A New Kind of Attraction

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A stiff breeze had picked up when Sam finished unpacking his bags and tools. He took a deep breath in, inhaling and savoring the scent of the salty, spicy air of the northern BC coastline. He’d arrived the previous morning from Vancouver after a winter and early spring spent teaching engineering classes. Classrooms had never been his thing, really—he preferred field work in the great outdoors. While he could most likely earn a substantial living by committing to teaching and setting down his roots, the open air and the adventure of an uncertain future suited him best.

It really was great to get back to camp. This summer, he’d be working in a remote wilderness lodge, in charge of everything from boat maintenance to generator repair. He’d be working his own hours, essentially making sure that everything in the small camp was working.

Six months previous, he’d ended his last relationship. He’d had a couple one night stands, but no desire yet for another relationship. That was another reason he was so keen to get back to camp life – to his knowledge, he was the only gay staff member around, and he was genuinely looking forward to having the sexual and relational side of his life turned off for a bit. That would most certainly not be true at the end of the season, but for now it was just what he wanted.

Sam was a good looking fellow. He stood around 5’10, sporting a slender, toned build and a beard that he often preferred slightly unkempt. Add to that his deep brown eyes and a general propensity towards smiling, and it was no surprise that he was a well liked and respected 38 year old.

He brought out his phone and checked the time. 11 AM—the three resident fishing guides would be arriving any minute. He made his way to the dock to introduce himself and have an initial look at their boats for the season. Sure enough, when he got there, he could see three boats on the horizon. The first two arrived a bit before the third, so he introduced himself and made some idle conversation. These guys were about as close to the stereotype as it gets. Brash, loud and already halfway into their second beer, they had lean frames that somehow supported protruding bellies that can only be obtained by their poor nutrition and six beer a day minimum. At any rate, they were eager to get up to their rooms, guzzle beer and talk about fish, so Sam bid them goodbye. Soon enough, the third boat came in, and Sam could already tell that the trim tabs were malfunctioning, explaining the boat’s slower pace. When the boat was moored, Sam’s breath caught for a second at the man who hopped out of the boat.

He was maybe 5’11, and absolutely barrel-chested. He was easily the most solid, mountain of a man he’d ever seen. His arms were bigger than Sam’s legs, and were both muscled and hairy. While his chest itself was muscled, it also sported an enormous gut below it; though his was not like the other guides. His was hard and thick, not flabby with the telltale signs of an unhealthy lifestyle. And his face—he wore a big, brown beard that was greying on the chin and sideburns, a large, broad nose, and striking blue eyes. Like pale Antarctic summer moods; Sam was sure they were the truest shade of blue. Luckily, Sam didn’t communicate any of this to this handsome giant of a man, and instead introduced himself.

“Hiya! I’m Sam. I’m your maintenance guy this season,” he said, successfully hiding his elevated heart rate.

“Hey Sam! I’m Dan,” the big man said, offering an enormous hand with bratwurst-sized fingers.

Sam shook his hand, feeling the strength behind the handshake, and remarking once again on how intriguing Dan’s eyes were.

“Looks like my trim tabs have bit the dust,” Dan said with a smile, “so I’m sorry to say I’ll have to put you to work right off the bat.”

“I noticed that, too—and not a problem, that’s my job,” Sam said with a wink, “Feel free to get yourself setup in your room, I should have this all fixed up in a couple hours.”

Dan thanked him again, and went to gather his bags from the boat. Sam sure noticed when Dan crouched down to pick up his bags, displaying a shapely pair of butt cheeks that appeared to be both soft and muscled. When Dan leaned forward, Sam was treated to a brief moment of plumber-butt, revealing a back and ass that were at least as furry as his arms. Sam shook his head, once again reminding himself that he was not up here for that. But damn it, what a view, and what a man. Sam had never really been into a big guy before. He wasn’t sure what it was about Dan. There was a sense of genuineness, and a real, grounded presence that Sam found intriguing.

Dan collected his bags, and headed inside, and Sam got to work. He didn’t notice when Dan turned around and gave Sam a quick, appraising look.

Their summer was busy, and Sam and Dan quickly became good friends. They would often eat dinner together, or have a beer at Dan’s boat at the end of the day. Sam was always there to keep Dan’s boat in tip-top shape, and Dan’s positivity was infectious, and his smile was adana escort a ray of sunshine. Dan seemed to respect his time with Sam, too, and soon enough they were hanging out nearly every day.

