A Means to an End

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Katie was wearing her evening gown, a long black number hugging all her curves in just the right places, accentuating her exceptional physique and, low cut as it was, drawing a line across her breasts at the front leaving ample cleavage on show for leering eyes…and there had been a significant amount of those already. The back of the dress was open all the way down to the small of her back, revealing her shoulders, the nape of her neck [her hair was raised in a bun] and her smooth, soft skin.

She was sat at a table of 10 people, at an annual work related function being held in the usual upmarket hotel – all of the men in their dinner jackets with an assortment of bow ties, all of the ladies dressed to impress in their gowns or little black numbers. Many of the men were long-in-the-tooth stalwarts of industry, unattractive, fat, old and passed it…most of them well known to her, as were most people in the room…the consequences of working in a small niche market.

There were of course the exceptions. The young bucks starting out in the industry, keen and handsome – flirting wildly with anything with tits – and also the “invited guests”.

She was sat next to one such gentleman…an invited guest, of not her company, but of a mutual service provider who was sat on the opposite side of the gentleman concerned. They were introduced by the mutual contact upon their arrival at the table, and then, much to the contacts annoyance, spent the rest of the night ignoring him, deep in conversation and laughter with the man she now knew to be called Ben.

As the night wore on, the wine relaxing both of them with every sip, breaking down the layers of formality like a melting iceberg affected by global warming, she began to notice with some frequency, how often Ben was also ogling her cleavage. She actually did not mind on this occasion, as Ben was an extremely good looking man and his attentions made her feel sexy, and attractive – plus the wine was also making her feel a little horny and led to her making some observations of her own!

Ben became a little braver in his conversation, and despite the wedding ring on her finger decided that he would test the water to see if Katie would be up for a bit of fun in his room.

He began with little gestures; touching her on the arm or hand as they swapped stories and then shuffling closer to her in his seat so that his leg was brushing against hers all the time. Then when they were laughing particularly loudly, his hand dropped to her thigh and knee, disguised as a response to the humour but once there, the soft, imperceptible stroke of his fingers, or a gentle squeeze suggesting much more.

During their conversation, he started to pay her more & more compliments, which she occasionally reciprocated.

When he felt the time was right, and that he believed he had built up a sufficient rapport with Katie to say what he was about to without her creating a scene, he leaned in to her and whispered in her ear…

“Look, I hope you don’t get offended but I have to say this or I will forever wonder what if…”

“I think you’re an extremely sexy woman, and I think we get on great. You have fantastic breasts, and I have been struggling all night to keep my eyes off them and to stop constantly wondering what they, and the rest of you would look like naked. So if I was to ask you to come to my room with me, to spend the night with me, would you be up for it or mortified?”

Katie had to admit to herself that she had thought of what it would be like to sleep with Ben, had glanced furtively at his bulge and determined him to be sufficiently endowed – and she did find him extremely attractive also. His direct question made her feel giddy, not to mention wet in her most intimate of places. But instead of saying yes, she replied “I’m a married woman Ben, so unfortunately I can’t accept your very flattering offer.”

“I know” said Ben, “I can see the ring, but no-one will ever know from me, I will be very discreet, and none of your colleagues will know where you are if we leave separately.”

“It’s not that” said Katie…”It seems there has been an amount of unintentional deception on my part.”

“What do you mean?”

“The gentleman sat directly across from me with the blue bow tie is my husband” – who looked up and smiled a half curious, half concerned smile at just that point.

“Oh…that would make things a little complicated wouldn’t it?”

Katie smiled and sighed “I am afraid so…”

The realisation that Katie’s husband was sat on the same table as them, and that no matter how much he flirted or teased, or tried to get her to spend the night with him it would simply not happen, took away the fun from their conversation; in many ways spoiling both their evenings. The situation became a little awkward now, and so after 15 minutes or so, Ben turned reluctantly to the person who had invited him and began to talk business. Katie’s husband Liam, stood and walked around the table to her and asked Katie to come with him for a second.

