A Mom’s Sexuality Is Awaken Cha[ter 4

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A Mom’s Sexuality Is Awaken Cha[ter 4Chapter FourA Mom’s Sexuality Is AwakenJosh awoke slowly the next morning with his mother gently sucking his cock like it was the first time she ever had it in her mouth. She never seems to tire at what she was doing. Josh said to her, good morning whore. How is the world’s best cock sucker this morning? Loving what she’s doing his mom replied then got back to sucking his cock. Today, Josh told her, we are going to find some cocks for you to suck off. I want to see my whore’s face covered in other men’s cum. What do you think about that whore? I’ll suck all the cocks you can find and I’ll suck them better than they ever were sucked before. There won’t be a dry spot on my face when I’m finished sucking them. This I’ll do for you to prove I’m the best cock sucking whore you could ever have. You know I’m your total cum loving slut. Her answer triggered Josh’s release and a flood of cum filled his mother’s sucking mouth. She never missed a drop. Right after breakfast Josh had his mother dress in some heels, a short skirt, and a white blouse. The blouse, if you looked hard enough, you could see her nipples through the thin material. There were no panties under the skirt and if she leaned over just a little her ass cheeks could be seen. Josh asked her if she was ready to make a lot of men happy today with his whore. Sally give him her answer by saying, I can’t wait to show you what kind of nasty cock sucking whore I can be for you. You’re going to see your whore suck each and every cock you present to her. You will find I’m the whore other whores can’t be. I’ll make you so proud of your whore you’ll have to reward me tonight by allowing me to suck you off an extra time right after you finish fucking me. Also, while I’m sucking you off my face will be covered in your cum because when you finish fucking me I want your cum blasted all over my fucking face. I want you to see what a nasty sperm sucking whore I am. I want you to take pictures of your sperm covered whore sucking güvenilir bahis more cum on to her sperm drenched face. Sally wanted to make sure Josh was getting the kind of whore he was looking for. She knew she would fulfill every nasty wish he could come up with just so she could keep getting his cock and cum. She was going to feed and fill his mind with the images she thought would convince him she was all he would ever need in a whore. Sally was even thinking of ways she could suggest to him about getting her used as a complete nasty slut. Josh could not believe what he was about to turn out onto the public. It was almost 11 before they left the house. It was a Saturday and he headed the car towards a college in the next town. This college still had separate dorm rooms for the males and females. They were almost there when Josh pulled over so his mom could have her noon feeding. He could see out of the corner of his eye she was watching the clock and not paying any attention to what was playing on the radio.Josh was so excited about what he was going to have his mother do at the college that it wasn’t long before his cock was filling his mother’s mouth with his sperm. When they pulled up to the dorm Josh got out with his mom and he noticed that his mom looked just as young as the other female coeds walking around the campus. Josh led her into the dorm and ask to see Steve. He was told to go up to the third floor and go left to room 323. Once there Josh knocked and Steve let him in all the while not taking his eyes off Sally. You weren’t k**ding when you said she was a knock out, Steve told Josh. Where’s everyone at Josh asked and Steve told them they would all arrive at One. Josh reminded Steve they had to be gone by 5:30 so he could get her back home before her husband got home from work. Steve then ask if it was alright to start before the other got there? Sure go ahead help yourself that’s what she’s here for. Steve walked over to her and Sally dropped to her knees reaching for the zipper canlı bahis on his pants even before he reached her. Pulling his pants down Sally turned so Josh could see the cock as it entered her mouth. She didn’t hold anything back as she attacked Steve’s dick. If this was what Josh wanted then this is what Josh was going to get. She thought to herself. Already Steve knows that this cock sucker sucking his cock was better than anyone he ever had before. Then, faster than he thought possible, Steve found his cock shooting out his sperm. Sally pulled Steve’s cock out after the first spurt hit the back of her throat to let Josh see Steve’s cum shooting on her face and her licking tongue. When the spurting stopped she sucked the cock back in her mouth so she could suck clean Steve’s cock. When Steve pulled his cock out Sally looked up at him and told him she hoped she could suck his cock again before having to leave. Now it was close to one and the guys started showing up. Once they saw Sally they wasted no time getting her clothes off and at all her holes. Come on guys, she told them, I’m a cum hungry slut and I’m ready to suck cocks and fuck your balls off. The room started to fill in no time once word got out that the babe fucking all comers was a fox. Dick after dick filled her pussy and mouth. Sperm was everywhere on her body from guys jerking off because there were no holes available. She lost count of the guys using her and in the back of her mind she wished there was a way for her to suck the cum from her pussy thinking it was going to waste down there. Her love for men’s cum has become stronger than it ever had before. Sally’s desire for cum was fast becoming a welcomed addiction, she thought to herself. She hated when it would shoot over her head and get wasted. Can’t these guys aim better she thought to herself while another cock added more cum to her drenched face. Judging by the way they miss the toilet when they pissed I guess not she chuckled to herself. Josh counted the guys as they came bahis siteleri into the room and figured there was 45 guys using his mother as their whore. He loved how she let them know she was there to be their whore to use. Thanking each of them for coming in her mouth and on her face. Inside Sally wanted them to use her again if they could. Then just after five Josh called a halt to the party and asked Steve to bring the clear rubber hose to him. Josh then told the guys standing around it was almost time to get this whore home to her husband. But, first we need to clean her up. Josh stuck one end of the hose into Sally’s mouth and the other end he inserted into her overflowing pussy and Sally was thrilled to start sucking the sperm out of her cunt. All the guys moaned loudly as they watched the sperm rising up the clear tube and into her sucking mouth. One guy even ran up and jerked off on her face while she sucked the sperm out of her pussy. When her pussy was sucked clean of all the sperm Josh ran the hose over the rest of her body. Her tits, hair and face were covered in cum. This was almost as good as getting it straight from a cock Sally told herself. As she sucked the hose she kept making little sounds letting everybody know she was enjoying this more than they were. As Josh finished with the hose he asked the crowd if they would like her to come back again. The crowd roared hell yes. Josh handed Sally her clothes and watched as she dressed for the trip home. It was now 5:30 and they had to get somewhere so his mother would not miss her feeding time. He was very proud of her and all she asked of him was to make sure she did not miss her feeding time on his cock. A gallon of his cum every week to suck down had been her only request. After watching her fuck and suck 45 guys he wasn’t about to let her miss the 6 p.m. sucking. This time he didn’t think he would last over 6 minutes and hoped it didn’t disappoint her. Yes he was proud of her and as soon as they were out the door he told her he was proud. You’ll be getting three more loads of my cum tonight he told her. One at 6 and then another one after I fuck your whore pussy tonight and the one you requested if I was proud of the way my whore preformed tonight.