A Family Affair Ch. 01

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I stood silently in the darkened room the only sound that of the clocks ominous tick, each note sending fingers of tension up my spine. My legs ached for release but I knew that to sit was an agony I could not endure. The blazing pain in my backside and thighs a screaming reminder of the events that had already taken place tonight, events which were surely only a prelude to all this night would bring.

The day had been a perfectly ordinary one, ordinary that was until I had stumbled across my daughter’s journal. Almost as though by fate it had fallen open in my hands at the very last entry. Dry mouthed I had read that page, my mind screaming that it was an invasion of privacy and that I should close it and return it unread to the drawer. Oh how I wish I had, I was so painfully unprepared for what I saw. My 18 year old daughter Danielle describing in naïve anticipation how she planned to lose her virginity this very night to a boyfriend she was not even supposed to have. My impeccably manicured nails cut into the soft flesh of my palms as I let my mind drift back …

I read the words over and over desperately trying to decide what I should do. Could I pretend I haven’t seen it? Should I wait and confront Danielle on her return? Should I call her on her cell phone and bring her home? I let out a soft, ragged sigh; I know none of these actions are an option. As always I have only one option. I have to tell my husband and I know with the absolute clarity born of a lifetime’s knowledge the rage that conversation is going to provoke.

Once again I find myself wishing that my marriage was the mundane, run of the mill suburban existence my friends and family think. My husband and I have been married for 19 years and for 20 I have been his slave and he my master. He owns me totally and is adept and practiced at reminding me of this fact. I know that to tell him of our daughters indiscretion will earn me a thrashing.

He loves to mete out punishment for my crimes and those of our children and it has always been my most tender and intimate flesh that had been the recipient of his cruel blows. He has never raised a hand to either of our children but has instead, frequently and viciously punished me for all of their wrong doings, from a bad report card to the day our son had been caught smoking at school.

I know his anger at the news I have to deliver will be supreme, not least of all because I am fully aware of his intentions towards Danielle. For months now he has been describing in minute detail how he is going to fuck our virgin daughter and have her join me as his slave. Night after night as he pounds his rock hard prick into my tight cunt he tells me how he imagines her spread eagled and helpless beneath him. Reminding me of how he seduced and trained me when I was the same age as her. Telling me how I would be instrumental in her training. I had been sick with despair at first but in the dim recesses of my mind I had always known this day would come and that as usual I would be powerless to stop it.

Mentally I steel myself as taking the journal I made my way downstairs to my husbands study. I stand in front of the heavy door and fight to moisten my dry lips as I knock. His deep, smooth voice beckons me into the room and his smile as I enter is tender and welcoming. Once again I am struck by what an incredibly good-looking and powerful man he is and despite our unusual relationship I adore him as much he does me. His vividly blue eyes caress my body and I feel the familiar heat in the pit of my stomach despite my fear.

His voice is a silky whisper as he greets me, “Hello my love what can I do for you?” His eyes search my face and I know he can see the anxiety in my eyes as I move towards him the journal in my outstretched hand.

“I think you should read this my love and I don’t think you are going to like it,” My voice trembles and my legs feel like jelly as I lay the slender volume on the large leather topped desk in front of him. His glance is quizzical as he lifts the book and once again it falls open as if the pages have been turned by some unseen hand. I stand before his desk as he reads, instinctively my body taking its customary position, feet slightly apart, hands clasped loosely behind my back, head bowed.

The few brief moments it takes him to read seemed like an eternity. Suddenly I hear the book shut as he slams it onto the bakırköy escort desk. He lets out an almost animal growl of anger and flies from his seat instantly by my side. His right hand grabs a large fistful of my silky blonde hair and he yanks my head back so that my eyes meet his. “How long have you known about this boyfriend you cunt?” he roars.

My head starts to throb as he pulls my hair harder and I stammer my protest, “I dddidn’t know Master. I only found the journal by accident. I brought it straight to you”

His left hand cracks across my face leaving a blaze of pain in its wake, “LIAR! You fucking bitch you knew! Probably planned it all with the little slut!” he hissed.

Fighting against my better judgement I answer him back, “No Master I swear, I …”

CRACK!!!! His hand slaps my face hard again as he snarls at me, “Shut up Cunt!!! Did I give you permission to speak?”

He moves away from me, his face an icy mask as his hands go to his belt I know what will happen next. Normally my punishments are delivered in the confines of the basement dungeon, locked against the children’s curious gaze. Tonight, however, I know I will feel the lash right here and now. His anger is too hot to allow him the luxury of taking me where I can not be heard. I stand frozen watching him too afraid to realise what a mistake I am making. His voice snaps me to attention, “What the fuck are you waiting for cunt? Strip now or do I have to tear the clothes from your worthless body?”

