A Dragon’s Gold

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A Dragon’s GoldThe sounds of gold coin and precious gems cascading down the piles of wealth echoed through the caverns. s**tha’s head rose from her claws, sated slumber broken by the racket. Irritation mounted when the cavern’s entrance remained empty. The precious goods slid down the mountain she nested in as she lifted her scaled body and unfolded her wings. “Show yourself, puny thief or wretched knight. I grow tired of your skulking about.”s**tha’s voice was a booming growl in the quiet. “You won’t like it if I find you first.”Another slide of treasure had her head whipping to her flank. Several moments of silence passed. “I know you’re there, I can hear your breaths.” s**tha prowled forward. The hushed breathing halted on a gasp. A small figure stepped from behind a towering pillar of stone. s**tha blinked, suddenly intrigued. Yes, this figure was smaller than those humans who had dared enter her lair before. Her eyes narrowed and she lowered her great head, hot breath blowing over the human’s frame and making its cloak billow. With a quick, easy movement, the human had its sword drawn and shield up. Eyes as green as emeralds gleamed behind the battered war helmet. Plump pink lips were parted around even breaths. The leather armor the human wore hid most flesh, but did little to conceal the natural curves of a female.Intrigue burned in s**tha’s mind. No male human had ever captured her attentions thus.”You are a woman,” s**tha confirmed, sniffing curiously at the female’s shield. “I assume you think you know what you’re doing with that get-up.”The honed blade whistled through the air inches from s**tha’s nose. The dragon easily snapped the weapon from her grasp, heated mouth melting the forged steel in seconds.”I-I’ve killed dragons before, great one. You would do well to fear me.” The little human’s voice trembled a bit, but she held her ground.”Oh, no doubt.” s**tha chuckled, swiping out her clawed paw.The shield was shattered upon impact. The female withdrew an arrow from the quiver affixed to her thigh. “You think to use arrows against me? I’d like to meet the last dragon you killed that way, little girl.””I am Elisa the…The Strong! I am not a little girl!” Beneath the cheek pieces of the helmet, her face flushed.s**tha raked her gaze over the newly-named Elisa. “No, you most certainly are not a little girl.””Are all dragons as crude as you are?” Elisa sputtered.s**tha’s laugh echoed throughout the caverns. “Most would have simply eaten you on sight, Elisa the Timid.” The dragon circled round Elisa. “I find myself appreciating a possible acquisition.””I-I beg your pardon-No! No closer or I’ll slash your throat!” s**tha flicked her long tongue out, the edge rasping over the bared flesh of Elisa’s jaw. The little warrior lashed out with her dagger, drawing blood. s**tha blinked. “Well, well. This one has some fire.” A different sort of heat flashed through the dragon’s veins. “We’re going to have fun, you and I.””What? No. No, don’t come any closer!” Elisa stumbled up the steep mountain of coins, brandishing her weapon as s**tha stalked closer.With a sudden cry, Elisa toppled over the edge of s**tha’s nest. The dragon bared her teeth in a smile and stretched her limbs as power flowed through her body.Wings retracted into her spine, her snout shrank into a nose and mouth, her scales smoothed into skin, her sharp spines melted into lustrous silver hair. Coins stuck to her naked flesh as she slid down the side of her nest. Elisa’s mouth dropped open at the sight of the dragon’s human form. Surely no other woman or man had ever been this beautiful. Long hair the color of polished silver hung down her back. Eyes like glass glittered in a face as flawless as ice. Her body was a willow, curving gently at her hips and at the small swells of her breasts. Ruby red lips parted, displaying even white teeth.”You like what you see.” The words were not a question, rather a gleeful observation.Elisa swallowed, fingers clenching around the hilt of her dagger. She felt too hot, the armor that protected her felt cumbersome. Something warm and wet pooled between her thighs.The dragon’s eyes shuttered and she smiled. “I can smell your scent. But I want to see you. Touch you.”Coins fell from her body as she approached. The dagger was wrested easily from Elisa’s fingers.Slowly, her helmet was lifted from her head.Dark chestnut curls fell around