A Difficult Situation

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I want you. I can see that you want me too. The way you move your hand over your lips as you look in my direction is showing me that you do. The bar in which we are in is heaving with life. Mostly beautiful women who are looking to find themselves in a strangers bed tonight, dancing and drinking till they almost collapse. But all my attention is taken by you. You know it. Standing facing outwards at the bar, your lips caress the whisky glass as you take a sip, the cool liquid travels down your body.

I begin to imagine myself as travelling down your body, planting kisses on your neck, your chest, your… I get distracted by your movements. As you turn your hips away from me to place the glass on the bar, I see the curvature of your arse following your movements just a second behind. That black skin tight dress you are wearing creases around the small of your back. Wow. You know I am looking. Staring in awe. Smiling whilst looking over your shoulder, you bend over to pull up your dress to show most of your toned thigh. I must say, that black dress looks beautiful against your Latino skin.

Others clearly agree as the room starts to pay notice to you. A beautiful but knowing smile appears on your face in recognition. But all you want is me. And I’m going to show you why. I lick my lips and I begin to walk towards you through the masses of people. The place isn’t too big, but it’s big enough to cause frustration at how long it is taking to reach you. As I move closer, you and your body turns to face me, showing your whole body in its glory in that dress; the one I will soon be ripping off. I unbutton my white shirt, so you can see my generous cleavage under my grey tank top. You raise your eyebrow as I come more into your view, your eyes looking me up and down. Lingering on my arm muscles which are emphasised by the rolled up sleeves. As my body finally reaches you, I place my hands on your hips and push you into the bar. A surprised look appears but quickly changes to show how turned on you are. I lean in towards your left ear, take the lobe into my mouth and nibble on it lightly. Your body tenses as my lips and tongue lay delicate kisses on your neck. I can faintly hear your breath shortening when I bite just above the collar bone. Pulling away from you, I can see that you have your eyes are still closed and your gripping onto the bar.

I lean beside you and call over the bar woman. Her beautiful red hair falls into her face as she walks over; I watch her body move. It isn’t smooth and sexual but damn it is sexy. If I didn’t have my eye on the lady in the black dress, I would be setting my sights on her. She is much more my type. Leaning over the bar and into the red-head’s ear, I ask for two Tequila shots. My hand resting on her arm as I ask, she pulls away, then winks before walking off to retrieve the alcohol. You turn round, and lean on my shoulder. “The names Eliza” her voice vibrates on my neck, I shiver but I cannot let her see this. I don’t want to know her name. This is temporary; a one night thing. Yeah, she is beautiful but not the kind I want to have next to me every morning. That’s why I am no longer to refer to her as you. Because now, in my mind, she is not you. I don’t know who YOU are. But you are certainly not this woman.

I do not bother giving her mine, instead I smile and hand the tequila to her from canlı bahis the red-head. Salt. Tequila. Lime. Lips. You replace the lime on my lips with yours. The sweet taste of alcohol, vanilla, and woman’s lips. Her kisses are longing, lustful but empty. It’s all about sex. I pull her towards the bathroom as people are beginning to stare. Slamming her against the inside of a cubicle door, I run my hands over her soft and braless boobs. Eliza pulls her skirt up, allowing one of her legs to wrap around my body. With my hand, I move the slip of her panties to one side, placing my finger on her clit. I lightly rub the area above, teasing her whole body. She tenses underneath me, bucking her hips to make me apply more pressure. But this just makes me dominating. I pull her by her hair, bite her neck then pull her towards the toilet. She knowingly, as if through practice, bends over. Her dress now high up her body and I have full view of her rear.

Mmm, A nice wet pussy for me. Kneeling down, I place two fingers inside of her. She moans. I thrust slowly, my rhythm slowly increasing. Her wet pussy throbbing in ecstasy, whilst she moves against my fingers. I can tell she is nearing her orgasm. I place my fingers with my tongue. Going deep inside her, then moving out and down. My whole tongue is flat against her clit, then I swirl upwards towards her hole. Her pussy tenses, her juices start to over flow, and she screams in pleasure. I keep going just to push her more. But she falls over, and in the process, brings me down with her. She curls up on me, shaking in pleasure.

Someone walks into the ladies bathroom, and knocks on our cubicle. Eliza looks at me startled. Standing up clumsily, straightening out her dress, falls into the wall. “Hello?” the female voice echoes from behind the door. I walk out of the cubicle with my after-sex smile on my face, and look at the red-head. Ah yes. The red-head. “Is everything okay?” she asks, knowing full well that it truly is. As Eliza walks out of the cubicle, a flash of emotion appears on the red-heads face. An emotion foreign to me. She begins to walk out of the bathroom, but I grab hold of her arm. I don’t know what it is about this girl, but she intrigues me. I notice from the corner of my eye, Eliza’s confusion. But to be honest, I am confused. What am I doing. All of us stand there confused and without movement until the red-head leans over to me; my hand still on her wrist, “come see me sometime” she purrs. I let go of her wrist as exits the room. My attention is now hers.

Shit it must be late, I have university tomorrow. Fuck, Eliza is still looking at me. I hope she doesn’t want more. I turn round, grab her by the waist and kiss the life out of her. Her breath catches for the minutes we spend with our lips interlocked and our tongues roaming. I pull away. “See you around Eliza” I say before walking out of the bathroom and bar. I do like to remain a mystery.


Bang. I wake up and my head is pounding. Dammit, again I drank too much. I need to stop doing that. It keeps getting me into trouble. Shit. The memories are coming back to me now. Not slowly. All at once. Just like my headache. The memories of the beautiful Latino, and the jealous red-head. Mmm, I’d probably enjoy screwing around more if I didn’t actually care about people and crave romance. But then again, I am very bahis siteleri good at screwing around, sex, and making mistakes. Such as drinking too much. Luckily I don’t have work today, just several lectures.

