A Naughty Little Moment

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Chapter 1:

The day was a scorcher, the suns rays beamed down upon my bare chest as I brought my cold beer back up to my lips to take another drink. I was laying in the back yard of my parents’ house, soaking in some sun, wasting time, enjoying the last few weeks of my childhood before I was expected to grow up and get a job, and hopefully move out of home. My grades through school were poor at best and I never excelled in any one subject, opting instead for a life of partying, booze & sex. And here I am, 18 years old, finished school, lying in the sun with a beer and no aspirations to do anything….. I loved it.

I stood from the cane lounger that had been my solace over the last few weeks and made my way back into the house to get another beer, Dad was going to be pissed that I was drinking all his booze, again, but I’ll just make up for it with yard duties. I checked my phone that was sitting on the dining room table as I passed by on my way to the fridge, 2 new messages, both from my mother, I checked the top message.

“Umm sory hun, tht wasnt ment 4 u, jst prtnd u didnt c tht” was the top one, obviously the second text in the series. Interesting, I thought, and moved to the first of the 2 text messages, curious now to see what my mother had said to me that I had to pretend I hadn’t seen.

“My pussy is sooo wet, thnkin of wot i wil do 4 u nxt time we r 2getha again, im so horny, i cnt wait :)”

I stood, frozen, reading the text message again and then again. I was extremely confused, obviously the text wasn’t meant for me, and I highly doubt it was meant for my father, which would mean my mother was having an affair, or she could be genuinely excited to see her husband of 21 years, whom she hasn’t seen in 4 hours, since breakfast before they both went to work. I read the message again, and laughed, I just couldn’t picture my mother being horny, using the word pussy, did mothers even have a pussy, of course not, they had body parts used for reproduction, but that’s as far as it goes, a dirty little slapper girl you meet at a party has a pussy.

I pushed reply on my phone, I could either enquire as to whom that message was meant for, just leave it entirely, or play along for shits and giggles. If she was having an affair then that’s her business, who am I to interfere with that, shows she is a normal person anyway. If it was meant for Dad, then even better, it’s good to see there is still some life left in them.

I chuckled again, heck, I’m care free, I’m a rebel, it’s expected of me to make light of every situation, why be serious, if all else fails I could bribe her to buy me some more beer, the good stuff, not the crap that my father drinks.

I start tapping away at my phones keypad. “I cn’t wait 2 c u again 2, my big hrd cock is dyin 4 sum mor of ur special attn… oh, oops, hi mum ;)”

I pushed send and laughed, that’ll surprise her, man I’m going to get a rollicking when she gets home. I grabbed another beer and moved back outside into the sun, I had another 5 hours before anybody would be home, better make the most of it.

After about half an hour of lounging I received another text message, “I wll show u sum attn, 2 ur bare ass wth ur dads belt” I laughed again, she would be a bit more defensive if she was having an affair, perhaps the text was meant for my father.

“Mmm, kinky, but cn’t we start slow, sumthin 2 get us in the mood first.” I replied, smirking, that’ll get her, she’s bound to put a stop to this now.

Another reply, “Wot u got in mind??” Now, that can’t be my mother, someone at her work must be playing with her phone, or she is just really bored.

I replied, simply, “A blowjob”

After about five minutes she replied again, “U want ur own mum to put ur dick in her mouth, ur dreamin, you wll hav 2 do me plenty of favours b4 tht wood hapen”

I was shocked, if this was my mother texting me, she was definitely not acting like it, let me tell you about my mother. Her name is Rochelle, and she is a typical boring mother. She has got her qualities I guess, at 42 years old she is still quite an attractive woman, when she tries, her dyed dark brown wavy hair frames her face nicely and comes down to rest on her shoulders. Her figure is… curvy, from looking at old photos I’d say she had a great figure back in the day, but has since let her self go a tad, by no means would you call her big, or even chubby, just curvy, in a nice way to, it works for her. Finally her butt is round, again not large, but it has a good amount of roundness to it that is often accented by a tight pair of jeans, and her chest definitely stands out, I have no idea about size but as far as breasts go, they seem to be a good handful. Well, maybe I have sized her up a couple times, in passing, you know, as much as any teenage male would when a female is in the room, but in no means in any way sexual, she is my mother after all, and we have history, lots of motherly nagging, “clean your room, put your istanbul escort washing out, eat your vegetables!!” Yeah, bad history there, she just doesn’t understand, she is obviously just not my type.

