A Journey of Fantasy

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A smile slowly spread across Jasmine’s face as she slept. Her mind allowing her deepest fantasies to surface and play themselves out in her dreams. Her body slowly moving as the thoughts set themselves free. Her dream fantasy was often a recurring thought……..

She walked through the crowded train station, she knew she looked good, long black hair which reached just down to the dip of her lower back, dark eyes that shined when she was excited, and legs that seemed to go on forever. Many men had loved those legs but she’d let few find out where they led.

She stepped up the step into the train, it was one of the old fashioned kind, with the little cabins containing about six seats. The one she chose seemed to have the blinds stuck down but that was OK, she preferred her privacy and perhaps it would put others off so she could be alone.

She sat down and reached into her bag, taking out a book she settled herself for the long journey. 4 hours should see her in Scotland for Christmas.

Her peace was broken when the door to the compartment slid back, a tall dark haired man with intensely blue eyes stared down at her. “I’m sorry, all the others are full!” She smiles slightly, a little annoyed by the intrusion but not wanting to seem unpleasant. “Sure, take a seat,” she said.

She was a little surprised that he chose the seat right next to her rather than any of the others, but she returned to her book, her mind occasionally wandering away from it’s pages and across to the stranger. He was a very good looking man, maybe a little older than her but not much. He was muscular and obviously kept himself in shape. Those eyes were beautiful too, as he sat also reading. She didn’t see that his eyes occasionally flicked sideways to look at her.

She began to imagine how it would feel for him to touch her and with a start remembered that she had decided against the longer skirt, and that this one only just reached her mid thigh whilst sitting. Then she felt his hand rest on her right thigh, he began to slowly but firmly stroke her thigh, starting just above her knee and in slow circles moving up until pendik escort his fingers touched the edge of her skirt. Her lips parted and her mouth went dry.

He ran a finger along the hem of the skirt and then slipped underneath it, she could feel herself tingling and knew she must be getting a little wet. He continued those slow stroking circles moving higher and higher until he reached the top of her thigh and then began to slide his hand towards the centre of her legs. Involuntarily she moved her legs apart slightly to allow him more space to work. He glanced at her and seeing that she was obviously accepting of his actions he continued his journey.

Sliding between her legs, separated from her by only the thin lace panties she was wearing he could feel her heat and the wetness he was slowly drawing from her. He walked his fingers up the fabric until he felt the waistband and then, as she moved her hips forward on the seat he slipped his hand under the fabric. Feeling the soft hair between her legs, she moaned softly and, taking this as compliance, he moved his fingers, parting her labia and feeling the moist, soft flesh beneath them. His fingers found her clit and began to stroke it gently, hardly touching her and her breath quickened as he moved.

Feeling her becoming more aroused, he slid his fingers lower down and then slipped one inside her, he curved his finger slightly, finding that spot inside her and began those small circles again. She moved again in the seat, twisting so that she faced him with her legs apart slightly. He lifted her right leg and moved it so that he was now sitting between them.

She looked up at him as he withdrew his finger and using both hands reached under her skirt and removed her pants, tossing them carelessly to the floor. She was so wet now that she could feel the moisture on the seat beneath her.

He gently slid his finger back into her, making circles with the whole finger, spreading her wider, then sliding a second finger in, followed by a third. She found herself making thrusting movements against his hand, her hips rising and falling as he moved. maltepe escort Then she felt a slight pressure between her legs as he slipped a fourth finger into her, it felt wonderful, deep and probing, full and wet.

He began to twist his hand as he moved his fingers in and out of her, she was pushing back against him, moaning and getting wetter and wetter. Her whole body was caught up in his touch, she could feel her aroused nipples grazing against the fabric of her bra and adding to her wetness. She felt her whole body tense as the first orgasm rocked her body.

He did not cease his movements and instead she felt a new pressure, as he folded his hand around his thumb and slid all five fingers into her, she felt her body tense with this unfamiliar feeling, a curious mix of pain and pleasure that she had never felt before. She pushed back against him, feeling herself open out around his fingers, she came again. Her cum oozing out of her around his hand, she couldn’t remember ever being this wet in her life.

She was pushing against him, sopping wet and totally relaxed and without even intending to, he slid his entire hand inside her, she let out an involuntary grunt as she felt the stretching within. He held still for a moment, letting her get used to his presence, then he began to gently thrust into her, rocking her entire body with just his hand, she came again and again, the complete filling of her cunt was just too good not to. She was lost in her own world of pleasure and sensation.

She became dimly aware of a new sensation, a feeling or pressure against her ass, he was stroking her there with his other hand, whilst still moving his fist inside her cunt. She could not have resisted even if she’d wanted to as he slid a finger into her ass, feeling the muscles clench around it, she relaxed fully and that drew him deeper into her.

He added a second finger and then a third, she grunted animalistically, the pleasure/pain barrier was just too much for her and she came once more, lying there in the compartment with his fist buried up to the wrist in her cunt and three fingers in kartal escort her ass. She moaned and bucked against him, and he added a fourth finger to her ass, he was now alternating between thrusting into her cunt and then into her ass, giving her no time to recover from either, she loved the feeling and couldn’t really believe a stranger was doing this to her.

She gushed again, the fluid flowing out freely, simply providing more lubrication for the hand in her ass. She felt his thumb briefly brush the sensitive rosebud of her ass as he wrapped his other fingers around it and at the next thrust he pushed all five fingers into her ass, her legs now over his shoulders, he had full control of everything and was thrusting in and out of both of her holes, stretching them in a way she had never felt before, she came once more and he took that total release as the moment to push his entire hand inside her ass, fucking her with his fists in both her holes.

She couldn’t work out how to move so she just went with whatever happened, her body thrashing from side to side and backwards and forwards as he moved. She screamed out with a deep throaty growl as she came again, forcing him out of both her ass and vagina together. She gushed repeatedly, soaking everything she was sitting on and hearing a few drips as her cum hit the floor.

He then proceeded to rise from his seat, and withdrawing a small towel from the briefcase he’d set on the floor when he came in he wiped his hands dry. Then bending down, he picked her pants from the floor and laid them on the seat next to her. With a slight smile playing across his lips he turned to her and nodded, then opening the door so as not to expose her to anyone outside, he stepped backwards into the corridor, closed the door behind him and was gone……..

Jasmine woke to the sound of her boyfriend calling her name, he walked into her bedroom holding something in his hand.

“Morning sleepyhead!” he said. He was blonde and of average height, good looking to some, Jasmine felt he could have spent more time in the gym recently.

“Your mother wants us to go to her’s for Christmas, trouble is, I have to work and can’t get the time off, so I’m afraid you’ll have to go alone!” Jasmine’s heart pounded in her chest. They had no car so she would have to travel by train, she knew exactly what she would wear………….