Catapulted into action I shed my clothes hastily but not so hastily that I forget to fold them neatly in a pile on the floor. My training has been so thorough that I instinct tells me a transgression like that would only intensify his anger. Without needing to be told I assume the position making myself pliantly available for the lash of his belt. I lean forward over the smooth leather of his desk gripping the far side with my fingers and spreading my legs so I am stretched and ready. No sooner have I settled than the belt comes crashing through the air, biting cruelly into the naked flesh of my upturned arse. The torrent of blows so hard and fast that I scream loudly in pain, unable to control myself. His voice hisses coldly in my ear, “Shut up Cunt! Do you want your screams to bring Nathan in?”

Nathan is our son, the twin brother of the reason for my current punishment. I bite down on my lip trying to stifle my cries as my husband repeatedly lashes my arse and thighs but it is too late. The study springs open as Nathan rushes in, the concerned cry of “Mum!” dying on his lips as he takes in the scene before him.

I could only imagine the thoughts racing through his mind as he sees me spread naked across the desk, the soft gold of my arse crisscrossed with dark red welts several oozing blood from the intensity of the lashing I have received. His father studies him coolly, the belt hanging from his hand. My pain soaked brain registering the fact that he is talking to our son.

“Did you want something son?” his voice was smooth and even, almost conversational.

“I … I heard mum scream, I thought someone was hurting her.” Nathan mumbles, eyes still fixed on my naked flesh.

“No son, no-one is hurting your mother. She is receiving the punishment she craves and deserves, aren’t you my love?” I eye my Master nervously, afraid to speak “You have my permission to explain to Nathan, speak quickly as I am not finished with you yet.”

From my prone position I speak hurriedly trying to force a reassuring tone into my voice, but how do you convince an 18 year old boy that his father mercilessly whipping his mother is something natural? “Nathan it is ok my love, daddy is punishing me for being bad, for allowing Danielle to do something bad. Mummy knows she deserves to be punished, it’s ok.”

Nathan is fidgeting awkwardly looking from his father to my ravaged backside and thighs. Obviously unsure what to do next and looking towards the commanding figure of his father for guidance. Mark’s voice is steady and firm as he addresses our son, “As I see it you have a number choices here Nathan. One you can leave now and forget you saw this incident. Two, you can stay and observe while I complete your mothers punishment, you may learn something. Three you can leave and report what you have seen but I strongly discourage you beşiktaş escort from that course of action. Which is it to be?”

Nathan shuffles uncomfortably; I knew that the sight of me must be causing conflicting emotions. Fear and revulsion at the thought of his mother being abused and hurt but also incredibly aroused at the sight of me spread and defenceless. He is after all a normal teenage male and I am an attractive woman, a comment made without conceit as I have been told often enough to know that it is true. Much as it shames me to admit it I can feel the moisture welling between my pussy lips, the lash always turns me on despite the pain and the addition of my son studying me so intimately displayed adding to the eroticism. “I’ll stay dad, but only if you don’t hurt her too much.” His voice tailed away and I heard Mark chuckle a low soft laugh that always turned my insides to jelly.

“Oh I will hurt her son, I am going to thrash her harder than I have ever thrashed her before and she is going to beg me to hit her harder you’ll see.” He runs a caressing hand over my burning flesh, tracing one of the darker welts. “Natalie you will count the lashes for Nathan and you will thank me and ask me to continue. Do you understand?”

I swallow hastily, licking my dry lips in an effort to make my voice sound normal. “Yes Master, please whip my deserving arse”. Again he chuckles and I suck in my breath as the belt slashes through the air and makes contact with the tops of my thighs. I hear Nathan wince as I fight to speak “One Master, may I have another?” Again and again the belt strikes as I dutifully count and beg for more. The blows are as Mark had promised more savage than any he has dealt me before and my tears are soon flowing unchecked.

“Nathan come closer please, I want you to feel the heat of your mothers arse.” I hear my son shuffle closer, I can’t see his face but I can hear his ragged breathing and know that it is excitement making him breathe faster.

“Fuck dad that looks so sore, how can she take it?” The two of them are speaking about me as though I am no longer in the room but I am used to this.

“Touch her arse Nathan, feel the warmth of her skin” I feel my sons hand slide over my raw flesh and I he stiffens as I wince but he gets bolder and rubs my firm arsecheeks with eager hands.

“I never knew she had such a beautiful arse, it looks so hot!” Mark laughs softly again.

“Slide your hand between her thighs son, you’ll soon see how much she loves this,”

Nathan’s hand slides between my spread thighs. His probing fingers finding my open wet gash and slipping instinctively into my dripping cunt.

“Oh holy fuck she is so wet Dad! What’s this?” His fingers have found the small gold hoop that pierces my clit. Mark had pierced me himself and often used the ring to attach small weights or a chain which he leads me around with.

“That’s her clit ring son, its there for my convenience and to a lesser extent your mothers pleasure. Her nipples are pierced too though you cannot see that in her current position.” All the while Nathan continues to probe my sensitive lips with one hand as his other hand kneads my arse, stroking my cheeks and caressing my crack.

