A Long Movie

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There was one thing she knew, and that was that she’d be getting fucked really well that evening. You see, she and her man, Robert, had just gotten back from this year’s Beer and smoking championship. Her man had naturally taken first place in a few of the main events, and now he was stoned out of his mind.

This was all perfectly well with Samantha Brown. At 5’6″, long black hair, and a perfect 120 pound luscious tight frame; she knew that she was all the bombshell that he needed her to be for tonight. As you well know, any body that is “high” while having sex feels everything in minute detail. It’s like sex 2000. And that is exactly what Sammy wanted most for this evening. As for Robert, once they got home from the bus stop, he had gone straight down into his basement workout room to lift a little before hitting the showers.

Sammy smiled to herself as she made her way through the kitchen, grabbed a diet soda, and headed into the living room. There would be plenty of time tonight for all that, she knew. So she might as well get herself into the mood, she thought.

She leaned over Robert’s massive DVD porn collection, and selected one that was a bit of a compilation of scenes. She loved to watch good old fashion classical plots in today’s modern twist. Quickly, she popped the DVD in, and settled down on Robert’s overtly large dark brown leather sofa.

The movie began with the sweet and innocent 19 year old soon to be whore in the old west begging an older gentleman to let her get a ride into the nearby town. He then went in, “well how about I get a ride.” And the movie picked up from there.

The girl on the screen stared into the older man’s eyes as she dropped to her knees and reached for his trousers. Moaning, the older gentleman began to unbutton his riding jacket and inside shirt while the pretty little 19 year old whore began beating off the man inside his open trousers. Her other hand reached down and naturally tweaked her own nipple hard.

The man laughed on camera. He could see how involved the whore girl was in jerking him off. This little cunt knew her stuff. His manhood bulged out as she began to squeeze his head.

With his hands free, he grabbed her by the hair and guided her face towards his dick. The whore girl gulped a little as her lips moved around his hard shaft. Her head began to bob, up and down his ramming tool, while her hands moved up his stomach and ran her nails down his sides.

Samantha curled up even more on the couch, while one of her hands happened to wander too. She cupped her own breast, thinking about Robert last night squeezing them as they had fucked into the dawning hours. He had ridden her at least a half a dozen times the night before; making her beg him to allow her to give her final release. She squeezed even harder when she remembered the way that he had gotten her on all fours with her beautiful little round bottom stuck high in the air. He had simply walked up behind her, and had plunged his massive ramming tool straight intro her hungry snatch.

Without any foreplay, he was soon balls deep inside his woman, making her beg for more. Sammy smiled to herself as she remembered just what she had said last night to him. “Fuck me like the little filthy whore you want me to be, lover…” she had whispered to him. “I want every last bit of your seed deep inside me.”

Well, that had released the wild beast in Rob as he began to quickly pick up the pace, and was soon plunging in and out of young Samantha so hard that it looked like he was sawing her in two with his cock and balls slapping into her.

Samantha’s mind came back to the present moment when she heard a squeal come from the TV. The little country whore was now on all fours as well, taking it in her butt. Samantha smiled, she must have been dreaming about her man for a few minutes seeing how the predictable blowjob and pussy licking parts of the film were over. Porn’s were so predictable sometimes. But now she wanted more. She wanted to give her own blowjob to the man that she loved. “Robert!” She yelled, hopefully making its way down the hall down towards the basement.

A minute passed, “What is it!?” Rob yelled back from the bottom of the basement’s stairway. “Can you come massage my shoulders?!?” Samantha called to him in a seductive moan.

“Alright honey,” Robert called out, “Just gives me 5 more minutes!” She tinged in anticipation. The young whore on the TV was now gagging once again on the older man’s cock, slurping it down like the gagging cum dumpster whore she more than likely really is. The man’s face told it all. She was good, no doubt about that. One hand was rubbing the base of his solid staff, while the other played delicately with his balls.

“This bitch really wants it,” Sammy mouthed to herself as her hands began to wander some more. After rubbing down her belly, the buttons on her jeans just happened to come undone. Her hands slipping inside and tugging them down.

