A HOW-TO not just for men: Sparkling Orgasm

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A HOW-TO not just for men: Sparkling Orgasm———————————————————————————————–Please note, that English is not my first language. So the following might be full of misspellings and horrible English ;)———————————————————————————————–Why not try something new from time to time? That was what I thought before fucking with my first xHamster user last month. She was great! But that is not what I want to share with you today…———————————————————————————————–I love jerking off. At home, in a public toilet, even at work. Sometimes this primal, almost aniimalistic feeling overcomes me and shooting my load is all I can and want to think bursa escort of. It doesn’t need much to get me into this situations. A fat ass pressed in tight jeans jiggling in front of me while walking to the next supermarket or thinking about my hot MILF co-worker who is sitting next door. In those moments I literally want to grab my dick and have some fun with it!Anyways, jerking off is something very special. It is one of the very few things in life where it only needs yourself to give you true pleasure and no one else. Well ok, you probably need to spend some thoughts on thinking about a hot person such as your favorite pornstar, your girlfriend (boyfriend) or just some random turn-on person. But in the end it comes down to your dick (vagina) and your bare hands!———————————————————————————————–Today bursa escort bayan I want to give you guys a little tutorial on how to experience a great and somewhat special orgasm. I usually do not get very fancy when it comes to satisfy myself. I go on xHamster, browse through my favorites or check out most commented videos (the button is on the bottom left, you can find some real gems by checking out this section from time to time!!!) and jerking off. Sometimes I use oil if I’m in the mood.A few month ago I discovered a way to give me an extra strong and somewhat deeply satisfying orgasm by doing something completely different. Instead of just jerking you dick, you should try jerking your dick and your balls by grabbing all of it. So just hold escort bursa your hard dick AND the balls in one hand and start moving your hands up and down. Please note that the area between your balls and anus is very sensitive and will be stimulated by that. You should take yourself some time for that because it will not get you to the orgasm as quick as if you would do it the “normal” way since you are not stimulating the head of your dick, but once you are there it is great. You maybe want start jerking off your cock the regular way and switch to the dick-ball-grip 10 seconds or so before you are ready to shoot. I know that every men is different, but for me it gives me a very intense orgasm. In addition to the great orgasm, you can get the feel of jerking off an extra fat dick of yours ;)Have fun and pls give me some feedback on your techniques (men or women)!MMy profile: german_schwanzhttp://xhamster.com/user/german_schwanz———————————————————————————————–