a true story about how a girl finger fucked an ass

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a true story about how a girl finger fucked an assso its a kinda funny story im dying to tell someone but i cant. cuz hear me out.it happened about half a year ago when im in a foreign country on working holiday trip.i was working as a massagist n as a female in that industry i constantly been asked m i do the ‘happy ending’ stuff. n btw i dont. n u would be surprised how many men like their ass be rubbed. like… everyone. seriously. too many men even asked me to go ‘inside’. i was like wtf u mean inside wt hell? go wash ur dirty bum first then ask me that weird n offended question. it smells n not in a sexy way!so theres a day my customer was a regular n a creepy one(i was been told later that day). but he looked good, blonde, well fit n pretty chatty. i thought he was nice till he popped the ass question. i was so disappointed of him. but he really was a good looking guy so i thought… fine wt hell, he asked for it.so i rubbed his ass sexually(not the way how i do massage!!) n ankara escort he moaned really loud like a total bitch. i was half embarrassed for him n half turned on (im a lil bi i like normal guy with a lil bit feminine). i couldnt resist to go further. i thought he requested me to go inside so i just slid one finger in that hungry hole. i was amazed by how tight the sphincter muscle grabbed my finger n tried to push it out. i felt like a man wanna fuk a pussy that kind of thrill. i couldnt hold myself but rushed inside. its so hot n tight n moist. it felt so much better even compared to my own lady part. i completely understanded why guys like anal(not that i will offer mine hehe). i just wish i had a dick to enjoy his ass. anyway, he didnt say anything at that time but i could sense he was shocked that i totally fingered him. i immediately went ‘oooops did i just accidentally finger **** him?’ so i asked him should i pull out? n HE SAID NO. that slut fuking asked me to continue ankara escort bayan n more. so i did. i fingered him till he came. the next day i saw him again, n he asked for ass rub again but no finer. i thought awww i must done wrong so now he didnt want me to play with his hole. i loved to feel inside of him.i thought thats the story end. but couple months later i saw him again. and this time he saw its me, he just immediately asked me to finger fuk him.i was like wha——–t? but definitely not gonna say no to a fine tight ass. when we started, he told me that last time was the first time something ever went inside his butt. i was too shocked so i kinda slip n say something like ‘really? didnt look like it’ but i really wanted to said was that no fuking way ur too slutty for an ass virgin. i didnt say out loud cuz im a well mannered person. anyway i put my finger in again n this time i felt his hole was much lose up like might be played for a few time. i was escort ankara dying to ask but i chickened. but it still pretty tight. just after no more than three mins he asked me to put the second finger in. ‘its so tight how the other finger gonna fit? n how slutty u are? one is already not enouth? why dont u just go find some horse cocks to satisfied ur slutty hole’ these were the words inside my mind. reality was i did as he said.the second one was really hard to get in, hes so tight n the muscle was strongly against my fingers. i was really feeling tired at the time actually. luckily he came really quick this time. around 5 mins i guess. that was the last time i saw him cuz i left that store pretty soon after n went to other city.after that creepy store i only work in massage shops that located in malls, so its much safer. i never told any of my friends about that guy cuz i dont want them to think i did that kind of massage cuz i dont. i was just tempt by a guy hole n thats it. its a weird fetish that i dont share with people as my other weirder fetish(oops did i slip again?). but glad i shard it on the internet useing my second language. hope anyone has the patient to finish can overlook my poor english writting skill.