her face in dampened waves. Plump lips were parted around stammering breaths. Those green eyes were unblinking. Finally, Elisa managed to find her tongue. “One so beautiful as you should have a name.”s**tha smiled as she ran her hands up Elisa’s torso and listened to the woman’s breath catch. “I am s**tha, Destroyer of Men. You may call me s**tha.”With that, s**tha touched her lips to Elisa’s. At the first touch, she murmured her appreciation. They were as soft as satin, her hair like wetted silk. s**tha slipped her tongue between Elisa’s teeth and stroked it against hers.The woman let out a breathy moan and her hands lifted to rest upon s**tha’s hips.”Let’s get all this out of the way, shall we?” s**tha ripped the armor away, the ties snapping beneath her claws like thread. The tunic and trews were next, pooling at their feet in a brown and green pile. The quiver was long gone, the bow snapped. Only when Elisa was bare except for her boots did s**tha halt.The dragon’s eyes burned like ice against bare skin. “Oh, yes. I’ll enjoy this immensely.”Elisa was a feast of curves, her hips and belly were rounded, her breasts overflowed s**tha’s hands as she plucked her nipples. Their lips clashed as their tongues dueled. Teeth knocked together once as s**tha took them to their knees amid the gold, jewels, and silk. s**tha’s tongue traced a fiery path down Elisa’s throat. She playfully grazed her collarbone before licking away the sting. Downward her mouth continued until she hovered over a pearled nipple. “Please,” Elisa whispered, cupping her breasts toward s**tha’s waiting mouth.s**tha rewarded her with a lick of each nipple before she sucked one between her lips. Elisa cried out at the suction. Her thighs fell wide as one of s**tha’s hands slid over her sex.One slender finger gathered moisture and circled her clitoris. Elisa moaned again, following the movements of the roving touch with rolls of her hips. With a final suck on each of her nipples, s**tha rose and knelt beside Elisa’s head.With a single lithe movement, she placed her core before Elisa’s stunned gaze. Elisa felt her thighs widen. Hot hands parted her folds. A mouth and tongue hot as a forge descended, rendering her a creature of pure pleasure in that moment. Elisa parted s**tha’s pretty tuzla escort pink folds and forayed her tongue over the wetness that greeted her. A long finger eased inside her and began to pump in a mind-numbing rhythm. Elisa thrust her tongue inside that tiny pink opening, earning a pleased groan from s**tha as well as a second finger.A foreign sensation built in Elisa’s muscles and boiled in her blood, the waves carried her toward something. Then, s**tha found a spot inside her that sent undiluted pleasure rocketing through her veins. A startled scream burst from her lips as her sex clamped down and milked those sinful fingers hungrily.s**tha’s inner channel clenched around Elisa’s tongue as she ground her sex against her face. With a high-pitched cry, she trembled violently, scales shivering over her porcelain skin before disappearing. She dismounted with another quick move and placed her hips between Elisa’s.She parted her sex with two fingers, displaying a weeping pink core and swollen clitoris. Her teeth buried themselves in her ruby lips as she lead Elisa’s hand down to her own sex.”Spread those pretty lips for me, Elisa. There’s my good girl.”Elisa held her sex open as s**tha lowered hers. Their clitorises rubbed just right, their cores traded sticky kisses. And then, s**tha began to rock her hips. Elisa matched her rhythm quickly, fingers digging into her hips as she held on for dear life.Their sexes ground together. Their moans and gasping breaths echoed off of the gilded nest walls. With a final trembling rock of their hips, s**tha’s head fell back and she cried out as Elisa’s body shuddered through orgasm. s**tha fell over Elisa’s torso. Their breasts meshed as they fought for breath. A faint purr rumbled from s**tha’s throat. “Oh, yes, Elisa. I do believe that you are going to be my favorite acquisition.The scent of masculine human flesh had permeated the caverns of Tharonos’ home for hours now. Tharonos grinned, lips peeling back over his long white teeth as steam escaped from his nostrils on a laugh. This was the longest any of the so-called dragon-hunters had evaded him in his own home.It had been mildly irksome at first, but it had become a game of hide-and-seek that Tharonos knew he would win. He