A Summer with the McCoys Ch. 06

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I woke up in a sweat the next morning, feeling my heart pounding. The summer began rather favorably: I’d fucked Vicky, Bella, and a few of Bella’s bisexual lady friends within a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, I’d also been caught doing so by my mom, who also wanted to rock my cock. Things were just awkward now, and I didn’t know what to expect.

I pulled on a t-shirt and trudged down the stairs to the kitchen. The harsh sunlight filtering through the window was bothersome, and I groaned as I sat down to an empty table setting.

“Good morning sunshine,” Barbara said without looking from her paper. “How’d you sleep last night?” Each word was dripping with derision, and I knew she relished the fact that she had me by the balls.

“Just fine,” I replied as I put some bacon on my plate.

“What time are you working today, ma?” said Vicky from across the table. Her eyes gleamed at me as I realized she wanted some alone time with me.

“I’ll be working the 2-10 shift again,” Barbara said as she put the paper down. “But your brother and I are going to go to the lodge so he can make a few friends.”

My heart nearly dropped into my stomach. The lodge? Images of a stuffy old cabin flashed through my head as I remembered my mom’s demands from last night: I was to service her AND her friends. Surely she wasn’t such a heartless bitch? Was I going to have to spend all of my free time pleasuring her overweight, middle-aged friends?

“Well don’t tire him out completely,” Bella said from behind me as I realized she was the one who’d made the meal. “We need him to fix the water-heater again.” For me and Vicky, this was code for me punishing her cunt. I wasn’t sure if Bella had caught on, or wanted in, or genuinely needed the water heater fixed.

“Oh don’t worry, it’ll just be a friendly meet and greet. Jim, why don’t you go wash up, we need to leave by 10.”

“Sure thing mom. Hey Bella, can I have some of those eggs?”

“You bet, bro!” she smiled and started to scrape some eggs onto my plate, slowing as she watched our mom walk up the stairs to get ready. “Ok, here’s the deal,” she whispered. “Mom said you and I can keep fucking my brains out if I stay on the pill –“

“Yeah, I know the deal, she briefed me.”

“Oh…ok. Well, I was talking with Vicky, who mentioned that you were filling her with your fat fucking sausage of a dick.” I quietly nodded, trying to determine if Bella was upset by this or not. “Anyways, we got to talking and she wants to have a lesbian encounter, and I thought…why not bring Jim too? So hurry back from mom’s lodge shit and we’ll get to it.”

I nodded and eagerly scarfed down my eggs with a grin. I couldn’t wait to plow both of my sisters at the same time. After a few more minutes of pleasant conversation, I went to my room to get ready for the lodge.

Barbara and I arrived at the lodge around 10:30, and I felt a bit underdressed in my jeans and sweater. Mom was wearing a cardigan that stretched tight over her bust, and a pair of slacks. The lodge wasn’t a log cabin, but looked more like a large office building.

Once inside, I saw clusters of people gathered around small tables. There were men and women who seemed aged 35 to 50 or so, and most seemed fairly wealthy. Mom led me to a group of women sitting on a couch in front of a fire.

“Oh hello Barbara,” said an attractive blonde. Her long, golden hair was tied back and her blue eyes shone through her wide, rectangular glasses. “Who’s this?”

“This is my son Jim, the one I told you about. Jim, this is Eva.”

I extended my hand and smiled. “Pleased to meet you, Eva.” I looked next to Eva and saw a beautiful filipino woman eyeing me. “Hi, I’m Jim.”

“Hello Jim, I’m Ann.” Ann had almond eyes and a dark complexion, with thick, black hair that seemed to reach down to her waist. Her deep brown eyes seemed to flicker back and forth, watching both me and Barbara. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

I cocked my head, unsure about what that meant. “Jim, take a seat,” Barbara gestured to an upholstered chair next to the couch as she took the final seat on the couch.

“So what do you ladies do — ” I started to try and make polite smalltalk.

“Jim, I’m going to cut to the chase.” Mom interrupted me with a rather stern look. “If you’re going to continue plowing my daughter then I’m going to make good use of our deal, ok?” I gulped and nodded. “Ann and Eva are both married, and neither of their husbands pay them any attention. You’re going to meet them in the ladies room upstairs and they’re going to have their way with you. You guys have a little over an hour, because I have to take Jim home and go to work by 2.”

