A New Kind of Romance

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Hello there, thank you for reading this small excerpt from my life, my name is John. I am a 22 year old landscaper, I am also a slave. I have many fond memories from my teenage years, mostly of playing video games, sailing, playing ball and so forth. But all that changed around three years ago.

I was a highschool senior at the time (held back a year for incompetence and laziness) when one day a new girl walked into class.

I wouldn’t say she was strikingly beautiful, but she definitely had charm. Her name was Laura, a Hispanic refugee who fled to America to escape her cruel father and brothers. Around 5″4, fairly average body with wide hips and round backside. Her head was very round with an experienced face, like she’s been through a lot but still somehow kept her femininity. She wasn’t especially pretty, except for one part of her body, her brown, beautiful eyes. They were as big as golf balls, almost like an anime character, and every time she glanced at me I felt them pierce my soul.

From the first moment I saw her I knew I was in love. I had to talk to her, to ask her out to just learn about her anyway I possibly could. That day at lunch I searched the whole school to find her hiding away in a back hall far from the lunchroom.

After a few moments of awkward silence I built up the courage to speak. “Hey, what’s up” I choked out. “Hi” she said in a mundane uninterested tone. The conversation continued for as long as I could keep her around, I soon learned that English was not her first language, in fact she started learning it less than a month ago. Seeing a golden opportunity I threw myself at the chance of tutoring her whenever she’d let me.

After days and days of asking she reluctantly istanbul escort said yes and gave me her address. That Friday I walked her home, well, more like jogged her home considering she was walking at what seemed to be light speed to me. I couldn’t help but think it was just to get out of another awkward conversation with me about weather or trees or whatever boring thing I could come up with.

When we finally reached her home I was delighted to find no one was there. “This’ll be the perfect time to pull a move” I thought, though in the back of my head I knew it wouldn’t work. She told me to sit on the sofa while she retrieved her English book from her room. Before I could say anything she sprinted up the stairs and I was left alone in the darkened living room trying to keep calm.

A few moments later she walked back down and handed me a note, she said “follow me when you’ve finished reading it,” and sprinted back up the steps as fast as she could. A little weirded out, I opened the note.

It said “Dear john, I know you have been following me, I wish you would stop. I do not want a boyfriend and if I did I could have picked many over you. I know that saddens you to read but that’s how it is, get over it. I will never be your lover. You are pathetic, I only have one use for you. I’ll give you two choices, you can walk out the back door and we can forget this week ever happened, or you can walk up the stairs and become mine”.

I was completely heartbroken reading this. I wanted to run out of the door and pick up whatever pride I had left, but deep down I still wanted to salvage whatever I could from our “relationship.” So cautiously I avcılar escort stepped up the stairs and looked down the hallway. At the very end was a cracked door with a with a stick figure in a pink dress on it. My heart was in my stomach as I pushed open the door. What I saw will be engrained on my memory forever.

At the other end of the room Laura stood with her body facing the wall, her pants pulled down over her butt. She wore no panties that I could see, just her caramel ass in all its glory. She turned her head around to face me and cooed “come here”.

I slowly walked forward, my eyes never leaving her backside. “Get on your knees John” she said. After seeing that image I was willing to do anything so I got on my knees, my face was the same level as her ass now. I noticed how wet it was, completely soaked in sweat.

Her next words terrified me, “now kiss my ass and submit”. I knew I was in too deep. I wanted to scream no, to run out of the room, but I didn’t. I inched closer and reluctantly pressed my lips to her greasy butt cheek, which technically meant my first passionate kiss was with Laura’s ass.

She took her hands off of the wall and grabbed the back of my head, bringing my face to her warm crack, and began smashing my face into her fragrant ass all while whispering humiliating things in her beautifully mysterious accent.

The soft skin of her ass molded perfectly to my face, it felt so… Natural. Like my face was meant to be shoved up this teenage girls ass. I felt like I was at home in this ass. If it wasn’t for the raunchy smell I probably could’ve fell asleep right then.

Soon she didn’t have to hold my head still, I was willingly pushing my şirinevler escort face into her, and willingly puckering my lips. Then she said it, “now slave, lick my asshole” that snapped me out of it. I realized what I was doing, “I am completely degrading myself, how could I look at myself in the mirror after this?”

All of these thoughts ran through my mind, but none of them seemed to matter anymore. When she spread her cheeks, I lost control. I stuck my tongue out and moved closer to her anus. I could tell she hadn’t wiped incredibly well just by looking at it, but for some reason I couldn’t stop myself, my tongue touched her asshole. And an electric shock ran down my spine. The taste was… Unbelievable. It was so nasty and so irresistible at the same time.

It was as if I had an out of body experience, for the next ten minutes my entire world was my tongue and her shit crusted asshole. My only breaks were to glance up and see the smug look on Laura’s face. She knew she owned me, she knew I was powerless to stop her.

“You males are all the same, every one of you would eat my shit just for the chance to kiss me. You are my slave now, you belong to me. Pathetic little boy atleast you know where you belong, groveling at my feet, TASTING MY SHIT! THATS WHERE YOU BELONG JOHNNY!”

I knew it was over, my life before this had ended. My new life would be completely dictated by this girl. I decided to accept my fate and continued suckling her filthy asshole, trying to maneuver my tongue in any way that would pleasure her, until she pushed my face away and pulled up her jeans over her soaking wet cheeks.

I wiped my mouth off and stared up her. I was so scared of her, It felt like my entire being was in the palm of her hand, and at any moment she could crush me into a thousand pieces.

She looked at me blankly and told me to get out. I did just that, she followed me and when I got outside of the door I turned around hoping for a kiss or even a goodbye, but what I received was a door slammed in my face.