A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 22

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“Master! I’m gonna cum! Fuck yes I’m-“

Gregory pulled the vibrator away and it was Lisa’s turn to gasp as the vibrator slid up and down her pussy. Lisa had even less control than Linda as she moaned from the vibrations which wracked her already sensitive pussy.

“Thank you master.” Lisa whined.

Gregory moved the vibrator down to her clitoris and started moving the bulbous vibrator head up and down her clitoris.

“Holy shit!” Lisa moaned as her orgasm banged on her pussy ready to burst free. Gregory pulled away leaving Lisa frustrated and a little pained.

He turned the vibrator back to level three and placed it right on Linda’s clitoris.

“Fuck! Yes!” Linda shouted as she felt her pussy tighten at the pleasure. More precum leaked out onto the floor as Gregory began pressing down on her clitoris harder.

“Master! It’s coming…oh my god it’s coming! Yes!” She screamed and just like before he pulled away and her cervix cringed in pain leaving Linda angry and frustrated but more aroused than she had ever been.

Lisa shrieked as the vibrations hit her clitoris and surged through her. Gregory pressed down harder and moved up and down her erect clitoris faster.

“Fuck! Fuck! Master! Oh shit! I-“

Gregory pulled the vibrator away and she moaned in frustration. Her orgasm was right there, she could feel it.

Linda looked up at Lisa’s pained expression and to her surprise she found it…arousing and invigorating. Gregory put the vibrator back on Linda’s clitoris and held it there and turned it up another level. Lisa watched as Linda’s face shifted from frustrated to immeasurable pleasure.

“Oh fuck! Master! Please! May I cum? Please?” She begged.

There was a long pause before Greg answered; “cum for me my slave.”

Linda moaned into a massive orgasm as she squirted. Gregory held the vibrator on her clitoris for several seconds before pulling away. Lisa watched Linda’s expression of pure bliss as she orgasmed. Lisa’s face took on a surprised expression as Greg put the vibrator on her clitoris and started rubbing it hard and fast.

Gregory turned up the vibrator and pressed it against her pussy and held it there. A long suffering moan escaped her lips as her climax shot up.

“Fuck! Master! I can’t stop it! Master!” Lisa whined.

Greg’s only response was to turn the vibrator up once again and Lisa let loose a loud scream as her orgasm exploded from her pussy in a gush of creamy cum.

“I’m cumming!” She shouted and started bucking her hips with each pulse of her orgasm. Gregory enjoyed watching her pussy widen and close as it orgasmed. Lisa felt her orgasm recede, but only for a second as Gregory started rubbing her clitoris with the vibrator again. Lisa quivered and shook as her sensitive pussy was tortured.

“Please! Master. It’s so sensitive. It hurts master!” She whined.

Gregory turned up the vibrator to half power and held it against her sensitive clitoris.

“Oh shit!” She moaned.

“You cum when your master orders you to cum!” He snapped and he slapped her across the ass cheek. Lisa felt her cheeks flush at being spanked. Something she had never really experienced and yet, she liked it.

Lisa found herself leaning backwards and pushing her ass towards him. She hoped he would spank her again. She could bakırköy escort still feel the tingling on her left ass cheek. Greg was surprised that Lisa pushed back towards him. He started rubbing her clitoris again with the vibrator and with his free hand he spanked her right cheek, then the left and then the right. Lisa shrieked each time he struck her.

Linda, in her post orgasmic sub space watched Lisa’s smile each time she felt the sting of the spank.

“Oh god master! I’m gonna cum again! Master! I’m gonna cum!” Lisa screamed.

“Cum for me my toy!”

Lisa leaned back and gushed a new fountain of cum that drizzled down her thighs and onto Linda’s pussy and then gathered onto the floor.

Lisa quivered and shook and Greg held her until she stopped seizing from her orgasm. Gregory lifted Lisa up and settled her onto the bed where she slumped, somewhere between consciousness and post orgasm unconsciousness. Greg moved to Linda and pressed his cock against the wet opening of her pussy and slowly slid inside.