I hiltonbet giriş sat speechless as the other two started running their eyes up and down my body. “Well, what are you waiting for?” Eva asked with a bitchy tone. My blank face stared back at her. “Christ, you’ve never fucked around in a bathroom before? Go up there and slip into the lady’s room when you can, we’ll meet you.”

I got up and headed up the stairs, my head racing at what was about to happen. Was I being whored out by my mom? Did I care? These women were gorgeous, and while I couldn’t see their bodies, their faces were certainly beautiful. I found myself outside the door to the ladies room and knocked, but heard no response. I creaked the door open and poked my head in, calling for someone, but heard nothing.

I sat in a bathroom stall and closed the door, figuring the ladies would find me when they needed me. It was only then that I noticed the holes cut into the walls of the stall. Glory holes! This had to be a sex club, and suddenly I realized that everything going on downstairs was a sort of cover.

“Put your dick in the hole, kid.” I heard a voice from the stall to the right of me, and cautiously approached it. “Don’t look in here, just put your dick in the hole!” I recognized the voice as Eva, and realized she was in the next stall waiting to suck me off. I stuck my limp cock through the hole and felt her warm hands wrap around it. “You’re a grower, huh?”

“What?” I asked, puzzled but enjoying the slow pumping fist that was waking up my cock.

“A grower. It means that your cock gets a lot smaller when you’re soft. At least, I HOPE this thing’s going to get bigger.”

Embarrassed, I focused on how Eva’s hand was rhythmically stroking my cock, and before I knew it I was at full mast. “Does that answer your question?”

“My,” she said with a coo, “it sure does.” I felt her lips slowly envelope the head of my cock, and watched goosebumps pop up on my skin. I’d never had anonymous sex before, and while I knew Eva was on the other side, I couldn’t shake the fact that I was getting blown through a glory hole.

Eva started bobbing her head up and down on my cock, massaging the bottom of the shaft with her tongue. With each slurp, her head bounced to the top and her mouth stroked the bottom. She sat there, savoring the taste of my cock as she worked it back and forth. Occasionally I felt her take her mouth off of the head of my cock and slurp back all of the spit and precum that was amounting in her mouth, but then she’d just go right back to it and keep sucking me off.

“It’s been so long since I sucked such a good cock,” she mumbled into my member. Suddenly she stopped sucking it, and I heard motion on the other side. Keeping her hands wrapped around me, I felt her rotate and before I knew it my cock was being squeezed into the familiar, moist heat of a vagina. “Ohhhh yeah,” she moaned.

I tried to start pumping back and forth through the gloryhole, but the edges of the hole were chafing and I couldn’t get a good rhythm with her. “No honey,” she said, pulling my cock as far out of the gloryhole as it would reach. “You let me do the work.”

I stood there with my cock sitting out as she held the base and slowly eased her pussy back onto it. I could tell this woman was a regular at “the lodge” because her pussy wasn’t nearly as tight as any of the others I’d been pounding recently. “God, that feels good,” I moaned.

She laughed as she continued bouncing back and forth against my dick. I could feel the head poking the deepest crevices of her cunt as she shook her entire body back and forth. The sound of her ass slapping against the stall walls echoed through the bathroom. I was nervous people would hear the slaps and the moans as this woman pounded my dick with her body, but I didn’t care. I felt her pussy clench down on me as she slowed her stroking. “I’m going to cum baby,” she breathed as I heard her steady herself by putting her hands on the opposite walls. “Keep that dick in me, ohhhhhhhh it’s gonna be a good one.”

I tried to keep myself from cumming as she started shouting, a sharp cry coming from her mouth with every breath. Her pussy gripped down on me like a vice and slowly rode its way down every inch of my cock as she came, and she suddenly drew to a stop. “Thanks kid,” she mentioned as she caught her breath. I heard her zip something up and then doors opening and closing as she left.

What the fuck? I admit I liked pounding some strange pussy in a bathroom, but I didn’t even get to shoot my load and I was fucking horny now. I shrugged and sat on the toilet, slowly stroking my cock. I started picturing the swollen hiltonbet yeni giriş head of my cock disappearing into Eva’s beautiful puffy lips. God, she had some dick-sucking lips if I’ve ever seen them. She knew how to suck a guy off, and I’d put money that she was a regular here.

