A Star Returns: Part Two

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I got settled in my hotel room. It was a room that was bigger than the roach motel’s bedroom. I took a long hot shower. My dick throbbed as I remembered getting my dick sucked by Natalie while her Dad, Brother, Mother, and her recently wedded husband all sat at the table without a clue of what was going on underneath it.Then I got to fuck Natalie’s best friend, Debbie. Well, I shouldn’t say I fucked her as much as she fucked me. “Boy, that girl can ride,” I said as I stroked my cock in the shower. For the third time tonight, I came hard. “What I wouldn’t do to get another round with both of them.”I laid in the bed naked as I had no other clothes other than what I had on when I arrived. Sleep came quickly to me as I thought of Debbie and Natalie. There were even thoughts about Natalie’s mother, Jasmine.After school, I remembered parties at the house, how the other guys would say what they would do to her. My favourite thing to think about was fucking her big tits. Now that I knew they were F cups, it made me want to fuck them more, but then Natalie said she was an H, how I wanted to fuck both of them, maybe together.The image of the daughter and mother smashing their big tits together over my dick as I humped my dick between the tiny gap between them filled my dreams. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, how wet and… wait.“Natalie!” I shouted as I woke to find Natalie between my legs, slurping on my dick.“I came in to see if you wanted another round, and to my surprise,” Natalie said as her tongue circled the head of my dick. “You were already hard and ready for me.”“How…” I started to say, looking at the door.“I tricked the man at the desk into giving me a copy of your card,” Natalie said as she ever so slowly sucked on my dick.I smiled as I stared down at her. “What about, what’s his face?”“My husband?” Natalie said as she stopped sucking my cock and stood up and bent over with her hands on the bed. “Do you really want to talk about my husband or do you want to fuck me from behind?”“Fuck that,” I said as I quickly got out of bed. With one yank of her bed pants, I had full access to her huge ass.“Fuck,” I said as my dick entered her from behind.“mmm,” moaned Natalie as I held onto her thick waist and started pounding her from behind. “That’s it fuck me on my wedding night!”I hadn’t thought about that. Natalie was supposed to be in bahis siteleri bed with her newly married husband, but she wasn’t; instead, she was taking my dick balls deep from behind.“Fuck me, Turbo!” Natalie yelled.“Shh,” I said If anybody that knew her or knew me on this floor, they would’ve probably heard her, screaming my name.“Fuck me!” Natalie grunted as she looked back at me with eyes that could kill.I ramped up the speed that I was fucking her phat ass, watching it bounce off me with each thrust. Each time our bodies collided, it sent waves across her large ass.“Yes!” Natalie screamed. “You’re the best, fuck me hard!”‘Damn,’ I thought to myself, watching her ass bounce off me. The harder I fucked her, the more it shook.“Cum in me!” Natalie yelled, pushing her ass back hard. “Don’t hold back, I want it all!”I didn’t want to disappoint, so I pushed forward as Natalie pushed back onto me. I came deep inside of her.“That was…” I started to say.“Thanks, Turbo!” Natalie said as she picked up her bed pants and slid them on. Before I could say another word, she was out the door.“What the hell?” I said as I heard the door close.I had done many nights of fucking someone then leaving right after, but never had it done to me. I looked at the door, wondering if Debbie would show up next, or maybe Jasmine. Hopefully, Natalie would come back for another round, but slowly I fell asleep.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Jasmine met me downstairs in the morning. “You remember how to get to the house?” she said as she looked over at her husband, Terrence, who in this town was probably the only person who wasn’t glad to see me.“He should, he spent enough time there,” Terrence grunted.“Yeah, it’s all coming back to me,” I nodded. “Where are the newlyweds?” I asked as I looked around.“They left early this morning,” Jasmine said as she hopped into the excessively large SUV.“Only people I know that turn down a honeymoon in Jamaica to go to Florida,” Terrence huffed as he started the vehicle.“See you there,” Jasmine said as the vehicle pulled away.“Well,” I said as I got in my car.I packed all my stuff which wasn’t much, into my car and headed on my way. I passed the strip club that Debbie worked in and thought about going in, but there were no cars in the parking lot. “Still early,” I noted as I kept driving.The house was just as big as I remembered canlı bahis siteleri it. I pulled into the driveway and parked. “You made it,” Jasmine said as she hugged me as I got into the house.