On the occasional day off, Dan would take Sam out on his boat and go fishing in the morning. Sam was able to mostly quiet down his mind down about how much Dan drove him crazy, though now that the weather was getting hotter, Dan was wearing shorts more often, displaying an unbelievably thick set of calves, as well as an enormous, eye-catching bulge when he sat down. Sam continued to do his best to not pay attention.

One morning while fishing together, Sam caught something big. Real big. They both hooted and hollered as the fish pulled on the rod, to the point that Sam thought it might rip the rod from his hands. Dan quickly jumped in to help, grabbing the rod with him. Sam felt the fur on Dan’s arms against his, and inhaled Dan’s sweaty, musky scent, and it was like an electric shock going through him. Sam had never had a thing for scents in the past, and generally preferred his men showered and clean. But there was something about Dan’s smell that drove him absolutely wild, just like his gentle nature and kind personality. It was raw and untamed, and he found himself drinking in Dan’s scent like he was dying of thirst. He was desperately trying to keep things professional, until the fish got away, and they continued to hold the rod, still arm to arm. Sam now noticed the feeling of Dan’s huge, firm, warm belly next to him. This only lasted a second before the both stepped away awkwardly, and Sam did his best to pretend it was an accident. As Dan sheepishly smiled while sitting down to drive back to the lodge, Sam could have sworn Dan’s bulge looked much larger than normal, but he was a sucker for wishful thinking, so he put the thought away, and they both returned to camp.

A month passed from that point, and they continued to hang out every day. They never spoke of the incident on the boat, but sometimes Sam was sure Dan’s eyes lingered on him a bit longer than usual, and perhaps that some of the pauses between their speech grew heavier and more weighted. Charged, almost, like a storm. One morning in mid-August, Dan came up to Sam and cheerfully said, “So, did you hear the news, roomie?”

“News? What news? Clearly not, I guess,” Sam replied.

“Admin overbooked the lodge for the next two weeks. It’s looking like your room is now a guest room, and you’ll be rooming with me.”

Sam, while mostly happy about this decision, was also a bit nervous. The last thing he wanted was to ruin their friendship, and he couldn’t even think about their last fishing adventure without taking their friendship to a completely different place. At any rate, he went to his room and started packing his stuff, telling himself over and over that Dan was just a good friend.

Sam brought his stuff over to Dan’s room in one of the on-site quads. Dan was out on a fishing tour at the moment—Sam figured he must be roasting as they were in the middle of a hot spell. They both had single beds at opposite sides of the room, as well as their own armoire and night table. Sam had just got the last of his clothes put away when Dan barged through the door, looking sun-drenched and wild.

“Hey pal!” he said, “I’ll be out of your hair pretty quick here, I’ve got to go back and clean the boat. That was my last trip for the day.”

With that, Dan stripped off his shirt, revealing a huge set of pecs, with equal parts muscle and pudge. Below it stretched his huge belly, covered in coarse hair and tanned by his days in the sun. All in all, it was an incredible sight to behold, and Sam already found himself trying to keep parts of his mind at bay, though not just from the sight of this handsome man in front of him. Dan’s sweaty, musky scent filled the room, and Sam felt almost light-headed. Since when did something like that turn him on? Soon enough, Dan put on a new shirt, and threw the old one in the hamper.

“See ya, man—come by the boat later for a beer if you want,” he said as he left.

Sam agreed, and bid his goodbye, all the while hoping that his erection wasn’t visible through his shorts. He felt his eyes being drawn to the laundry hamper that now contained Dan’s sweaty shirt. Against all of his better judgement, he went over to it and pulled out the shirt. He could smell Dan’s scent wafting off of it as he brought it up to his nose and inhaled deeply. He almost thought we was going to pass out in ecstasy as he brought his nose to the still-damp armpit of the shirt. God, he smelled good. All of a sudden, he heard the door shut next to him, with Dan standing next to it staring at him. He’d been so enraptured by his scent that he didn’t even hear the door open.

Sam’s first thought was that he’d just ruined their friendship, and felt nothing but a sinking feeling of guilt. Dan walked over to him, saying nothing, bright blue eyes shining and sparkling with a strange intensity that Sam couldn’t adana escort bayan quite read.

“Come here,” Dan said in a shockingly warm and inviting voice.

As he did, Dan stripped off his new shirt, and lifted up one arm, revealing a damp and very hairy pit.

“You might as well get it from the source,” he said with a smile and a twinkle in his eye.