always won. Only the weakest of dragons, the sickly, the elderly, and the hatchlings could be so easily dispatched. And Tharonos was none of those things. He was a dragon in his prime. His scales shone a deep silver and were caked with layers of coins and jewels in some places. His wings were capable of creating a tempest that could lay waste to a whole harbor of sailing vessels in only moments. His claws glittered like all the swords he kept beside his nest. Tharonos sniffed the air and crouched, tail twitching in anticipation as he locked in on the human. The male was hiding behind one of the thick rock pillars that carried the weight of the roof of the cavern chambers. With a coiling of muscles, Tharonos launched himself through the air and swiped his claws around the column.In a blur of leather and armor, the human ducked and rolled, sliding down the piles of treasure.Tharonos bounded after him, great claws kicking up coins, jewels, and other precious possessions. Down, down the human rolled, before he came to a stop at the foot of a large statue of some pagan god.”There are no good hiding places there!” Tharonos called, closing in.The male’s head whipped to the side and he leapt up, ceasing hold of the statue’s headdress. He heaved himself up and drew his sword.The sudden move caught Tharonos off guard. His claws caught on metal and stone, but his momentum carried him slightly farther than he desired.In another quick move, the human had jumped from his perch. His armored body rolled down Tharonos’ neck and back. A hot pain caused Tharonos to snarl in irritation.The human’s sword had snagged in his wing. The thin membrane stained with red. His blood hissed and steamed when it touched upon the cool treasures.A new scent tickled Tharonos’ nose. One he had only smelled seldom…In flying over villages at night and twice on the field of battle. It was musky and made something in him coil.Arousal.The human was just as excited about this game as Tharonos was. Perhaps…Tharonos heard the unmistakable clash of armor colliding with metal and jewels. There was a loud gust of breath and an even louder oath.Tharonos peered over the edge of his nest, bemused. The human male was attempting to scale his way out, knife between his teeth and hands slipping on treasure.With another curse, he slid right back down the bottom. That was when he spotted Tharonos watching the spectacle.The human waved his dagger in the air. “Get down here and fight me!”Tharonos arched a scaled brow. “When I could easily roast you from up here?””Cowardly lizard!”Tharonos laughed and allowed his claws to slip down the interior of his nest. The cloaks and clothing and precious silks of his previous snacks lined the very bottom. With a simple surge of power, Tharonos shifted his body from dragon to human. The human’s eyes widened slightly at the display of power before dropping and widening even more. The excitement of their game had been riding Tharonos all day. He knew he was aroused, felt the pleasurable ache in his groin. “Well, then, brave knight, face me!” Tharonos laughed. “Unless you’re frightened of a simple, unarmed man in naught but his own flesh.””My name is not ‘knight’!” The human drew his shoulders up and raised his chin. ” I am Cassius the Bold. And I’ll be taking a dragon’s head today.”Tharonos grinned. “Well, then, by all means, Cassius the Bold.” He waved his hands. “I’d like to see you take down Tharonos the Silver Dread.”With a loud yell, Cassius charged, dagger flashing. Tharonos easily sidestepped and caught Cassius’ arm. A moment of hard pressure and the weapon clattered to the ground. Cassius launched blows at Tharonos’ unprotected body, even managing to connect with several of them.But with every strike and block, Cassius’ eyes grew brighter and brighter. His lips parted around hectic breaths. When Cassius’ guard dropped, Tharonos closed in for the kill.His lips settled over Cassius’. His hands encircled broad wrists. Cassius groaned into the dragon’s mouth; it was as warm and silken as he imagined fire would feel if one could touch it. He felt himself harden in his trews. His blood seemed to turn to molten lava in his veins. A heady groan left his mouth as his armor was ripped away.Something wet scalded his palm as Cassius brushed his hands over the dragon’s back.Tharonos bit at Cassius’ lower lip. “Your sword cut my wing, Cassius. It made me bleed. You’ll pay for that. I haven’t tuzla escort bayan been made to bleed