The blonde whore kadıköy escort on the TV was licking and suckling the older man’s balls with her expert tongue. Softly and slowly massaging them with her tongue, and sucking them whenever his hands pushed her mouth in. The man’s head arched back as he let out a moan and began to pull the young girl’s head down further onto his man rod.

The blonde hottie on the screen gagged on his thick tool, slurping up some saliva around his aching balls. Her head made its way back up to his tip, and she tongued his slit making him moan even louder for the camera. Samantha dreamed that she was the one that had her tongue around that hard shaft as she watched the girl make his rigid rod disappear down her throat.

The bitch on screen almost cam at that moment. The older man’s cock buried itself down her throat. Her tongue danced around his shaft as he plunged in and out of her gagging mouth. The man’s hands locked down on her hair, while she gagged him all the way down. Taking his entire 10″ dick in her tiny mouth, and slurping all around it.

Samantha laughed. 10″ was child’s play. She liked her men hung like a stud horse. Rob was easily 12″ inches plus some more to suck on. Often times he would bury his own cock down her hungry throat. She would gaze up at him with those lovely brown eyes, never breaking the gaze, as she bobbed her head up and down his magnificent tool. He would yank her by the hair down on his shaft, while his hands wandered down to her perky tits.

Slap! Her titties would bounce as he smacked them. All the while, her head would not move from around his cock. Robert would then gently begin to work his way around her mouth. Sammy would gulp his plump head into her waiting mouth, and swirl her head at times forcing him to cum deep down her throat.

Just then the whore on the screen bent over and began to jerk off the old naked man. Her hands worked furiously over his shaft as he looked to be about to go over the edge. Quickly the girl picked up her pace around his pole, and bent further over to lick her lips around the tip of his cock. This was too much for the man, who suddenly spunked all over the young girls face. He in turn gave her a sperm shower.

She opened her waiting mouth, moving to catch the most before licking herself clean and smiling up at the man.

The screen began to fade out as Samantha adjusted herself just in time to see Rob come walking into the room holding a cold beer and a slice of pizza. Evidently the work out was over, and the feeding had begun. Samantha smiled at him, thinking that he needed to build up his energy for what they were about to begin.

Robert smiled back at her as he walked over to the couch, and looked over at the TV in time to see the last little bit of the film. So the massage would turn to this?” He asked himself as he slid down next to Samantha and took a chug of his cold beer.

“Hey there cowgirl,” he said as she nestled up to him. Swinging his arm around her, he asked, “So what are we watching here???” She coolly turned to him and whispered, “Shhh, the next scene is about to come on.” She said as her hands wandered over his bare chest, and slide down to his workout shorts.

He could see that she was very turned on by what she had just watched, and there was plenty of more action to come.

On his big screen TV, a mansion could be seen in the distance. Around the mansion was a beautiful pool with bright crystal clear blue water, complete with waterfall and Jacuzzi. Around the garden was nothing but marijuana plants. Tall, thick, and potent plants swayed in the breeze as the camera zoomed in on a ravishing young redheaded beauty that looked to be only about 18 years old dressed in a stunning “Little Snow White” costume. The girl looked perfect in her outfit. Her tits barely hanging in the thin fabric, she moved her hips to some imaginary rhythm as the camera went up and down her body.

Rob smiled, thinking about all of the weed that he had just consumed at the Cannibas Times championsip. Man he felt like he could just touch those plants through the screen. Samantha on the other hand, or shall I say right hand, snaked its way inside his shorts and began to rub his rising manhood.

They looked at each other, not saying a word as her hand worked its way up and down his swelling cock. The DVD now had a man, roughly 6′ tall, brown hair, and a mustache coming out of a side door towards the pool wearing a military costume of some sort. He looked like he had just won something important himself, and was now looking to reward himself properly.

He walked over to the redheaded young girl and shook her hand, always being the gentleman.

The young redhead, smiled up at him as she easily made her way towards him in her bright red high heels and lovely little get up. “What be of you, Snow White,” the man on the screen asked, as he made his üsküdar escort way around her and gently massaged the redhead’s shoulders.

“Oh my Lord,” the girl mewed. “I am here to congratulate you on your big accomplishment just now.” The girl said this as she bent over to pick up a milk bottle that was lying next to the pool.

