A memorable day on the farm – pt3

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A memorable day on the farm – pt3Saturday 29th February 2020With a fuzzy, sleepy head, I became aware that I was under a duvet with a warm body curled around me, an arm across my waist. Turning, I found Kim with sleepy eyes and a relaxed, satisfied smile.”Wasn’t that wonderful!” she sighed. We kissed. “Here, feel.” She took my hand and guided it under the duvet until my fingers felt her smooth mound and aroused labia, slick and wet.”Is that…?””Yes,” she said with a mischievous grin, “Jon is a wonderful lover. Thank you for letting me share him.”A memory, a flashback. I felt my own, soft fur was wet. Drawing my hand above the duvet to look, it had an unfamiliar scent.”Ben said you felt wonderfully tight compared with my old baggy thing,” she mewled with a playful pout of disappointment. Then she laughed, “Come here, you!” and rolled to lay on top of me, kissing deeply and passionately. Her fingers strayed and teased my labia with the lightest touch that sent shivers down my spine.Then, with a sudden energy and excitement she threw the duvet aside and leapt out of the bed, tugging at my hand, “Lets go and find the boys!”Jon and Ben were in the kitchen, still naked, peeling and chopping vegetables and adding them to a large cast iron casserole pan on the counter.Jon stopped slicing and turned to me, “Hello sleepy,” he said cheerfully, “are you rested from your exertions?”I just smiled and flopped into a dining chair at the table. “Ben?””Yes?””You’re leaking out of me””Don’t worry Willow, Kim often has that problem, too!” he laughed. He looked to me and with calm sincerity said, “Thank you for allowing me to enjoy some fun with you.” Then with a jovial smirk added, “I’ve been telling Jon how envious I am that he’s had you all to himself.” “Oh?” exclaimed Kim with a face of mock disappointment. She flopped into the chair opposite me at the table.Jon quickly commented “And I said something very similar about you, Kim. Thank you for sharing.””Ah!” Kim replied, “but Ben hasn’t had me all to himself, have you?” She and Ben exchanged knowing smiles.I couldn’t resist that bait “Oh really! And who else have you been playing with, Kim?””All in good time,” Ben chipped in, “but first we need to refuel. We’ll all need istanbul escort energy if we’re going to play some more.””Good point!” said Kim, standing and walking toward the larder. “How are you boys getting on with dinner?””There’s a hearty beef stew for later,” Ben confirmed, placing a heavy lid on the pan. Jon opened the Aga door and Ben lifted it in. “That will be fabulous when it’s braised a few hours.”Kim returned from the larder with cakes and scones. Jon poured boiling water into the tea pot and Ben brought cream and jams from the fridge to the table. I suddenly realized how hungry I was. We all ate heartily, chatting amicably as if it was perfectly normal for four people to be sitting naked in a farmhouse kitchen eating together.Inevitably Jon started the mischief, adding blobs of whipped cream and strawberry jam to my nipples. “I think that should help soothe them after their hard work.” he said, matter-of-factly.”You can’t leave a job half done!” smiled Ben. “Come on, Jon – let’s make sure the treatment is complete.” He walked around the table to kneel next to me, and he and Jon leaned in to gently lick and suck my breasts clean. It was so intense. I gripped the edge of the table with both hands, gasping with each lick across my nipples, now ultra sensitive after their mechanical milking. My own juices were adding to the little puddle of Ben’s cum on the chair between my legs and I felt comfortably warm, fuzzy and tingly.”Hmmm,” Ben comically smacked his lips, “You know, I’m sure Willow’s tits taste different to Kim’s.”Jon laughed, “Then of course we must find out and make sure!”Kim giggled as they added the cream and jam to her nipples and began to explore with their tongues. “That tickles!” she shrieked. But when she was clean, she had her eyes closed, breathing deeply with a satisfied smile.Jon returned to sit next to me. Ben sat back on his dining chair next to Kim, his large hands wrapped around a steaming mug of tea. “Kim, Jon was telling me about some of the kinky things that Willow has been enjoying at home.””I see,” Kim replied, looking at me with a wry smile.Ben turned to me and continued, “Apparently you like to experiment avcılar escort to see what things fit inside your pussy, is that right?””Sometimes…” I felt my face