A Night with His Dream Girl Ch. 01

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The neon lights lit the way much like the northern star for those men of supposed royalty bearing gifts. The path was clear and, unlike those wise men of old, was known all too well before the journey had begun. The soft rumbling of the sound system could be heard halfway across the parking lot, and upon arriving at the double French doors; he could feel the vibrations before stepping through the portal to pulchritude.

After greetings from the bartender, the wait staff, and a few patrons as well; he had finally stalled long enough for his eyes to adjust to the dark surroundings. Leaving the bar area, Captain and coke in hand, with quarters jingling in his front pocket, he saunters to the pool table. By the time he had pocketed his third ball, his vision was graced with the exact reason he had come in the first place.

Some people discuss breast size, some the shapely curve of buttocks. Some people talk about the color of their lover’s eyes, and yet others would rather prattle on about the legs, face, or any of a number of physical attributes that attracted them to their mate. For him, it was none of these things; it was simply chemistry. While he was certainly a fan of the female form, and quite obviously noticed all the physical attributes of a woman, temptations of the flesh were nothing when compared to temptations of the soul. This chemistry was what drew him to her. The feeling that he had known her forever kept him riveted, and while he knew this was all a fantasy game, it was a game he dearly loved to play. Lord knows she deserved to be an all star, and he was no slouch.

While he lined up his next shot, he kept track of her with his peripheral vision. As so often happens, she only made a few sultry strides before she was requested to dance for a couple that had stopped in for the evening. He loved this part.

Perfectly content to watch from the sidelines, so to speak, he purposely missed his next shot so that he could walk around the table and witness as she worked her magic. Since the song was about half done, she seated herself and conversed with her temporary friends. The light laughter arising from the threesome sent shivers up his spine as he watched her invoke her spell upon the waiting man and his female companion.

After sinking a few more balls, he notices the song has ended and peers in the direction of the group and sees that she has already started her demure dance. Silken movements snare his attention as she saunters for both the man and woman. Her lithe body teases the couple slightly less than they tease him. He catches her eye a few times and although she remains focused on the couple, he knows she is fully aware he is watching from across the room.

After finishing his rack, he looks over again, and is rewarded with the sight of her dancing for a new man, only a few feet away from her last customer. It is much the same as always. She never makes it across the floor without multiple requests. Who can blame them though? She is easily the sexist woman in the building; everyone knows it, except for possibly her.

Two hours, 5 shots, and several drinks later, he has still not spoken to her. He is thrilled she has been so busy. The business is good for her, and he could never lament her talents being taken advantage of. Now he watches her has she climbs the pole while dancing during her second song of the stage set. He always marvels at her lack of fear, as well as her balance and strength. Several of the men along the rail, and some seated around tables, begin to hoot and holler, and although this form of male appreciation isn’t exactly his thing, he does realize where he is and is happy she is so well received.

As closing time approaches, he is still waiting for her time to be unspoken for. He has gone through several challengers at the pool table, and sent each one away with a consistent stroke. While waiting for the next player to rack in preparation for the casino oyna next game, a waitress stops by, hugs him, (while he wonders if she would be so appreciative without the ridiculous tips), hands him his final drink of the night and slips him a note discreetly.

“Dressing room, ten minutes”

That is all the note says. He has no idea whose writing it is, although he hopes his guess is correct. He misses his next shot while distracted, and quickly drinks half of his beverage. Realizing that his game might not be over within the allotted time, he re-focuses himself and calmly pockets all the balls and runs the table leaving his opponent curious when he casually tosses the remaining quarters in the direction of his losing foe. He tells the loser he can have the table for the remainder of the night and walks towards the bathroom. Feeling the swelling in his jeans, he becomes uncomfortable halfway across the room. He glances around to see if anyone is missing from the room, eager to figure out if his dangerous journey into the girls’ dressing room will be worth the risk. All of a sudden he is concerned. He thought his temptress had requested his presence, however, while surveying the room, he spies her at the bar getting a final drink for the evening. Disappointed, he continues his journey, not nearly as excited as before. With a final furtive glance; he quickly bounds the stairs leading up to the dressing room. Debbie, the waitress that passed him the note, is waiting for him, a couple of raspberry shots in her hands. After instructing him to sit down, she informs him that he is to relax and wait. Idle chit chat leads to his erection lessening, and after a few minutes, he forgets where he is and relaxes. Checking her watch, as if for some appointment, she stands suddenly and tells him to turn around. The next thing he knows, a silken cloth covers his eyes and he is seated with a guiding hand.

