A Special Bond

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“UNO!” shouted my excited sister Jodi, as she threw out her last card and bounced up and down on the bed. “I just took $250 from your ass.”

I couldn’t help but to keep my eyes glued to her massive 38E cups as they bounced around on her chest. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra under her large blue shirt, which she always slept in. My cock began to harden with excitement, even thought I just lost a lot of money.

“All right Jodi. One more hand and I promise that I will get all my money back and take yours too.”

“You’re on.”

Jodi and I played another hand of Uno. Jodi and I didn’t bond much growing up. She’s away in college now and I’m a senior at high school. Jodi only comes home to visit every other weekend. And even thought we’re brother and sister, I still have incest thoughts about her and those large breasts.

She was perfect. 5’5, slim, large breasts, a ghetto ass only a black girl could have. Even her feet were hot. They looked so cozy inside her white socks.

I throw down a red 2 card. I looked up at Jodi’s face as she seemed excited about winning again. To bad Jodi didn’t know that I knew what color card she was going to throw down next. I would capitalize on it and win my money back.

Sure enough I was right and Jodi tossed out a green 2 card.

“Uno!” she shouted with only one card remaining in her soft hands.

I looked at Jodi and gave her a small smirk. I tossed out the last 3 cards I had and they were all green.

“UNO!” I shouted.

Jodi picked from the card pile and became worried.

I tossed down my last card and won the game.

“That’s not fair. Ralphy! You’re a cheater,” whimpered Jodi, crossing her arms over her beautiful chest. Her big tits were thrusted out from her shirt, so it was hard for her arms to hide them.

I grabbed all the money and Jodi placed her soft smooth hands over mines. She gave me a serious stare like I was in trouble or something.

“Let’s up the ante a little bit. I noticed that your eyes have been glued to my breasts all night. Let’s play strip Uno. The one with the most clothes on gets to take the money. What do you say Ralph?” Jodi said in a serious tone.

I couldn’t believe my sister actually caught me staring at her breasts. I would have thought she would be mad about it but she wasn’t. And to hear her wanting to play strip Uno has made my dreams come true. I wasn’t about to turn down this challenge or lose.

“You’re on Jodi,” I said in a serious tone but yet very excited.

We played and Jodi was getting the best of me. She won a few rounds and had me down in my jeans. Jodi was still clothed.

Finally my luck turned around and I won a game. I smiled at Jodi and she smirked back.

“So what do you want me to take off first?” Jodi asked me.

“Let’s keep the socks on. Take off your joggers,” I said, referring to her gray jogging pants.

Jodi stood up on her knees as my cock begged to be free. Her huge breasts hung down from her chest and sloped outwards under her shirt. They bounced and jiggled due to Jodi’s movements. Of course I planned on seeing those breasts later.

After she took off her joggers, Jodi revealed to me her blue thong, which the slit was up her beautiful butt cheeks. Her pale plump buttocks were bare and I just wanted to smack them sarıyer escort and watch them jiggle.

“My boyfriend said that my ass is too big. He said it belonged to a black girl. If that’s the case, then how come he always grabbed and smacked at it every chance he got?” Jodi explained to me.

I stared at Jodi’s round ass, not paying attention to her voice.

The game continued and Jodi won the hand. I took off my jeans. All I had on were my boxers. Jodi could smell victory. And I could smell her wetness as it leaked from inside her thong. Unaware to my knowledge, my dick was hard and dented the front of my boxers. I caught Jodi looking at it and I playfully covered up.

“Awe! So cute. Younger brother has a boner,” Jodi teased me. “Will in a minute we’re going to see that dick and the money will be all mines,” Jodi replied.

We continued to play and it was a tight game. My luck came back and Jodi lost.

“Damnit!” Jodi said mad. “Are you sure you don’t want my socks off. I have pretty feet.”

“I’m sure. I want you to take off your thong.”

Jodi hesitated at first in taking off her thong. Then she sat on the bed and pulled her thong all the way off her sock-covered feet. She crossed her legs hiding her sweet cunt from me. But I got lucky as Jodi tossed her wet thong at me. I held her thong in my hands and stiffed the sweet aroma of her cunt juices.