In bakırköy escort a quieter corner of the room, shielded by ceiling to floor drapes, Liam turned to Katie and said “You seemed to be getting on very well with Ben…in fact a little too well I thought, I noticed he couldn’t take his eyes of your tits, and was getting very touchy-feely before all of a sudden it seemed like someone put a brick wall between you. So what gives? Did he ask you to sleep with him?”

“Ermmm…no, no it was just that we ran out of things to say…” she lied.

“Bollocks Katie, I know a bloke on the make when I see one, fuck me I have used those same tactics myself before we were together…please do not insult my intelligence, just be honest with me…I am not going to create a scene or challenge him to a dual or anything, I just want to know what gives…and if he wanted to fuck you.”

She was a bit taken aback by his directness, and suspected the drink might also be playing its part in that too, so decided to be just as forthright back.

“Yes…he told me I was sexy and beautiful, and wondered what my tits and the rest of me looked like naked and asked me to spend the night with him”

“But he knew you were married right…and still he wanted you to spend the night with him?”

“Well yes, only because of my ring, he didn’t know I was married to you until I told him and pointed you out”.

“Ah…so I’m what killed the conversation…”

Katie nodded.

“So let me ask you this…if you were a single woman, would you have gone to his room and let him fuck you?” Again she was stunned by the question, and began to suspect Liam was actually aroused by the idea of her fucking another guy she had just met.

“I don’t know why you want to know that, but if your bold enough to ask then I will give you an answer…and the answer is yes I would have gone to his room if I was a single woman, and yes I would have let him fuck my brains out…happy now?”

“When you were flirting, did you think about what it would be like to be fucked by him…?”

Without thinking about it, she suddenly found that she was nodding…

“OK…so what would you have done if I wasn’t here…you know if you were at this function on your own? Would you have gone to his room then? I mean you would have slept in the hotel anyway, you could easily have gone to his room, or him to yours, without anyone being any the wiser…including me. So, would you have?”

“I’m not going to answer that…”

“You just did…if the answer was an indisputable, resounding no, I would be stood here with sore bollocks after you’d just kneed me in them…that fact that you have not gone mental at me for suggesting it, or categorically ruled it out, tells me you would have gone with him behind my back…”

“You can think what you like…” she said, very sheepishly and feigning indignation – but was secretly guilty about being found out, because she knew that by now if Liam had not been at the function, she would have the cock of another man inside her, pleasuring her cunt.

Liam surprised her again…he stepped in to her, and grabbed her around the waist pulling her in to him so his hard cock pushed against her pussy, and kissed her lips passionately…”between me and you” he said…”at this moment in time the thought of Ben fucking you has me turned on so much that I want you…and I want you now…lets go back to the room”.

They fell in through the door, grappling each other…but no sooner were they inside than Liam exclaimed “Shit…fuck it…”


“I’ve left something downstairs on the table, I have to go back for it…I will be back in 10 minutes, make yourself comfortable and do not go to sleep on me…I won’t be long.”

And with that he was gone.

He returned as he said, 10 minutes or so later. When he entered the room she was sat up in bed, naked, her breasts on full show but her bottom half covered by the bedsheets. He was not alone.

Ben walked in behind Liam and took in the full site of those tits he had been ogling and wondering about all night. Katie’s instinct was to first raise the sheet to cover herself before saying “What’s going on? Why is Ben here…Jesus?”

Ben spoke first with a huge grin on his face “I was right, those tits are magnificent.”

Katie blushed but said nothing.

Liam spoke next…”OK…so I asked you two questions before. The first, if you would have fucked Ben if you were single…you said you would [Katie blushed even deeper]…the second if you would have fucked Ben tonight if I was not around and you thought you could get away with it, which you declined to answer, but we both know you would have…[Katie began to open her mouth to protest, but got cut off]…so I got to thinking that there was one question I didn’t ask and that is, would you fuck Ben while I was actually here, if I was OK with it? Logic says you would – if you would have fucked him whether single or behind my back then beşiktaş escort surely, you would fuck him – well both of us – if I was OK with it, right?

