A Strange Encounter Ch. 03

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Colin woke it with a stiff cock and a pain in his stomach, he needed a pee, he struggled upright and switched his bedside light on: six o’clock. It was Saturday and he didn’t need to get up this early. However his full bladder had decided otherwise. He got up and walked out the door naked, no one would be awake at this time. He walked into the bathroom, not understanding why the light was on. It had been years since the bathroom light had been left on overnight. He moved to the toilet, still half asleep.

“Whoa sexy don’t start yet, I’m still going.”

Looking startled he saw his sister Sue sitting on the toilet, her nightie hitched up to her waist.

“Ohh sorry Sue, not awake, need to pee,” he half said, half mumbled. He sat on a towel on the edge of the bath, staring at Sue.

Sue finished and wiped, dropped the paper into the bowl, stood and flushed. Colin ambled over and as he went to hold his dick, Sue beat him to it.

They shuffled in front of the toilet and Sue lifted the seat. She pointed his prick down towards the bowl. Colin relaxed and his pee came out, partly in a thin spray and partly a dribbling dripping stream.

“What’s happened?” said Sue giggling at the mess that was going everywhere,” most of it’s dripping on my hand.”

“Ohh no, because I needed to pee my body gives me a hard on until I woke up, but ‘cos it’s been hard the pee’s all mixed up, due to the tube it’s coming down being restricted as my body thinks I’m going to cum.”

As he said this the two streams can together in full flow. Sue squeezed his dick until the flow stopped, then let go, then squeezed, smiling as the little javelins of piss hit the water and broke up. She moved her hand in an arc creating a swirling ring of piss, then up and down trying to make shapes in the air above the toilet. Slowly the jet of piss slowed. It finished with a trickle and dribbled over Sues fingers on the underside below the head. Sue sighed and reluctantly let go of his prick. His cock hung down and slowly contracted in the night air. All that she could see was the head peeking out of the thick hair around it.

Sue kissed Colin on the lips and ran her hand over his arse. Colin placed a hand over his sisters tiny tit, gently massaging the nipple with his palm. She broke the kiss and walked away out of the bathroom, leaving Colin standing, naked and with a rock hard cock. He shrugged and walked back to bed. Closing the door he was surprised it was dark in the room. He thought he’d put on the bedside lamp. Dreaming again he thought, pulling back the duvet and climbing in. His leg touched something soft and warm, another leg. So Sue had come into his bed, He pulled the duvet over him and snugged up to his sister, She smiled in the dark and brought her arm around and pulled him close, he kissed her nose then nuzzled it. Their lips met, briefly, then they dropped off to sleep.

As the sun rose, neither heard his door open, or see their mother peek in and astonished see them in bed together. Concerned she walked to the bed and sat on it. Colin registered the change and slowly surfaced from his sleep. He realised Sue was with him as they were spooning and her arm was wrapped round his waist. Sue was unaware of the situation and continued to dream happily.

“Oh! hi Mum, err, Sue had.. a nightmare and came to me to … you don’t believe a word of this do you?” he mumbled.

His mother shook her head and put a finger to her lips. Standing she quietly left the room closing the door.

“Fuck!” murmured Colin and pulled the duvet up to his ears again.

A while later Colin felt Sue’s hand begin to circle round his stomach and her body pressed into his.

“Hi baby, sleep well?” she murmured , moving her head to gently kiss his ear.

“Too well Sis, Mum found us, she was here earlier, guess we’re well and truly screwed.” he said, taking her hand in his.

“Oh no! I’m sorry Col, I really am, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have sneaked in here, but I wanted to be near you so much.” she squeezed her fingers in his hand.

“Well whatever else, it’s in the open now, look I have to tuzla escort pee, think I’d better go on my own this time,” he threw back the duvet and flipped it back after he stood. Padding out to the toilet he did what he had to and turned to go back to his bedroom. As he came back their mother followed him in to the bedroom, smacking his bottom as he reached the bed.

“Good morning boys and girls, does someone want to tell Momma the story. You know boy meets girl, they fall in love and sleep together, except they’re brother and sister and it’s illegal and wrong.” She smiled without mirth and her face set in a determined manner.

“Mum, it’s my fault..” began Sue

“It isn’t Sue, we’re both responsible for what’s happening. You didn’t force me, I was a more than willing victim.” finished Colin.

“I’m the oldest and I should have been more responsible” Sue jabbed him in the chest with her finger. Sitting up she had forgotten that she had taken her nightdress off, her bare breasts bobbling slightly as she poked him. Her mother raised an eyebrow and stared at her breasts.

“Ohh!” Sue said and defiantly placed her hands on her hips, pushing her tiny breasts up and out towards their mother. “There’s nothing to see, I know they’re small, don’t stare!”

