A Tale of Twin Tails Ch. 07

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***Every one in this story is 18 or older. This chapter picks up the morning after part 6.***

Everyone in the Johnson home slept like the dead Sunday morning. Katie was tired from her all day volleyball match. Becky and Kat were exhausted, not to mention sore, from their all day strap-on session. Brent was just getting tired from juggling fucking three girls and keeping one of them from knowing about the other two. Still, he woke up feeling pretty great and decided to make a very late breakfast in bed for everyone whenever they started to stir. Brent made his way to the kitchen and saw Becky getting up as he passed her room. She gave him a tired, but mischievous grin, which he returned with a wave.

While Katie was still snoozing and Brent was in the kitchen cooking, Becky decided to pay her mom a visit. She grabbed her original, fleshy, eight inch dildo and crept into Kat’s room. After closing the door, she glided to the side of her mom’s bed. Becky’s pussy was still painfully sore from the day before. She couldn’t imagine how sore her mom must be from taking Becky’s dick so hard for so long. Kat had begged, literally begged, for Becky to stop and Becky had felt nothing but pure satisfaction in that moment. While she didn’t want to fuck her mom again so soon, she hoped to hear a little more begging before breakfast. So with dildo in hand, she shook her mom awake.

“Wake up, sleepy head. I have something for you,” Becky crooned while slapping her dong gently against Kat’s face.

Kat sleepily opened her eyes, but then snapped awake when she saw the fat dildo wiggling inches from her mouth. Kat looked around the room in a panic until she saw that Brent was not there. Her brief calm was shattered when Becky forced the cock into her mom’s mouth, gagging her almost immediately.

Holding the rubber cock in place, Becky whispered, “Good morning, mom. It’s time to get fucked again. Now suck this dick so it’s nice and wet.”

Becky worked the dildo in and out of her mom’s gagging mouth in strokes long enough to tickle the back of her throat. Kat reflexively pushed Becky’s hand away and drew a quick breath.

After gagging again, she quickly stammered, “Becky, please stop. Please, my pussy is so sore that I can barely walk. Where is your dad? What if comes in? Please, we can’t. Just give me a few days. I’ll be so good to you. I promise.”

By the time she finished, Kat was talking a mile a minute and near tears with dread. Becky smiled coldly down at her mom and clapped her dildo into her other hand like a teacher tapping her ruler in front of a disappointing student.

“Now mom, I never said I was going to fuck that slutty pussy. I left your virgin little asshole alone all day yesterday. It is still virgin, isn’t it mom? I heard dad telling one of his buddies that you never let him get in there. That means I get to be the first to plow that ass. Now roll on over.”

Now Kat’s tears did spill over onto her cheeks. She actually got up onto her knees, crouching on the bed in supplication before her daughter. Almost bawling, Kat took several hitching breaths while seeking out her daughter’s hands.

“Becky, please, please, please,” she begged. “I promise that I will do anything to please you, but don’t put that in my butt. Anal stuff is just so nasty. If you leave my butt alone, I will do anything, anything you want if you just give me a few days to rest.”

Becky laughed and grabbed her mom’s chin, forcing her to look up at her. “You will address me properly. If I want that ass, it’s mine. Say it!”

Sobbing, Kat whispered, “I…I’m sorry Ms. Johnson. If…if you want my ass, it’s yours to take, but please, please I’m begging you not to.”

“You are so good at begging. Did you beg Roger for his dick, mom?”

“Yes, Ms. Johnson,” she answered shamefully. “I’m so sorry for that.”

“Oh, not yet you’re not. What happens when I tell you I want something and you say no?”

“You…you turn me in, Ms. Johnson.”

“That’s right,” Becky smiled sweetly. “Now, turn the fuck around and give me your dirty whore’s ass.”

“Oh my god, please don’t,” Kat sobbed quietly, but reluctantly turned away from Becky.

Kat knelt on her hands and knees with her ass pointed toward Becky. Kat reached back and obediently slid her panties over her hips to expose her ass to her daughter. She bawled quietly into the mattress and waited for Becky’s dick to force its way into her unspoiled butt hole.

Becky let her dildo rest at the top of her mom’s ass cheeks. She could feel her mom shivering in disgust. Becky found herself getting surprisingly wet at the thought of how submissive her mom had become. A true submissive would acquiesce to just about anything though. Becky was pretty sure there were still borders her mom would not cross, but that gave her something to look forward to. Snapping out of her thoughts, Becky slapped her mom’s ass, eliciting a quiet yelp.

