A Friend in Need Ch. 2

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My body was aching. My head was sore from a long day at work. I had nearly forgotten about everything that had happened that day, and was cuddled up in bed, hugging my pillow, eyelids heavy and tired. My arms were aching, my legs were exhausted, and I was trying to get some sleep when the phone rang. I muttered something under my breath and reached out to answer the telephone.



It was Cath. She sounded strange. Her voice had a tired, satisfied edge to it which I’d never heard before.


“Did I wake you?”


“Well, too bad!” She retorted and laughed loudly, “You get your ass up out of bed you bitch.”

My eyes popped open, “What?”

“You bitch .. I can’t believe you sent your father over here!” She screeched and I finally remembered that today was the day!!

I had planned for my father to turn up at my best friend’s house, looking for me. I wasn’t going to be there, but he didn’t know that. It was my wish that something might happen between them, as much as I didn’t enjoy the idea of sharing my Daddy with her. I still felt as if she needed some inspiration. She needed to understand the pleasure of an older man and that it wasn’t such a taboo subject.

“Oh!” I lifted my head up and propped my pillow up and grinned, “Sorry about that Cath!”

“Sure you are!” She giggled.

“So… you sound pretty…happy with yourself.” I smiled.

“You’re damn right I am! Ohh God, Joolies, your Dad…”

“I know.”

“He’s so…!”

“I know!” I laughed. “Isn’t he?”

“Stop talking about me.”

I quietened, “What? Is my Dad there?” I asked, “Is he still at your place?”

“Yeah. We made it to the bed. But he suggested I ring you to thank you.”

“Oh.” I felt some jealousy seething through me and I bit my lip lightly. “Well tell him he’s going to have to make it up to me.”

“She’s jealous.” Cath told my Daddy in the background and they both chuckled. I heard him moving around on her bed. “Joolies, thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome. Now, get your own damn Dad.” I joked.

“I’m going to try. I promise…I’m going to try.”

There was a pause. I heard some fabric noise. It sounded like heavy moving around on the bed. I listened for a moment and sighed.

“Well, if that’s all…” I snapped, good naturedly.

“Mmm…” I heard her moan lightly.

“Hey! Quit that! I’m going!” I warned.

“Noo…” She mumbled, “Don’t get off the line. Your Dad has his tongue on my pussy…mmmm…”

“That’s fantastic, Cath, but I don’t need to hear.”

“Ooookay…” She groaned. “I’ll see you soon!?”


I hung the phone up loudly and sat there for a moment, fuming. How stupid!

I know it was stupid, me being so darn jealous. I mean, it had been my idea. They were the innocent victims in this plan. Why did I feel so jealous? I sighed again and looked down at my naked breasts. I wanted him there, laying on me, suckling at my breasts, not kissing her!

I tried to get to sleep but I just couldn’t. My muscles were twitching and suddenly I was very on edge. I thought about ringing someone, but the only man I liked being with was currently unavailable. I looked at the clock on the bedside table. It was nearly midnight. I closed my eyes and rested my head back on the bed and tried to think of sleepy things.

I got up out of bed, frustrated with myself. I went to the computer, naked, and sat down. I turned it on and waited for the Windows icon to come up and my familiar computer sounds. I thought about writing a story but nothing came to me so I logged on and started looking around at some light porn. I keyed in “Daddy” and got a whole heap of pictures and stories back. I fondled through them, still unsatisfied. I started to lightly rub my nipples. My body betrayed me with more jealousy. I knew what I had to do.


Cath’s apartment was on the fifth floor of a very narrow building on one of the busiest streets in Downtown Canada. I let myself in with the spare key and walked up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. I unlocked her front door quietly and let myself into her apartment. I slipped my heels off at the door and draped my coat over the couch. The place was so quiet, I wondered if they had gone out to a late dinner. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and nearly ran out of there. I had worn nothing but a G-string and a bra under the coat, and there I stood in the middle of my best friend’s apartment, in a black string and bra. I looked like a whore!

I kept walking, creeping into her bedroom. The door wasn’t shut, but was slightly ajar. I peeked my head around the corner. I saw the familiar body of Daddy asleep on the bed, naked. The scent of sex lingered like steam in the room. I breathed it in deeply and looked for his cock. It lay, limp and lifeless, folded over to the side as he slept on his back. His leg was bent and spread open a little. grandbetting giriş I gulped and licked my lips. Cath’s limp, sleeping body lay next to him. He had one hand draped over her behind, and one of her legs was entwined with his at the ankle. Her skin was nearly blotchy and I knew they’d had a good night together. But that was not why I was there.

