A Stallion Affair Ch. 01

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Stallions after Hours

Jason yawned and stretched tiredly as he closed the door of the last stable, sliding both the upper and lower bolts into place. He was a six foot six inch tall stallion with a bright chestnut coat of fur and a long, flaxen mane and tail, the latter of which brushed the ground even when he stood upright. He was well muscled from his job on the horse breeding yard and was a bright, friendly individual, only twenty-two years old. He had completed an equine studies course in the local college a few years previously, but had not been able to obtain the required funds to move on to an university with a specialist equine course that would have equipped him with the knowledge to begin his own equine business.

It was the difficulty he found in going on to the university that had led him to find jobs at various stable yards, first finding work at the race course, but having a disagreement with the manager after only a couple of months of working there. Other stable yards had taken him on, although he had not remained in the placements for more than half a year at a time, as none had been adequate in experience or pay for the ambitious stallion fur. He was quite diligent in saving the money he desperately needed to move on in life, but living expenses drained most of his income – the breeders’ yard, which he currently worked at, had the best pay out off all the jobs he had had so far.

He had had a job at the breeding yard for seven months now, but it had become more taxing in the last few weeks. The owner, a tall, imposing paint mare, had taken four of the yearling horses to a big breeders show in The USA to give the wider world a taste of her stock. He wasn’t involved much in the showing side of the business, however, so she had taken two of the other stable hands with her to assist. This had left the yard with only two other workers left behind, one of which was Jason. It was difficult to take care of the remaining fifteen horses on the yard, three of which were pregnant mares due to foal at any time.

Still, he was paid extra to stay in the reasonable sized two-storey house at the yard while the owner was away – as a “live-in” job until she returned. The money and the pleasant accommodation were fairly adequate compensation for the additional hours and workload he had to endure for another twelve days. Once the owner returned with the other stable hands he was due for a two day break and then he could return to his normal work schedule at last.

Since everything he was designated to do on the yard was finished for the day, Jason thought that he should check with the only other worker there to make sure that there were no more last minute jobs remaining. He rubbed at the back of his neck, brushing away the strands of light coloured hair draped across, and walked at a leisurely pace up to the tack room, which was at the top end of the yard, remembering that Daren had told him that he would be cleaning tack up there later on.

His guess that Daren would still be toiling away and polishing the everyday equipment was a good one. As Jason approached the metal cabin, located at the top end of the yard and quite close to the house, he heard the quiet clinking of metal and the smooth rub of cloth against leather. He poked his head around the door and smiled, greeting Daren with a small wave. The black stallion was sitting quietly on a bench placed at the side of the cabin and was rubbing leather polish into a black saddle steadily, making the worn leather shine like new again.

“Hey, Daren, are we all done for the night?” Jason enquired, leaning against the frame of the door heavily and flipping his forelock out of his eyes.

I really should get this thing cut, he thought briefly, sweeping it to one side and looking to his friend for an answer.

Daren stood up slowly and stretched his hands high above his head, relieving the tension in his aching muscles before placing the saddle carefully back upon a high rack. Jason snorted impatiently, tapping his left hoof against the paved ground where he stood outside – he really hated Daren’s tendency to take his time to reply sometimes.

“Yes, I think we’re done,” Daren said eventually, glancing around the cabin and then picking up the keys to lock the door. “Damn, I’m tired though – it’s a long drive back for me tonight. And I only have that piece of junk to go in. If that bitch paid us more, maybe I could afford a better ride.”

He laughed hollowly, jangling the keys as he approached Jason, who didn’t reply. They had different opinions on what was a good level of pay at a stable yard. Daren, who was twenty-eight, had been married once already, but had lost a lot agrı escort of the money in a nasty divorce from his wife. The divorce had forced him to move away from his stable job as the manager of a thriving point-to-point racing yard and take a job lower down the chain as a stable hand, which he made no show of hiding from the others.

“Well…” Jason said thoughtfully, stepping out of the way of the larger stallion as he exited the tack room and turned to close the door. “You know how I’m staying in the house here, right? I’m staying in one of the spare rooms – there’s two. You could always stay here, would save you the drive.”