“Please drink, and be merry with me my Lord,” the redheaded young slut bitch said as she handed over the milk to the mustached man behind her who was feeling her young tight buttocks behind her pretty little poofy costume.

The man consumed the milk, all the while rubbing the girl’s luscious, young, tight ass. When he was done, he threw the bottle behind him and reached out to wrap his body around the Snow White slut. She in turn, reached around her and grasped his man rod right through his khaki pants. His bulge was apparent and apparently quite impressive as she fondled him on the screen.

Samantha, at this time, was jerking off her man who was staring straight ahead at the screen. Up and down his mighty shaft she pumped her right arm, as his left began to snake down her body on its own secret mission.

Slowly, his hand massaged around her moist pussy, fingering the edges of her damp panties. Sammy squirmed a little as his fingers danced their way around her private parts. She squealed when his index finger found her wet and smooth hole, and made its way up into her sweet young horny pussy.

“Mmmm…” she moaned as she squeezed the top of his head. Robert jerked a little himself as he felt her play with his cock, but he then took matters into his own hands as he pressed her head down towards his fully exposed cock and balls. His shorts were by this time pretty much down at his heels anyways.

“Suck me while I watch my film,” he commanded Sammy his sweet young cum guzzling slut while he held her head down on his throbbing cock. Her head began to bob, while Sammy splashed her tongue and saliva all around his hard dick. Up and down her head bobbed, as her other hand jerked him off at the base. Sammy loved to play with the curls of blonde hair that were on Robert’s balls so she reached down with her other hand and began to massage his balls while giving them a little tug.

The movie had gotten a bit more interesting at this point. Snow White had found herself a lawn chair somehow, and was reclining in it while “Prince Charming” had her legs in the air, and was tongue deep in her young bare pussy. Her juices and squeals told the all anyone needed to know about the happy tale. There would be a happily-ever-after in this film for sure.

The young redheaded snow white was getting her sweet young cuze sucked by a real pro. His fingers began to probe under her tiny yellow dress too, and found the entrance to her wet love hole. His middle finger plunged in, exploring her insides, as she reached over and began to kiss him. They held their embrace for some time, as he snaked his finger around inside her making the perfect squishy sound.

Robert moaned as Samantha kept working her head around his prick. His fingers were deep inside her as well, sliding their way around her wet little clitty. Sammy groaned her happiness around his cock and balls, but Robert was ready for more.

He moved Sammy to the side, and lay down fully on the couch. His black haired young beauty smiled at him as she swung her butt over his head, and once again descended her mouth on his wet cock as they arranged themselves for a 69.

Robert wasted no time in sinking his fingers back into her wet cunt, while Samantha sunk back down on his powerful cock.

The movie had changed camera angles as the horny young bitch that was playing Snow White was now down on her knees and sucking her prince’s hard shaft straight down her throat. The mustached prince yanked his cock out of her mouth, and made her giggle as he slapped his hard meat over her cheeks.

Samantha groaned again as she felt her first orgasm come washing over her. Her Robby was now knuckle deep in her wet young snatch, and her body had taken enough. She screamed out around his cock as her body convulsed around Robert’s fingers. His tongue was licking its way around her holes, but it was his magical fingers that made her go over the edge.

“Fucking suck your prince’s cock and balls,” the man on the screen said down to the dirty little whore who was now cheek deep in his balls. “Spit on your royal highnesses prick,” he went on, playing up the gig a little.

The redheaded young and playful girl spat all over her new play toy for a moment before once again sticking her tongue out and licking his balls.

“God yes Robby,” Samantha moaned as she crouched off of him, and lay down on the other side of the couch. “That was great, but I’m sure your man rod would like to come out and play.” She cooed. Robert smiled to himself as he swung over to the night stand, and grabbed his cold beer. He lay back, and began to drink his beer tuzla escort while lying next to his woman. The movie went on while the two lovers took and short break.

Snow White at this time had gotten on all fours, and was bent over letting her royal Prince inspect her wet pussy. Her dress was just barely staying on, as the Prince ran his hand over her back and undid the few remaining strands holding her dress on.

