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Subject: A Hike in the Woods (Lesbian / Friends, oral, anal, F/FFF) Friends, oral, anal, F/FFF This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between a consenting adult female. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Copyright 2022 Wolf, all rights reserved. You may contact me at janmay6969@ if you like. All flames will be ignored. A Hike in the Woods By Jan During the Spring break at The University of Oregon, I felt the need to get away from the grind of keeping up with my freshman studies. I had heard from a classmate that was a local about a scenic mountain trail that was a great place to get some exercise and unwind. I broke out my lightweight hiking boots and used my book pack to load with a windbreaker, a sack lunch and a few items I thought might be helpful. I used a belt to attach a water bottle in a cool casing and a canvas pocket full of a trail mix. I chose to wear spandex shorts, a sports bra (I chose the bra even though my 34-B-size breasts hardly need support.) I chose to wear a jersey T-shirt. My windbreaker had a silk netting lining that would add warmth if needed. My old Honda Civic that my father had bought for me and made sure that it was operationally safe even though it was in need of bodywork and a paint job. The logic was that as long as it didn’t look worth stealing my car might be safe. I drove my car to the trailhead that the girl had told me about and locked it up. I put my keys in the pack and saddled up before heading up the trail. I soon found a comfortable pace for me. My legs were not used to hiking up a mountain trail and my thighs and calves let me know that they were uncustomed to lifting my 109-pounds up the trail. I had only been hiking for ten or fifteen-minutes before I caught up with a woman that I guessed was about 45-years-old. She was about 5′ 7″ and maybe 140-pounds. Her hair was chestnut short and curly. She was obviously an experienced hiker. She was wearing comfortable clothes and her day pack had a couple of water bottles attached on either side of the pack. She smiled at me and said: “Hello honey! My name is Wilma, would you like to keep me company?” Even if I would have preferred to be alone, I felt obligated to accept her invitation. “Sure, my name is Judy.” As we walked up the tail, we told each other about ourselves. I told her that I was a freshman at The University of Oregon and my family was from Stockton, California. I told her that I chose to come up here to get away from the heat of the central valley and actually experience four seasons. She told me that she was an office manager for an insurance company and she enjoyed hiking this trail. How did you hear about this tail?” I said: “A classmate that is from the area, told me about this trail when I mention that I wanted to take a kike to get away from it all and clear my head.” As we plodded up the tail, I learned a lot more about her. She was a graduate of The University of Oregon. It was a cool day but got warmer by noon and it was humid. She pointed out that it was a mixed forest of Cider Pine, Douglas Fir, and White bursa escort Pine. The humid air carried the fragrance Douglas Fir that reminded me of childhood memories of the smell of Christmas trees. The Cider Pine had a peppery sting in the nose. We were becoming friends. We didn’t meet any other hikers on the trail as we hiked. When we reached the top of the mountain it got chilly quickly. We dropped our packs and dough out our jackets and our lunches. We crouched down among the rocks to get out of the wind to eat. We enjoyed the view before we headed down the trail. When we got back down into the trees, we had to take off the jackets and put them back in our packs. While we were stopped, we heard some noises and female voices. I led Wilma in the direction of the sound. We had to work our way through some Hawthorn bushes that can be very abrasive and a cluster of trees before we saw a couple of young women in a small clearing. They were laying on their clothes placed on the pine needles that created a thick layer of mulch. To say that I was shocked to see two naked women performing oral sex on each other is an under statment. I was mesmerized at the sight being played out in front of me. It took me a moment before I turned to Wilma and asked? “Have you ever seen anything like this on this trail before?” Wilma placed her hand around my waist before she whispered: “Actually quite often on this trail. Didn’t your classmate tell you that this trail is known as the favorite of the lesbian community?” “No” “Does it disturb you?” “I have never seen anything like that before, but I do find it sexually stimulating.” Wilma’s hand slid around as she gripped my tight little butt cheek. To tell the truth I had fantasize about sex with certain females that I found attractive but had never acted on my desires because such activities in the red neck central valley not approved of. It suddenly dawned on me that my new friend was a lesbian. I turned to face her. She kissed me on the mouth. I took a deep breath before I returned her kiss. Wilma backed me up against a cider tree out of sight of the couple in the clearing. She started feeling me up like guys had done to me back home. I found her touch very exciting and her kisses thrilling. I must have made a noise that the two women heard. One of them called out: “Who’s there?” Wilma responded: Hi Carol, it is Wilma and a new friend!” Carol said: “Why not join us?” Wilma took me by the hand and led me into the clearing. The two women sat up cross-legged unconcerned that they were naked. One of them asked: “Who is your friend?” Wilma was still holding my hand: “This is Judy, a freshman at Oregon that is from central California. A classmate told her about this hiking trail but didn’t tell her that it is the favorite hiking location for lesbians.” Both women chuckled. Wilma told me: That the one talking was Carol and her friend is Babies. They are locals that enjoy the outdoors as much as I do.” I was impressed by Carol because she was so confident. She looked to be in her late twenties, a dirty blonde with brown eyes. Her body was fit and she had a healthy tan. Her breasts were a nice C- cup and what I saw that her crotch was covered by pubic hair was a darker color than her hair. escort bayan Babies looked to be in her early twenties, and her hair was a bright red with green eyes. There was a dusting of freckles