She was fucking angry about the liberty Liam had taken, but the anger was second to the arousal she felt about the opportunity he had presented to her. She remembered vividly how badly she wanted to go back to Ben’s room and let him use her all night long and was not about to let her anger at Liam ruin the moment. She dropped the sheet revealing her tits again, then slid her legs sideways out of bed on to the floor, and rose naked to her feet. She first strode across to Liam, stepped in to his arms and kissed him gently, before whispering “Bastard, I hope you can deal with what’s about to happen”…before walking over to Ben, and pressing herself in to him, their lips snatching at each other briefly before becoming locked together – tongues probing, teeth gently nipping each others lips.

Ben’s arms wrapped around her and reached down to the small of her back, a finger slipping down in to the cleft of her buttocks, the other hand moved back upward and was slid between their pressed bodies to brush against one of her breasts and its erect nipple.

She stepped back a little to make more space for her own hands, which then moved to his belt and then the button on his trousers, freeing them loose so they fell to the floor.

Liam began undressing himself, as he watched his wife, transfixed, undressing another guy…dropping to her knees in front of him, sliding his briefs to the floor in the same manner as his trousers and freeing an ever growing impressive cock, creeping upward and erect like a slow blooming plant. He watched as his wife took the cock in her right hand and began sliding up and down its length, helping it achieve full erectness in no time at all.

It was an impressive manhood…thick as well as long. Katie admired the cock stood to attention in front of her face…the anticipation of it eventually entering her pussy almost too much to cope with. She took her time, gently stroking it while Liam stood behind her gently stroking his own…she knew he wanted her to suck them both off at the same time, but she would make him wait for it. Instead she lowered Ben’s rod to her lips and gently took it in to her mouth, her teeth dragging along the tender, swollen tip making Ben moan and shudder. Her tongue then began to work slowly over the end, stabbing in to the eye…before her head began a rhythmic bobbing back and forth…her saliva drenching his dick.

After 5 minutes of blowing Ben however she relented and reached out for Liam’s cock, a little less impressive than Ben’s, but one which had given her many hours of pleasure all the same. While she was giving head to Liam, Ben took the opportunity to remove the rest of his clothes, and lie down on the ground, his head at Katie’s knees. She cottoned on to what Ben wanted her to do and stopped sucking Liam momentarily to reposition herself above Ben’s face so that his mouth and tongue could probe her pussy, while she worked Liam’s cock.

The feel of Ben’s mouth, literally smothered by her wet cunt, and his probing tongue when not engulfed by her vagina walls, was intoxicating…she was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on sucking Liam’s cock, constantly pausing as Ben’s insistent teasing of her clit made her draw breath and shudder visibly.

In the end she decided to relinquish her husbands member in favour of her new lovers, and bent forward to complete the 69 position, by taking Ben’s cock in to her mouth instead.

Liam was not to be left out however, in completing the 69, Katie had left her arse prone. The smaller, tighter, star shaped hole filled his field of vision, almost inviting him to slide his shaft inside…he duly obliged.

Katie felt Liam position the tip of his cock at the opening to her arse, and winced a little as he pushed himself in to her…but she did not stop her attentions on Ben’s rod. She could feel herself beginning to tense, the pressure building inside her, knowing she was about to come shortly as Ben continued to tease her clit through pursed lips, his pulsing, sucking action driving her to distraction.

Her legs began to burn with pleasure, Liam’s cock continued to pound her arsehole, entering her from above, as far as his cock would go…Ben’s tongue and mouth eventually achieving their aim and bring her to an intense climax, as Liam emptied his white hot cum in her ass.

A short interlude was required before the main event, so Liam could wash his cock, and Katie could clean away his sperm from her arse – they went to the bathroom together, leaving Ben to recline on the bed.

When they returned a minute or so later, Ben was lay on his back, his stiff member flat to his stomach, almost up to his navel.

As she approached the bed, he gripped his dick and stood it upright, and motioned with is head for Katie to straddle him, cowgirl style, and lower herself on to him.

