A VERY pleasant evening

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It was pretty hot the other night. The sun had beat down on us all day and I was ready for the cool night breeze to blow on my face. The dark was a welcome sight tonight and there was definitely a nice breeze blowing. I walked barefoot down the long, winding country road listening to the sounds of the wind through the trees, people in distant houses, and animals making themselves known. The soft, cool sand between my toes felt like I was walking in baby powder. I laughed as the wind blew my spaghetti-strapped, short sundress slightly upward and refreshed and tickled my body. There were no garments underneath it, and I felt a kind of wickedness about me. “Hey, Sandi, how are you?” A voice came from the woods. I jumped, startled until I realized that it was Duke Peters from down the street. He is a handsome man that stands about 6ft tall, has dark brown, sea blue eye, and a muscular, bursa escort hard, tanned body. He also had this absolute killer smile that made me melt whenever he was around me. I hadn’t seen him in awhile, but he was a welcome sight tonight. “You scared me to death,” I said, clutching my heart. “I didn’t mean to. I was just going to go for a walk, too. It was so damned hot in that house,” he said looking down on me. He is a good head taller than I am, but I figure that’s okay. Better to take total control of me no matter what he is doing. “Well, you are welcome to join me,” I said, smiling brightly. I figured I must be glowing in the dark being next to him, specially knowing that I was wearing totally nothing under my dress. If a good wind picked it up just right, he would get a good view of my naked body. “I’d love to. You look great tonight. So comfortable, yet so breathtaking,” bursa escort bayan he said, with his melting smile. “Thank you. You look hot, I mean, great yourself,” I said, with a sheepish grin. I wanted him and I made no bones about it whenever we were around each other. Three other times this summer, I had been in bed with him. We led our own lives and were busy people but if the chance arose to have his hard body over mine, I would take it. “You want me, and you know it,” he teased. “Yeah, so what?” I said, grinning even bigger as we walked slowly down the street. “Maybe I will give you that chance sometime,” he said. “I dare you,” I challenged. “Come back to my place,” he said. “No, right here,” I challenged even more. Right then, as if timed by a script, the wind came rushing by body and the bottom of the dress just right. It blew up to nearly my breasts, exposing most escort bursa of my body. “Thank you,” I whispered to Nature. “Now that was a nice sight,” he said. “Let me see that again.” I reached to the bows on my shoulders and pulled them at the same time. They came undone and my dress fell to the ground in the middle of the old dirt road. There were trees on both sides of the road and not a house in the near vicinity. He grabbed me up into his arms as if I were a rag doll. Pressing his lips hard against mine, he took control with his strong arms and ultimate power. My body pressed into his, molding and becoming a part of him. I wrapped my legs around the middle of his body as he carried me off the road and over to a big oak tree slightly in the woods. He pressed by back against the tree and continued to kiss me hard against my lips. As one of his hands held me up around him, the other started to touch my bare supple breast. With frantic fingers, I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off of him. My palms ran over his chest, his back, and the back of his neck where I pulled him even closer to me.