“click” The door opens and shuts.

The smell of her invades his nostrils. A lovely scent of natural muskiness, a collaboration of perfumes, and something else delights his olfactory sense. He can’t quite place the final scent, but quickly recognizes it when his future lover leans in and bites his ear just light enough to avoid drawing blood. Bubble gum body lotion. How he longs to eat her now. Resisting the urge to tackle her, he remains seated and tries to be calm while awaiting her next move. With a gentle hand behind his head, the raspberry shot is lifted to his lips and after hearing a soft whisper of “Cheers,” next to his ear he swallows the fruity liquid as she feeds it to him.

“Keep quiet,” she urges him, “the girls are going to stall for us, but you can’t be loud, or else the managers will hear.”

No problem, he thinks, I don’t have anything to get loud about. About this time, he realizes how wrong he is.

Moving behind him, she grinds her body against his back, massages his shoulders and firmly bites his shoulder. His eager hands reach behind him to hold her against him by grasping the back of her calves and pulling her tight against his back. Suddenly she backs away and he feels his shirt being ripped over his head, immediately he is focused on the two nipples stuck into his back. She reaches over his shoulders, rakes her fingernails from his waist to his chest, and rudely tweaks his nipples earning a yelp from him. Only the absence of contact awakens his senses and he once again realizes where he is. He is so easily caught up in her; he forces himself to refocus on being quiet.

The next thing he knows, he feels her hands on his jeans and quite quickly, he finds his swollen cock greeted by the cooler air as his organ is freed. The sensation of cold air is quickly replaced with something warm and wet, and upon hearing the muffled murmur of excitement escape her; he realizes she has enclosed him with her mouth. Caught of guard, he leans slightly forward due to automatically contracting muscles canlı casino in his stomach. Two things suddenly bring themselves to his attention. The first thing he notices is that he has bumped something with his face. The second thing he becomes aware of is that “it” is the naked crotch of his lover. Delighted to have such an opportunity, he tries to ignore the incredible pleasure she is bestowing upon his rock hard shaft, and he dives into her folds with an eager tongue. Now slick with her saliva, his member is suddenly chilled as she releases her oral hold on him as she loses her balance and almost falls away from his eager tongue. Unable to take it any longer, he tears away his blindfold without breaking the contact between labia and tongue.

With her hands on the floor propping herself up, she stands facing away from him, straddling his legs with hers, open and waiting for his hungry mouth. He grasps her hips with his hands now, pulling her sex even closer so that he can plunge his tongue as far into her depths as possible. Returning to her blowjob, she sucks him into her mouth greedily; anxious to return the pleasure he is giving her. Racing to please each other first, she seals her lips to him and creates as much suction as she can, while he finds her clit with his lips and slurps it hungrily while pushing a single finger into her at the same time. He massages her G-spot with his finger and delights in the taut thighs that tremble in front of him. Reaching back, she grabs a fistful of his hair and grinds herself into his face, finding release much sooner than she intended.

After swallowing all she had to offer, he sits up and bites his new lover on the ass cheek, leaving an imprint of nearly every tooth. He grabs her waist and lowers her onto his erect shaft, letting her dictate the pace and depth of penetration. Slowly she impales herself on him, finally feeling her ass bottom out as she sits on his lap full of his entire length.

