A Much, Much Younger Man Asked Me Out

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A Much, Much Younger Man Asked Me OutI’m a fairly new widow, and I don’t often get young men coming up to me at my old age of 57 asking to see me. But that’s exactly what happened not too long ago when a very handsome, young man of 27 approached me one day while I was at a book store and after talking for a bit shyly asked for my phone number. I gave it to him and to my surprise he called me and we met for lunch yesterday. But he didn’t make any attempt at taking things further, and I left disappointed and a bit upset since I assumed it was my age and looks that made my lunch date realize that I was way too old for him. But still, I wasn’t looking for a partner but just a friend with benefits sort of thing. Nevertheless, as I watched him drive off I felt a horrible sensation deep within me and I have to admit I shed a tear or two and the realization that I’m just not the person I was.So, I went home and chatted with some friends on Facebook when to my surprise I got a text from my young friend asking if he could come over as he had a chocolate cake he’d bought from the store I’d mentioned over lunch was my favorite.He came over, but this time I was bound and determined not to get my hopes up, and just concentrate on the cake he was bringing over and assume he’d leave after we chatted a bit.It was the difference between night and day in his behavior. He güvenilir bahis seemed far more assertive and sure of himself. Not sure what happened but he said and did all the right things and before I knew it we were making out on the couch like a couple of teenager.As things continued he got a bit overly hyper but many young men often are and I’ve found that it’s sometimes best to quell the fires of passion with a quickie to get it out of their system and then wait a bit to do it again, but at a much more relaxed pace.I made him promise that if I let him have a quickie he has to give me a slower one in an hour or so. He agreed and so we went to the bedroom where he took off his clothing and I was very happy to see him sporting a rather erect penis. It wasn’t massive or anything but I didn’t care as long as it was hard and was going to stay that way. The worst thing in the world is to have a man lose his erection a few minutes after making entry. He then assisted me in taking off my clothing in record time, got me onto the bed, spread my legs, and mounted me.I knew I told him we were going to have a quickie but I was hoping he would have the common sense to realize that he probably shouldn’t just enter me like that but do some sort of foreplay first either orally or using his fingers until he was certain I was wet enough for me to receive him into türkçe bahis my body. But he tried shoving it inside of me so I had to stop him and tell him to get some lubricant for me from the dresser drawer next to the bed. He got off me to get it, and came back with the open tube. He rubbed some onto his rather throbbing manhood and then put some onto his fingers and rubbed between my legs until he was certain I was ready for him. He then remounted me and I guided his penis into my entrance and let go and waited for him to enter me.It hurt a bit as he went a little too fast and there was a twinge of pain kind of like when you peel off a band aide quickly. However, once he was inside of me it really felt good and I wrapped my legs around his waist and just enjoyed myself.At one point, it was very surreal few moments as it didn’t feel real to me, and it was as though I was watching a movie of myself. I remember being on my back and just enjoying the sensation of his moving ;penis between my legs and I had to almost shake myself out of it that yes indeed I was being “fucked” in the literally sense and it was enjoyable.The growing pleasure rising up within me shook me out of my senior moment as I realized that this quickie, which was suppose to last a minute or two, was turning into a true “longie.”He lasted way longer than I expected him to, and he güvenilir bahis siteleri was bringing me closer to an orgasm, which I wasn’t expecting at all. I guess I didn’t realize just how much I needed sex at the moment. As I got closer and closer I was really hoping he would be able to continue just long enough for me to come.I was on the verge when he told me he was coming and when I heard him grunt and then felt his pulsating cock deep inside of me making its release that did it and I had a rather good climax. He ended up lasting maybe ten minutes inside of me, which is very good for a quickie by a young man.We relaxed and talked for about 45 minutes before doing it again. We went slower this time and I really enjoyed the foreplay with all the kissing, touching, fondling, and then him entering me once again. Though we used a variety of positions, I wasn’t able to come again for some reason. I often can only come once or maybe twice if things are going very well. It’s just something my body won’t allow me to have. I often read about multi-orgasmic women who can come over and over again. I believe it as I’ve talked with some women who can do this, but I sure wasn’t blessed with that gift.So, after my young friend came inside of me for the second time that day we relaxed a bit before he went home.And yes, I stayed in bed keeping my legs up so I could keep his semen inside of me for as long as possible. I have an almost obsession with having a man’s semen released inside of me. It just makes me feel good the longer I keep it inside.I don’t have to tell you that I had a very good sleep.