“Because I love you so much, mom, I won’t spoil your little asshole right now,” kadıköy escort Becky sighed. “I’ll tell you what. I will leave your pussy alone for a few days too, but once you are healed, it’s game on. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Ms. Johnson,” Kat sobbed on relief, her face still buried in her sheets. “What about my butt?”

“Speaking of games, how about we play one? I will start giving you tasks. You can say no to them, but that will result in me doing something to your dirty little butt hole. I might just rub it, but I might go to town on it like I did your pussy yesterday. Would you like that, mom? You want to get your ass fucked all day long?”

“Oh god no, Ms. Johnson!”

“Well, what happens if you don’t let me have that ass?”

“You turn me in,” came the resigned response.

“That’s right, slut. And if you think your filthy prison roommate will let you say no to her, better think again.”

Kat turned to face her daughter, burying her face in Becky’s chest, now sobbing in relief. “Thank you, Ms. Johnson. I will do anything you say to keep you away from my butt. Anything is better than that.”

Becky hugged her mom and kissed the top of her head. “We’ll see about that. Better get cleaned up before dad comes back.”

True to her word, Becky left her mom unmolested until Thursday. By then, Becky felt fully recovered and quite a bit horny. She assumed her mom would be fully healed as well, and she didn’t really care how horny her mom was. That would be easy enough to fix.

The girls spent the week focusing on a batch of tests, while Brent caught up on work and texted with Jessica to keep her on the hook. She responded haltingly at first and threatened to stop texting altogether multiple times. Brent, being a good P.I. had uncovered enough about Jessica in social media and through speaking with Becky to convince her that he knew her and was probably a classmate of hers. By the end of their second day of text conversations, Jessica had accepted her admirer as a pleasant distraction if nothing else. Brent kept the conversations platonic except for hints, such as his poems, that he was interested in something more. Brent learned that Jessica’s parents were always down on her, no matter what she did. This was most likely the source of her low self esteem. They chatted about school and the photos she posted regularly online, which Brent complimented her on frequently. By Thursday, Brent began to get a little more flirty, which was when Jessica put the brakes on.

– I really like texting with you, but I don’t think I want to get involved with someone I don’t know.

– Oh, but you know me.

– You know what I mean. If you won’t say who you are, then I don’t know you. If this is just some sick joke, let’s end it right now. Nobody has the hots for someone like me.

– I kind of do. I promise.

– I really appreciate all of your compliments, but maybe I’m just not looking for a boyfriend right now.

– Who said I was a boy? If that’s weird, it’s OK. That’s partly why I can’t say who I am. Even if you don’t want to go any further, you’re at least the first person I have been able to say that to.

– Say what?

– That I’m a girl that likes girls. Don’t get me wrong, I like boys too. I don’t know though. There’s just something about you that I really like.

– OK, I have to go now.

– Damn that’s cold. I guess I blew it. Thanks for talking to me though. Is it OK if I text you some more?

– No, I really DO have to go. I mean yes, please text me again, just not right this second. Parents bugging me. You know you could just tell me how you feel in person. Hard to trust words on a screen. GTG

– Too nervous for now. Bye.

Brent had also snuck a couple of quickies with Katie throughout the week, making her dress in her volleyball outfit both times. He found that he loved peeling the tight fitting uniform away from her soft, curvy body and even suggested that Katie get get a spare for Becky to wear. The next time the three of them got together, Brent offered to play as their coach. Katie pretty much agreed to whatever her dad said as long as it meant more of that big dick inside her, but she didn’t really want Becky stealing this costume fetish from her.

Becky spent the week coming up with a few ideas for her mom. On the one hand, Becky was dying to see how far her mom would go to literally cover her ass. On the other, the idea of dominating her mom to the point of getting her to give up her little brown star was equally appealing. Either way, Becky knew that she would enjoy her control over her mom more than the sexual acts themselves. Becky found that she loved subverting people. Making them do something that they would otherwise never even consider just got her motor running. By Thursday, it was revving to go.

After dinner on Thursday evening, the Johnsons were lounging in the living room. Brent üsküdar escort was in his easy chair watching his history shows on the big screen. Katie was laying on the floor at his feet, wrapped up in a blanket. She was casually caressing her dad’s ankles while she watched the show with him. Kat was reclined in her favorite spot on the couch under a fleece blanket absentmindedly playing on her phone. Becky sat at the far end by her mom’s feet. She pulled out her phone and texted her mom on their app.