“Sue, that’s very rude, I’m not judging the size of your breasts, I’m merely concerned that you are exposing them to the world, it is most unladylike.”

“Mum, she is a lady, and this is my bedroom, which is a private place. Personally I think they’re perfect, they fit her body exactly and I hope to see Sue like that for many years to come.”

“Thanks bro.”

“Welcome.” They high fived

“Right, fun’s over, better tell me what’s happened, and why you two are cozying up together and naked too.

“Mum, for some unknown unfathomable stupid, idiotic reason, I have fallen head over heels in love with your youngest son. I don’t know how or why, I can also sayI can’t tell you when, I’m so confused about this, but, I love him to bits.”

Sue held her hand out and Colin clasped it and they interlaced fingers.


“Mum, I’ve always loved Sue, as my older, smarter sister, but just recently, I’ve found myself attracted to her as a women, I love her smell, I love the way she looks, dresses, smiles, frowns, glares at me, yells at me, everything.”

“I think I need a while to digest this and I’m not sure how to tell your father, tell me honestly, have you had sex with each other?”

“No!” they said together.

“OK, thanks for that, you need to get up and dressed now, breakfast in twenty minutes, on time please.”

Their mother stood and left the room, again closing the door behind her.

Sue and Colin lay back on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

“I think that there’s a good chance that a sackful of shit is about to descend on us from way up high.”

“Yup, wet and messy and coming this way.”

“I love you big sis, I truly do.”

“Me to bro. this is going to be a hell of a weekend.”

Twenty minutes after being found in bed together, Colin and his sister, Sue, came downstairs to the kitchen. Their mother busied herself organising breakfast and asked them to set the table.

They ate in silence and cleared away, stacking the dishwasher and returning the cereal packets to the larder, milk to the fridge. Anne, their mother, chewed methodically on her toast, sipping tea between bites and gazing out into the garden. Finishing she cleared away her breakfast things and sat back down at the table.

“How do you two think that this relationship of yours will pan out?”

“We don’t know, we’ve only just opened up to each other, it’s only been a day so far.”

“so nothing happened until last night?”

“No mum, we were mucking about and suddenly it all came out. From my point of view, I was surprised Sue had any thoughts about me at all, apart from what an irritating twat I was.”

“you weren’t irritating, I just made out that’s what I was thinking, I loved having you around, well mostly.”

“I know that, I was just saying how I felt then, tuzla escort bayan not now. Sorry, that was a bit harsh.”

“So what sort of ‘mucking around’ were you engaged in that these heartfelt declarations of love came out?”

“Oh! this and that, you know, just ribbing each other and that sort of thing.”

“He saw me pissing in the copse with Julie, he came and told me, I thought he wanted to force me to let him see me naked, but he didn’t!”


“Colin, Mum wants the truth, I can’t lie to her, I can’t.”

“OK, I wanted to see her piss, but up close, if you want so the truth. And if it came to it and she’d had said no, I wouldn’t have told you anyway.”

“Oh my God, you wanted to see your sister peeing up close. What kind of pervert are you? That is gross and very disturbing. This comes of having too much access to the internet. I am ashamed of you I really am,” Anne dropped her head and shook it slowly.

“Hey,hey mum, I let him, I wanted him to see me, I hoped he’d like what he saw, I was happy to do it, so don’t go off at him, I’m no victim here.”

Anne’s head snapped up and she glared at Sue.

“You wanted him to watch you pee, you let him watch you, where, in this house, under our roof.”

“Sure and do you know what, I sat on the vanity unit and peed in the sink, Colin was so close it splashed on his face.”

“Stop it, stop it, that is disgusting, where did you pick up such things. Your father and I never, ever would do things like that. Peeing is a private, personal thing, and it’s what toilets are there for, I’m ashamed of you both.” Anne stood and paced the kitchen. “I’ve never heard such disgusting things in my life, you are depraved, sick, I think I need to get you medical help, this is wrong, so very wrong.” she clasped her hands together, smoothed her skirt, paced, smoothed her skirt again.

“It was the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen in my life, Sue’s pussy is so beautiful, and it opens like a little flower and it tastes delicious.”

“what on earth are you saying? you’ve tasted her? down there? her sex? you’ve actually licked her and kissed her there, already, but why? that’s not normal, that’s indecent. Womens private areas are not for men to look at and touch, only for making babies, that’s all.”

“Mum you can’t seriously believe that, surely? Doesn’t Dad go down on you, doesn’t he kiss and lick your pussy?”

“Don’t say that, it’s not right, I’m not clean down there, it’s where the wee comes out and it’s not for enjoyment, only for making babies and weeing.”

“Mum do you really think that oral sex is wrong, have you ever licked or sucked Dad’s cock?”

“How dare you say that to me, of course I haven’t, I don’t as any good women wouldn’t. It’s for weeing and putting in a women to make a baby. Everything else is perverted. It’s wrong and unclean.”