I crept into the bedroom and over to the bed. I looked down at my Dad’s body and felt instantly horny. I began to stroke his tummy lightly, I knew he liked that. I circled my finger around his bellybutton, and ran the gentle touch downwards to his pubic hair where I tickled him lightly. His breathing got quicker as he neared awakening.

“Daddy…” I whispered.

He woke immediately at the name. He mumbled something and opened his tired eyes and looked up at me, shocked and surprised to see me there.


I moaned and knelt down beside the bed. I grabbed his hand and started working it over my breasts. I undid my bra and freed my nipples so I could feel his hand on them, skin on skin, flesh on flesh. I placed my nipple up to his lip and he began to suck on it, barely awake. I still guided his other hand over my other nipple.

“Daddy I need you…” I groaned quietly.

“Mmmm Jool…” He agreed and moved his hand down between my legs quickly, knowing I needed a release by his touch. “Baby you shouldn’t have come here…”

“I know, I’m sorry…”

“Here,” He whispered, offering his mouth to my breast again.

He was my slave and began to suck me deeper into his mouth. I pressed up against his face harder, grabbing his head and pulling it into me. He opened his mouth wider to pull my flesh in between his teeth and lips, suckling, his tongue rapping back and forth against my hard nipple.

“Daddy, come into the bathroom?” I whispered.

“You don’t want Cathy to hear us?” he grinned mischievously.

I grabbed his hand and he got up quietly from the bed. We crept off into the bathroom and I ran the shower so that she wouldn’t hear us.

I threw my arms around him and pressed up against him, pushing him up to the cold tiled wall where he let out a quick gasp. I ran my hands all over his body, like a wild woman. He was caught off guard. I knew it would take a lot to get him hard, as he’d been up for hours at least, with Cath. I pulled away and sat on the edge of the tub and slipped out of my panties.

“Daddy…” I whispered.

“Yes, baby?”

“I was jealous.” I admitted. “I couldn’t stand it when I realized she’d seduced you. I started thinking maybe you wanted her more than me.”

I began to rub my breasts slowly, I licked my hands and rubbed my nipples.

He sighed loudly.

“Jool, you know that would never happen. I couldn’t ever want anyone more than you. You’re my woman, you’re my girl, you’re the only one I love.”

“But they’re just words…” I whined and slid my finger between my legs.

He groaned at the sight of me, sluttily fingering herself in front of him.

I saw his cock twitch a little at the sight. I spread my legs open wider, just for his eyes and he watched me. My own finger delved deeply into my pussy. I was so wet, he could hear the slurping sound of my juices between my legs over the crash of the shower.

“I see now that I’m going to have to make you see that you do not own me…” He said sternly. “Come here. Stand up! I want to do something to make you understand…”

I stood up at his command and he turned the shower off quickly, his wet hand reaching for mine, and he led me out into the main bedroom again.

“Make you understand that even though I love you the most, you can’t tell me what to do… or try to manipulate me .. I wont let you manipulate me in that manner,” He added.

I tugged on his hand, shaking my head. I didn’t want to do anything in the bedroom while Cathy lay there, sleeping. I blushed and tried to tug him back into the bathroom but he was too strong. Cathy still seemed asleep.

She hadn’t moved, and her breathing was deep and regular. I wondered if he’d filled her with so much of his cum that she was drugged by it. He pushed me over onto the bed.

“Lay beside your friend…” he ordered, not whispering anymore.

“Shhh! Daddy!” I begged.

He stood beside me as I lay on the bed.

“Spread open your legs, Jool.” He gruffed, and pulled my knee towards him so that I lay there, naked, beside my naked friend, my pussy exposed. He leaned in and inhaled my scent. He closed his eyes and gently stroked my cunt lips with his fingers.

“I can see how much you want this…” He said.

“In the bathroom..?” I pleaded with him, and tugged on his hand again, but he just threw it away. I knew he could get rough. This wasn’t going to be one of those times, though. This was different, this was nearly psychological. He’d never really been like this with me before. I was blushing with embarrassment grandbetting yeni giriş laying there like that, my body exposed in such a way. I hoped to hell Cathy wouldn’t wake up. I started shivering.