“Nasty bro,” Jodi said disgusted. “Now this is the final game. Winner takes all and loser takes all off.”

Jodi and I played our final game. It was very intense for a card game. We both came close to winning at some points and unfortunately my luck had just ran out. Jodi won the final round.

“YES! YES!” shouted Jodi. “Lose the boxer’s bro or do I need to come over there and take them off for you.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” I challenged her, knowing that my sister has never backed down from a challenge.

I backed up a bit and Jodi crawled towards me. My legs were spread out and Jodi was right between them. My hard cock poked upwards at her.

“I think you’re friend wants to come out and play,” Jodi teased.

She grabbed the top of my boxers and pulled them all the way off my feet.

“Very lovely. I must say it’s a very nice dick brother,” Jodi commented me.

My dick wasn’t huge. It was only about 7 inches and very thick. Jodi wrapped one hand around my shaft and stroked it.

“Mmmm! Doesn’t that feel good Ralphy?” Jodi asked me, as her other hand cupped my balls and rolled them around like those Chinese stress balls.

I just looked at her and moaned. She moved her hand down to the base of my dick and back up the shaft to my swollen cockhead. She used her thumb to rub against my cockhead sending chills through my body. My toes curled and my breathing got heavier. The next thing I know, Jodi engulfed my cockhead between her luscious lips. I moved her long blond hair out of her face so I could get a better look at her while she sucked my hard cock.

I could hear Jodi moaning, sucking, and slurping sounds. She had her mouth fully stuffed with my cock. With my balls still cupped in her hands, she squeezed them to give me more pleasure. I could feel my sister’s soft tongue sliding up and down my shaft lodged in her mouth.

“Ohhhhhhh esenyurt escort Jodi!” I moaned, as I played with her blond hair.

Jodi’s eyes connected with mines while her lips formed a perfect O around my dick. She slowly pulled herself off my cock and sat up. My dick dripped in her saliva and she took it back in her hands and began to stroke it again.

“How was that Ralphy? You like that? You want some more?” Jodi teased me repeatedly.

Jodi separated her legs over mines and I got my first look at her bald pussy. It looked so moist and tender.

“Fuck me Ralphy. Fuck me hard!” Jodi begged me.

I grabbed Jodi by her tender thighs and pulled her crotch against mines. My dick entered her warm and wet snatch. I immediately thrusted my dick deep inside her pussy.

“Ohhhh yeaaah Ralphy! I see you’re not a virgin after all,” Jodi moaned.

Jodi grinded her wet cunt down on my hard dick. She sat up with her legs locked under my armpits and pushed herself down on my cock harder and faster. I let Jodi take control and it felt wonderful.

Jodi sat up and wrapped her legs around my waist. She pressed our upper torsos together. The feel of her enormous breasts squished against my chest was an unbelievable feeling. We locked lips and sucked on each other’s tongues. Jodi continued to push herself down on my cock, making her huge tits bounce against my chest.

“Ohhhhh Ralph! Ohhhhhh! Feels sooooo good Ralph!” Jodi whimpered.

Jodi pushed me onto my back and really bounced on my cock. She rode my dick with intensity. I could see her sweat dripping down her gorgeous face. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she planted her hands down on my chest and bounced her plump ass against my shivering thighs. My dick was completely impaled between her moist labia.

I watched Jodi’s giant breasts flopping up and down, still hidden under her blue shirt. I reached up and squeezed them. I felt her harden nipples pressed against the palms. I twisted and pulled her hard nipples through her shirt. I could tell by Jodi’s facial expressions that she really enjoyed that.

“Ohhhh God Ralph! Play with my tits. Suck my titties Ralphy. Suck them!” moaned Jodi.

I didn’t hesitate for a moment and lifted Jodi’s shirt over her flopping breasts.

“They’re huge!” I gasped, as I watched her huge sweaty breasts dance around on her chest while she rode me like a wild bronco.

