A fantasy, part 6.

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A fantasy, part 6.Continue:“There is a first time for everything darling”. You looked me into the eyes, your mouth was half open, eyes went half closed. You wiggled and rotated your hips. I felt sinking even deeper into you…”Do you like it”, you asked? “Do you like me being a your slut…or….”, you smiled….”maybe you prefer being a slut?”Before I could answer you moaned “Oh…I had forgotten how good it is with a hot dick in my butt…”You looked at me, smiled that Mona Lisa smileMy brain went close to over heated…..I thought of your words saying you had forgotten how good it was. I knew for sure I had not buttfucked you before… “Jesus”, you moaned. You leaned backwards, positioned youself with spread legs, and I saw your swollen open pussy, saw my dick buried deep into you. Could feel it. But yet not in your soft wet warm hole. Confusing in my head but not confusing in my crotch.You slid your hand down over canlı bahis your tits, stroking your nipple, sucked on your fingers with closed eyes. Every move you did gave me electric feelings in my dick. Your fingers got glistening of your spit and you started to play with yourself.———————————The young one stopped with his dick buried in your ass hole. He told you to rub your pussy, show us that you like having a strangers dirty dick in your ass.The oldest one was still sitting on your stomach holding your feet backwards.You obeyed. Because of the angles I could not see you work on yourself. But because the old man pulling your feet backward I had a good view and could see your white buttocks, and the his dick penetrating your asshole. I was kind of exhausted. So horny. Thinking I wanted him to fuck you, hard.I could, again, for god knows how many times today, hear you start to bahis siteleri make sounds…I saw he moved his hips, pushing as deep as he could, then slowly out…”yes….please….more…” He stopped with his head just inside you….”god, yes, don’t stop….”He stood still, then, neither hard nor quick, but determined, he pushed himself, nonstop, all the way in. “O h h h, more, a h h…”And he now started to fuck you proper.I could see his bloodfilled dick pushing in and out, glistening of butter, and also white salvia from you. I knew you could be very wet when very horny….his balls slapped against you each time. I prayed to God, please let this last long”You started to make load sounds, “Ohh…your dic…you are soo good….I I…ah….” you started to twist as he slowed down “Im coming,god…stop…”He stopped, and you lied there, breathing.He pulled out, you were wide open down there. Beautiful, swollen, blanc.The oldest one bahis şirketleri laid himself on the back next to you. “Sit on me, woman. See your husband? See his dick? He is dead horny. Sit on me facing him”You obeyed. Climbed slowly up on him. You were glistening of sweat, had traces of mould on your white body, dusts of green grass here and there. Your long brown hair was chaotic. As you positioned yourself on him your beautiful tits swayed. You looked me in the eyes, a****listic horniness. And sank down on him.—————————————————“Do you like the view darlin”, you asked…”Can you feel it?” You pushed two fingers into yourself.“Oh yes…I love it…This is so good. It is…god I want to just fuck you.”, I replied.“Later darling”, you said.You started to breathe heavily and played intensly. Your fingers flickered your clit, rubbed all your pussy and soon you came.“Your fant….you…the dream, it makes..makes me….so so hot…God I want to be a slut….be used…fucked…rough….the taste…of…oh…men…I love….the…taste…of…of…oh”“What do you love the taste of sexy?”, I asked…“Oh..sorry…taste of..different..m e n…”