Daren seemed to think the idea over for a minute, turning the keys in his hand until he found the correct one hooked on the ring. He slid the key into the lock and spoke in a light-hearted manner.

“Stay here? Why, you’re a good cook are you?” Daren joked and locked the door with a low click, grinning good naturedly when he glanced at Jason’s look of indignation.

“I’m a fair cook, what I make is edible,” Jason snapped, annoyed that he would be doubted. “Whatever, the offer was there.”

“Hey now, hey – I never said I wasn’t going to stay,” he replied quickly for once, pushing his hands deep into his pockets. “I don’t want to make that drive and the spare room sounds great.”

“Right, okay,” Jason snorted derisively, catching the keys that Daren tossed to him and stalking off to the house, feeling more than a little disgruntled. Alright, so he knew that Daren was older than he was and had more than a littler life experience, but did he have to act like everything he did was better? He was a nice guy when it suited him, but could be a terrible joker and poke fun at an embarrassing occurrence for days, making him quite unpopular with the other workers. Jason had even caught him throwing a few sexual innuendos at the boss a couple of weeks previously.

The chestnut stallion walked through the porch to the kitchen, being sure to wipe his hooves on the rough mat just inside the entrance to the door as he entered, scraping the caked dirt out of his shod hooves. He ignored Daren, who followed close behind but didn’t bother to knock the dirt from his hooves at all, instead traipsing it through into the kitchen and dirtying the tiles.

I’ll make him clean it later, Jason thought, not without a slight, sly feeling of delight he would feel at making the older stallion clean up the mud from his hooves. He made the mess – he should be the one to clean the tiles. Besides, the boss would kill me if they are left like that, they have to be done and he will do it with the threat of the boss over his head.

The kitchen was large with a grey tiled floor and marbled white-black kitchen units surrounded the entire perimeter of the room, with both a washing machine and a dishwasher slotted neatly underneath two of the units respectively. As Jason entered, a long window stretched the entire length of the wall on the right of the door; this window overlooked the stable yard and allowed people in the kitchen to see right down to the fields where the horses grazed. Beneath the window was a sink and the dishwasher, with a draining board placed to the left of the sink; two upturned mugs rested on the draining board, left there after a drink had at mid-afternoon. On the left of the door was a tall, shiny metal refrigerator with a couple of stools, which could be placed by the units if necessary to have a drink in comfort perhaps, resting conveniently beside it. The cooker was on the far side of the room, opposite the door, and was large in size, like the fridge, as it often had to be used to cook meals for all workers on the stable yard and any livery customers who stayed later than usual.

Daren shrugged past Jason with a loud yawn, not bothering to cover his muzzle with his paw for the sake of politeness, but that was just the way of the black stallion. He hopped up on to one of the stools by the window and grabbed a magazine from the unit, resting his muzzle on a dark paw as he flipped through it idly. It seemed that he wasn’t about to leap up and help Jason prepare the food anytime soon; Jason sighed, but wasn’t at all surprised that he would have to do everything by himself. It was the way Daren had always been, as long as they had known each other. Besides, the black horse wasn’t a very good cook, so perhaps it was just as well.

Quietly, Jason went about the task of preparing a meal of vegetarian hamburgers with a hearty salad on the side. Although most of his herbivore friends were disgusted with him even eating the semblance of meat, it was a not so secret love of Jason’s – one that he was not prepared to give up just because some furs found it distasteful. He had found some sesame seed buns in the back of the cupboard earlier that day and apart from being slightly crushed by a few tins of soup, they looked mostly alright and certainly in date.

Not paying much attention to Jason cooking the escort ağrı burgers in the pre-heated oven, Daren looked suspicious when Jason put a heaped plate in front of him and tossed him a set of cutlery, which was deftly caught in Daren’s large paw.

“Hamburgers?” Daren commented, prodding his warily with the tip of the fork. “What kind of a horse are you?”