But this certainly was getting interesting, and I replied to her. “Wot kind of favors wood tht b?”

In only 2 minutes this time I got a reply, “Well u can clean ur room 4 a start”

Yeah, that’s my mother all right, and still definitely not my type, too naggy, too needy, I wouldn’t get a moments rest, I’ll pass thanks.

I replied, “ur no fun… & dads almost out of beers 2” send, and chopped the remaining liquid from my now empty bottle. Another hour wasted I guess, I could text my girlfriend, Bianca, and see if she was keen to cruise around, maybe I would get a blowjob after all.

Chapter 2:

I was in the living room when I heard mum get home from work, I was watching a show about people in a cooking competition to become the best chef, although boring I was taking notes, you could say I had a slight interest in cooking, enough to try and charm a lady anyway.

“Hey hun, how was your afternoon?” she asked as she walked into the room, she dropped her handbag on the floor and slumped down onto the sofa next to me, doing nothing for her posture. There was no hint of our text messaging game on her face, so I decided not to mention it at this stage.

“Yep, it was fine,” I replied, ignoring mum and trying to concentrate on the TV.

“Your father has had to do another trip tonight so won’t be home ’til after midnight, so it’s just you and me for the evening,” she said. My father, Peter, was a truck driver, it wasn’t uncommon to get a last minute job that needed to be delivered, and he was usually first to put up his hand for some overtime, although I believe that was a big no no for truck drivers.

“Oh joy mum, It’s gonna be a jam packed night then isn’t it,” I said sarcastically and she slapped me on my shoulder with a smirk spread across her face.

“Smart-ass,” she replied, laughing.

We sat for a bit longer, watching TV, I was getting hungry as I watched the chef’s on TV cooking up what looked like a mighty fine meal and I wondered when I would be getting fed tonight, however rather than just asking mum I grabbed my mobile phone from my pocket and started to text her. “So whens dinner & wot u got in mind,”

A few seconds later mum’s phone beeped from her handbag on the floor, she looked at me, knowing full well it was me that sent it, and sighed in a jokingly angry way as she had to give up her poor postured slouch in order to reach in to her bag at her feet and pulled out her mobile phone, read the text and smirked again. As I hoped she didn’t reply directly to me and text a few words and clicked send.

“Favors hun, where r my favors?” I laughed inside to myself, she certainly wanted to play the game, and I’m seeing a different side to my usually motherly mother.

“Im not cleanin my room, so wot other favors could there be,” I text back.

She read the text, smiled and started typing away again, then stopped and started watching TV for a bit, my reply didn’t come and I wondered what she was waiting for. Moments later she clicked a couple more buttons and a reply came to my phone.

“Well i guess a good hard fuck is out of the qustion, so ill settle 4 a foot massage, but it wont be half as much fun ;o)” I laughed again, out loud this time and looked over at her, she was looking back at me, a cheeky grin on her face, she was definitely not holding back in this game, and my cock twitched in my pants slightly, I wanted to see how far she would go, seeing as she was the first to stop the fun earlier today.

I replied, “ohhh, why is a fuck out of the qustion?? it wood be fun,”

“Because im ur mother, & that wood be very VERY naughty!” she replied back to me, she was now keeping her gaze upon the TV and seemed a little too shy to look at me.

“But it wood be fun though,” I text back to her.

“Well naughty is always fun” she said.

“Just say you did want to fuck your son, what position wood u want to be in?”

“I didnt say i didnt want to, i said it was naughty ;o) im not teling u wat position”

My cock was starting to grow and throb against my pants, this was really starting to turn me on, I had no idea what had gotten into my mother, but she was definitely being playful, especially compared to the slightly up tight person that she usually was, perhaps she has been getting it a lot more often, and I went back to my original thoughts that maybe she WAS having an affair. But this texting game I was enjoying, perhaps a little too much if my hardening cock was anything to go by and I crossed my legs in order to conceal it, however the movement wasn’t lost on mum as she giggled out loud when she saw me do this.

