A Night Of Love

24 Temmuz 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


I turned you around and pushed you gently onto the bed.  Before you had a chance to say anything, I was between your legs, moving up your thighs before arriving at your pussy.  It was glistening.  I lapped up and down the lips on each side, teasing with my tongue, brushing over the gap between your lips. My aim was your clit and soon I was at it.  It already felt engorged, but my tongue flicked against it at a rate I didn’t think I was possible of doing.  It was growing and protruding and I just teased and teased it, you moaning, pushing my face harder towards it.  You were begging for my cock, saying you wanted to be pumped full of spunk, saying you wanted to be filled with meat.  But no, bahis siteleri this was oral pleasure. Lashing your clit, sliding between your lips; I wanted to taste your juices. You continued to moan and push me deeper into your pussy, and I could feel your orgasm building.  You were tensing and gasping and then your thighs clasped around my head as you came, juices freely flowing into my waiting mouth.  I lapped at you in pleasure, gently kissing and tonguing your lips as you came down from the high you’d experienced.You looked beautiful as you lay with your head on my chest as our breathing became more normal.  Your hand reached down my body and found my cock, which was aching with how hard canlı bahis siteleri it was. You gently ran your fingers up and down my shaft, teasing the underside vein.  You alternated with caressing my balls, feeling them tighten under your touch.You looked into my eyes and smiled as you edged down the bed, starting to gently kiss around my groin area.  Up and down the shaft, onto the tip, back down to my balls, along the seam of my ball sack—the sensation was amazing.  You started to concentrate on my head, rolling your tongue around the top, exquisitely moving the foreskin down exposing my helmet and a fair amount of pre-cum.  Your tongue lasered in on that and greedily licked it canlı bahis up.  Then, in an amazing surprise, your mouth engulfed the top of my cock, you went at such an angle that my cock was right against the top of your mouth.  You moved your head in such a way that my cock was sensually being fucked by your mouth. Then you let me out and I looked at you, surprised.  I should not have worried, like an eagle swooping down for food, your head arrowed down to take me in one go to the back of your mouth.  You edged up and then went further down so that I was ball deep in your mouth with my cock just reaching the start of your throat.  You stayed there moving up and down whilst your hands squeezed my balls.  I was moaning and groaning as you continued to bob up and down, feeling my orgasm coming.  There was no holding back; it built and it built and then I was cumming, a stream of my hot white nectar filling your mouth.