A Sauna Fun Day

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I had a few days off between meetings, all the usual things that I had to do on completion of my previous meeting were done and all the preparations for my next meeting were completed. When I woke up that Monday morning I was at a loss of what to do that day, in a moment of inspiration I decided to visit my local health country club, less than a thirty minute drive away, and have a sauna fun day.

The Club was set in the grounds of a secluded hotel that had started life of as a Victorian Manor House, now was a modern complex with the Manor House being the reception area. I checked in as usual and was told that the pool area was quiet and given a locker key that conveniently doubled as a Club charge card. I headed down into the changing rooms, my plan was to go for a swim and sauna or to the steam room, whichever was the quieter.

The changing rooms were empty, I got changed into my light blue nylon swim shorts, clipped on my key card that allowed me access to the various areas of the club. I tried the pool area first, there was a ladies aqua aerobics class on which everyone seemed to be noisily enjoying. I decided to try the sauna next, I had the choice of three, the largest was reserved for a private party, I took the option of my preferred small cabin as you usually had it to yourself and could chill out and relax in it.

You couldn’t see into the cabin as you approached it, its glass door was a sort of a one way smoked glass arrangement. As I opened the door I could see that there was someone lying on the bottom tier of the two tier bench arrangement, enjoying the warm dry heat. He sat up as I entered to allow me access to the second tier bench, I apologised for disturbing him. He introduced himself with a distinctive French accent as Andre Duvoe as I unceremonious clambered over where he had been lying.

As he stood up I could see he was about my height possibly a bit taller, wearing matt black Lycia bikini type swim wear that fitted him well, not overly tight or suggestive, his body was firm, not muscular, and had a nice bronzed colour. We exchanged courteous handshakes, as one does, I felt his was a soft friendly and inviting handshake. We both then lay on our benches enjoying the heat as we chatted away, he was over here on business and worked for the naval dockyard in St Nazaire. We had something in common as I had worked for a submarine shipbuilder in Cumbria.

As we were chatting two women with their wet clingy and tight fitting one piece swimwear came into our cabin, from their wet state clearly from the aqua aerobics class I had witnessed when passing through the pool area. Andre stood up to allow them access to the lower bench seating, they seemed uncomfortable at disturbing us.

I sat upright with my back now leaning on the wall and invited Andre, by hand gesture, to sit opposite me, which he did. As he clambered up and sat down opposite me, our legs repeatedly touched and rubbed together, I could feel what can only be described as an electrifying sensation pass between us, as he settled down sitting opposite and facing me.

As Andre and I sat there facing each other, with our backs against the cabin walls, our knees raised and our feet almost touching each other. We maneuvered to get a more comfortable sitting position, this entailed both our legs intertwining and touching in places. As we sat there both our legs were pressing gently on each other’s, we both seemed to be comfortable with this arrangement.

The two girls sat side by side with their backs to us in the lower tie bench seat, revealing their low cut back of their wet swimwear, although there was sufficient space, were notably touching each other as they chatted away. We noticed that the girls had their arms round each other’s backs, with their thumbs seductively hooked into the base of each other’s low cut swimwear. We all resumed our respective conversations.

The wooden bench seats not being very comfortably to sit upright on for any length of time, Andre and I both started to discreetly try and adjust the way we were sitting. As we did this our legs touched and rubbed together again, to be honest it was quite seductive, we both smiled at each other with this inadvertent intimate contact. Andre then let his left leg rest on mine that was now leaning on the wall and kept it there, his right leg was on the outside of my other leg which effectively sandwiched my leg between his. Our legs were now all touching and pressing on each other. It was actually a nice comfortable warm feeling.

Not knowing what to say to each other we reverted back to our previous conversation. As the girls were still engrossed in their conversation and had not notice what had happened. A few minutes later, although still outside the girls view, I felt Andre discreetly touch the inside of the calf of my leg and rub it seductively with his hand, there was no doubt what his intensions were. I found it electrifying and started to get aroused by it, I think Andre did too. In response I stretched my leg out afyon escort until my toes were pressing underneath and between Andre’s legs, as I moved my toes up and down in a caressing motion Andrea smiled and closed his eyes. Clearly he was enjoying it as I was.