in decades.”Cassius’ boots were gone and then Tharonos’ claws were slicing through the laces of his trews. The dragon’s hand dipped below the band and ceased hold of his length. The warm skin of Tharonos’ palm had Cassius groaning.”Please, I’ve never-“, Cassius had only lain with women before. But he’d never much desired a man any time previously, either. But he wanted this one, this dragon in wearing the body of a man.Tharonos’ mouth silenced Cassius’ words. Cassius was lithe, his muscles compact and streamlined much like Tharonos’. Dark hair dusted his thighs, groin, and arms. His flat nipples were as hard little pebbles when Tharonos bit at them.Cassius groaned again. Down, down, Tharonos traced his mouth and hands. The salty bite of sweat added to the unique taste of Cassius’ skin. With one quick move, Tharonos’ mouth was on Cassius’ length.The man’s harsh shout of pleasure echoed through the cavern. His hips bucked in time with Tharonos’ relentless ministrations. “Tharonos, please, do not stop-“, Cassius gave a long groan as his body shuddered.Tharonos immediately drew away, squeezing his hand tight around the base of Cassius’ shaft. Cassius cried out in denial as he tried to pump his hips to continue his pleasure to orgasm.Tharonos pushed the man down onto his knees and planted a hand on his back. Cassius’ face rested against the hot silks and furs. His body trembled and sweat beaded on his skin. His eyes shut tight and his teeth bit down on his lips when Tharonos set his tongue to his ass.”Oh, gods!.” The oath left Cassius and Tharonos slowly eased a finger into him.The sounds of Cassius’ pleasure grew until his hips had begun to involuntarily buck again. He gave a harsh moan.Tharonos smiled and once more wrapped his hand tight around Cassius’ shaft. “No! Please!” Cassius arched his back, thrusting his ass in the air in supplication.Tharonos licked his palm and stroked his own length before setting the tip at Cassius’ entrance. He was tight, tighter than anything Tharonos had ever entered before. The heat and sensation wrung a startled gasp of pleasure from him.Tharonos gave a measured stroke into Cassius. The male moaned, fairly shoving his ass back for more.A grin split his face before he set a brutal pace that had them both gasping and groaning.Cassius’ arms bulged as he braced his head and shoulders on them as he pushed into every thrust. His dark hair was stuck to his forehead with sweat and his mouth was reddened from Tharonos’ own. Tharonos could feel Cassius’ orgasm building again and reached beneath their pistoning hips. Cassius’s shaft was hot and thick against his palm as he stroked in time with his own thrusts. “Please, please,” Came Cassius’ entreaties as his body began that minute trembling again.Tharonos’ spine tingled, sweat ran down his back. The pleasure made him nearly delirious. The heat in his groin grew, grew.With a loud bellow, Cassius came in Tharonos’ hand. His body quaked and rolled beneath the dragon’s. Tharonos was helpless not to follow. With a short cry, his length jerked as he withdrew from Cassius. His orgasm had his body shaking and he fell, crushing Cassius against the cloth of his nest.Their sweat-slicked and sticky skin rubbed as Cassius placed a hot, yet somewhat still shy, kiss on Tharonos’ chest. The dragon pulled him up, tangling his tongue with the man’s before they separated. Their breaths mingled and Tharonos grinned lazily.”Oh, yes, Cassius. Quite bold. I do believe you’re going to be my favorite acquisition.”Loivissa laid in waiting, her large body coiled and as still as stone. The expanse of coins, gold, silver, bronze, copper, diamonds, jewels, and countless other precious things glittered like some shining sea. Great pillars of stone marked with the occasional char and scorch broke up the shimmering waves. But this sea only shifted and crashed when it was rudely interrupted by a body.And it was becoming rare for that to happen.When Loivissa had very first staked these caverns as her own territory, the kingdoms below had sent knights in beautiful shining armor to bring her skin and head home to be mounted in the castle halls. Those knights had become nothing more than a broiled meal for her. Then, the parties of mercenaries and even armies of warriors had descended upon her home. They hadn’t lasted much longer than the others.Now, it was rare at all that any human dared encroach on her territory. She had been expected another knight for a while