“Just because we’re horses doesn’t mean we can’t have the vegetarian ones. That means it’s not real meat,” Jason teased, grabbing his own burger and taking a large bite from it. He chewed slowly, savouring the taste of the food in his mouth before he swallowed and scooped up a portion of salad with his fork. After a moment of hesitation, Daren followed his example and bit into his burger hesitantly, and then when he had determined that it was not real meat, he devoured it in barely over a minute.

“That’s the first time I’ve had a burger, you know,” he mused quietly, toying with the salad and tasting the remains of the burger in his mouth. Jason chuckled, crunching his own salad noisily and half wishing that he had made more of it; he needed to re-stock the fridge and freezer the next day if he wanted to have more though.

“Not bad, is it?” He snorted a bit with the suppressed laughter at the wondering expression on Daren’s muzzle. Jason highly suspected that this food would become a staple part of his friend’s diet after this one time, if he just so happened to become as fond of them as Jason was, of course.

“Not at all so,” Daren smiled appreciatively. “Thanks for this, pal.”

Jason was surprised to hear the genuine note of thanks in Daren’s voice and felt his ear tips flush warmly with pleasure, but he hoped that the blush was not noticeable. He shook his mane and tilted his head thoughtfully – this was a new side to the stallion, who had rarely, if at all, shown any gratitude towards Jason previously. Maybe Daren was not such an obnoxious sort after all?

“And you were worried about my cooking,” Jason teased good naturedly. “No worries, mate.”

When they had finished eating, Daren pushed his stool back from the unit and stretched his whole body out lazily. Then he turned to Jason with a sly grin dancing on his muzzle; it seemed that he was up to his old tricks again already and that his moment of gratitude was short lived. Jason stiffened instinctively when he was fixed with a piercing look that seemed to have the effect of stripping him bare for Daren to view at his leisure.

“So, Jason, when was the last time you had a girlfriend? You never mention one to us guys on the yard. No nice fillies taken your fancy?”

Ah, so it was this question again. Yet another enquiry into the details of his sadly non-existent love life.

“No, none,” Jason replied shortly, turning his head away dismissively – no way did he want to continue with that topic, for personal reasons.

“You’re not going gay on us, are you, mate?” Daren teased, his dark tail swishing against the cupboard door below the unit. When Jason’s head snapped back around and Daren could see his icy glare, even the obnoxious stallion knew that he had definitely touched a nerve and gone too far. Jason seethed.

“Whatever my sexual orientation is, Daren, is none of your fucking business. Maybe you ask this things to everyone in earshot because you’re questioning yourself? Whatever your reasons are, take the hint and drop the topic.”

Jason dropped his knife and fork on his plate, from where he had been holding them in his paw, with a loud clatter that made Daren flinch visibly. He tried to sit there and cool off a bit, but the fury raged through him, after just one little comment that had very near touched upon the truth. The chestnut stallion shook his head as if he was trying to clear his ears and shot Daren a poisonous look when he received an inquisitive glance, if not an apologetic one, in return.

“Damn this, Daren, I’m going to take a shower. You sort out the dishes when I’m gone.”

He cast an angry glare back at Daren as he stood, scraping his stool back against the kitchen tiles and dumping his plate unceremoniously in the sink, not bothering to wash it.

Fuck it, if he wants to be a nosy bugger, he can do the dishes, he thought irritably, stomping into the bathroom and slamming the door shut loudly after him. And he better not cop out and use the dishwasher, it’s hardly anything to wash.

The shower cubicle was fairly large and situated in a corner of the spacious bathroom, which contained a reasonable sized circular bathtub also. The tiles of the bathroom floor were a snowy white but speckled with flecks of black, which provided a slight but pleasing contrast to the untainted white of the wall tiles. Two blue bathroom rugs were placed by the tub and the shower, so that any fur using either had no reason to get water on the tiles. Jason almost smiled when he thought of how the boss had lectured him once for soaking the floor because he had forgotten ağrı escort bayan to put the absorbent rugs down before using the shower.