Her breasts memorized me as they leaped out at me. Her breasts formed at the level of her armpits. They hung down a few inches and swelled out into huge basketballs. Then reconnected with her skin at the ribcage.

I squeezed her bare breasts and run my fingers over every inch of them. I’ve dreamt of this day forever. I had large hands but her breasts still overflowed from my fingers. I kneaded and squished her giant melons together and jiggled them for a little bit. I sat up and closed my lips around one of her cherry small nipples. My lips were flat against her puffy areola as I sucked her nipple.

I captured the nipple between my teeth and pulled and nibbled on it lightly. My tongue flickered over the hard wet nipple furiously, sending Jodi into an orgasmic state.


I felt her juices avrupa yakası escort as they poured from her pussy down my dick and balls. I continued to alternate between sucking and licking her nipples as she continued cumming.

Jodi sat up off my cock, forced me to have released her big titties. She climbed on top of me, facing my feet. She formed a 69 with me. Her sweet sticky pussy was right in my face. I cupped both of her ass cheeks and sucked her pussy and lapped up her cum with my tongue.

Jodi licked my glistened cock up and down like ice cream melting in a cone on a very hot day. She could taste her own cum drenched all over my dick. Jodi moved her mouth to my balls and sucked on them in turns. I could hear loud pops after Jodi released one testicle and sucked the other.

“Mmmmm Ralphy! Eat my pussy. Suck it! Ohhhh yeaaah! Ahhhh! That’s it Ralphy. Right there. Ohhhhh! Suck that spot. Ahhhhhh God!” Jodi exclaimed, as I savagely devoured her cunt with my tongue and mouth.

My sister’s snatch was sweet and I couldn’t get enough of it. I focused my tongue on her large clitoris, sending chills through Jodi’s body. She moaned loud with her mouth crammed with my cock and balls. I lifted up my legs and thrusted my dick down her throat. Jodi gripped onto the bed sheets and took the extreme thrusting. My slippery balls pounded against her chin and cheeks. Slobber poured out of Jodi’s mouth and down my thrusting cock.

I nibbled and sucked on Jodi’s clitoris. She had an orgasm and started cumming on my face. I sucked and drank up every drip of her cum that spilled into my waiting mouth. Jodi continued to suck my cock harder and faster. Matched my thrust with her own bobbing of her head.

Jodi climbed off of me after five minutes of deep throating and positioned herself on all fours. I kneeled behind her and slipped my cock between her moist pussy folds again. I grabbed onto her plumped ass and pounded her like no tomorrow. The impact of my thrusting made Jodi’s ass wobble and jiggle. I smacked and squeezed her ass hard as it bounced off my crotch. Jodi’s enormous breasts swayed and flopped underneath her.

“Oh fuck Ralphy! That feels so fucking good! Oh, oh, oh God!” Jodi continued to whimper.

I moaned and sweated all over. My sister’s plumped ass felt fantastic against my crotch. Her pussy felt so cozy with my cock nested between her pussy walls. I rammed my sister hard with every thrust. I couldn’t resist but to grab onto my sister’s huge titties and feel the weight of as they flopped and swung in my hands.

The doggy-style fucking continued for another five minutes until I pulled out of her swollen cunt and turned her to face me. I jerked my cock at her face. Jodi had her mouth wide open and big tits held up ready for my salty treat.

“Here I cum Jodi,” I moaned.

My hot thick jizz spurted out in huge globs. I first sprayed Jodi’s face and some flew into her wide mouth. I sprayed some cum upon her gorgeous ripe melons and glistened her chest. I pushed my cockhead against her face and oozed the rest of my cum on her face. Her cheeks, forehead, nose and eyelids were drenched in my sticky cum. Jodi took my cock between her lips and sucked the little bit of cum I had on it.

After I finished cumming, we smiled at each and joked about her face being drenched in cum. I helped my sister out of bed and we headed for the bathroom. Jodi and I hoped into the showers and couldn’t resist but to fuck again. After that, Jodi and I dried off and spend the rest of the day playing games and having sex. Now Jodi has a reason to come home every weekend. We now have a special bond with one another.