now. After all, how many times had she been cursed at by the farmers and villagers for carrying off their livestock?Loivissa stifled a sigh and sniffed the air.Ah, yes. She was certain that this new human was hidden beneath the ledge she was perched on. She had heard the near-deafening sounds of someone climbing…And subsequently sliding around her chambers. The human had lead her on a merry chase around the caverns, always managing to stay just one breath ahead. But Loivissa had the human now.She held every muscle perfectly still, her gaze locked on the ledge beneath her claws. The human’s breathing was ragged and stifled.A few loose coins shifted, sliding down the slope of the pile.The breaths hitched and Loivissa felt a thread of excitement thrill through her veins. After a long moment, the human’s head peeked out and took stock of its surroundings.Loivissa held back her derisive laugh. They always forgot to look up.Assuming it was safe, the human crept free of the sheltering ledge and began picking its way over the gold.Male, as all the others had been, Loivissa noted. But there was something…Pleasing about his gait. His shoulders were broad, his hair dark and curled. A quiver full of arrows and its accompanying bow were strapped to his back along with a thick staff of smooth and polished wood. How curious.All of the others had either carried swords or bows, never a large stick. Even the thieves had carried daggers or slings. Loivissa shook her head and flared her wings. Her haunches tensed and launched herself into the air. Treasure s**ttered, creating a tidal wave from her sudden departure.The human whirled, bow drawn and arrow knocked. The sharpened sliver of wood bounced off of her scaled hide and clattered to the ground. Her claws glinted in the dim light of the cavern as she sailed through the air. She took him right over the edge of her nest, his body rolling before fetching up against the opposite side.Loivissa snatched up the bow from where it had fallen and crushed it between her teeth. With ease, she lifted the human by the quiver on his back and shook until escort tuzla he slipped from its straps. He landed with the silks and furs that lined her nest with a muffled shout. Loivissa hurled the quiver away as it smoked from her flames. As she alighted, she folded her wings in tight and leveled her face with his.Oh, yes. This human male was quite a bit more fetching than the others had been. He had a pleasing face with a strong jaw. His lower lip was fuller than the top and his eyes were a pretty shade of green. He waved a dagger before her nose, causing her laugh to finally escape. “That will most certainly not hurt me, little one!””I am Mikhail, Mountain of the North.” His voice was deep and had an odd cadence. With a slow movement, he sheathed the bit of honed metal. “What, may I ask, is your name, great beauty?”Loivissa blinked before smothering a smile. Playing to her vanities? Well…”I am Loivissa the Red Death.””The name suits you, Lady Loivissa. Your scales shine brighter than any ruby or garnet in any realm I’ve ever set my eyes upon.” The male bowed his head, glancing up through his dark hair.Loivissa indulged him with a smile. “And you’ve been to many realms, Mikhail?””I have, my lady.”Loivissa snaked her head round his back to take another look at the staff strapped to his back. “And where did you chance upon such a large stick? Tell me, what is its purpose?””It is a weapon, my lady, one that I cherish dearly.”Loivissa peered at him. “I’ve never seen a weapon of only wood before.” Curiosity tickled. With a surge of power, she shifted her shape to her human form. Loivissa stretched her palms out. “May I see it?”Mikhail could only stare at the woman that had been a great dragon only a heartbeat ago. Her skin was faintly golden, her body naked, leaving her generous curves bared to his gaze. Long, oddly red hair cascaded around her slim shoulders. Her eyes glimmered like the gold around them.”Mikhail?” Her voice was husky as it issued from those plump red lips. Mikhail removed the staff from his back and pressed it into her small hands.Loivissa smiled inwardly. There was no doubt in her mind that her human form had enraptured and even aroused Mikhail. His mouth had dropped open a bit and his eyes had widened. A there was a tell-tale bulge that was steadily growing in his trews.Mikhail watched as Loivissa’s hands wandered over the staff, up and down, up and down. He could feeling