Suddenly someone knocked on the stall door. I fumbled to cover myself. This might have been a sex club, but either way I’m pretty sure masturbating in the women’s bathroom is frowned upon. “Can I help you?”

“It’s Ann.” I opened the door and saw that Ann had lost her short sweater and was only wearing a thin red dress. She entered the stall and locked the door behind her.

“Do you wanna use the glory hole?” I asked, quizzically.

“Ew no, we never use those. Eva agreed to let me go first and she’s next.”

“WHAT?!” I asked, outraged. “I just fucked someone through that hole, you mean to tell me that wasn’t Eva?!”

Ann started laughing at me. “I was wondering why you already had a big wet hardon. You probably just fucked some other housewife with a dipshit husband.” She shrugged and hiked up her dress, spinning to face the door of the stall.

I shrugged as well and leaned back, allowing her to straddle my lap. “Ohhhhhhhh Jim, your mom wasn’t lying, your cock DOES feel good.”

I smiled as she lowered herself all the way down, fully impaling herself on my dick. I reached my hands around and grabbed her petite breasts, a small B cup I imagined. Holding her steady, I widened my legs for stability so she could start gyrating around on my cock.

“Your pussy feels pretty good too, Ann,” I smiled as the scent of our sex filled the room. It was intoxicating, and I pinched Ann’s nipple as she started picking up her tempo.

“Ooooh,” she squealed, “keep playing with those tits honey.” I didn’t have to be told twice as I filled both of my hands with the soft flesh of her breasts. I felt them heaving as she rocked back and forth, her petite bronze frame a stark contrast to the pale white of the bathroom stall.

“Ungh,” I grunted. I’d spent so long fucking that mystery woman through the hole in the wall that I didn’t realize how big of an orgasm had been building up down below. “Ann, slow down, I’m gonna fucking cum soon.”

“Christ,” she leaned forward, removing her tits from my hands. “You fucking kids don’t know how to fill a cunt without blowing your load in it do you.” She started bouncing her legs up and down now, and I grinned as I watched her bury my cock between her legs with each motion.

“You’re just….so…..fucking….hot.” I moaned as I fought back every urge to fill her tight asian cunt with the huge wad that was stirring up in my nuts.

“Then I’m gonna cum too!” she retorted as she started playing with her clit. I grabbed her ass and felt her moan a little as her hand increased speed. My thighs were killing me, as nobody was meant to do this much for this long on a ceramic toilet. I heard someone open the door, and instinctively, I reached up to cover her mouth.

With a muffled moan, Ann arched her back and rolled her head against mine. She began quaking as I realized that she’d played with herself beyond the point of no return; the orgasm had built up too much to stop when someone else entered the bathroom. She moaned into my hands as I lost control.

I finally shot my load, rope after rope of steaming hot semen shot up inside of her tight cunt as we slowed to a stop on the toilet. I began panting against her neck, burying my nose in a sheer blanket of sweat that glistened on her skin.

“Is someone in here?” I heard from the sinks. I lifted my feet so that neither of our legs could be seen from someone clever enough to look down.

Ann squirmed, uncomfortable with the dick still inside of her and the hot jizz that was flowing from her hole. I held her tight, as she was no match for my strength, and I was enjoying smelling her sweat and feeling her breasts heaving against my arms. The person outside washed their hands and left, and I let go.

“What the fuck?” she hopped off of my dick and turned around to look at me with a glare.


“Why did you hold me here and cover my mouth?”

“I didn’t want her to hear us!”

“It’s a sex club you dumbass, jesus.” She straightened her dress and opened the stall door. “Should I tell Eva to come meet you? Or are you done,” she scoffed.

“Give me a minute,” I said as I recovered my breath. “I did just fuck 2 women you know.”

“I’d hardly call that a real fucking,” she rolled her eyes and left.