As it fell to the ground, Robert and Sammy watched as the young redhead stepped out in a red laced lingerie apparel. Snow White had now turned into a Victoria Secret cock loving, cum milking slut.

The redhead was on her hands and knees, begging her Prince for more than just his fingers to be inside her. He in turn, began to spank her round firm butt, saying, “Your not my Princess anymore my redheaded petite beauty, now you’re my dirty little devil gutter whore.”

“Yes master,” the redheaded young girl said as she backed her ass up against his hand. “Fuck your little gutter whore like she needs to properly be,” she said, evidently unscripted but true none-the-less. This little bitch needed a cock in her, and she was as wet as she’d ever be.

The man who played the Prince reached down and guided his cock and balls deep into his redheaded little prize. Her firm young pussy lips squished around his rigid pole as he made his way into her love tunnel. “Take it all, you lovely devil whore,” he said as he spanked her ass a little more.

As his pumping increased, Samantha looked over to see Robert without his shorts on stroking his hard cock while caressing his beer. She wanted him to be caressing her nipples instead, so she decided to play with him.

Her leg went out and began to rub around Rob’s side. He quickly grabbed her, and pulled her over towards him with only one arm. She squealed to herself as she now lay on top of him, adjusting to each other. She quickly began to massage Rob’s monster throbbing cock as he finished his beer and placed it aside.

Once that was done, he turned his attention back to his woman, who was now rubbing her panties against his leg. He could see that she wanted more than just his fingers in her as she leaned in and began to suck one of his nipples into her mouth. Her tongue danced around it, before biting lightly on the tip.

Snow White was at this time now balls deep with cock in her moist hotbox. She wasn’t holding anything back, and neither was the Prince by the look of it. In and out he plunged his ramming hammer into her, while he reached around and squeezed her big titties. “Ride this horse’s cock,” the Prince said as he picked up his bucking pace. “Please master, fuck this young pussy like the little bitch slut that I am,” the redhead moaned as she reached behind her and began to massage his balls. “Fill your gutter whore up with all of your creamy seed,” she exclaimed as she bounced back on his cock every time he plunged into her. The whore was really holding her own on this one.

She cried out in ecstasy as the older man’s shaft plunged itself deep within her tight young cunt. He reached around and held her firmly by the hips while he sank his cock into her balls deep. The Prince slapped her ass one last time before he cried out and began to fill the bitch’s pussy up with his frothy cream.

The red laced young redheaded gutter whore squealed with delight as his seed buried its way in her, load after load. She held still as he emptied his nut sack in her moist hot box, all the while holding onto her hips so hard that red marks could be seen on the camera. The Prince was loving it all, as his broad smile showed it.

Snow White was mewing to herself as he finished dumping his load into her sweet young hole. His sticky juices began to flow out of her, but the camera simply zoomed out to show the young girl kissing the man’s cock yet once again, and beginning to stand up.

“Let us go and live Happily Ever After in my castle,” the mustached man told his new found redheaded beauty. The scene began to fade away as the girl got up and followed him into the mansion. The one that happened to be surrounded by weed…

Robert lay there, watching the remaining few moments of the film as his sweet young Sammy pressed against him, wanting him to ravish her young firm body. He swiftly swung underneath her, and pressed his strong body against hers as he kissed her neck. Reaching up; he ripped her shirt right off of her in a surprised motion. The tearing material sounded like thunder in the rain as the two began to kiss a long deep passionate kiss that lasted for what seemed like minutes.

Sammy pushed back at last, and began to rub her panty clad pussy over Rob’s ragging manhood. It was too much, as Rob lay there feeling his girl massage his cock with her nothing but her pussy lips.

“Slip those off, baby,” Rob moaned as he settled into the couch. “I’d like you to fuck me good.”

With delight, Sammy bounced up off of him, and pulled her panties down to her ankles. With that done, she hopped right back onto her man’s lap, and planted light kisses all along his neck.

“Sink that hot wet pussy onto my shaft,” Rob instructed his cute young baby cock sucker. “Your pussy feels the best, honey.” He told her as she descended onto his dick, and began to bounce up and down his majestic pole.