she is currently reading, so it was easy for me to pick it out from among the stack on her desk. Back in the kitchen I filled a goblet with her favorite chilled Riesling, and in less that three minutes from when I had departed I was back at her side carrying both.

I first handed her the glass of wine. She took a sip and then set it on the side table after which I gave her the book. She opened it to her book marked place and began to read. I remained standing, uncertain of whether she might have further requirements of me. Several minutes later she looked up from her book, snapped her fingers and pointed to the end of the chaise. I understood and stepped over to kneel on the grass at her feet, to wait and be ever ready for any other of her needs.

By this time it was only her feet that still shone in the sunlight, although my position remained completely exposed. After my previous exertions I was already covered with a thin sheen of sweat, and as it was a warm day, in the bright light I continued to perspire.

Earlier, when I was bathing her, tending to her hair, and applying her sun block, the necessary strict attention to detail that I had to pay to those activities at least partially countered the discomfort of my own physical excitement as I performed them. Now however, with nothing to occupy my concentration as I stared down at her captivating soft and slender feet, with her perfectly pedicured toes, I achingly endured the exquisite torment as my manhood strained and squashed itself within the hard confines of its plastic prison, suffering my ongoing enchantment. I understood that the primary purpose of being kept so caged was not just to prevent any unpermitted fulfillment of my continual yearnings, but rather to more fully focus and heighten my striving to serve, to meet any and all of her wants, needs and desires to the utmost of my abilities and more. And I knew that being allowed to be of such service is, in itself, my ultimate reward. Still, as I continued to gaze down at that which was such an integral part of my enthrallment, I couldn’t help but hope.