A Thrust into Power Pt. 02

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In the Summer Hall the feast was at its peak. Over a thousand esteemed guests from all over Mamafé had gathered to celebrate the Prince’s wedding to Raia, a northern noblewoman.

Behind the parapets of marble, on the far edge of the hall, Nahmet gazed at the festivities. How he dreaded this day to arrive was still felt in the depth of his abdomen. He clutched his flat stomach through the cotton and rubbed comforting, while his eyes were locked at his life companion. Prince Aveen, who’s smile lit up the room like a thousand suns, paid no mind.

Here, hiding on the sidelines, Nahmet could scan his best friends joyful face in peace. Aveen had a pointy noise and tight cheeks, a hairless jawline that could split an anvil and dark eyes that sparked with every wedding present he received. Nahmet couldn’t resist dropping his sight down the golden necklace that decorated Aveen’s broad chest and shoulders. How his pecks, covered in a light fur, and muscles flexed when he laughed and how his hard nipples stood proud and bare for all to see.

It was a hot night in Mamafé and so the wedding party was scarcely clothed. Nahmet himself had covered his body in a robe but Aveen showed off his build, rounded biceps, slim waist and ripped stomach and all, subjecting all of his guests to his power and strength. Nahmet wondered if it was a message to him as well. Those broad shoulders and big arms would never belong to him alone. They were the country’s now. His wife’s.

Growing up, no one could separate the prince from the pauper. Ever since Aveen had slipped away from the palace as a child and hid in the stables where Nahmet’s father worked, and they had ridden horses all night, the two had been inseparable. Aveen always dragged Nahmet into trouble, breaking every rule a commoner like him had to obey by. Annoying the Guard of Queens when they were already tired at the end of their shift, stealing food from the kitchens and pestering their Scholars until they quit in despair. Still, Nahmet had a lot to thank to Aveen. Without him he would have probably been forced to join the Guard of Queens where he’d surely, as the scrawny teenager he used to be, would’ve died in the Guard Games. Instead, Nahmet got an education few got and he could train along Aveen, being shaped into the royal physique that left women drooling as he worked sweating and bare chested on a hot summer’s day. But it wasn’t women Nahmet was after.

When his father, and last living relative, passed away, Nahmet had come to the stables where he had spent his life, and cried. In the dark of the night, not unlike the one when they first met, Aveen had sought him out and comforted him. They were friends, the only real friendship the prince had ever had, and surely, the most meaningful for Nahmet. They had laid, speechless, in the hay where Aveen had wrapped his big arms around Nahmet and the slightly younger stable boy had rested his head on his friend’s broad chest, sobbing silently. He had felt safe and comforted in his grief, but mostly, with their naked chests radiating heat and their similarly muscled bodies relaxed and intertwined, Nahmet had felt loved. It was the most erotic moment of his life. And now Nahmet watched as Aveen was about to love another forever.

A loud horn scalded through the room and a thousand voices jeered in excitement. The Fertility Hour was upon them. At elite weddings, the wedding party would seclude themselves and the entire royal family would watch as the man and wife would consummate their marriage, in celebration of the new life. Nahmet had never understood the tradition, but there was no shame or discomfort, only joyful pleasure as everybody watched the creation of their crown heir.

Large drapes slid from the beams and covered the center of the room, while the guests outside clapped and cheered. Before they closed forever, Aveen scanned the room and spotted Nahmet, waving him to come join. Nahmet waded through the crowd like Aveen had commanded him to float on a cloud. Even though men never lay with other men in Mamafé, every fiber of Nahmet was drawn to Aveen. He was addicted to him, being near him, having him around and if this was their final night aksaray escort together, at least Nahmet wanted to be close once more.

‘Well at least one of our dreams is about to come true,’ Aveen quipped as untied his skirt. Nahmets stomach turned. What did Aveen mean? Could he know about him? Could he know what Nahmet’s deepest desires were, forbidden thoughts unspoken and only let free in secret when Nahmet stroked his tool in shame and longing? Had Aveen always seen the lust Nahmet gave his crotch? No, that’s nonsense. Nahmet was sure Aveen must have meant something else.

Still, when Aveen dropped his skirt and Nahmet saw, for the first time, his long, thick member wobble between those large, muscular, hairy, thighs, Nahmet’s robe started to peak. He quickly sat down to hide his excitement and he scanned Aveen’s eyes to see if he had noticed. The prince only gave a crooked smile before turning to his bride and the rest of the party.

Everybody jeered as the man, their future prince, build like a god, walked to the center of the closed off area. He reached out to his bride. Raia was a northern beauty, with blonde hair and a longer build than most Mamafé women. Yet she was just as gorgeous, with a rounded stomach and broad hips and, as she undid her dress, two supple breasts that stood out round and proud. The King and the Queen, who was Aveens stepmother and not much older than Raia, clapped their hands, signaling the ceremony to begin.

