A Letter

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Dedicated to my real love, J. I love you, babe. I’ll always be your naughty angel.

To my love,

All the long minutes that drags on into the seemingly endless days, I sit here, thinking about you. Thinking about your touch, your kisses, and your presence. I am thinking about your soft lips, your warm, moist tongue, your arms, your fingers….

I am imagining your warm arms around me, holding me tight against you, your heart beating next to mine. Your tongue gently pries open my lips and inserts itself into my mouth, feeling my moan escape from my lips around your mouth. We kiss deeply and aggressively, as I gently push you on the bed and straddle you, our lips and tongues still connected as one.

When we finally separate our lips to gasp for breath, I lean over and whisper in your ear, “Do you want me to lick you, babe? Do you want my warm moist tongue?” I smile teasingly as I lean over and gently lick at your neck, giving you a feeling of warmness and wetness and you had desired for so long.

“Lick me, babe, please…” you beg, as I feel your aching hardness throbbing underneath me, begging to be released from your pants.

I keep on licking at your neck, bathing it in warm saliva. You gently nudge my head up a bit and once again our lips and tongues were connected in an aggressive dance. I felt my own wetness staining my panties as I felt your hardness canlı bahis gently poking at it, I move a bit until your dick was aligned with my clit, and I start rubbing myself against it as we kiss harder and harder, our breaths and our tongues and our lips meeting in a wild, lustful blur.

The next time we separate to breathe, I sit back up and remove my shirt, exposing my silky black bra, adorned with lace around the edges. My nipples were hard and almost poking out of the thin, delicate fabric. Your eyes nearly bug out as you stare at them, your hands almost automatically reaching out to pinch them through my thin bra.

I smile seductively as you as I gently remove your hands from my breasts and pull you into a sitting position so that I could remove your shirt too, then pushing you back on the bed. I lower my head and start licking and sucking at your neck again, and then a bit lower, trailing my lips and tongue across your nipples, and down your belly, until I reach the waistband of your pants.

You are almost bursting now from the anticipation, but I just give you a teasing grin as I slowly unzip your pants and reaches inside your boxers. I wrap my soft, warm fingers around your dick, watching your reaction. You stare at me, your lust and horniness and love showing deep within your eyes. “More…” you whisper lustily, your member twitching in my hands.

I bahis siteleri pull your pants and boxes down a bit, exposing your dick in the air, and it almost immediately stands upright, stiff and hard as a rock. “Should I lick you?” I tease you.

“Yes, yes please,” you whisper, knowing that you really wanted my soft lips around your dick, my moist tongue, my warm mouth. Just thinking about it is making you twitch.

While staring at you, I sit on the bed next to you and lean over and lick the tip of your dick with my tongue. I lean back up and give a teasing grin, watching you whimper and beg for more in your expression. Then I go for the dive, I grab the base of your dick with my hands and start licking at it like an ice cream cone, coating it with my saliva. I lick at it, and then I take the head of the dick and suck at it hard, feeling your shudder in pleasure. One of your hands reaches over and pulls my right breasts out of my bra and starts pinching at it and fondling it, as you keep on staring at me and my tongue and mouth as I alternate sucking you and licking you.

I take you deep into my mouth and hold you in my warm mouth a bit, feeling you throb inside my mouth, and then I slid you out of my mouth, and then sliding it back in again, twisting my head a bit as I did so. You are twitching and moaning, your head and body filled with pleasure that you had bahis şirketleri missed for so long. “I want you… I want you… “You gasp out in dry whispers.

“Me what?” I tease, taking my lips off his saliva slicked dick and leaned over to kiss you aggressively again. While still connected to your lips, I reach down and unzip my pants with my right hand as I caress your hair and your neck with my left. I wiggled my pants down on my legs and then I kicked them off.

When we separate again, you seem pleasantly surprised to see my bare legs and my black silky panties, your hands immediately reaching over to rub them and caress them. In response I push them on my waist as I climb on top of you and straddle you once again. I pull the crotch of my panties aside and we both gasp with pleasure as your saliva slicked dick pushed yourself deep inside my tight wet pussy.

“I wanted you for so long,” I whisper in joy as I start sliding up and down you, your hands keeping my balance as I move. I feel the cloth of my panties mixed with your pubes rubbing against my clit harder and harder, as I feel the warmness building up from deep within myself.

Suddenly I felt it. It was a warm, explosion, radiating outward from the inner core. I felt my body grow limp as I felt your juices shoot deep inside me, and I collapse on you, kissing you deeply, feeling your arms around me so warmly.

Still imagining your arms around me. Imagining your warm arms around me, holding me tight against you, your heart beating next to mine…

I wish you were here right now. I miss you.

Love, your naughty angel.