Introduction to a Criminology and Sociology degree; will only take me three years as I study in England and wipeee… free money from the government… Until I have to pay it back. I rub my eyes as I stretch out on my cold but incredibly comfortable double bed, reaching out to look at my clock. Shit! It’s 8 o’clock in the morning. Don’t worry, I don’t have to be anywhere until 11, I just hate getting up this late. I scramble my way out of bed, my head pain trying to drag me back and surrender to the torture. But, I must endure. I grab some clean panties from my drawer, the slim-fitted jeans that are on the floor, and head downstairs to get some breakfast. I love being topless. I can see why men are so keen on it, there is a certainly feel of dominance and confidence when I am topless. Although, when you are cooking sausages, it can be painful.

After I ate, I go back upstairs, put on a tight fitting black vest and my favourite plaid shirt. Dark blue, and a dark(ish) red. I love to leave it hanging open to show off my assets, and believe me they are worth showing. After all, I do want to make an impression on my first day. Being 20 in an environment with a bunch of 18 year olds will probably make a difference. I have always felt mature for my age but with even younger people? I can’t stand them most of the time. Putting on my leather jacket and black motorcycle helmet, I lower my body onto my motorbike. A YBR125. Its new but looks old and that’s why I love it. I live only 10 minutes ride away from the campus, good for if I meet anyone I may want to take home.

Cramming into the lecture hall, around 80 people take their seats. Mostly women, it is very popular amongst the women; good for me. Looking around, I can see at least 10 people who I would be interested in doing extra-curricular activities with.

Then she walks in to the room. I don’t even know where to begin in describing her. Just past shoulder-length blonde hair. Slim body, but with curves similar to the landscape of a desert. Legs that could belong to Aphrodite. Her smile as she greets the class is mesmerising. I don’t know whether I want to look at her lips as they crease against her cheeks, or her very sexy behind. I notice that I am publicly biting my lip and I think some people have noticed.

“Hello, my name is Georgia and welcome to my Criminology class. I will be your lecturer for the forth coming years.” Her voice, enthusiastic but also endearing. I could listen to her for hours; teaching, talking, or moaning my name. Shit. I need to stop thinking about this. She is beautiful but I understand the consequences of this. Plus, she is so out of my league. She is 17 years older than me. Married from the ring on her finger, and my lecturer. I love risk but this? Is beyond me. I shuffle up my seat, dismissing the thoughts in my head. Actually, she is a fantastic teacher. I am glad I removed the sexual connotations from my brain so I can learn from her. The hour and a half flew by with a seminar for this topic next week. Classical criminology and the enlightenment, I cannot wait. I am serious. But for now, I’m going to get my drink on.


bahis şirketleri Here I am again. The same bar as always. But new and beautiful people. I like this gay bar, it isn’t too slutty and those who just want the male attention don’t come here. Fortunately, I already lived here so I know this place and the people well. With every new university year, means new people to taste and tease. Tonight, I am sitting at the bar. A dark cool ale in my hand and the sound of a Kings of Leon cd resonating through the heavy bass speakers. I am here for me tonight and not for anyone else’s pleasure. I just want to drink. Occasionally I just need to be alone and drink. A history of depression does that to you. Looking around the bar, I see the red-head is on duty again. It’s always good to have a beautiful view when you are drinking. And as usual, she is here to be that for me. Damn, this girl is something else.

Those grey eyes pierce through me and my heart. “Do not get involved with her” I whisper to myself. I know girls like her. Beautiful, intelligent, funny, my type, but I would only fuck it up and hurt her or vice versa. I take a sip of the ale, the thick dark liquid cools my growing nerves as I look at this woman. I don’t do names when I want people. It only complicates matter but I want hers just as much as I want her. I raise my hand to beckon her over to me. She nods in acknowledgement and begins to head my way after serving another customer. The red-head knows that I am checking her out. My face just cannot hide the pleasure I am getting from looking.

“So you came to see me” her voice vibrating against my neck. I could just jump over the bar, and fuck this girl on the floor. “I did. What may I call you?” I can feel her smile on my cheek. “You can call me Hayley”. Damn, that’s a name I would love to here again. “it’s a pleasure to meet you Hayley, the name’s Billie,” I pause, wondering whether it is a good idea to get involved. But her scent, the light touch of her skin, is sending me over the edge into a world that I previously had never dared to go. Jump. You know you want to. Fuck. I do. “when do you clock off tonight?” I ask whilst maintaining my cool. She raises her eyebrow, “so you can fuck me in the toilets and then leave like that other girl? I don’t think so.” Her teeth nibble on my earlobe before she walks away, throwing a seductive glance at me as she serves another customer.

I take a final sip of my beer, remembering I didn’t come here tonight for anyone’s pleasure. But I still can’t help myself from looking. There is no harm in window shopping. I scribble my number on the beer matt with my name, and as I begin to leave, she grabs my harm as she looks at me a little disappointed. “I don’t just want you to be a one night thing, go on a date with me” my raspy voice echoes through her, clearly taking her by surprise. She smiles, clinging onto me from weakness, “I will call you then”. Before leaving, I kiss her cheek and give her a cheeky wink removing myself from her touch.

Fuck she makes me nervous. In one sense I hope she doesn’t call me. I don’t want to become attached and ruin it. I cannot do that to myself. My previous relationships have all ended badly but I guess that is what happens when you have a strange attraction to the mentally unstable. I would love to share with you, my mental diary but these are things that I do not wish to relive. Walking home, I find myself thinking about both Hayley and Georgia, the two new beautiful women in my life. Both of which are going to be a big problem for me, I can already guarantee that.