Before I had a chance to reply to her, she started texting again. “Darling, avcılar escort r u hard 4 mommy”

I blushed embarrassed yet excited that she had noticed, and she seemed to be bringing the game into a reality by mentioning it. I replied back to her, “Well of corse, u being so naughty is turnin me on,”

Suddenly her voice broke the silence between us, and seemed a lot louder to my ears than it actually was. “What are you going to do about it?” she said, still smirking at me cheekily. I was now extremely nervous, I could tell her whatever I wanted to say in a text message, but now that I had to speak the words out loud to her all confidence that I previously had went flying out the window.

“I… ahhh…. what… what do you want to do about it,” I stuttered, my face crimson with embarrassment, and I couldn’t believe how nervous I had become so quickly, this certainly wasn’t me, I had a girlfriend of almost a year that let me fuck her whenever I wanted, I could usually talk my way out of, or into, any situation, but this was different, she was my mother, and I guess you would never ever practice what you would do in this situation because it’s never meant to arise, besides the fact that she was probably only playing a game, I wouldn’t want to make a move and freak her out if she wasn’t serious.

My mother started giggling a lot louder this time, she was really enjoying herself, and she sat up putting her left arm behind my head on the back of the sofa, and leant her face in close to mine, “Well my dear, unfortunately I still can’t let you fuck me,” she whispered to me looking into my eyes. What the fuck, I now know where my confidence went, she stole it, and I couldn’t believe she could be so brave to say these words to me, to her own son. “But……..” she started, and then stopped.

“But what?” I asked, looking back into her eyes, and couldn’t keep from smiling back at her.

“Well, I think what you should do, seeing as your friend here has risen to the occasion, and it definitely wouldn’t be fun to waste it…..,” she stopped, and looked down at my crutch briefly, taking in the sight of my dick making a tent out of my pants, the smile hadn’t left her sweet lips since this had began, she really seemed to be enjoying this. “I think you should jerk off for me, that wouldn’t be anywhere near as naughty as fucking, but it would still be fun.”

“But still naughty though mum,” I said back to her.

Her face came closer to mine, her lips only an inch from mine, “Oh it’s very naughty son, and you may have realized how much I just Love to be naughty, and it would really make me wet to watch my handsome son take his cock into his hand and play with himself.”

I slowly lent my face towards hers and just as my lips were about to touch hers she jerked back quickly. “Come on,” she said as she giggled. “You’ve got ten seconds to get your pants off or I might change my mind.”

I sat there staring at her for five seconds, hesitating, before realizing she was serious. I quickly reached down to my pants, undoing the button and pulling the zip down as fast as I could, I lifted my ass off the couch and pulled them down my hips, my underwear with them and when they cleared my penis it flicked back hitting me in the stomach. I pulled my pants the rest of the way down my legs and kicked them off onto the ground in front of us, then looking over at my smiling mother I sat back against the back of the couch, my hard cock standing up to attention.

Mums face was one of pure mock shock, and then a wide open lipped smile spread across her pretty face. “I can’t believe you did that hun, I was half joking around with you,” she said looking into my eyes, the big smile still evident.

“And the other half?” I asked, looking into her eyes as my hand slowly strayed towards my erect cock. Her eyes left mine as they watched my moving hand and for the first time she took in the sight of my manhood, standing tall and waiting for some attention, and her smile got even bigger as her lips came together for a delightful grin.

“Well, the half of me that wasn’t joking is excited beyond my most wildest dreams, that………. is a tasty looking cock you have there my love,” she said to me as she watched my fingers wrap around my dick and give a quick squeeze, making the blood rush to the head and grow even larger, and I watched as her tongue wet her lips and she leant in closer to get a better look.

“Well, as gorgeous as it is, I don’t think it’s going to jerk off itself, get busy young mum, do what your mother tells you,” she said as she leant into my side, her head coming to rest on my chest and made herself comfortable, ready for the show. With my left hand wrapped around my penis I put my right arm around my mother, my hand coming to rest on her hip.