“Of course he made it, he is standing right there, isn’t he?” Terrence said, peering over his steel-rimmed glasses as he looked over his monitor to stare at me.“Happy to see you too, sir,” I said as I brought my things in.“Don’t mind him,” Jasmine said as she looked at him then back to me. “He is just grumpy today,” she smiled as she leaned forward. “Just got the bill for the reception,” she whispered.“I can hear you!” Terence shouted back. “Fucking Florida! Who the fuck goes to Florida?”“It’s what they wanted,” Jasmine responded quickly.“Only people that go to Florida are the people that want to die,” Terrence said as he stared at me. “The pool needs cleaning, don’t think you are going to get a free ride, just because she asked you to stay here!”“No, sir,” I nodded.“Stop calling me sir, I work for a living and so should you,” Terrence said.“I intend to,” I nodded, which was the truth. I intended to talk to Ted about a job at the mall or anywhere else. I wanted to get my own place as soon as possible.The room they let me stay in was the same room most of the guys would sleep in when we had sleepovers. It was amazing how much it was different from when I was a teen to being an adult. I used to think the room was gigantic. Now it was just big.The choirs never ended. After cleaning out the pool filled with leaves and dirt, Terrence had me mow the lawn, which wouldn’t have been so bad if the riding mower was working. So, I had to use the motorized one, which wasn’t as bad as a push mower, but they had a huge front yard and a much larger backyard. When I was done, he wanted me to wash the large SUV. It was sundown before I finally finished.After taking the coldest shower, I laid out on the bed. I got a text from Ted asking if I wanted to meet up with some of the guys down at the bar.I got up and got dressed. I wanted to be out of the house just in case Terrence had something else for me to do.“That sounds like my dad,” Ted said as we played pool.“Yeah, Terrence can be a real slave driver,” Anthony said.The girls were right. Anthony was a tank of a man back in high school, massive arms, a huge chest and muscles all over. Now he was just canlı bahis big all over.A few other guys from high school were at the bar, but most of them stuck to their own friends.“So, you guys know anyone that is hiring,” I asked. I wanted to do anything that got me out of the house.“The mill is fully staffed,” Anthony said as he stood up, holding onto his pool stick.“That’s because it’s the best paying job in town,” Jason said.Jason used to be the quarterback for the team. Just like the rest of us, he peeked in high school. He said he got an injury first day of practice when he got to college and never recovered. Now he worked in town doing cable work.“What about the cable company?” I asked.“Nah, they are cutting hours as it is,” Jason said.“Man, there has to be something,” I said, shaking my head.“There is, but you won’t like it,” Ted said, looking at me.“I’ll take anything,” I replied.“Craig said they are hiring stockers at the grocery store on 10th,” Ted said.“Wait,” I said as I stood up. “Not Craig, Craig,” I shook my head.“One in the same,” Ted Nodded.One person in all of the town hated me back in high school, and that was Craig Withers. He hated me from day one. I never found out the reason why. Whenever I asked him, he would say, “you know very well,” that was his answer every time. I had no clue, what I had done to him, but he was head of the school newsletter, and even when I scored four touchdowns in a single game, he put the picture of me dropping one of the catches.When I led the district in points scored in Basketball, he printed when I fell out of bounds and into the stands and got a soda spilt over a child. Everything I did right, he found something I did wrong.“Thought he would have been long gone,” I said, shaking my head.“Nope,” Anthony said. “He never left,” he said. He walked closer to me. “And I would be careful what you say about him around other people.”“Why?” I asked.“You remember what we called the mill back in the day?” Jason asked.“Yeah Tetanus Central,” I smiled.The mill was a rusty, old, beaten to hell and back, death trap. Many kids went to play around there and would get hurt or get long nails through their feet. Two teenagers were found dead in there one time. Now it was back to life and looked brand spanking new.“Craig was the one that got the energy people to tear the old one down and rebuild it,” Jason said. “They also filled the old rock quarry with water, made it a lake to turn those turbines they got out there by the highway.”I had seen the water filtration station when I had come into town. “Craig did all that?” I asked.