A New Experience

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A New ExperienceA New Experienceby hotngr82002© A girlfriend of mine introduced me to Bob. He was nearly 20 years younger than me. Very handsome and beautiful body. He invited me out to dinner and I graciously accepted. When he picked me up, he had really dressed nice and I was very pleased with his appearance. I was dressed to match his attire. He complimented me on my nice legs as we walked to the car. We had a couple of drinks before a very nice dinner. We talked very openly with each other, expressing our likes and dislikes. It was nice to hear that we had so much in common, even with the age difference. Before finishing with dinner, there was a small combo that started playing nice soft dance music. Much to my surprise, Bob asked me to dance. It was very nice slow music, and our bodies seemed to meld into one. I could feel his cock getting hard right from the start of our first dance. I could also feel myself getting very wet. After several nice dances, he said, “Why don’t we go?” I said fine, and we exited the restaurant. On the way back to my house, I let my hands go to his very hard cock. He smiled and said he liked that. I petted his cock and massaged his balls. He pulled over to the curb, turned and gave me a wonderful, wet, deep kiss. His eyes were so beautiful. As they looked deep into mine, he asked if I was his for the night. I told him by all means. He kissed me once again, and we headed for my house. We entered my house and he had his lips on mine. As he was kissing me he began to undress me. He unzipped the back of my dress and he slipped it off of my shoulders. He undid my bra and it also fell to the floor. He kissed me hard, went to my neck, licking and sucking, down to my titties, kissing, rubbing, sucking. Then down my tummy as he approached my bikini panties, he slid them down, using his teeth, as he came to my clit, he stopped and helped himself. He spread my legs and he took my pussy in his warm wet mouth giving me his tongue and a finger at the same time. I let out a gasp as I climaxed. He came up with a wet face and kissed me hard sharing my nectar. Bob took my hand and led me to the bedroom. Hoping that this would happen, I had placed several nice candles on the nightstands, had turned the bed down, and had some nice wine on ice. He liked what I had done and said he wanted to show me how much. Before I had a chance to touch him, he had his shirt off, belt open, pants down, and in his black silk shorts, his hard throbbing cock was sticking out like a flag pole. My god his body was beautiful. So firm and tan. He removed his shoes and pants and straddled me on the edge of the bed. I asked if I could take him first. He smiled and slowly entered his beautiful cock, covered with precum, into my warm, wet mouth. I immediately took him deep throat and he let out a moan like I have never heard before. I teased his cock with my tongue, up and down his beautiful shaft, down to his balls, rubbing the very edge of his anus. He was groaning out loud. I slowly removed his cock from my mouth and told him I wanted him to fuck me hard. tipobet365 yeni giriş I turned over so he could take me doggie style. As he entered me, I climaxed a second time just from the force of his hard cock. Shortly he pulled out, layed me down and went right to my pussy. His tongue and fingers were like magic wands, sending shocks of pleasure over and over. We went into the missionary position then, and I climaxed again. Then he rolled over and had me on top. As I slid his firm hard cock in my hot wet pussy, he slid a small dildo into my ass. Oh my god, I thought that I was going to faint. The ecstasy was unbelievable. I rode him and the dildo like I was performing at a rodeo. My next climax was absolutely maximum and the bed was soaked. I pulled off his hard cock and told Bob I would be right back. When I returned, I told him to just relax and scoot up on the bed. I took one wrist at a time and wrapped them, one by one, slowly and tied them to the headboard. I put a folded tissue over his eyes and put a strip of masking tape over the tissue. I told him to spread his legs and loosely tied his ankles as I did his wrists. Then I prepared what I had brought with me, straddled his gorgeous body and began my little time of fun. I lit my thin pillar candle, and held it high above his chest. As the first drop of paraffin tumbled towards his body, my pussy began to pulsate. As the first drop hit his chest, I heard a gasp. I tilted the candle a little more and the second and third drop hit almost simultaneously. His breath became fast and panting. I let several more drops fall in different areas. As I lowered the candle, I knew that the wax was warmer to his body. He began to thrust his buttocks up, undulating like he was riding a bull. I let one more drop of wax fall just below his belly button, blew out the candle and set it on the night stand. I took his cock into my mouth, and within seconds, he exploded into my throat. His moans, groans and escacty came out thru his ejaculation into my mouth. He lay there on the bed motionless. I licked and sucked every drop of cum from his wonderful cock. I moved up to his mouth, kissed him deeply and asked if he liked that. He just rolled his head back and forth and finally said, next time I am in control. After I cleaned him up with a nice warm wash cloth and dried him off, we enjoyed the rest of our wine and just snuggled for awhile. Later on, we just rolled over and had one hell of a good fuck with each other. Both of us had an orgasm together and it was beautiful. As Bob was getting dressed, he asked me if he could bring a friend with him next time he came over. I smiled and said, sure, I would like that. Bob called the next day and asked if he and Stan could come over on Friday night at 7:00. I said I would be looking forward to it and I would have some snacks for us to munch on. I was excited about their visit. At 7:00 sharp the doorbell rang. I answered the door wearing my black teddy. By the look on their faces and in their eyes, they liked what they saw. When they came tipobet365 giriş in, the kind of made a sandwich out of me. Bob in front, and