He then sat slightly more upright and leaning over to me and continued to discreetly caress my leg seductively, still all totally outside the girl’s line of site. As he did this I was starting to feel a twinge and was getting more and more aroused, I could feel it press against my swim shorts fabric that was starting to bulge as I became hard. I could see that it was having a similar affect on Andre as the bulge on his black swimwear started to move and grow.

All this was happening as the two girls sat on the bench seat below us. Suddenly the door of the cabin opened and one of the girls from the aqua aerobics class said to them that their sauna cabin was now ready, they both stood up and left saying goodbye and apologised again for interrupting us.

As they left and closed the sauna door, we swung round our legs round to stretch the impending cramps from them, wither intentionally or otherwise, we ended up sitting beside each other with our warm and sweat laden legs, hips and arms all touching. That electrifying feeling came back and my arousal started to press and bulge the fabric of my shorts again, but more forcefully this time.

I then felt Andre arm on my back and the palm of his hand slide intimately down into the back of my shorts. As he slid his fingers between my buttocks and rubbed them intimately, I was so aroused by now it was tantalizingly enjoyable. My knees were now touching, my feet now pressing on the hot tiled floor, I reached my arm around Andre’s back and returned the gesture, as he leaned round to me and started to seductively caress the inside of my leg, I followed his lead and started to seductively caress his leg too. We were now both so hard that it not only showed but was starting to hurt in our now tight swimwear.

By this time we were both starting to get seriously carried away with each other and looking and gesturing by bodily movements to each other for more. It would only be a matter of time before we would have taken it to the next stage, or got caught in an embarrassingly compromising position. Andre said we could go to his room and let things develop there, without thinking further about it I nodded in agreement.

We both discreetly adjusted our bulges and left the cabin together talking, to any casual onlooker just a continuation of a discussion. By this time we were very wet with sweat from the heat of the sauna and the excitement of caressing and being with each other, not to mention each being now seriously aroused in anticipation of what would happen next.

As we walked pass the large sauna cabin that the aqua aerobics class had reserved, we could hear them through the wooden walls, clearly they were enjoying themselves. A glass door was left partially opened for whatever reason. From our passing glance in, they were having a no-towel’s day and in one corner we could see what was happening. This was a ladies only swingers meet and anything goes being the order of the day. I had heard of these intimate meets but had never actually come across one until now, let alone attend one. We must have been spotted or the door closed of its own accord. We both looked at each other and smiled.

Our bulges were now overly excited and nearing bursting point when we arrived at the changing room, although not very busy, did have a number of guests in various stages of undress. Without saying anything to each other we were both concerned if we took off our swimwear it would be obvious what we had or were planning to do.

We discreetly pulled on our tracksuit tops and left with our outside clothes in our sports bag’s and headed up to Andre’s hotel room. His room was at the other side of the complex, more by luck than intent we didn’t meet any other guest’s or staff enroute. Give our state of undress, barefooted with only wet bulging swimwear and tracksuit tops on it would have been obvious what our intent was. Although it was still quite a thrilling and exciting experience walking through the hotel to Andre’s room dressed like that, where we could be caught and outed at any moment.

When we entered his room and closed the door behind us we both became more relaxed but our adrenalin levels were still very high. Andre dropped his sports bag in a corner as I did.

He then turned round to face me and took off his tracksuit top and slid his still wet and clinging swimwear off. He then came over to me, naked and fully aroused, unzipped my tracksuit top, slipped it off my shoulders and let it drop, then reached down and slid my swim shorts down and I stepped out of them.