himself hardening the longer he looked at her. Loivissa strode past him and leaned his staff against the wall of her nest. Her hips swayed as she circled him. Her hands were hot as they trailed over his neck, face, and hair. His breastplate fell onto the silks underfoot with a muffled noise.His shirt was ripped away in the next breath. And then Loivissa was before him, cheeks flushed and eyes shining. “However much I find that stick curious, I find you more interesting.” Her hands wandered over his chest and arms. “Do you know how long it has been since any male has touched me?”Mikhail shuddered as her hand traced the muscles of his belly. “Surely with your beauty you are never alone, my lady.”Loivissa laughed, shaking her head. “Your compliments continue to smooth my vanity, Mikhail.”Her lips meshed with his as hands, his and hers began to wander. Her skin was as soft as a sigh, her hips flared perfectly, those breasts overflowed his hands. Loivissa’s teeth caught his earlobe and a low groan escaped Mikhail’s mouth.Her voice was a husky whisper as one of her hot hands slid beneath the laces of his trews and ceased his length. “It’s been years, Mikhail. Years since I’ve had a male’s hands on me. Years since his lips. Years since I’ve had one inside me.” Her tongue traced the outer curves of his ear as her hand pumped.Loivissa’s knees met the silk and furs at their feet as she shredded his trews with her claws. Was she-Her plump lips encircled the head of his shaft and he shouted hoarsely, hands tangling in her scarlet hair. She loved him relentlessly; drawing him into her mouth until her tongue was flat against his skin and he touched the back of her throat, her fingers kneaded and toyed with the weight of his sac, her breaths tingled across the moisture she left as she drew away.With a sharp yank on his ankles, she sent him toppling to the furs.Loivissa rose, nipping at his lips. His muscles bunched beneath her and suddenly, she was the one on her back.Mikhail’s mouth crushed down on her’s, giving no quarter. Loivissa gasped as one of his hands traced her sex, parting the folds and tickling her clitoris. His lips wandered down, planting kisses along her throat, shoulders and breasts before he kissed around one pouting nipple.She arched up in offering. Mikhail finally obliged, taking the tawny peak between his lips and suckling. A finger pushed into her entrance before it was joined by a second. The digits spread and arrowed deeper.It wasn’t long before both of them were panting from need.Mikhail withdrew his fingers and, as Loivissa watched, placed them upon his tongue. His green eyes closed as a groan escaped his lips.Those broad hands closed on her hips and caused her to turn to her hands and knees.Loivissa arched her body back, waiting to feel the head of his shaft pressing against her opening.Instead, a pair of warm lips and a roving tongue settled over her sex.She cried out as he wrung the pleasure from her. Mikhail was absolutely merciless, licking her up and down before delving his tongue deep. He suckled her clitoris and pressed the very edge of his teeth against it before easing the sting with his lips.With a strangled cry, Loivissa toppled over the edge, orgasm rippling through her.Mikhail reared up behind her. His length prodded at her soaked entrance. With a series of short rocking movements, Mikhail seated himself deep inside her channel.And then, he began to move. Oh, gods. Did he move. Loivissa arched her back as she bucked her hips to best meet his frantic thrusts. He stretched her deliciously and hit every bit of her deep inside.Mikhail ceased her hair in one fist and pulled her head back, arching her spine even more. Her body trembled as his other hand cupped her belly, long fingers tickling the very top of her mound. One finger pressed against her clitoris as Mikhail bent, mouth at her shoulder. His teeth sank into the soft flesh there. The tiny spark of pain shot her off.Loivissa cried out, body shaking and sheath clamping down hard on his length. Mikhail gave a brutal shout and his shaft jerked inside of her. His hips pistoned wildly as he filled her channel.With one last spasm, he took her down onto the furs and silks. He still softly thrusted, length softening slightly within her body. When he made a move to withdraw, Loivissa glanced over her shoulder at his dampened face.”And where do you think you’re going, Mikhail the Mountain of the North? I’m not done with you yet…”