Stan behind me. Bob was already kissing me and I could feel two erections coming at me, it was outstanding. I pushed forward against Bob’s cock and backward with my butt up against Stan’s hard cock. I took one hand and put it on Bob and one hand behind me on Stan. My god, I couldn’t believe that I was going to have both of them and just me. I could feel my pussy ready to drip with my juices. I wiggled free and asked what they wanted to drink. They both wanted Scotch and water, so I fixed the three of us one. I told them to get comfortable while I made the drinks. When I returned and saw the two of them sitting there, their cocks up like flagpoles, I released a little gasp. As I gave Bob his drink, I took his hard throbbing cock in my mouth and gave him a nice deep throat kiss. I repeated the same with Stan. This really got their attention. I had a tray of fresh fruit, cheeses and crackers but they wanted to eat something else. They both got up and again, sandwiched me, as Bob slid the straps of my teddy off my shoulders. He fondled my titties and began kissing and sucking on them. Stan began kissing and licking my neck and down my back. He put one hand and between my legs, spreading them out. Then, Bob was down to my already wet pussy with his tongue and fingers in and out. Stan was in my ass, it was more than I could stand. I moaned and groaned and told them I had to lay down as my legs were giving out on me. They never stopped finger fucking me as they walked me to my bedroom. I had turned the bed down and had two candles burning along with two soft red lights on. The music was playing soft romantic songs. Never once did they stop finger fucking me – as they laid me down on the bed, Bob’s mouth engulfed my pussy and his tongue and fingers were r****g my pussy – it was sensational. Bob turned me over. Put his hard cock in my pussy and at the same time, Stan came up on the bed and I took his cock in my mouth, deep, deeper until he was down in my throat. I played with his balls and he was moaning all the time. As Bob thrust his cock harder and harder into me, Stan’s cock went farther down my throat. I couldn’t breath and thought that I was going to pass out. I had to back off and catch my breath. About that time, the guys wanted to change places, so Stan started fucking me and I took Bob in my mouth. My whole body just shuddered with ecstasy, I wanted more and I wanted it harder, then ease off to slow strokes and slow sucking of the cock. I told them I had to rest for a few minutes. We all enjoyed a few sips of our drinks then and Bob brought in the tray of snacks. We set the tray in the middle of the bed and we sat around it. Bob took a nice big red strawberry and wiped it on my pussy, put it in his mouth and devoured it. Stan followed with another strawberry. I was playing back and forth with one cock and then the other. They were both dripping precum, so I took my strawberry and wiped tipobet365 güvenilirmi Bob’s cock first and ate the wonderful juiced berry, then the same with Stan’s. We all enjoyed that treat. Bob told me to lay down. As I did he inserted a g**** in my pussy and said he was going to suck it out. He played, licked, and sure enough, he sucked it back out and ate it. So, then Stan had to follow. It was totally different and fun. They liked it too. We exchanged kisses, I licked some precum off both of them, exchanged kisses with each of them. I told them I needed some more cock and wanted to be fucked hard this time, one at a time, to see who could fuck me the hardest. Bob was first and he wanted it doggie style – me on the edge of the bed and him standing behind me. My pussy was dripping wet just thinking about it. As his throbbing cock thrust into my pussy, it took my breath away. I backed up to meet his thrusts and climaxed immediately. I told him harder, harder, and as he increased his speed and thrusts, I climaxed again. Stan said, it was his turn. He wanted me doggie style too, but him on the bed behind me. The first thrust nearly drove me off of the bed. His cock was so hard and firm, our legs just matched perfectly, so he was at the right angle. As he drove into me he entered a finger in my ass and I thought I would collapse. God it felt so good. I could feel his finger hitting his cock as he finger fucked me, and the sensations were out of this world. I told him to give me two fingers. As he did, I climaxed and squirted all over both of us. When he felt my juices flow over him, he let out a groan and shot his cum into me. I could feel his release into my pussy and it was so warm and wonderful. Slowly, he backed off, and I told him I wanted to suck his cock and drink our combined juices. He loved it as I took his still firm cock into my mouth and licked him clean. I excused myself and went in the bathroom and cleaned up for Bob. When I returned, Stan had brought a chair in and was sitting in it. Said he wanted to watch Bob and I make love. As I approached the bed, Bob put his hand out and brought me to him. He kissed me ever so gently, then, hard. He reached around and spanked my butt firmly. Told me to lay down and spread my legs. I did and he immediately began to lick and suck my nice clean pussy. He had seen the enjoyment of Stan finger fucking my ass, so he followed suit. I immediately climaxed again. When my shudders ceased, he came up and slid his throbbing cock in my pussy. He was talking to me telling me to come to him as hard as I could. I followed his wishes and as we met, hard, harder I could hear his breathing quicken. He was pumping harder than ever, his cock hitting every part of my pussy until he exploded his cum into me. His pumping slowed and his whole body shook. He did not pull out, but lay down on top of me ever so easy and asked if he could hold me for awhile. I kissed his warm, pussy wet mouth, and let him know I liked that too. He held me for some time, then rolled over and kissed my tummy. Stan got up and once again, they sandwiched me between them. We all laid on our sides, snuggled together. After a short snooze, I woke first and slid out from between them, and once again cleaned myself up. Then I refreshed our drinks, woke them, and said lets go for a swim, the pool is waiting for us.