We stood there facing each other naked as Andre embraced me I could feel his hard erection touch and press and slide under me, then I could feel our hard erections start afyon escort bayan to frot seductively together. Although still wet with sweat and excitement we started to rub ourselves on each other as we moved slowly towards the bed together. We stood there together at the side of the bed naked embracing each other and seductively still froting each other.

Our inner desires wanted us to have each other intimately and sexually now, our inner pressures were adding to the desires. We moved onto the bed, still embraced, now intimately froting each other as we touched and nibbling at each other’s anatomy.

We both lay on the bed together, then Andre took the lead and started to position me with pillows, raising my knees and opening my legs. After he applied oil to both of us, which was a fantastically seductive feeling which made me wriggle a little, he leaned over me, I could feel him starting to try for entry, and then applying gentle undulating pressure as he entered. I was tight due to the anticipated tension and prolonged build up but was looking forward to it.

I felt relief as he slowly entered me, bringing back memories of previous times, I became ecstatic as I could feel him travel up within me, until he touched me inside o’ so gently. The rush it gave was better than I anticipated, slowly I could feel him withdraw, the pressure from my cum was starting to form and then he started to press as he re-entered again and again and again. The French have an endearing and sexually tantalising way of doing this, I was by bodily movements letting him know that I was wanting more. My internal pressures were building adding to the excitement and rush of sexual pleasure that only you can truly experience not explain.

I don’t know how many times he did it but I was getting more and more aroused and demanding more with each of his strokes. I could feel my warm pre-cum drip and squirt out onto my skin and lie there. Our breathing became deeper and louder as we started to move in harmony with each other’s undulations which were starting to increase in intensity, I could now hear his breathing deeper and louder as the bed creaked. His motion and mine started to get erratic, we seemed to be racing each other, then he stopped , I could feel him unloading as he let his breath go, I didn’t know how tensed up I was until I let my breath go too. As he withdrew I could feel his cum drain slowly from within, it was a warm enjoyable and satisfying feeling of achievement.

We then parted and lay there together enjoying the moment and recovering from our exertion and pleasure. After we recovered and I don’t know how long that took I could feel that I wanted to experience the feeling of giving too. I moved, rolled and straddled over Andre as he started to prepare himself for me. As it had been a while in arriving at this I was quite excited and clumsy in trying to gain entry, then I felt the experience of entering and gently sliding inside until we touched within.

Slowly I withdrew, too far and had to re-engage, this time my entry was more relaxed and controlled. I don’t know how long I did this as I was enjoying our encounter stroke by stroke, each one building and adding towards climax, but it’s never long enough, as I built up but before I climaxed, I tried hard to hold back, it was exciting, stimulating and hurting, fighting to hold back but eventually I couldn’t, then I felt the uncontrollable pulsed rush and excitement and started to lose control of my breathing and rhythmic motion.

Then I climaxed in two large surges. I could feel my cum leave me each time as the pressure dropped and then rolling back out. I slowly disengaged, recovered my breathing, rolled over and lay alongside Andre. We embraced each other and lay there enjoying our mutual warmth and sharing the afterglow of our assignations. We woke later hearing a distant noise of movement from outside our room.

We both lay there still exhausted and wet from sweat and cum, Andre was first to stir. We then walked through together which was quite erotic as we held each other and had full erections too, to his shower room with its large walk in shower and started to shower together. Andre leaned my back against the warm and wet shower wall then slowly and seductively washed my body from head to toe with his warm soapy hands. It was so seductive the way he did it that I was getting aroused again. I then started to wash off our exchanges from his body with my warm soapy hands. By now he was as aroused as I was.

I turned and faced the wall, inviting Andre to wash my back as I waited for Andre to do this I could feel him put his arms around my waist, clasping his hands together. I could now feel his hardness and my contentness develop as we stood there embracing each other, I also could feel his hardness press against me between my buttocks and legs, sensually stroking me, very erotic and very satisfying.