I Started stroking my hard cock, slowly at first but sped up to a constant rhythm, I was turned on beyond belief as I lay on the couch, stroking myself şirinevler escort for my mother as she leant against me, watching every little movement of my hand on my cock. As I speed up even more a drop of pre-cum leaked from the head and she purred with a sultry, “Mmmmmmm.” My next movement took my foreskin over the head spreading the pre-cum and giving the knob a shiny sheen. While continuing to jerk myself off, my other hand started playing circles on mum’s hip, she was wearing a thin flowing summery skirt and I could feel the sides of her underwear through the material. My hand slowly eased its way down and my fingers spread out to accommodate my mother’s full ass cheek for the first time. I squeezed her ass as wicked thoughts ran through my mind, I was gripping my mother’s ass cheek, never would I have ever thought about doing this, let alone the opportunity ever arising.

“Mmmm, you’re being a little touchy don’t you think James, why in the world would you feel the need to touch your mums big old behind,” she purred as she felt my hand squeeze then gently rub her ass cheek, all the while my other hand stroking up and down my dick right in front of her face.

“What can I say, this is very exciting,” I replied. I started stroking myself a little faster now and gave a gentle moan to the increased pleasure. “And besides, I’m quite liking your ass right now mum, it’s fucken hot.”

Mum Laughed, her head lifting as she turned to look into my eyes. “Why thank you dear, that’s nice of you to say so.” Then looking down at my dick again as I gave it a few quick tugs she asked, “Do you feel like coming yet?”

“Mmm Hmmm,” I simply mumbled my reply as I kept up my stroking, and with my other hand I started pulling her thin skirt up her legs, tugging at the fabric with my fingers as I looked over her shoulders I watched as the smooth skin of her calves came into view, the higher I pulled up her skirt the more bare skin I was treated to. My mothers right hand moved and came to rest on my t-shirt covered stomach, butterflies crept over my skin as she did and I sucked in my breathe.

Her hand started playing circles on my stomach, and then it slipped down to the bottom of my tee, moved under the material onto my bare skin, her touch light and the sensations rippling through my body. She started pulling the bottom of my shirt up, baring my stomach, and then higher as she pushed it up under my chin, my pubescent hairy chest on display for her. “I don’t really want to do a load of come stained washing, so we might want to take this off,” she said as she tugged on my shirt some more and I accommodated her, my hand having to leave my dick for a moment as she pulled my tee over my head, then I settled back down, my dick in my left hand and my right hand returning to it’s place on my mothers hip.

“Now…” she said looking directly into my eyes as her fingers casually flicked through the sparse hair on my chest.” I want you to come for mommy, don’t hold back one bit.”

“Fuck mum, I’m so hot right now I’ll do anything, and I mean Anything, that you ask,” I said with a big lust filled grin and started to stroke my cock at full speed, the sound of my masturbation could be heard throughout the room as my pre-cum coated my shaft, the head shiny and moist, my hand slick with the juices of my arousal.

“Good boy,” she purred, her eyes again returning the action between my legs. “Play with your nice hard cock for me.” She kept watching avidly, while I stroked myself for her, then I looked over her shoulder again and took in the sight of her bare right thigh, how had I never noticed how gorgeous my mothers legs were, I thought to myself as I pulled up her skirt still further, I had to get my hands onto her smooth bare skin.

I suddenly felt a cold, wet sensation on my right nipple as I looked down to see my mothers tongue circling the hardening nub. “Mmmm,” I moaned out loud as her tongue played quickly over my now hard nipple, and then she placed her lips over my whole tit and started to suck as much as she could into her mouth. This was definitely something new to me and it turned me on beyond anything I’d ever felt before, while I stroked my hard cock and mum sucked on my hard nipple my right hand busied itself frantically pulling her skirt until it was hunched up around her waist, and my cock pulsed in my hand while I stared at my partially naked mothers body.

I ran my hand over her smoothness, her skin was soft and meaty, different to my girlfriend Bianca’s boniness, mum had a bit of weight around her hips and ass and it felt like heaven to me. I ran my hand down onto her panty covered ass cheek and gave a squeeze and a wobble, at the same time I felt mum’s teeth dig into my nipple as she bit gently into the skin. I winced and looked down to see her cheekily looking up at me, her teeth clenched tightly on my nipple, her eyes smiling naughtily. I squeezed her ass again and in turn received another bite to my hard nipple, and then she released and started lapping with her wet tongue like a kitten to a bowl of milk, all the while her eyes smiling up at mine.

With all the sensations combined, and the fact that this was my mother that I was doing this with, I felt the familiar bubbling in my balls, my body telling me that my release was close.