A fine stranger German Shepherd

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Anal Fingering

A fine stranger German ShepherdThat Friday afternoon the day was nice and warm. I had gone to my office taking a bus; but when coming back home, I decide to go first to the mall and later go back home by walking.I crossed a wood pine as a shortcut and I suddenly spotted a nice elegant German Shepherd in the path, few yards from me. He did not look aggressive and he did not growl at me.Taking a closer look, I noticed the nice dog had not a collar on.I thought he could be lost.I slowly made my way over to the dog, being careful not to spook him. The entire way I tried to sooth him by talking softly and holding my hands out invitingly. My kind efforts were rewarded, since I got all the way to him. He did not run away from me.Suddenly, the huge Shepherd leapt up at me, licking my face and knocking me onto my back. My loose dress rode up to my waist and my legs reflexively spread to help me try to break the fall. The nice dog then took this opportunity to access my pussy, which was now being covered with only the thin material of my thong. Startled, it took me several seconds to realize what he was doing.”You cannot lick me there, bad boy… Stop!” I cried.But the dog did not care. He just kept on licking my crotch through the thong, as I was trying to get up from the ground. I closed my thighs; but the huge dog growled in response.Realizing that he could probably bite me; I opened again my legs.He immediately resumed his licking. My thong was soon soaked with his saliva. I was scared, but getting aroused at same time.The dog began to lick the thin material into my swollen pussy lips. And the worse part was… that I loved the feeling.I was wondering how long was this going to last; when he suddenly grabbed hold of my thong with his teeth and he tore them open. I then realized his intention; licking had been just the beginning.This was not going to end any time soon. He wanted to be satisfied. Horrified, I began to back away from him. But a loud growl and a gentle nip on my leg let me I should stop dead in my tracks.This fine dog had now full access pendik escort to my exposed vagina. He greedily started licking all around and even into my cunt. The rough wetness of his tongue rhythmically lapped against my clitoris. I began to pant and moan under his continued assault on my cunt.The bastard was invading my swollen vagina with his tongue. It did not take long before my pussy juices began to flow on their own and the German Shepherd eagerly explored my cunt even wilder.Despite all the pleasure I felt, I was not in the mood to be fucked by a stranger dog. I then thought about to twist around and get up; I then would try to run as fast as I could.I finally made my move. I twisted around and got onto my hands and knees. But before I could get on my feet, I felt his powerful paws wrapping around my waist. He was very heavy; so I fell down on my hands and knees; with him on top of me. I struggled for a minute, but there was no way I could get him off of me.I felt the tip of his cock touch my pussy lips.I looked down between my spread thighs and I saw it…The pink thing was really huge. It was at least eight inches’ long; as large as my beloved hubby’s cock. It was glistening wet…I struggled with all my might, but all it served to get me exhausted.Once I gave up fighting, the victorious dog tried to find my wet opening. It was ready, swollen, soaking wet and opened for him…He kept jabbing and each jab he went a little higher, until the bastard finally hit what he was searching for, my wet cunt…I shouted loud when he entered me, in just one single deep push. The nice German Shepherd made a quick series of thrusts, which made his entire cock shove deep into my womb.The stretching of my vagina hurt a lot; but before long it subsided. This dog’s cock felt hot inside me. This dog was almost the same size like Victor; but he was now filling me fully and completely.Finally comfortable and situated, the dog began to hump me at a quick pace. In and out. In and out. Every time he pushed fully into me, çekmeköy escort the tip made me feel a bit sore. The red knot soon started to push against my clit.I felt my nipples were fully hardened. The pleasure quickly built within me. Before long I could not help myself and I began to hump back at him. At this point, I was horny; I wanted him to fuck me.I felt a wild orgasm running through my whole body.I screamed loud; but I was sure nobody would hear me in the wood.The orgasm made me shudder with pleasure and the dog still kept humping on me. Seconds after my own orgasm subsided; but I then felt a pressure developing, just outside of my pussy: the red knot…A sudden fear of being torn apart by it seized me. I had felt it was really huge and thick. But his frantic pace slowed to a stop. Suddenly, he pushed forward with tremendous power, almost knocking my face into the ground. The huge knot pushed itself half way into my swollen stretched cunt. Before I could stop him, he humped again and it was pushed the rest of the way into my wet vagina, where it lodged itself. My pussy hurt, as it was stretched to its limits to allow the knot to enter.The huge dog humped a couple more times; he then stopped and seemed to tense up. He howled and I felt his cock beginning to spew some burning cum deep into my womb. He kept spurting cum into me for what seemed like forever. I felt also my own juices sliding down my thighs. It finally stopped. The huge dog let out a growl and he tried to pull out of me, but his knot held him it, causing me some pain.The dog tried again to pull away; but the red knot held fast and more pain shot through my well abused cunt. I panicked, but I then realized that to struggled would only hurt me more. Reluctantly I resigned myself to wait it out. He kept dribbling cum into me slowly, but the knot was still hard.Twenty minutes later I tried to put it out again and finally it slid out.I shuffled out from under the big dog as fast as I could. He looked at me for a moment, but then maltepe escort he ran into the wood…I collapsed onto the soft grass by the side of the path.I finally stood up and started walking with my legs spread widely. It was dark when I arrived home. I heard Victor was in the garage; he would be testing something in our car. I slipped silently and went to the bathroom. I took off my dirty clothes and enjoyed a warm shower. My cunt was really sore and aching…After dinner, Victor said he was tired; so he would wait for me in bed. I hoped he would not be in the mood for sex…I found him snoring already when I slipped inside the bed sheets close to him. I touched myself gently and realized that the dog had not actually hurt me permanently in any way. My cunt was tight again, but still a bit sore.I pushed one finger further into my slippery wet vagina. I could imagine there was a full gallon of his sperm still within me.In the morning I was feeling fine. I had breakfast with Victor and he drove me to my office. Early evening, I was ready to leave, when I decided to take the same shortcut through the woods.I finally got to the place she met the dog the day before.He was nor there; but, as I waited for him, I took off my thong.I found it was soaking wet, because my pussy was also wet…Getting hornier by the minute, I sat down onto the grass and spread my legs, starting to finger myself. A few moments later, again the huge German Shepherd came out from the wood.He barked and then ran over me. I petted him as he licked my face.I spread my thighs wider and invited him to get closer.Before I knew it, the dog’s tongue was buried deep inside my cunt.He made me squirm in pleasure. In just few minutes, I could feel an orgasm nearing. His rough dog tongue constantly stimulated my clit, making waves of pleasure spread through my entire body.The orgasm hit me so badly. I arched my back, spread my legs as far as I could and screamed in ecstasy. I wrapped my legs around his head and pushed him in me deeper.When this first orgasm subsided, I flipped around and climbed onto my hands and knees. The huge dog backed away for a moment, then he mounted me, wrapping his fore paws around my waist.I reached out behind me and grabbed this red pink hot penis.Carefully, I aligned it with my gaping, soaking wet ready pussy.I closed my eyes and I knew, from now on, I would be his bitch…