redden a little.”What things do you like?” Kim asked.”It depends on my mood,” I began. “Sometimes it’s something small and neat that I can slip inside, something that can be there all day, or while I’m out shopping, or in my Pilates class; something that will move around and give me nice little secret sensations.”Kim giggled, “I know exactly what you mean!”I continued, “And sometimes, especially when I’m alone in the house and feeling particularly naughty, I like to try out things that feel nice and stretchy, something that can fill me right up really deeply.””You see?” said Ben, looking pointedly at Kim.”See what?” asked Jon, puzzled.There was a pause, Kim and Ben looking at each other intently. Kim broke the silence, “Well,” she began, hesitantly, “you were being nosy and asking who else I’ve been playing with.”Ben chipped in quickly, “So this is very, very sensitive.” He paused. “If we tell you about this, it’s a point of no return. We have to have absolute trust in each other that nobody says anything to anyone else about this. Not ever.”I smiled broadly. I knew what was coming. It hadn’t been certain until now, but now I was sure. This was it. It was really going to happen. If I say ‘yes’ in a few moments, there would be no going back. I had that weird feeling of being both scared and excited at the same time, my heart pounding, tummy fluttering inside.Jon saw me, “Why are you smiling?” he laughed, “What’s going on here?”I had to confess. “Kim and I were chatting some months ago and she confided in me.” Ben was visibly and genuinely shocked. “It’s okay, Ben. I think it’s wonderful. I told Kim I’d love to have the chance to try someday.””How come everybody else knows what’s going on and I’m in the dark?” asked Jon, clearly disappointed.”Because,” Kim replied, “as Ben and I say this isn’t something that is generally known outside of the farm.”I turned to Jon and held his hand gently, “That’s why I’ve been playing with big, stretchy, deep things. I’ve been fantasizing about this for months since Kim told me.” şirinevler escort I reached across the table to touch Ben’s arm with my other hand, “Don’t be upset with Kim. We’ve been friends for so many years and she’s been desperate to confide in someone.”Kim stood, walked around the table and sat astride Jon’s lap, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and provocatively pressing her breasts to his face. Quietly, she said “Jon, Willow’s fantastic. She’s been a wonderful friend all these years. We’ve had lots of fun together.” Then she cupped Jon’s chin in her hand and raised it to stare directly into his eyes. Her expression was serious. She continued with a firm tone, “And today you watched, cuckolded as my husband fucked her bareback and balls deep while you did the same with me. Well, there’s no going back. She’s a whore now. So am I. But Ben and Willow know that I’m more than that. Much more.” Kim paused, collecting her thoughts, then continued with a taunt, “I’ve lured your prim, conservative, shy wife to my darker side. Now my other lover is going to fuck her too and you’re going to watch your wife and realize what a perverted slut you married. Okay?” She slapped Jon’s cheek playfully.Jon laughed, incredulous. “Who is it?””Rather than just tell you,” Ben began, calmly, “let’s go and meet him so you can see for yourself.””Don’t worry,” added Kim, softly and friendly again, “he’s a gentle soul, a wonderful lover of mine for many years.”Kim lifted herself off Jon and walked to where I was sitting, taking my hand to encourage me to stand. She gently pulled me close into a hug then stepped back, holding my hands and looking into my eyes intently. “So, Willow,” she paused, before continuing, “This is the moment. I’m only going to ask you once. And if the answer is ‘no’ that’s absolutely fine. We’ll still be fabulous friends and get up to other mischief, I’m sure. But we talked some time ago and you know what this is about.” She paused again. “Think carefully and answer truthfully. Would you like to fuck my lover?”My heart was racing. I looked at Jon. He was smiling. I knew that we’d loved and supported each other for so many years, but he had absolutely no idea of what could be about to happen. Would this be a step too far? I looked at Ben, his expression calm and trusting. I returned my gaze to look directly into Kim’s eyes. This was it…”Yes. Let’s fuck him!”Ben cheered and clapped, We laughed. But mine was a nervous laugh. Had I really just agreed to this?There was no turning back now.(to be continued…)