A low moan escapes both lovers as they revel in the new sensations. She grips him tightly and slowly rocks back and forth, placing her hands on her knees to balance herself. Reaching in front of her, he grasps a breast in each hand roughly tweaking her nipples between his fingers. As she falls back against him, he runs one hand down her mid-drift and caresses her labia and clit, feeling his rod slide in and out against his fingers. He can feel her body shuddering under the new sensations and he smiles to himself just before biting her shoulder hard enough to make her squeal. For the second time in only a few minutes, her body betrays her she begins to convulse with another orgasm. Letting her come down, he gently thrusts his hips towards her reminding her of his own greedy need. After regaining her focus, she pushes his hands away from her breasts and pussy, directing them towards her hips to help steady her. This done, she proceeds to bounce on him, rising until just the tip of him is inside her and then slamming down with all her might. After several moments of crashing her body against his, he feels her tempo begin to slow down. The next time he is buried inside her, he holds her down and whispers for her to relax and stand up slowly with him. Standing together, never breaking penetration, he grabs her upper arms while she bends halfway over to allow him to aggressively take her from behind. Pulling on her arms and thrusting his hips up and into her, he pounds her as hard as he can. He is rewarded with the sight of her biting her lip as her body begins to climb towards climax again. Shaking her head, sending her lovely hair cascading across her back, she is filled with the desire to fuck him to death. She attempts to kill him with pleasure as she thrusts her hips into his as hard as she can, hoping to fuck him into submission.

Unfortunately, he has other plans. As quickly as it began, it ends, and he pulls out of her completely, eliciting a harsh moan of protest. Swiftly, kaçak casino he grabs her hips and pulls her down to the floor with him. Reclining on his back, he lowers her with gently guidance, anxious to taste his dream girl again. In a crude maneuver, he pulls her so that she is squatting over him, lowering her waiting wetness towards his eager mouth. Grinding herself into him, she sits up straight to find a better angle and thus provide him with access to all of her. Mere moments go by and she can stand no more, falling forward, she lays her head upon his thigh while he licks her and quickly raises her head to apply some of her own loving on his rigid shaft. Lazily licking her way from base to tip, she lightly grasps his balls rolling the orbs in her fingers. His tongue looses its focus as she applies her other hand to stroke his shaft while she licks the head. She feels him swell in her mouth, and his balls tighten up, she knows he is close, but she doesn’t want it to end quite yet. Upon feeling the cold rush of air as he pops free from her mouth, his desire to invade her body again overcomes him, and he pushes her off of him a bit roughly. Throwing his clothing under her knees, he leans her over a nearby seat and takes her from behind again, burying himself in the first stroke. He fucks her doggy-style for all he is worth and is rewarded with moans and grunts within seconds. Her silken skin grips him tightly, caressing his dick with her moisture, and brings him dangerously close to orgasm. Avoiding the impending explosion, he pulls out again to an angry grunt. He stands and brings her with him, faces her, and backs her into the nearest wall with passionate kisses. Tasting herself on his tongue, she reaches down and strokes his shaft, wondering what is next.

“Baby, we don’t have long, you need to hurry and finish!”

He hears these words and decides she is right, it is time for him to find release before he collapses. Lifting one of her legs into the crook of his elbow, he reaches down with his other hand to take his cock from her hand, and guide it back so he can delve into her yet again. She is still wet and waiting, and with sloppy kisses they begin to find a rhythm once more. Slamming their hips into each other, his moans turn into grunts, her sighs into squeals. Showing off her flexibility, she leans back a little and raises her leg over his shoulder, giving him easier access and allowing both of them a deeper penetration. Grabbing her ass with one hand, he throws her other leg over his other shoulder so that all of her weight is resting on him. She clasps her hands behind his head and holds on while he pounds her. Lifting her small form off of him and slamming her back onto his thrusting thighs, he finds a new depth within her, and she feels him smacking against her cervix, the sensations of pain and pleasure combining into one. With his hands under her ass supporting her, he leans into her, biting her neck to keep from screaming his pleasure. Filling his mouth with her flesh, he maintains a bit of control for just a moment longer.

“Fill me, please cum in me. I want to feel you explode in me!”

Her whispers urge him to the point of no return. With a final animalistic grunt, he buries himself in her for the last time, filling her with his hot seed. She can feel him pulsing inside of her, and immediately senses the flooding warmth he sends into her. This sets her off for the last time, and her body quakes and squeezes his shaft sending him into an extended orgasm so strong it almost hurts.

They slide together to the floor, still in his lap, she lowers her legs to the floor behind him as they kiss softly and he strokes her hair as he begins to catch his breath. Nestling into each other’s necks and waiting for their collective heartbeats to recede, they become aware of whispers and chuckling from elsewhere in the room. As the two lovers break their embrace to look around, they see all the dancers gathered in the doorway laughing and giggling together. Too drained to be embarrassed, the new lovers grin to each other, stand up together and comically bow, then turn on their heels and head to the shower together.