Sam happily obliged, and took a long, deep inhale next to Dan’s damp, musky pits. At this point, his cock was beyond hard and starting to leak precum. Dan took Sam’s head in one giant hand, and pressed it firmly into his pit, and Sam started tasting it; sweat and musk all intertwined in a mass of hair. He was in extasy.

Dan pulled his head back, saying, “You know, I’d hoped—but I wouldn’t have guessed. I’ve been into you since day one.”

“You’re kidding me,” Sam replied, “I literally have not been able to take my eyes off you. And I just want you to know, this sweat/smell thing is brand new to me. It’s kind of weirding me out how into it I am.”

Dan smiled understandingly, and took a step back, undoing his belt. His shorts dropped to the floor, revealing a tight pair of boxer briefs that did little to hide his enormous bulge.

“I’m pretty nuts about the smell thing too—it’s actually a relief that you are, too. Makes me feel less like a freak,” he said with a chuckle, “Listen. If I’m being too forward or abrupt here, by all means let me know. But if you’re into the smell of my pits—you should smell my underwear.”

Sam’s heart skipped a beat. He knelt down and gingerly sniffed near Dan’s package. His forehead grazed and then lightly pressed into Dan’s giant, hairy belly as he brought his nose in closer. There was the same delicious, sweaty, musky smell that he’d loved since the beginning, but there was something else there too—something more erotic and altogether masculine. It was downright intoxicating. He also noticed a wet spot growing on Dan’s briefs, and was happy that he was as riled up as Sam was. Sam continued to smell, until Dan moved back and said, “close your eyes.”

Sam obliged, and heard some shuffling sounds, and was then intimately introduced to the inside of Dan’s underwear as he lay them over Sam’s face. An entire day’s worth of sweat and musk entered his nose, and he thought he was close to orgasming. Soon enough, the briefs were off his face, and Dan told him to open his eyes. When he did, he was greeted by the girthiest penis he’d ever seen; not incredibly long, but stout like Dan’s barrel chest. It was easily wider than a beercan. Below it lay an almost inhumanly large and low hanging set of balls. And around it all lay a thick tuft of fragrant bush. Had his cock been just a little bit longer, it would have reached and touched the bottom of his belly. As it was now, which Sam thought was the perfect length, it stopped just below it, rock hard and pulsating as it was.

“Too much for you yet?” Dan asked with a chuckle, “I mean, I have no problem with having a shower first if this is too much.”

“No. Not at all. This is perfect,” Sam said as he gently began to sniff Dan’s damp and fragrant balls, once again remarking at how unbelievably huge they were—almost like tennis balls. He lifted them up, and was greeted by an even more intense scent of Dan’s crotch. Dan spread his legs slightly, and Sam brought his nose up under his balls and took a long, deep inhale. It was as if he was inhaling pure masculinity; the essence of a man. He took one of Dan’s musky, sweaty balls in his mouth, and Dan moaned. After he sucked on the other one, Dan brought his huge hand down and grabbed his thick cock, fingers not even able to touch around it, and slowly pulled back his foreskin. It revealed a very engorged head that was moist with precum. This added yet another dimension to the symphony of scent that held Sam captive. It was, by far, the best smelling penis he’d ever smelled. And usually he liked them freshly showered. Dan’s penis was decidedly not freshly showered after a day (or more) of work, which normally would have been a no-go for him. What was it about Dan that was so different? Pheromones, or something like that?

Sam was about to go a bit further, when the radio piped up, saying “Dan? Dan, are you there? Our evening guests got in three hours early and need to be picked up and brought to the lodge. Dan?”

Sam stood up sheepishly, and Dan smiled at him as he walked buck naked over to the radio, while Sam admired his voluptuous, muscled and hairy ass, as well as the forest of hair the sprouted from its crack.

“Dan here. On it. Leaving in 5,” he said.

He walked back over to Sam, enormous balls wagging back and forth with each step, and said, “Well if I haven’t freaked you out too much, perhaps we can continue this later?”

Sam grinned and said, “I doubt I’ll be able to think of anything else until then.”

Dan grinned as well, and began to take off Sam’s shirt.

“I need a turn, quick, before I go,” he said.

He escort adana nuzzled his face and great big beard into Sam’s pit, voraciously sniffing and licking, like a starved animal. Meanwhile, Sam undid his belt and let his shorts fall to the floor. Dan was soon huffing and puffing all over Sam’s crotch, making his 8″ cock threated to cum all on its own. Dan ripped Sam’s underwear down, and began to sniff and lick and rub his beard all over Sam’s crotch. The feeling of Dan and his beard down there was absolutely heavenly. But sadly, Dan had to be on his way, and he stood up and began to get ready.