– How is that box feeling?

– Good. Thank you for giving me a break.

– Well, break time is over. Move your blanket to the side so I can see that dirty cunt of yours. Then you’re going to play with yourself. Right now and you better not get caught.

– Yes, Ms. Johnson

Becky saw her mom’s eyes go wide when she read her instructions, but her subtle grin gave away the fact that Kat was loving the idea of doing this literally behind her husband’s back. Kat set her phone aside and piled up her blanket to make a low wall between her body and Brent’s line of sight. With her blanket in position, he would have to stand up and turn around to see what Kat was doing.

Kat glanced at Becky, who had her eyes locked on her mom’s crotch, and then fixed her own gaze on the back of Brent’s head. Satisfied that he was oblivious, Kat let her hand casually rest on the crotch of her cotton sleep shorts. She spread her legs to give her daughter a clear view and then began to slide her hand up and down along her slit. After about a minute, Becky wiggled her mom’s foot to get her attention.

When Kat looked her way, Becky mouthed the words, “Inside your pants. Fuck yourself.” She pantomimed a fingering motion with her hand to aid in translation.

Kat nodded her head and went back to staring at Brent’s head. He was still just as oblivious as usual. Sucking in her bottom lip, Kat lifted the waistband of her shorts away from her flat belly. She slipped her other hand inside her shorts and panties, letting her middle finger rest in between her dewy pussy lips. Kat let her finger roam along her slit for a several minutes before she set to work on her clit. She pushed the front of her shorts down to let Becky see the top of her slit while she massaged her hardening, little nub.

Before long, Kat’s breath was quickening and her hips began to rock in subtle, little pumps against her finger. Even though she was quiet, her wet pussy had started to make little smacking sounds from all of the motion. Becky sensed that her mom was getting close to quietly orgasming right behind Brent. With a wicked smile, she tapped her mom’s foot and mouthed for her to stop. In answer to the confused look her mom threw her way, Becky picked up her phone and sent a text.

– You are getting too noisy. Sit still for a minute. Clean those fingers off first. Use hour mouth.

– Yes, Ms. Johnson.

Obediently, Kat brought her sticky fingers to her mouth and quietly licked them clean. After sitting quietly for about ten minutes, Becky wiggled her mom’s foot and pointed back at Kat’s crotch. Kat nodded and went straight back to enthusiastically fingering herself. Becky let her get close to climaxing before she made her stop again and lick her fingers. For the rest if the evening, Becky repeated the routine, never letting Kat orgasm even once. Before Kat knew it, Brent and Katie were getting up to head to bed. Kat covered herself while they left the room. Becky held her mom back for moment.

Once alone, she whispered, “You better not make yourself cum tonight, and no getting dad to get you off either. You’re going to bed horny because that’s what you deserve, you cheating slut. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Ms. Johnson,” said a clearly frustrated Kat before she headed off to bed.

Becky took a quick second to text her dad not to let Kat get off tonight and to either stay asleep tonight or pretend to be, no matter what. He said OK without asking for an explanation. Almost skipping with anticipation, a very horny Becky headed to her room to get ready for a night of fucking her mom.

Becky laid in bed for a little over an hour. By then her sister’s breathing was slow and steady, indicating that she was sleeping soundly. Since Katie had always been a very heavy sleeper, Becky was not too concerned about her movements waking her sister. Moving quietly just to be safe, Becky slipped from her bed and retrieved her strap-on from under the bed. After creeping to her bathroom, she held her dildo under scalding hot water until it was nice and hot, like a real cock would feel. Then she stripped naked and strapped her dildo in place, savoring the nub’s steady pressure on her clit. Just in case Katie woke up or her parents were still awake, Becky put on a robe and used the belt to pin the warm dong against her belly.

She snuck from her room and down the hall to her parents’ room. Listening at their door, she heard the steady breathing of her dad in deep sleep. Beneath tuzla escort that were her mom’s quiet snores. Becky eased the door open enough to go in and made her way to Kat’s side of the bed. Kat was on her back with one arm up over her head and the other under her covers. Becky whispered her mom’s name and gently tapped her shoulder, but got no reaction. Satisfied that her mom was asleep, Becky began to ease her mom’s blanket down from her shoulders, past her breasts and eventually to her knees.