He then slowly, as I pressed against the walls with my arms outstretched, escort afyon gently engaged with me, it was so tantalising and erotic, then we touched as before. Slowly Andre built up a rhythm which was increasingly tantalising. The warm spray and its steam and the soap added to the moment and enjoyment, I was so contented, it was like being in a dream. Then after what seemed an age of enjoyment Andre’s rhythm started to falter and become erratic, the pressure on his grip on my hips intensified as he reached the final stages of climax.

Then he eased his grip on me as he unloaded, steading himself as he recovered from his climax and the warmth and steam. We both turned our backs to the wall in unison and rested as we recovered. The warm spray by this time had washed us of any residual cum or soap.

We switched the shower spray off then seductively dried each other and went through to the bedroom, both still naked apart from our wet towels which must have looked inviting on us. At least I thought so.

We walked over to the bedroom’s panoramic window, the view over the hills was breath-taking, although still very discreet given we were on the top floor. Andre opened the french windows as wide as possible, we sat down in front of the open windows with a small table in front of us relaxing and enjoying the view.

Andre stirred and phoned room service ordering lunchtime snacks, coffee and a bottle of wine. It would take about thirty minutes to prepare. As we sat there relaxing Andre asked if he could take a private photograph, of me, for him, I said “ok”.

I posed naked apart from my towel leaning on the baluster looking over the rolling hills, as Andre photographed me. Then I turned to face him as he photographed me full on, I was actually quite excited about getting photographed, normally I am very reticent about getting photographed, as I don’t see myself as being photogenic.

We then went inside as I lay on the bed he photographed me in various positions, we also took a few private selfies together embracing each other, just erotic nothing more. We were interrupted by room service knocking on the door, I discreetly disappeared into the bathroom as Andre opened the room door in his towel. The waiter left our snacks, coffee and bottle of fine French red wine on the table then left.

We went back to the open windows, as we sat there almost naked together eating our snacks and drinking our wine, we reviewed the pictures that we had taken of each other and together. We deleted a few but most of them were good, we then shared our copies.

As we enjoyed the relaxing effect of the wine and pored our coffee from the flask. We talked more intimately about ourselves and how we each found out that we were gay. Andre was not aware he was gay until during his National Service, one night he met someone in a local café they got talking together, for some unknown reason found that they had a lot in common. Ultimately went back to his house for coffee and one thing led to another, they are still very good friends and still meet up from time to time.

I asked Andre how he knew that I would be receptive to his sexual overtures in the sauna this morning. He said he could tell when I first looked at him as I entered the sauna cabin. Then when we exchanged handshakes he could feel my sexual energy transfer to him. Again when we moved to let the girls in and we bodily got entangled with each other, he knew we would end up together and enjoying each other sexually.

I explained I first thought I might be gay at College. One night at a badminton club, David a friend, had made a sexual pass at me when he put his hand discreetly on my bare leg then gently rubbed it up to and under my shorts, then caressed the inside of my leg seductively.

At the time I ignored it putting it down to guy’s fooling around, I never thought he was serious. But he was and it started me thinking I may gay because I enjoyed it so much. David left college that year and moved to Aberdeen when his father work relocated him there. We only met again a few months back after a ten year gap and renewed our acquaintances, finishing off what we started that night.

After I returned to the College from the summer break after David had left, I met Ian and we became good friends and study partners. We had known each other for about a year, sometimes we used to stay over after studding together, at each other’s parent’s houses.

We both had two single beds in our rooms but a few times we did share one of the single beds together, just a bit of larking around. Nothing ever happened, but on one night when Ian’s parents were away overnight. We slept naked together and both got aroused by it, as we fondled each other I made Ian cum and then he made me. Before the night was out we had done that a few times, and once or twice after that.

A few months later as the academic year was finishing we both got knocked out of a badminton competition and were having a shower before leaving. Ian came into my shower cubicle, all the other showers were not working, some renovation work. As we shared someone came into the outer dressing room, how could we explain this, Ian moved further into the cubical and pressed against me face to face, no one could see us behind the shower curtain the spray and steam.