“This is going to be the longest pickup of my life,” he said, as he brought his face close to Sam’s and kissed his cheek, “I can smell me in your beard. Kinda weird, kinda hot,” he said with a playful wink.

“Please just tell me you don’t have any other plans tonight,” Sam said.

“Nope,” Dan said with a carnal sparkle in his eye, “no plans,” and he was out the door and into the hot evening sun.

Sam stood there for a time, somewhat in shock about what had just happened. His cock was still rock hard, and he could still smell the big man’s scent all about him; it permeated the room, his beard, his nostrils. Sam felt positively man-drunk. So much for that part of his life being put on pause!

Normally, Sam was a top. He rarely bottomed, though that was partly because most guys he was with were so enraptured by his large cock. His was big, for sure, but Dan’s girth was another matter. He’d never seen anything like it. All he knew was that he wanted to at least try to get that enormous thing inside of him, so he took a good chunk of time in the shower to prepare himself for it, if Dan was into it.

Dan returned around half an hour after he was out of the shower. As he stepped through the door, Sam was once again awestruck by the build of this hulk of a man. A lot of people might have called Dan overweight or chubby on first glance, when in reality the man was just incredibly thickly muscled. Sure, there was some pudge on his chest and protruding belly, but if anything it was simply exacerbated by the abundance of muscle that lay underneath. His tight-fitting t-shirt displayed his round, tough belly, and his beefsteak pecs that were complimented by his above-average sized nipples. This, added to his gorgeous, broad face, wide open smile and those spectacular blue eyes, and Sam was as close to swooning as he’d ever been.

Sam was going commando under a pair of gym shorts without a shirt on, and it didn’t take long for his interest to show as his cock once again became rock hard.

Dan smiled and walked closer to him, saying, “Looks like you’re about as ready as I am to pick up where we left off,” as Sam noticed a familiar beer-can bulge twitching in Dan’s shorts. This time, Sam lay back on one of the beds.

“Take your shirt off,” he said, in a cool, deadpan tone. Dan said nothing, and happily obeyed. He stripped off his shirt, and slowly crawled over to Sam on the bed. He was on his hands and knees on top of Sam, and Sam could feel the damp, sweaty hair on his chest and belly brush up against his. Dan kept on moving forward, and extended one of his huge arms up above Sam’s head, once again inviting him into the damp, murky heaven of his pit. At the same time, Dan lifted Sam’s arm up and investigated it.

“I see someone showered,” he said, feigning disappointment.

Sam laughed, “well, I wanted to be ready in case something else happened.”

Dan looked surprised and hesitantly excited.

“Really?” he said, “most guys are scared shitless of taking my cock. I’m honestly kind of embarrassed at it. To tell you the truth, I’ve always felt a bit like a freak. Even in the changeroom as a kid, I always had to hide it or I’d get picked on. A big cock and balls are fun to look at, but they kind of suck when they’re yours.”

Sam, somewhat touched at this admission, replied, “I’m speaking the 100% truth when I tell you that your cock is the most amazing I’ve ever seen. As is your body. And yes, I would love to try and take it. I went through a weird butt plug stage years ago, and I’m pretty sure at the end I was using bigger ones than yours. I think.”

“You are way too sweet,” Dan replied with a rough laugh, “A weird butt plug stage, eh? Well that sounds interesting. Another story, another time I guess. Shall we continue?”

Dan smiled, and stood up, and began to undo his belt. Sam once again marveled at how huge and built the man towering over him was. His shorts fell to the floor, and he peeled his now damp underwear off as well. The girth of Dan’s fully erect penis maybe 5″ long but absurdly thick, still threw Sam for a loop, as did his massive, low hanging balls. Dan stood there for 5 seconds, looking at Sam like he was a five course dinner, while stroking his massive cock that was continually pumping out precum. Soon enough, he was on top of Sam again, but this time he continued forward. First his large, pert nipples brushed against Sam’s lips; then his big, hairy belly, and then finally his gargantuan cock and balls. Their scent filled Sam’s consciousness again, and Dan offered his swollen head up to Sam’s lips for a taste of his free flowing pre cum. Then Dan’s balls were on Sam’s face; they were damp, and even more fragrant after his recent boat trip.