Marks next words jolt my concentration away from the pleasurable sensations Nathan’s fingers are causing, “Would you like to fuck her son? She really is a truly memorable ride. She has one of the tightest cunts I have ever had not to mention the sweetest.”

Nathan gasps, I can almost feel him fighting his instincts but finally he groans and says, “Hell yes I want to fuck her, I feel like I am gonna cum right now just touching her.”

Mark hugs his son for a moment and then moves him away. “Fuck her you will and fuck her good but right now she needs a little more work. I am going to heat up her cunt a little more for you.” He slaps my arse to get my attention, “Natalie move away from the desk a little and spread your thighs wider. I am going to give your cunt six strokes of my belt, you are NOT to cum. If you do I am going to whip your arse bloody do you hear me?”

“I hear you Master, I promise I will obey” I slide into the position he has ordered, my wet cunt already ablaze, my nipples hard and erect from the friction of the desk. I hate having my pussy whipped yet it always drives me close to beylikdüzü escort orgasm and I am very close now. Without further warning the belt sings through the air in an upwards direction ripping into my open cunt and curling across my clit and lower belly. I can’t help it, the first blow wrenches a scream from my lips and I continue to scream and cry as the other five hit their mark, each harder and crueller than the one before.

By the last blow I am sobbing incoherently and Mark lifts my face to his and kisses away my tears speaking gently. “Thank me Natalie, tell me you have learned your lesson and how grateful you are” For a split second my eyes blaze defiance at him until I feel his fingers grasp one of my nipple rings and twist it hard. I gasp and words of gratitude and compliance spill from my lips making him smile.

“Now Nathan, how would you like to fuck her? I can recommend doggy it gives such a pleasant view of her magnificent arse as you plough her cunt. Also the depth of penetration is far more satisfying.”

Nathan nods eagerly. I can see the bulge in his jeans which promises to be of almost equal proportion to that of his father. Mark motions me to the middle of the study and tells me to get down on all fours. He removes his own jeans and Nathan swiftly follows suit. Within seconds Mark is kneeling in front of me his beautiful ten inch cock erect and glistening with precum as he slides it into my mouth.

I open my mouth wide tasting and licking as he pushes straight into my throat and holds my head to his belly so that my lower lip caresses the top of his balls. “She is all yours son, you fuck her as hard as you like she’ll take it all.”

Nathan kneels behind me; I feel his hands forcing my legs apart allowing him to nestle up closer to my arse. His cock nudges impatiently at my burning and swollen cuntlips and I groan. I am overwhelmed by my desire to see his hard cock, to suckle on it as he did on my nipples when he was so tiny. Momentarily the thought that this is my son about to fuck me slips into my mind but lust pushes it aside.

With one smooth, swift stroke he slams his cock into me and without conscious thought I push back against him. Speared from both ends I surrender as my husband and my son begin to move in unison. Mark fucking my mouth and throat with practiced ease, whilst Nathan thrusts into me, all eager youthfulness. The contrast is so delicious I feel an orgasm building deep within me and I glance at Mark seeking his permission.

“Don’t you dare Cunt!” He snarls, “This is not about your pleasure. You will NOT cum until I tell you that you can.” His eyes meet his sons as they pound me, “What do you think son? Did I lie? Or is she not the hottest cunt you have ever had?”

Nathan laughs softly but continues to pump into my silky depths, “Oh man you didn’t lie Dad. I mean, I haven’t had many to compare her to but FUCK she feels good!” His hands grasp my hips and I can feel his cock stiffen inside me. I know he is going to cum and once again I look imploringly at Mark but he just shakes his head no.

The room falls quiet as they both continue to fuck me; the only sounds are their soft grunts and the wet slap of Nathan’s balls hitting my arse as he slams into me. I hear Nathan groan and his words are a hoarse gasp, “Oh God! I am cumming! I can’t hold it.” With one final thrust he fills me with spurt after spurt of hot spunk. At the same time Mark pulls back so that I taste his creamy load as it fills my mouth. I suck and lick, savouring the taste of my husband’s seed. Seed that created this wonderful creature still buried deep in my cunt from where he made his first entry into this world.

I can feel Nathan’s cock still pulsing inside me as I lose my battle and cum hard with a scream muffled by my husbands still hard shaft. Mark’s fingers yank my hair pulling himself free of my hungry mouth. His eyes blaze angrily at me and his words make me tremble, “You are going to pay for that later Cunt! You know better than to cum without my permission. It seems you forget yourself as well as your responsibilities. Why do you make me hurt you like this? Are you no better than a worthless whore?”

I weep at the disappointment I hear in his voice and whimper as I feel my son withdraw from my still twitching pussy. “Master I beg you forgive me. I know I sicken you but I do try to be good.”

“Try?” I hear him sneer, “What use is trying if you fail so miserably all the time? You have succeeded in turning your daughter into a cunt whore just like you and believe me my sweet by morning the two of you will be sorry!” I shiver in fear as he steps away from me and pray for this night to be over …

To be continued …