across her nose as cheeks. Her creamy skin was flawless, and her small breasts were capped by pink areolas and nipples. Her pubic hair was as red as the hair on her head. Carol said: “Why don’t you take off your clothes and join us?” Wilma said: “Calm down Carol, Judy might be shy about undressing in front of strangers.” I simply dropped my pack and pulled out my jacket and spread it out on the pine needles. I unbuckled my water bult and dropped it. Then I pulled the shirt over my head and placed it on the jacket. I sat down to remove my boots and socks. I arched my back to pull my stretch pants out from under my butt and free of my feet. The three of them were taking it all in. Wilma was the only one fully clothed at that point. Of course, the two women chided her about her reluctance to get undressed Wilma smiled and proceeded to remove her clothes. When she was down to her underwear, I found it interesting that she was wearing a sports bra. She told me that she didn’t like her tits flopping around while hiking. It was obvious why she wanted to wear a sports bra when she removed it. Wilma has 38-DD breasts that sag substantially onto her ribcage. I noticed that she didn’t shave her underarms when she lifted her arms. The hair was dark and looked damp. Even before she began removing her panties, I saw that there was an abundant amount of pubic hair showing beyond the limits of the crotch of her panties. She sported a thick bush of dark hair when she peeled down her panties. I had never met a woman that didn’t shave their legs before. We embraced each other and kissed when she sat on our jackets. I couldn’t resist placing my hand on her left breast and hefted the big soft orb and I leaned over and took the nipple into my mouth to suck on it. I felt hairs in my mouth while I was nursing. I saw that her areola was ringed by hairs when I switched to the other tit. Wilma lifted her left arm and placed her hand on the back of her head and used her right hand to pull my head to her underarm. I smelled her sweaty underarm and the odor turned me on. I licked her hairy armpit until Wilma pushed my head down to her crotch. The aroma had a sour smell that was like a bloody sanitary napkin. Rather than being repulsed by the smell I was sexually turned on. I started licking her hairy pussy and seeking out her clitoris with my tongue. She has a stiff ridge within the valley that was capped by a hooded clit. The hood was the beginning of her labia minora. I captured her clit and sucked on it like it was a nipple. My efforts were rewarded by Wilma making animal moans and groans. While I was kneeling between Wilma’s legs someone was behind me and clinging to my butt and they were licking my asshole and pussy. It wasn’t until Wilma had an orgasm and pushed my head away while she recovered that I was able to look over my shoulder and see that it had been Babes licking my ass. When Wilma took charge and put me on my back so that she could eat my pussy, Carol and Babes positioned themselves on either side of me and they sicked on my 32-B breasts. After bursa escort I had the strongest orgasm of my life we got dressed and gathered up our gear and made our way down the mountain. Before I got in my car Wilma and I talked about having dinner together. She wrote down her address and phone number and gave it to me in case we got separated while I followed her home. I didn’t lose sight of her and parked behind her in the driveway. Her home was a cozy two bedroom. I helped her prepare the meal and we talked about ourselves. After the dishes were washed and put away, we took our wine glasses into the living room and sat together where we resumed kissing. We undressed each other and I was the one to kneel on the carpeted floor and place my body between her legs and proceeded to eat her pussy for the second time. It was very exciting for me. I even had an opportunity find out what it was like to tongue fuck her hairy asshole. It was late when we bathed together and I got dressed to return to the dorm. When I went to the cafeteria the girl that had told me about the trail brought her tray to my table. She was excited and wanted to know if I had hiked the trail. I casually told her that I had. She wanted to know if I liked it, and if I had met anyone on the trail. I was not going to tell her about meeting three women. I just talked about how much I enjoyed the scenery, smell of the trees, sound of woodpeckers hammering the trees and the view from the top of the mountain. She was visibly disappointed that I didn’t say anything about finding out that it was a lesbian favorite trail. I invited her to accompany me on a hike the next day. I almost shamed her into agreeing to come with me. Later I called Wilma to set up an ambush for the classmate. The next morning, I knocked on the girl’s room and made her join me. I drove her to the trailhead and we put on our packs and water bottles before locking up the car, and stretching before I led the way up the trail. I set a fast pace to ensure that she would have to struggle to keep up. When we reached where Wilma and I had discovered Carol and Babes I allowed her to take a break. I led her through the brush to the clearing. Wilma was already there with a ground cloth spread out. She was already naked. I said: “Wilma, this is Donna the girl that told me about this trail.” Donna was surprised but she got over it quickly because she knew Wilma. I said: “If you wanted to eat my pussy why didn’t you simply ask me?” “I didn’t know if you would be into muff diving.” Wilma and I had an enjoyable afternoon having oral sex with Donna. I enjoyed standing there having Donna eat my pussy while Wilma tongue fucked my asshole. The three of us made a day of it. Once I had discovered how much I enjoyed sex with females I was hooked. Being a student at Oregon you can’t escape learning all about the history of the great runners that came to be trained by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. They created Nike shoes during the days they were training Steve Prefontaine and long-distance runner Frank Shorter. The campus has the track facility named after Bill Bowerman that attacks track and field athletes from all over the world. I couldn’t resist going out for the cross-country team. I had the lungs and legs for it and they taught me the discipline technique to complete on the college stage. Wilma became my lover and mentor. 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