Raia met her fate with grace and pride, spreading her legs, revealing her lips to her new family as everyone drank and cheered. But mostly, Nahmet’s breath was taken as Aveen’s already long and thick member swelled into a rock-hard pole, seemingly longer Raia’s entire stomach. Soon, with much moaning from the new princess, his giant pillar disappeared inside that stomach entirely. Several other audience members had started to mimic the deed in their own arousal, starting off an orgy that was custom, indeed respectful, during Fertility Hour. But Nahmet didn’t participate. He could only watch as his best friend towered over Raia, who had surrendered her mind and body to the power that had penetrated her. With her eyes closed and her tits bouncing, her tiny hands clutched her husband’s waste as his lower body drilled hers.

Aveen himself had buried his face in her hair, pressing her neck with short, hard kisses, as he held himself up on his knuckles, his strong arms towering like pillars on both her sides. His upper body slowly starting to sweat but remained perfectly still, even when his golden chains smacked with every thrust. Only his butt, which was large, tight and round, clenched and moved far up in the air and far down. His hard shaft wet and glimmering with fluids, rammed inside Gaia, lingered inside and then retracted almost entirely, leaving just the large tip in contact with her flesh, before sliding down entirely once more.

Nahmet’s own cock started to hurt, that’s how badly he wanted to blow. He couldn’t reason how he could be this excited, but everything about the sight made him ready to release without even touching. Seeing Aveen take his manly task so serious, so shamelessly even with everyone’s prying eyes, drove Nahmet wild with desire. He imagined himself as Gaia, laying underneath this masculine beast as his sweat dropped down on his skin and his rod split him in half, deep into his… Nahmet had to control himself. How could he think these impure thoughts? The gods will surely punish him for this.

Gaia had started screaming, along many other women in and out of the velvet circle. Aveen bent down really hard, stayed in his place longer than he had until then, before bucking his hips up and down one more time and retracting forever. Like a champion he stood up, met with loud cheers and applause. A last drop of cum dripping from his slit. Aveens eyes stared down the room, with pride, as he, the Prince, had proven his superiority. His eyes stopped in their tracks when they met with Nahmet’s.


“You should have seen your face!” Aveen cried out laughing, nearly pissing himself. Dawn was almost breaking, and the castle had slumbered aksaray escort bayan into sleep. The two friends drank all night, so far that their initial rouse was already waning and the inevitable sleepiness made its presence known.

“By all the gods I don’t know how you finished,” Nahmet grinned, with his usual praise, flattering Aveen’s ego. “You’d think you would at least try a different pose, but no, you just went straight for it.”

“You try moving when your father is watching you breed a woman!” Aveen hit Nahmet on his head, while stepping drunkenly. They were in the stables with an empty barrel of wine.

Nahmet was struck with sadness and this must have been visible to Aveen.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t… I’m not thinking clearly,” he said, belting out a loud burp. In comfort, he put his large hand on Nahmet’s broad shoulder.

“It’s ok, man. I don’t give a fuck. His body has returned to the earth,” Nahmet lied, to retain his pride. It didn’t work. Aveen stared right through him. He always did.

“You will find happiness, my brother, this I assure you,” the prince said.

Nahmet melted. How could he show this kindness and not feel what he had felt. He wanted to kiss those big, pink lips. He wanted to feel his arms around him. He… once again Nahmet controlled himself. These thoughts had to stop. Aveen was married now. And even then. The unnatural act must not be thought of. It would probably be painful anyway.

“I will. Perhaps banging the Queen,” Nahmet quickly said. Hoping the humor would save him.

Aveen started laughing again and that let up Nahmet’s soul. Aveen slapped Nahmet’s back in content and then held on to him not to fall forward. He dropped his cup, and grabbed Nahmet’s other shoulder not to sink through his knees.

“I think I’ve had my fill,” Aveen laughed, in his strong, low voice.

“We should go,” Nahmet said. Tired of his mixed feelings and indeed the wine.

“We should,” Aveen said and with it he paused the world. He stared straight down Nahmet’s eyes, his arms still resting on both Nahmet’s shoulders, their faces dangerously close.

Nahmet could feel his drunken breath, and a chill ran down his spine. He was paralyzed. He couldn’t do what he imagined, nor could he rid himself of this intimate moment. Instead, Aveen moved.

His hands moved in unison, wrapping themselves around Nahmet’s neck, while pulling him closer. He opened his mouth and swallowed Nahmet’s entirely, forcing his tongue inside. Now it was Nahmet who could sink through his knees. But his entire body was held up by Aveen’s lips which wrapped around Nahmet’s mouth and his tongue which circled his own into a knot that Nahmet never wanted to untie.

The wetness, warmth and strength of their tongues circling and dancing, hugging and retracting, sent bursts of energy through Nahmet’s entire body. Almost instinctively, Nahmet’s hands moved around Aveen’s waste, pulling his large body to his.