“Mum I can’t believe you’re saying this, you’ve always been so good about talking to us about our bodies and stuff. Have you been lying to us all this time.”

“I don’t like sex, I hate your father touching me, I know he’ll get too excited and want to push his big thing in me and it hurts every time. He’s a good man but I can’t love him like that, I really can’t,” Anne stopped pacing, put her head in her hands and sobbed.

“I am so unhappy, your father and I haven’t touched each other in fifteen years, he just couldn’t take rejection any more. I want him but I can’t have him. He wants me but I can’t bear the thought of the pain again.” She sat on the chair and sobbed.

Sue and Colin sat stunned,they had no idea what was happening between their parents, they tried to think of something to say, but couldn’t. It was incomprehensible, all the values of love and happiness and normality seemed to be turned on their head.

Anne looked up at them.

“How, how did you do it, how did you pee in the sink, show me, show me how you did it?” she stood and grabbed their hands dragging them to the stairs,

“Mum, don’t! stop it, you’ll only hurt yourself, please don’t do this.”

“Shut up, I want to see you do this, I want to escort tuzla know what you do, come on show me!” the last phrase was shouted out and she was stomping upstairs, dragging the pair behind her, pulling them along the landing into the bathroom.

“What do you do, do you just pull your knickers down, take you skirt off too, what, tell me?”

“Sue stripped off completely, she wanted me to see her naked.”

“Go on then, strip?” Anne demanded, Sue looked at her mother pleadingly.

“Mum no, it wasn’t like this, it was different, it wasn’t done with anger or..”

Anne suddenly began to unbutton her blouse, kicking her slippers off, she pulled her blouse off and unhooked her bra, pulling it off by the front centre and flinging it across the room. Her breasts were much larger than Sue’s and hung lower on her chest, the nipples pointing slightly down. She pulled her skirt round and unbuttoned it, dropping it on the floor and kicking it away. Placing her hands inside her knickers she whooshed them down and threw them after her bra. She turned to face her children. They gazed at her droopy breasts and round stomach, but what entranced them was the thick bush of pubic hair obscuring her sex completely.

“Help me up!” she demanded and Colin helped her sit on the vanity unit. She swung round and edged to the basin. Sliding a leg each side of the bowl, as Sue had done, she moved until her pussy was over it. A sudden hiss preceded a thick strong burst of piss snaking out from her hairy pussy. She leant back and placed her arms slightly behind her to take her weight.

Sue and Colin watched in fascination as the piss swirled into the basin and ran out the plughole. Anne grimaced then relaxed and a smile spread over her face. She readjusted and as the river of piss began to slow, moved her right hand down to her pussy. She placed her fingers in the trickling stream and wet them. Then plunged her fingers into the hairy mass. her hips jerked and she shuddered making her saggy breasts roll and bounce as if oil damped.

Grunting she massaged her pussy, piss still trickling out and soaking the hairs around her anus. Sue felt Colin’s arm around her trying to get her to look away. Instead she moved towards her mother and she bent to suckle from her breast. Anne looked up and took her hand from her pussy and beckoned to Colin. As he moved closer she held her fingers out to him. He realised what she wanted and opened his mouth to take them in. He closed his mouth and sucked his mothers piss and pussy juiced fingers, licking them with his tongue. Anne bucked with pleasure and pressed her legs together trapping her clitoris between the folds of her lips and increasing her rush towards her orgasm.

Sue reached over her mothers belly and cupped her other breast, kneading it between her palm and fingers, flicking the nipple and squeezing it tight in her hand. Anne moaned and bucked. Colin reached under her legs and ran his hand over her hairy pussy, moving down towards her arsehole. Anne opened her legs and felt his soft fingers enter her opening. Another wave swept over her and she jerked and forced his fingers deeper into her hole, he managed to find her clit with his thumb and flicked and pressed it as she wailed and came.

They had to support Anne as they helped her down off the vanity unit. She was unsteady on her feet and they half carried, half walked her to her bedroom. She went to sit on the chair and leaned back ready to sit. Her wet pussy had drips of piss hanging on them, so Colin knelt down with a tissue and gently dried her before she sat.

“Front to back, you remembered, good boy,” Anne said and sat down, leaning back in the chair.

Colin tossed the tissue in the bin and head back to the bathroom, returning with Anne’s clothes.

“Here Mum, put your clothes on, I’ve brought them in for you.”

“No, I want you to see me naked, I want you to see me as I am, I’m a real women as well as your mother. I have needs and desires too, I just can’t satisfy them, but that was good, that was lovely, I came, several times. I feel tired, but strangely relaxed.” She closed her eyes and appeared to be going to sleep.

Colin pulled the soft brown blanket off the bed and draped it over his mother and the chair and took Sue’s hand, they left closing the bedroom door behind them.