In the dim half light of the room, Becky saw that her mom was wearing just a tank top cotton shirt and a pair of bikini cut panties, which appeared to be more than a little damp in the crotch. Becky had hoped that she had gotten her mom madly horny earlier, and it looked like she still was, even in her sleep. She would get to that wet pussy soon enough. For now Becky’s eyes were drawn back up to her mom’s ample bosom.

Becky reached down and held her hand, palm down, over her mom’s chest just an inch or two above her nipple. Becky slowly let her hand drop until it just grazed her mom’s tit when she inhaled. She held her hand hovering just high enough to be grazed on each breath for several beats. When Kat showed no sign of reacting, Becky let her hand lower slightly when Kat exhaled. When she breathed back in, their contact was more pronounced. With each breath, Becky let her hand drop a little more, until her entire palm rode flat against her mom’s breast. She closed her fingers around it and cupped Kat’s tit like it was a baby bird.

Kat breathed on undisturbed even though Becky was at first cupping and now gently kneading her mom’s boob. With her other hand, she reached down and slid the shoulder strap off of her mom’s shoulder until her unmolested breast was exposed to the nipple. Unable to help herself, Becky leaned over and planted a soft kiss on her mom’s creamy skin, just above the darker flesh of her aureola.

“Mm, Brent..not supposed to…” Kat mumbled in her sleep.

Becky felt her mom’s nipple harden under her palm before she took her hand away. She undid her robe, letting it fall to the floor before walking to the foot of the king sized bed. As carefully as she could, Becky crawled up between her mom and dad. She laid down between them, about where Brent would be if he rolled over to make a move on Kat. Becky briefly imagined how a three-way with her mom and dad would be. As hot as that, or even getting Katie involved, would be, tonight she had other plans.

Becky rolled onto her side to face Kat’s slumbering form. She repeated the slow process of getting her hand around her mom’s exposed breast without waking her. Then she started softly massaging Kat’s boob while laying light little kisses on her shoulder, neck, and ear. Becky let her warm dong subtly poke her mom’s hip and thigh to hopefully trick Kat’s slumbering brain into thinking that her husband was making a late night play.

“Br…Brent, stop. Not supposed…” Kat mumbled.

While her sleep filled words said no, Kat rolled onto her side, facing away from Becky but held Becky’s hand on her tit as she moved. As a further indication that her sleeping mind did not want to stop, Kat pushed her butt back against Becky’s hot, flesh-like dick before letting go of Becky’s hand. With her free hand, Becky carefully maneuvered her dick so that her shaft was soon nestled between Kat’s butt cheeks. Then she went back to softly kissing her mom’s neck and cupping her breast while they spooned.

“Mm. So hard…don’t…tell…” Kat mumbled while pushing back onto the warm dick pressing against her.

Becky used her hand to move her cock between her mom’s legs. Kat arched back even further so that Becky’s warm shaft could glide along her crotch. Becky started playing with Kat’s nipple and was intentionally a bit rough, like Brent might be. She kissed her mom’s ear while panting hotly onto her skin. At the same time, Becky rocked her hips an inch or two, making her cock caress her mom’s panty covered pussy slit with gentle but firm pressure. Kat moaned quietly in response.

Becky struggled to control herself. She was trembling all over with a sudden, ravenous anticipation, but she wanted to hold the illusion that she was Brent in her mom’s sleep fogged mind for as long as possible. Releasing her mom’s tit, Becky moved her hand to Kat’s hip and hooked her panties with her fingers. With help from her other hand, Becky slowly worked her mom’s panties down over her hips. She pulled her dick away long enough to push Kat’s wet panties down to her knees and then stuffed it back between Kat’s legs.

“Mmyeah…” Kat groaned.

Becky reached back around to roughly grab Kat’s other shoulder strap. She pulled it down in one smooth motion to expose Kat’s other breast, panting hotly into Kat’s ear the entire time. Becky grabbed Kat’s newly exposed flesh with one hand while using the other to guide her cock head to Kat’s sopping wet pussy hole. She worked the head against her entrance until it was coated in pussy juice. Then she pushed it forward with a roll of her hips, making the knobby head pop through Kat’s sopping wet ring. With her dick locked in place, Becky dropped all pretense of gentleness and grabbed a firm handful of Kat’s titty. She bit her mom’s earlobe and started working her shaft ever deeper into Kat’s slippery cunt.