Linda’s eyes went wide as his cock filled her canal and his swollen thick head smashed up against her cervix.

“I love your cock so much master!” She moaned.

Gregory grabbed Linda by the nipples, pinched and pulled and started fucking her pussy hard. Linda was unprepared as his cock began ravaging her cervix and pussy.

Gregory groaned as he felt her vaginal canal tighten around him. Linda whined each time he squeezed her nipples harder and pulled them a little further. The pain mixed with the immense pleasure brought her to climax faster than ever before.

“Oh my god! Master I’m cumming!” She shouted.

Gregory felt the pressure and warmth as she orgasmed around his cock. Greg didn’t stop though, he let go of her nipples and rose up on his legs and squatted over her and started pounding her cervix with ferocious intensity.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Linda cried each time his massive cock plunged inside of her.

Linda could feel her cervix being pounded into a mess of mush inside of herself, she didn’t care though. It felt too good to care. Another wave of orgasmic pleasure rose up and washed over her. Linda slumped to the ground as he pulled out. Her everything on the inside hurt but it was the best pain she had ever experienced.

Gregory stood up and looked over at Lisa who was fast asleep, the numerous amounts of intense orgasms had pushed her past her limits. Greg’s cock throbbed with the need to release.

“Master…” Linda moaned as she watched thick beads of precum drip from the tip of his cock. “May I finish you?” Linda asked.

Gregory smiled and nodded.

“Lay down master. This dirty slave will make you cum.”

Gregory laid on his back and Linda squatted down on his cock. She couldn’t contain her moan as his cock filled up her pussy completely.

“Fuck, your so big master.” She cringed.

Gregory offered his hands to Linda who took them for balance and slowly started moving up and then down. She turned her hips and rotated her pelvis allowing for her pussy to squeeze him in ways it didn’t normally.

As Linda slid down his cock she moaned as her bruised cervix sent waves of pain through her body. She had never been so brutally fucked before in her life, yet she had never had such beşiktaş escort an intense orgasm either. As she slid back up she felt the swollen head of his cock press on her inside of her G spot. A wave of pleasure swarmed her and she was overcome by the need to fuck his cock in a frenzy.

Linda leaned into him and started riding his cock fast and hard and deep, ensuring that his cock rubbed that special sensitive area.

“Fuck me master! Fuck my pussy master! Fuck yes!” She shouted. As she pounded herself on his cock, Gregory’s own climax was rising up. His cock thickened and his testicles stiffened.

“Fuck my cock slave.” He commanded.

“Yes master! I’m…oh fuck I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum on my cock slave!”

“I’m cumming master!” She shouted and a steady trickle of cum slid down his cock and onto his tight testicles. Linda sagged and breathed heavily but Greg was nearly there.

“Fuck my cock slave.” He commanded.

Linda, though her legs burned and her pussy ached got on her knees and started fucking his cock again.

She watched an expression of pure bliss crawl across Greg’s face and she knew he was close. Without warning Gregory wrapped his arms around Linda and started pounding his cock as fast and deep as he could.

“Oh fuck!” She screamed.

“I’m gonna cum deep inside you!” He groaned.

“Yes! Master! Cum in me!” Linda replied.

Gregory’s balls burned and his cock raged and throbbed and as he pounded his cock as hard as he could into her cervix, he erupted in an explosion of cum.

“Oh fuck yes!” Linda screamed as she felt his hot semen fill her cervix. Greg continued to pound her even as he throbbed and pulsed out thick loads of cum. Linda pulled away and slid off and wrapped her mouth around his cock and began pumping.

His cock throbbed out another load of semen into her mouth. She twisted and stroked his cock and squeezed his balls until every last drop of cum was in her mouth. Linda loved the taste and feel of his cum. She swished it around in her mouth and swallowed it slowly. Gregory loved how much his slave enjoyed his cum. Linda cupped her pussy and hurried over to the bed and squeezed her pussy. Even just tightening her pussy caused her both pleasure and pain.