“Touch yourself.” He ordered loudly.

“Shh Dad!” I cried.

“I want to see your fingers slide in and out of your wet pussy…”

I began to do what he asked me to do. He reached in impatiently, to guide my hand in faster, even strokes. I felt his fingers accidentally brushing up against me, and the sensation drove me wild. I began to moan a little, my breathing getting heavier as my body began to tingle. He lost his gruff exterior and knelt down beside me on the bed.

“I wont ask you to touch Cathy, but I want you to watch her while I kiss you…” He said quietly. He pushed my head around so I was facing Cath’s naked back. I kept my eyes on her back as I felt his head crawl between my legs. I watched her sleep as his tongue began to lightly lick at me.

“This is your punishment for coming here…” he said, and continued to run the full length of his tongue along my cunt.

I was nearly crazy by the time his tongue reached my hard clit. I moaned and grabbed his head but he pulled away. “Don’t look at me!” he ordered loudly and I quickly looked back at my sleeping friend.

Out the corner of my eye, I saw his hand moving from me to Cathy. I watched him as he reached over her, between her legs and began to finger her lightly as he sucked my pussy with his mouth. She began to moan quietly and I did too. The sight of him touching her like that drove me mad.

I watched as his hand stroked lightly, then began to rise in rhythm, and she spread her legs in her sleep. I saw her cunt exposed, and I saw the full sight of his hand and fingers, playing with her clit, and also fingering up inside her, his fingers disappearing into her.

I groaned and stroked his head, my eyes glued to the sight of him finger-fucking her. I’d never been so hot before, and wanted him like an animal. Dad’s tongue reached out and became a tiny cock, thrusting into my hole hungrily. I could see the taste and textures of the two girls at his mercy was getting him hard again and I stared at his prick, greedily gazing on it as he became stiffer and rigid, straight as a pole. He lay up close to the bed, only slightly rubbing himself against it.

“Daddy..” I whispered shyly. He didn’t hear me. I moved my hands down to his head, and lifted it up so he was looking at me. His face was covered in my pussy juices, and though I was close to cumming, I wanted this to be far more exquisite. There was something happening here and even though I was naive enough to not know exactly what it was, I knew it would be sensational.

“Daddy, let me…?” I asked, moving into position so that I could suck his cock.

He climbed up onto the bed and kissed my mouth deeply. He caressed my body, kneeling beside Cath. His tongue tasted warm and smooth, and I licked the flavour from him before kneeling on the floor.

Dad opened Cath’s legs and began to suck at her. His head nestled contentedly between her thighs, and I watched for a moment as his tongue and lips began nuzzling at her slowly. I caught a glimpse of her erect little clit poking out from her swollen lips, and then his tongue lapping at her in worship.

Dad pressed my head against the bed as I scooted underneath him. I was nearly suffocating under the weight of his crotch, but had easy access to his cock. I opened my lips widely for him, started with a few long, licking kisses, then swiftly let his cock slide into my mouth. I heard him moan with the sensation. Daddy loved me sucking on him more than anything. I rolled my tongue around and gave him some pleasurable suckling. My hands grabbed and tickled at his balls, I pulled and tugged on them playfully. I teased them as my mouth sucked his length deeper.

I felt him gradually bucking, a slow, very gentle, light pressure on my chin as he pushed into me. I widened my throat muscles to take him down, sucking him profoundly. I made slurping noises for him and he moaned in thanks.

I could tell the joy of drinking Cath’s juices and having the pleasure of fucking my mouth was getting to him. But it was time to be ruthless. As he pulled his cock away for a brief moment, I ducked my head out of the way and scooted out from underneath him. He tried locking me in with his knees, but I crawled out from under him, and lay next to him on the bed. “I want to make love to you,” I whispered, and began to rub his back.

He pulled his mouth away from between her legs and kissed me hard. His tongue assaulted me, fucking at the back of my throat so that I couldn’t avoid the taste of Cath’s cum. He slowly pulled away, the wetness sliding down my lips as his lips did.

“Someone’s going to have to finish her off, Jool…” he warned.

I wiped my mouth, the hot taste of her lingered grandbetting güvenilirmi on my tongue and at the back of my throat. I shook my head and started to get up off the bed but he pulled me back down, hard.

My expression must have been one of shock and fear, because he smiled and leaned in, kissing me again, this time with a gentle, hypnotic softness.