Still irritated, Jason yanked his shirt over his head and threw it on to the floor, where it was quickly joined by both his jeans and boxers. Before he stepped into the shower, Jason grabbed one of the towels from the pile on the washing basket and draped the light blue towel over a rail on the wall of the room, within easy reach when he exited the cubicle. Once he had the means to dry himself afterwards, he stepped carefully into the cubicle and turned the water on.

The stream of almost scalding hot was extremely soothing and Jason soon relaxed his tense muscles, able to think more clearly as the water washed away the sweat of a day’s work. But the calming sensation alone did not prevent him from feeling irked at the questions that had been thrown at him only a few minutes previously.

Daren certainly had no right to pry into his personal life like that, Jason thought as he turned his muzzle upwards so that the water flowed over his forehead and washed the sweat from working off every inch of his body. Jason dearly wished that Daren would learn to keep his thoughts to himself sometimes, because he was entirely too perceptive, for all his bragging and loud mouthing.

The truth was that Jason wasn’t entirely sure of his own sexuality at this point. Questions and comments about his lack of a girlfriend only put him on edge, making him become instinctively defensive. There had been one time, after one of his rare nights out at the clubs, when a stag had caught his eye and persuaded him to join him at his home. The stag had been evidently interested in Jason from the invite alone and that night had been the first time he had felt the lips of another male on his member; it was a sensation that he had gladly repaid to the stag when it was his turn. He hadn’t allowed the stag to penetrate him though, as he lost his nerve at the last minute and he quite regretted not allowing the experience to progress further.

Jason shivered at the memory, remembering the details of the incident in startlingly vivid detail. The stag’s willing submissiveness was poignant in his memory and how he had so easily let Jason take control of the situation, only going as far as he was comfortable. It would probably come as a surprise to most that knew Jason personally that he was also an expressive dominant in the bedroom.

He sighed and lathered himself up, ears dropping sadly. He felt unlikely to find a partner in the recent future, with his indecision making him falter every time a filly, or any other female, began to speak to him. Before he had started to question himself, he had never had any difficulty in talking to the fillies, or taking them home with him. It was his cursed crisis that turned him into a blushing, stuttering wreck, oftentimes leading to the female fur giving him a strange look and shaking her head as she walked away.

Why did he have to be like this? He thought despairingly, rubbing the soap into his fur quickly and efficiently, no longer enjoying his warm shower. It felt wrong to think about males in that way, despite having a general acceptance of those who preferred their own sex to the opposite. But as his paws fell to his sheath, he had the sudden thought that he could still fantasise about whatever he wished to in private – nothing could prevent him from doing that.

His ear tips were hot with excitement as he stroked his sheath gently, trembling at the soft sensation of pleasure that radiated through him warmly. His mottled pink and grey member slid eagerly from its hiding place, hardening rapidly under Jason’s persistent strokes along the length. He imagined the stag again, his warm tongue sliding over and caressing every inch of his fifteen inch male hood, making drops of pre cum drip from the slightly flared tip of Jason’s member.

Then a figure appeared unbidden in his mind. In his imagined scene, Daren stepped forward, entirely naked and his black fur gleaming enticingly over the well formed muscles. Jason swallowed and panted quietly, but strangely enough welcomed the addition of his colleague to his fantasy. Maybe it was the reversal of the roles from their daily work together that held the fierce appeal for dominance over Daren?

Jason’s fantasy deepened, drawing him in until it was almost as if the stallion was truly kneeling in front of him, pressing him back against the cold, tiled wall and taking Jason’s member hungrily into his mouth. He moaned loudly with his head thrown back and his eyes closed tightly, as if he believed that the image would be dispelled by the act of opening them again.

He imagined Daren turning around in the cubicle and dropping to all fours, raising his tail wantonly to present his dark little tail hole to his dominant partner. Jason lowered himself to his knees in the shower, picturing that he was behind Daren and perfectly poised to bury his throbbing stallion hood into the stallion’s backside. In front of him, he envisaged the stallion whinnying like a mare in heat and begging for him – a desire which Jason would happily oblige by thrusting the entire length of his member into his tight tail hole, listening to Daren’s squeals of delight.