Greg watched as his thick white cum drooled out from within her vagina and dripped onto Lisa’s chest. Linda slid her finger into her pussy and pushed out another glob of semen that covered Lisa’s breasts. After a minute she fell back onto the bed and opened her arms. Gregory walked over and embraced his mother.

“I love you.” She whispered.

“I love you too.”

They quickly slid into a deep slumber.

Gregory got up, took a shower, got dressed and went to work before anyone in the house was awake. He had an early shift and wanted to get things arranged before his first customers arrived. As he got to work and pulled into his usual parking spot, he was surprised to see Kate standing outside the back door of the store.

She paced the length of the door impatiently and once he got out she looked at him and hurried over.

“Are you working today Kate?” He asked.

“No.” She replied. “Can we go inside and talk?”

Gregory frowned and nodded and unlocked the doors and opened his room door for her. Kate hurried beylikdüzü escort to the bed, sat down.

“What’s wrong Kate?” Gregory asked.

Kate looked up at him, all her reservations were gone. She knew what she needed, what she wanted and she didn’t care what anyone else thought of it.

“Gregory. Please be my master.”

Greg swallowed hard and coughed.

“What?” He asked.

“Ever since the first time you used me, I…I can’t orgasm on my own anymore. It’s fucking frustrating!” She shouted.

“I tried for an hour to cum but I can’t! I need you! Please, I’ll be your anything. Your slave, your pet, your cum-dump I don’t care. Just please use me!” Kate pleaded.

“How about this, I have clients all day today but I’m going to set you up on the horse. Do you think you can handle being my toy for the next eight hours?” Gregory asked.

“I swear I can yes! Please! All my holes are cleaned out.” Kate replied.

“Okay, then get undressed and get on the horse.” He said.

Kate nearly tore her clothes off and climbed on the cold leather horse. He zip tied her wrists and ankles to the wooden pads of the horse and immediately Kate’s pussy grew moist.

Gregory walked over and started assembling his tools for the day. The first thing he did was oil her milk chocolate skin until it shimmered in the room lighting. Then he positioned the vibrator against her clitoris and tied the leather belt around her middle to ensure she couldn’t move away. Gregory lubed up a three inch long anal vibrator which connected to a vaginal vibrator and he slid both into their respective holes.

Kate whined as she felt the cold objects slide into her holes. Gregory attached one last thing which was a pair of steel weighted nipple clamps that dangled from her erect nipples.

“My first appointment isn’t until six.” He said and looked at the clock. It was only five fifty. He walked over to the dresser and picked up a pink remote and switched it on.

The dual vibrator jolted alive in response and Kate felt the pulse in both her holes. Never had she ever had so many toys used on her at the same time. She realized that eight hours was a long time to be tortured, before she could voice any concern she felt the dual vibrator hum to life. Her anus rippled with vibrations that seemed to echo through her pussy from the other vibrator.

Her breathing deepened and her heart rate jumped up. The vibrations were soft but still pleasurable. Kate wasn’t aware that her pussy was actively leaking a steady stream of precum.

“How does it feel doll?” Greg asked.

“So good master.” She replied.

Gregory turned off the toy as the first client walked in. A middle aged woman with dark blonde hair and a tight dress.

“Good morning. You just want to see it right?” He asked.

“Yes, I’ve heard so much about you I just have to see it.” She said bashfully.

Gregory pulled open his robe and exposed his thick semi-erect cock. The woman gasped and inspected it with her eyes.

“It’s truly massive.” She giggled.

After a good look she thanked him and left.

Greg sat back down and switched on the remote for the black vibrator which rested firmly against Kate’s clitoris. It roared to life and Kate let out a shriek or surprise. He switched on the anal vibrator and Kate’s moan of pleasure was all he needed to know that she was enjoying it.

“Thank you master.” She whined.

The next client was a young girl no older than twenty with short brown hair and wore only a short dress.

“You paid for an orgasm? Right?” He asked.

“Yes, please.” She said.