I quickly recomposed myself and decided to head out the door. I didn’t like this. Yeah, I was fucking hiltonbet güvenilirmi beautiful women. And yeah, I thought it was cool that I was having sex in an anonymous sex club. Still, I didn’t expect people to be so…mean. It seemed I couldn’t say anything, do anything, or fuck anything without people pointing out deficiencies. If people were going to be demeaning all the time, I wanted out.

I opened the door to the bathroom but found Eva standing there, her pouty pink lips as inviting as ever. She didn’t look the slightest disheveled, and I realized that there was no way she was on the receiving end of that cunt-pounding I gave 15 minutes ago.

“Going somewhere?” she asked seductively.

“Yes, I am,” I spat back matter-of-factly. “I’m not here to be a sex toy, to deal with bitchy women who have nothing better to do than cheat on their husbands, and — “

“Shh,” she cut me off with a finger to my mouth. “Was Ann mean to you?” I nodded and received a sympathetic “aw” in response. “Don’t let her spoil your fun, she’s just a bitch. The only reason we keep her around is because she can give a mean rimjob.” I felt a twitch in my trousers as I pictured Ann’s pretty filipino features eating out Eva’s bleached asshole. “Listen, if you want to have a real desparate-housewives experience you can’t do it in some bathroom. How about you come to my house this weekend, and I’ll show you a good time.”

I nodded and smiled as she pulled a business card from her purse and handed it to me. “Thanks, Ms…Selke.” I read the card and put it in my back pocket.

“Now run along stud,” she said as she grabbed the growing bulge in my pants. “You’re off the hook for now. But you owe me double this weekend!” She winked and I walked away, feeling somewhat relieved.

Knowing my mom would be waiting for me, I decided that I could head downstairs and go home. First I had to take a leak though. I went next door to the men’s room, hearing what was clearly a blowjob session happening in one of the stalls. I held back a giggle as I went to the stall next to it and started pissing, hearing this girl really giving it to the guy in the next stall. I was all tapped out, and the sound of this girl choking on a dick was turning me on, so I decided I’d go balls to the wall, literally.

I flopped my cock through the hole into the next stall, which was meant with an eager “mmmmm”. I suddenly felt a delicate hand wrapped around my cock as I leaned forward. A tongue started flicking up and down over my head and I realized that whoever was sucking me off really knew what they were doing.

It was a minor annoyance, having my cock sucked for ten seconds and then having this girl take a break to suck the other guy’s dick, but I was getting really turned on knowing that this girl was sucking whatever was put in front of her. Suddenly I heard shifting in the next stall as the girl repositioned herself. Her mouth wrapped around my cock again, and she started working it to the back of her throat. I was in heaven as I realized that she was fucking the other guy and still sucking me off. I heard her pounding the other guy’s cock, each thrust brought my cock further down into her throat. I was amazed at this girl’s lack of a gag reflex.

“Ohhhhhhh,” I groaned as she moved her head back and started pumping my dick. “Fuckkkkkk yes, suck my cock,” I grunted. I didn’t care about etiquette, as this girl was fucking two guys in a bathroom stall. She let out a concerned moan with my cock still in her mouth. “What?”

She opened her mouth to speak, but the cool air kissed the head of my cock and suddenly I was over the top. I felt the pressure build up in my nuts again and as the woman tried to talk I felt the hot liquid seeping from my dick and down her throat. It warmed her tongue and mouth and I swooned as my cock slid back and forth in the warm mixture of cum and saliva. She coughed and swallowed as my jizz went down her throat and I heard her say, “Jim is that you?!”

I pulled my cock out of the glory hole and zipped out, and busted open my stall door. I heard the other guy starting to orgasm and started pounding on the door to find out who was in the middle stall.

The stall slowly opened up and I saw the culprit. There was my mom, her pants around her ankles and her sweater pulled down around her tits. Her face and neck were covered in my, and her other partner’s, semen and I found myself both disgusted and turned on by how eager she’d been to please us both in the stall.

“It’s time to go home,” she said without looking at me. I waited downstairs while she cleaned up in the bathroom. I looked around the room, trying to find the mystery woman who’d blown me first. I saw tons of people — sexy redheads, affluent butterfaces, and the whole lot. I realized it’d be best if I didn’t know who I’d had sex with, and watched my mom come down the stairs. She waved goodbye to Ann, who leared at me, and then we headed to the car. It was indeed time to go home.