And there it was. The embrace Nahmet had longed for. This large, muscular man, whom he had known his entire life, was holding him close. Once more touching each other from legs to head. Only this time, they were inside each other. This time, he could feel a warm, hard organ pressing through a skirt and a robe.

“I can’t want this,” Aveen whimpered through their kisses, but Nahmet had lost all inhibition. He didn’t care if this was right by the gods or wrong by law. Aveen would be lost to him forever but tonight he would be his.

Nahmet pulled the prince down into the hey, where they laid once before and as Aveen dropped his body onto his, he too lost all restriction.

They kissed passionately, as Aveen pushed Nahmet’s robe up until his stomach, exposing his bottom half. Their eyes closed and their minds in another world, Aveen pulled up his own skirt, revealing his reproductive organ ready for duty again. Only this time it would work in vain.

They didn’t think, they didn’t even know what they were doing, except following a mutual instinct. For a second they opened their eyes in confirmation that they were in this together and continued kissing escort aksaray once to ensure they were.

Aveen spit in his hand and moved it underneath Nahmet’s robe. Nahmet didn’t know what was happening until he felt the slime against his exit. He started breathing in trepidation but relaxed the second he felt a hard, warm pole. There was no time for care and preparation, this had to happen now or never.

And so Aveen pushed himself against Nahmet’s tight hole and broke his manhood with force. The prince’s cock slid past the ring and for a second Nahmet thought he would scream in agony, before feeling the warmth and comfort of his friend inside him. He had held his breath and relaxed his ass and Aveen had noticed. The prince looked at his pauper friend and gave him a peck on the nose. Nahmet smiled, knowing this was where he belonged, and the prince sunk his cock deeper inside the male body.

Nahmet felt full, Aveen’s cock reaching deep into his stomach. But he wanted it there and he squeezed his ring to make sure he wouldn’t leave. He wrapped his hairy legs around Aveen’s naked butt and with that Aveen curled around Nahmet’s body, wrapping his arms around his back while moving up and down the ball of hay.

Nahmet whimpered, that’s all he dared to do to make a sound, and Aveen shut him up by kissing again.

“I can’t want this,” the prince whispered with a hint of sadness.

“For now we can,” Nahmet replied, kissing him deeply as to remind him why he did anyway.

They were procreating without promise of life, only this time, Aveen’s entire body twirled and waved in pleasure as Nahmet’s body followed obediently. They were closing in, in a ball of human as Nahmet pushed his ass and neck further up and Aveen his ass and head further down. Their strong, muscled arms wrapped around each other’s bodies, as Nahmet’s legs sank down to Aveen’s butt. All the while Aveen was plowing down his long, thick pole into his friend’s back.

As Aveen’s hips got into rhythm and the two got used to what they were doing, they started to moan in exctasy. Aveen licked Nahmet’s face like a dog and bit down into his hard shoulders with strength and a hint of anger. Nahmet pushed his head back into the hay and relished in the feeling of another man’s meat destroying his hole and triggering a sensation behind in his loins he had never experienced before. Without touching himself, Nahmet’s cock started to leak.

Aveen pushed Nahmet’s robe over his head, exposing his large, hairy pecks and chiseled stomach. Aveen’s hands massaged them and lingered around Nahmet’s hard nipples, without missing a beat of his cock inside Nahmet’s intestines.

Both their bodies shaking and their muscles blubbering, they looked at each other and started to laugh. This was absurd, and nothing like they ever could have imagined for sure.

Aveen smiled with that dashing smile once more and Nahmet felt happy. Could it be like this forever? The two kissed again, their bodies, souls and tongues merged into one. Aveen let out a humming noise, and started moving irregularly, while also poking further up than he had before. This cited Nahmet into screaming, despite himself, as he felt his balls were emptying. Indeed, his dick leaked cum with thick robes shooting in between the two muscled bodies. By their own movements they spread out the liquid over their entire chests.

Aveen dropped his entire body and sunk into Nahmet as Nahmet felt his cock twitch inside of him. He was unloading too. Nahmet swore he could see stars thinking about the royal, fertile load covering his inside walls. He basked in the strong embrace, the weight of a grown male’s body on top of him, feeling his friend, his prince, his lover. Life was never this divine.

They both panted tired and spent, Aveen’s cock still buried in Nahmet’s guts as they started laughing again. In joy, fullfillment and awkwardness. They didn’t hear the guards coming up outside the stable yelling at the sight of their prince inside a man.

Nahmet never saw Aveen switch in emotions this fast. Aveen pushed himself out of his best friend and started yelling that Nahmet was a wizard, who had tricked him into doing dark magic. Nahmet was overcome with fear and shock and thus couldn’t exercise all the techniques he had learned in fighting. The guard dragged him up with ease, out the stable, into the courtyard, inside the castle and down into the dungeon.

Indeed Aveen would never belong to Nahmet again.