The taste of cum was there, but it was sweeter. His tongue licked all around my tongue. I found myself eating the taste up, loving it, sipping it down from his teeth, licking underneath his own tongue to find more of it.

It was light, with a tender, yielding flavour.

Finally he broke the kiss and I looked into his eyes.

“I wont make you do anything you don’t want to…” he added quietly but before I could answer, he moved me around into position. “I’m going to fuck your pretty little cunt from behind, baby,” he whispered, “and you’re going to have your first taste of pussy.”

I felt his fingers playing and teasing my dripping, burning cunt. I hovered between Cath’s legs, afraid and unsure, full of utter terror and uncertainty. I looked at her face. She was still half-asleep, unaware of what was really happening to her. I felt Daddy’s cock at the base of my spine as he stroked my back with it. I felt the pre cum oozing down over my behind. He smeared it into my flesh and then lowered himself between my legs.

I closed my eyes and reluctantly leaned down, raising my ass in the air for his long-awaited penetration. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut and leaned in further. The heat from Cath’s alert, horny pussy was immense, I felt the warmth before my lips even touched her fuzzy pubic hair. The smell was intense, thick and burning, like Caramel. I stuck my tongue out and licked her. The reaction was amazing. I felt her pussy jolt as I licked. The taste buzzed like soda on my tongue, tingly and prickly even against my tastebuds. I suddenly lurched forward as Dad shoved his cock into me. I was unprepared, and my face went deep against Cath’s cunt. I felt wetness over my cheek and my lips. I groaned as Dad moved his cock around for a moment, and I pushed back against him.

“Eat her up.” He ordered. “Make her cum in your mouth!”

His finger began tickling my clit, and I became ravenous for her pussy. I opened my mouth wide and began to eat her like I would a melon. The texture and the flavour was amazing. She began to push down on my tongue, and I quickly licked it up into her cunt hole. The juices inside were thick and fresh, tasted like a sultry wine. I licked her inside-out, trying to bring her closer and higher to orgasm. I was flying blind, but suddenly felt unfamiliar hands on the side of my head, pushing me into her deeper.

She began to grind herself into my forehead, into my nose and eyes. I couldn’t breathe, but I kept lashing my lips and mouth, my tongue and my fingers at her beautiful pussy while Daddy rammed my cunt with his cock. He gripped my hips and levered himself in deeper, higher.

I moaned into her and I felt her clit hard as a little rock on my lip. I suckled at it and as I did, she exploded. I felt her shudder and jolt, her hips bucked wildly into my face. I tasted the cum again, a new flavour it seemed, richer again, beautiful to taste. She came and then I felt her body go limp.

I looked up at her and she lay there, sleeping, a generous smile on her pretty face. I looked back at Dad, my body writhing subconsciously against him. I groaned, and pushed back into him again, my face still covered in her juices. I placed my hands on the bed and let him fuck me, his cock working brilliantly into me from behind. He pulled my hair back off my face to get a look at the juices on my skin. I felt him ramming me harder as he did so, then he pulled one arm around me and hugged me up tightly to his chest. He lay his chest on my back, grunting as he fucked me lovingly. I moaned, feeling the pressure of pleasure ripping through my body. His fingers still worked lightly on my clit.

“Mmmm!” I cried, “Daddy, cum in me!” I begged.

“You’re a little slut..” He groaned.

“I’m your little slut.” I agreed and fell back into him as he pushed into me.

We rode and slid together in a synchronized rhythm for a while, and I felt the fabulous pangs of orgasm spreading out over my cunt, then bursting out into my body, filling me with ecstasy. I was alight with desire. I cried out again, nearly erupting as I did.

Dad filled me up with his cum but I barely noticed through my own blinding orgasm. I was still humping his cock when he pulled out of me. I fell forward on the bed, laying near Cath’s leg. I rested my cheek against her knee, exhausted, and closed my eyes. Daddy fell on top of me and lay there, his hand reached out over the bed, draped over my back, and gently touching Cath’s.

He said nothing. I said nothing. I was speechless, too spent and delirious to find the energy to make a sound. I felt the cum dribbling out of my pussy and I smiled. My entire body tingled with pleasure and joy, and a heat which I’d never felt before. Dad still fingered me lightly, enjoying the warmth of liquid on his hand.

I kissed Cath’s knee and thought about going home to bed.

I could finally sleep.