A Private Showing, Part 1

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A Private Showing, Part 1I hope it doesn;t count as “stolen from another site” when I have lifted this from my own blog…. More over there (link on my profile). This one was written for a friend who had a fantasy about having sex in front of a lot of people. So I put her on stage!!You stand nervously behind the curtain. You can hear the room beyond filling up as you drink the last of your vodka. Calm your nerves. You look down at your outfit as you adjust the top of your stockings. Little black bra and matching thong. Sheer hold up stockings. A real slut’s outfit….The conversation hushes to a murmur as someone dims the lights. This is it. You step out from behind the curtains and walk across the room to the small stage at the end. All eyes are on your body as you move but you can’t bring yourself to look round at them. Instead your gaze is fixed on the chair on the low platform. And the stool beside it on which sits a vibrator and large plastic cock….You step up beside the chair as wolf whistles and cat calls fill the room. Walking round it you catch your first glance of those that have come to see you. The room is filled. People, mainly men but you can see a few female faces amongst them, sitting round tables and others lining the walls and pushing in through the door. Forty or fifty perhaps. All those pairs of eyes on you….The whistling stops as you raise your hands to your breasts and gingerly start to stroke them. Why is everyone so quiet? You look out and catch the eye of a young man in the front row. He is staring at you, amazed. His eyes are wide and his mouth slightly open. You realise you have all these people in the palm of your hands and smile. Pulling the cups of your bra down you expose your nipples to the warm air of the room….Gaining confidence you start to walk across the stage, caressing your nipples and making them stiffen. You proffer your breasts to the faces in front before pulling back coquettishly. You walk round the chair again so they can all see your arse and long legs clad in black nylon. The heels of your shoes tapping on the wooden platform. Your pussy feels hot and wet already. God, being such a slut is really turning you on……You sit down in the chair, feeling light fethiye escort headed. The press of bodies in the room makes the air hot and moist. You can smell beer and sweat mixed with all the different scents they are wearing. You close your eyes and tilt your head back still cupping your breasts. Slowly you cross then uncross your legs before opening them wide……The whistling has started again in earnest and you look out at the audience with a sluttish grin on your face. Your hands move down your body from your breasts, your own every touch making you hornier and hornier. Looking once again straight at the young guy in the front row you flash him a naughty wink as your fingers slide into the front of your panties. You feel your fingertips brush against the little tuft of pubic hair before touching the wetness beneath. As you slide your finger over your wet pussy your eyes close involuntarily and your mouth opens. You are so turned on that you feel like you might cum already….Shaking your head to try and clear it you look back out at the crowded room. Every eye is on you as you play with your pussy. Everyone’s face pointed towards your groin as they watch your hand move underneath the fabric of your panties. Tilting your head and grinning again you remove the hand and with the other pull the gusset to one side. Exposing your hot, wet, pink flesh to the room….To more whistles, cheers and applause you stand up and turn. Bending over the chair you slowly slide your panties down your thighs. Your arse is bared for all to see and admire and the thought makes you even hornier. One high-heeled foot after another steps out of the underwear as it falls to the floor and you turn again. Holding your pussy wide open as you sit once more….With your legs spread wide you lean back and start to play. Your pussy is so wet as you tease your clit. Looking round the room you lick your lips as your fingers caressing your throbbing sex. Using two fingers to hold it wide you slide a finger of the other hand into your sopping wet hole. The feeling is so intense and your mouth opens again as you throw your head back. You start to fuck yourself with your fingers as fifty men watch on….Wave after wave of pleasure washes escort fethiye over you as you finger yourself, the fingers of your other hand circling and pressing on your clit. You can feel an orgasm building up inside you but know that everyone her has come to see a real show so slow slightly. Leaning forward you look round the room. You can see men’s hands beneath tables moving as they wank along with you, and as you look to your left you see one face not fixed on you. A girl is looking down at her boyfriend’s crotch as she undoes his belt….Removing your fingers from your wet pussy you lift them to your mouth, slowly licking every drop of juice from them. Reaching over you lift the vibe from the table and admire it. The gold metal of it reflects the lights from above you as, eyes fixed on the audience, you lick the tip. You can taste the cold metal of it as you tilt your head back pushing it into your mouth. Your cheeks hollow as you suck on it and think of every man in the room wishing it were his cock….Rotating the black base you feel it begin to gently buzz in your hand. Once again you spread your wet pussy wide as you bring it up against your throbbing clit. You feel the sensation spreading out through your body as you press it against yourself. You feel like you are going to explode as you move it around your pussy, your juices coating it, before you slip the vibrating tip into your wet hole….Surrendering yourself to pleasure you start to fuck yourself gently with it. Your orgasm washes over you as you slide the tip inside you while pressing the cold metal against your clit. Your feet firmly placed on the floor and one hand on your thigh you shut your eyes and hear the moan escape from your mouth. You are making yourself cum as everyone watches you and that thought causes another rush of ecstasy to flood through your body…..You open your eyes as the shaking in your body starts to subside. You can feel sweat on your shoulders and your pussy juice gathering on the chair between your legs. Looking at the audience every pair of eyes is on you, agog. Mouths gaping as you grin. All nervous thoughts of shyness are gone. You have come here to give them a show, and you are going to give them one fethiye escort bayan hell of a show to remember. Placing the gleaming vibrator on the stool you pick up the dildo….It feels huge in your hands as you lift it in front of you. You’ve never seen a cock so big, let alone had one inside you! Licking and playing with it as you look out at the audience you lean back, spreading your legs wide in the air. You suck the end of it, licking it to leave your saliva on it which trails from your mouth as you lower it down to your pussy. You press the huge head of it against your wet pussy. There’s no way it can go inside…..You push it up against your wet hole, your legs in the air. Pressing it harder and deeper you start to rock in the chair. The lips of your pussy start to part as it begins to enter you. It’s huge!! Slowly, centimetre by centimetre it starts to penetrate you, stretching you wide, filling you up. Both hands on it and your mouth wide open you lean forward gasping. Trying to force it into your tight, tight pussy. Shaking your hair to clear the sweat from your eyes you catch sight of the girl to your left again. Her head is now in her boyfriend’s lap, bobbing up and down as she sucks his cock. The image burned in your mind, you finally slide the massive, plastic cock into your hot cunt…..The feeling is almost too much to bear. You are spread wide and completely filled. Your pussy walls clench and spasm as you try to accommodate it inside you. Your pussy is soaking wet as you slide it in and out, pushing it in deep so the massive head of it presses up against your cervix….You’ve never felt anything like it. Your head is thrown back and your legs splayed. Momentarily you worry you may slide from the chair as your arse moves forward, but all such thoughts are forgotten as your orgasm starts to build up again. You start fucking yourself with this massive cock. You can feel your juices all down it as you slide it in and out of you. Both hands on it you slam it into yourself again and again. Your legs start to shake and your head is thrown back right over the chair. Your pussy is aching and throbbing as you start to cum. You can hear yourself moaning louder and louder but still hear the sound of this immense plastic dick fucking your wet pussy. Your body starts to spasm and shake, the chair legs scr****g on the floor. You are screaming out as every muscle in your body tenses, the cock deep inside you as you cum again……..