She obliged beylikdüzü escort by straddling him, but before lowering herself she looked at her husband and said…”You sure you’re ok with this…?” Liam just looked in to her eyes and gave a soft smile and a nod…

She leaned forward, lying on Ben, and kissed him…between kisses she managed to whisper in a low, sultry voice…”fuck me good Ben…I want you inside me, and I want to feel you come in me…”

There was no need for any hand to guide his cock in to her…despite his size her pussy was so wet, all she had to do was slide backwards on to his hardness and the tip slipped inside her like a hot poker pushed in to butter…she let out a soft moan and then continued to slide her body backwards, as he pushed his hips up to meet her, so his length continued its conquest of her pussy.

God his cock felt so good inside her, every nerve ending in her vagina was singing, she was even shaking a little from the excitement and expectation of his sex, her body had become super sensitive to the touch, goosebumps forming on her arms and legs…

The walls of her cunt gripped his cock, fruitlessly trying to hold it prisoner inside her but without success, as he began to withdraw…slowly, deliberately, so she could feel every millimetre of his shaft.

He plunged back in to her, his cock already slick with her juices, but this time slightly faster and in one long stroke…this time Katie gasped and muttered…”oh my god” under her breath.

He began warming to the task now…his hips began to move up and down faster, and every time he thrust inside her she would let out a little squeal, or some other noise synonymous only with being pleasured.

She raised herself upward, sitting astride him, his cock now able to disappear to its hilt in her warm, wet intimacy…she writhed around on him, front to back and side to side, her clit as well as her pussy being worked on at the same time…

It didn’t take too long the first time for them both to reach climax…we knew Katie was coming, she began to pant and moan with increasing frequency…as his cock sent her in to raptures “oh…YES…YES…FUCK ME…YES…she cried, just before she arched her back and tensed…at the same time Ben was making similar proclamations of his impending arrival…”I’m gonna come…Jesus, oh fuck yes…”

“Don’t you dare withdraw…I want you to come inside me…” Ben didn’t have much choice anyway, as she was on top and not about to get off him…

They came together in a loud expulsion of breath and groans…Liam was in a trance, stood watching at the side of the bed…”You ok…” Said Katie…

Liam nodded…and said to Ben…”Hurry up and get hard and fuck her again. I’ll keep her warm”.

He reached for Katie and lay her across the foot of the bed…and then lowered himself to her breasts, and began sucking, biting and teasing her nipples, while his left hand reached down between her thighs and fingered her pussy, as the cum from another man oozed out of it…

Within minutes, Ben was rock hard again…this time Liam stood behind Katie’s head, lay sideways on the edge of the bed…and dropped his cock in her mouth, slowly fucking her throat from above…Ben spread her legs, bent them at the knee and took her kneeling up on the bed…after Liam deep-throated Katie with his sticky jizz and dropped the remainder on her lips, he withdrew and left Ben to bring her to orgasm again.

They changed position…he entered her from behind first, doggy style…he hammered her pussy hard…Katie was delirious from the pummelling she was taking, she had never experienced many of the feelings and responses her body was putting out and it thrilled and shocked her in equal measure…the intense pleasure was indescribable and at times she found herself wishing this was not only a one night event…desperately hoping that Liam might be open to allowing a repeat performance, that she could feel alive like this again, and again…

After taking her doggy style, he spooned her…and then finally entered her in good old missionary position, so he could finish inside her while kissing her, and looking at her…making the moment somehow tender rather than lustful…

They came together again, he left his cock deep in her…spreading his seed…her sodden, warm flesh holding on to him, squeezing his cock like an almost spent tube of toothpaste…wanting every last ounce of what he had to give…

10 months had past since that night…neither Liam or Katie worked, or even lived, in the same place any longer…they couldn’t really…not when it was confirmed a few months after fucking Ben that she was pregnant…and they both knew that the baby would be black.

You see, Liam and Katie had been trying for two years to have a child…it hadn’t worked…Liam also knew from watching lots of different porn with Katie during those years of trying to get pregnant, role playing, keeping things fun and fresh while trying to make a baby, that she had a thing about a BBC fucking white women. She admitted her fantasy was not only to be fucked by a BBC, but also that the thought of the next level on from that, of being seeded by a black guy and having a black guys baby, was also a huge fucking turn on. It was she said, only a fantasy though and not for real.